New Statue #3 – Bishoujo Psylocke

The third of my three new statues. Psylocke is a favorite from way back in the day of my comic collecting life.

She comes with dual samurai swords, which makes for a really cool stance. She is much more upright than a lot of the other Bishoujo statues.  She has some great paint, including the wonderful difference between the shiny clothing and the matte of her skin.

Again with the Kotobukiya figures, the clothes are pretty much the same design as the comic versions. The only difference is in the face. WIth Psylocke, she has a bit of an extra anime look to her with the purple hair and swords. She could easily come from any number of anime movies.

New Statue #2 – Bishoujo Rogue

The second of the three figures I received from a friend is the Bishoujo version of Rogue, by Kotobukiya.

They make some great figures, and I have a few others from other lines that are in this similar scale.  It was amazing to me how small these Bishoujo figures were back in the day.   The newer statues are much taller.

Unlike the Ame-Comi line, the Bishoujo figures are fairly straight forward representations of the comic counterparts.  They have an anime style face, but they stay pretty true to the outfit and overall appearance of the characters.  I don’t think there would be much that you could do to upgrade this Rogue.  She looks great in her green/yellow X-Men outfit.  Always one to stand out from the others as they run around in their blue/yellow outfits.  Throw on a jacket and belt and this outfit is done.

She has a great flow in her design.  Her hair has the wind blowing through it that Kotobukiya always does a good job with.  I love all of the subtle details in the design, most notably the wrinkles in her jacket and boots.

There was another version of this figure, where Rogue is wearing a long jacket and has on full yellow gloves.  Another great figure to add to my collection.  Up next, we look at the last of the three figures.  It was the one I REALLY wanted to get my hands on.  Two swords and an outfit to die for.

Huntress – Ame-Comi

A friend of mine is moving from here in California, out to Colorado. In an effort to make his move easier, he began a purging process, which included some of his Ame-Comi and Bishoujo figures. That is to my befit, as I am not in the mood to purge, and actually very accepting of hand-outs.

Today is a 2008 classic, Huntress. She is decked out in an amazing layer of cloth and leather.

The details are quite spectacular on this figure. I am sure the Ame-Comi team had a great time sculpting this one.

She is pretty angry looking. Watch out for her vengeance as well as her cross-bows.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Raphael and Michelangelo

With these two, I have the complete set… of four.  Not a whole lot to worry about getting in this line-up.  I am not that interested in the human figures, so with the addition of April, this line is done for me.   I can’t imagine they would come out with anything more that I would have to get.  I have been surprised in the past, so we will see.


Hmmm.  A face only a mother could love.  There was so much poo-pooing of the Turtles when the first trailer came out.  GAH!  Turtles with noses.  Michael Bay just can’t leave well enough alone.  Well, I think the problem was the design of the first face we saw, Mikey’s.   He does not have the best face of the four by far.

Moving on to the rest of the body.  A crazy 3-piece nunchuck along with a regular nunchuck.  No thanks.  That just hangs out there really weird.  One of the big problems for me is the lack of articulation on the wrists.  They can’t turn their hands to hold any poses.

He has on quite an interesting outfit.  No shirt, but a sweatshirt around his waist.  He has on either scuba pants or yoga pants. Can’t tell which.  And then there are the shoes with the toes cut out for his giant toes.   This is an awful lot of stuff going on with these figures.


I think Raph is my favorite of the movie figures.  He is much more toned down with more of a standard brown color of clothing.  I like the full head mask he wears.   He has some great details on his body, including the scaled skin the others don’t have.

I wish the figures (other than Leo) came with a place to hold their weapons.  It is strange to me that they don’t have anything on their belts.  That is one of the fun things about the Ninja Turtles that we just don’t get here.

Here we are.  Four Turtles and a Lady.  I really like how different each of the Turtles is from one another.  From the differences in outfits to the changes in skin color.  This is by far, not my favorite Turtle line, but they are a pretty good showing.  Now we just have to wait for the movie.

Transformers: Generations – Legends Class figures

I went camping last week, and it went terribly wrong.  Two full days of thunder showers.  Ruined camping, and ruined my chances of getting any photo shoots in the woods.  I did get one good thing out of the trip though, plenty of new Generations Legends Class figures.   These four new figures are way above the first four figures.  We had the likes of Optimus, Bumblebee, Megatron, and Starscream.  They were good figures, but they don’t really belong in this scale.  These new four figures work great with the standard Deluxe figures, since they are supposed to be a little smaller anyway.

They are ranked from lowest to highest in my rating of the four from left to right.  #4 Tailgate, #3 Skrapnel, #2 Swerve, and #1 Cosmos.  Let’s take a closer look at these figures and their mini-bots.

#4 Tailgate and Groundbuster:

First off, wouldn’t you name a truck tailgate, not a car?  Okay, I have that out of the way, let’s move on.  Tailgate ranks #4 for one reason: design.  He is extremely top heavy with spindly little legs below.   He does not have great articulation, which would have been fine for this scale other than the fact that the other three have great articulation.  HE comes with Groundbuster, who also suffers from being a poorly designed robot.  The vehicle modes are much better.

These two are looking much better in vehicle mode.  Their colors match well, showing they do belong together.   Tailgate has a very Cliffjumper appearance to him.  This is rightfully so since he was represented in the Prime show with this same color scheme, and based on Cliffjumper.

I don’t know how good of a “weapon” this is.  It looks more like Tailgate is on clean-up duty.

#3 Skrapnel and Reflector:

Moving up the rankings here, we have the lone Decepticon and Insecticon, Skrapnel, with Reflector.  Originally Shrapnel, the trademark gods strike again, and we have a new name, but a great figure.  he has a lot of good motion all over his body, and the extra legs all over are fantastic.   Reflector has a lot of color on him, really giving some good detail to the smaller mini-bot.

Reflector becomes a gun too, but come on, you can’t beat a camera.  Unfortunately, the camera details are on the side with the handle, so you get a lot of robot parts when he is being held by Skrapnel.

A great transformation to get Skrapnel into his beetle mode, and a perfectly placed port to allow for some good spy photography.

#2 Swerve and Flanker:

The 1986 mini-bot has gotten an upgrade in this newest version.  A bit bigger, but the big news is the massive amount of articulation and detail.  He comes with Flanker, who was an original member of Sixwing, but finding a new sidekick this time around.   He has a great transformation too, that allows him to be a robot, gun for Swerve, and a jet.

I managed to somehow knock the wings down into flight mode  as I got him ready.  The wings stick up, finishing the transformation of Flanker in to a gun.  He makes a nice weapon for Swerve.

Swerve becomes a truck, with some interesting transforming parts that make it feel more like putting together a puzzle.  Flanker can attach to the room to lend fire power, or…

He can spin around and lend Swerve a little support with a speedy getaway.

#1 Autobot Cosmos and Payload:

And now for my top choice.  The one I know a lot of people have been waiting for.  The quarky 1985 character with quite a chunky robot mode, saw a remodel in 2009 where he became quite skinny, but ultimately ending up with this version where he is the proper mix of fligth and fight.  Cosmos:

This version is quite tough looking.  Articulation all over the place, with giant hands and strong sturdy feet.  He has a great looking head sculpt, and cannons on his knees.

Cosmos comes with Payload, who I think is the best mini-bot in the line-up as well.  He has good paint and his transformations are the best, especially the gun mode:

Payload’s feet slide up his legs to reveal two large barrels for Cosmos’ gun.

Worse “robot in disguise” ever!  Come to a planet where humans are scared of being probed by spacemen from flying saucers, and you show up as… a flying saucer.  I don’t care!  He is awesome.  The details here are fantastic.

Looking to the back, the details still stand out well.   This is the first time he has engines showing.

This is the first of this line where the mini-bot cannot attach to the main figure.  I am not sure where they could have put a port that wouldn’t hurt the overall design of Cosmos, so I am okay with them not being able to connect.

Another great showing of figures for the Legion Class Generations line.   The choice of figures was great this time around.  Characters we have not seen a lot of, really helps.  The first four we see in every incarnation.  It is a lot of fun to see these guys re-imagined with more articulation and better transformation.  I am really looking forward to the next set of 4.  Three will be repaints of the first four figures (Optimus will be Nemesis, Bumblebee will be Cliffjumper, and Starscream will be Acid Storm).  The fourth will be Swerve repainted into Gears.  That sounds like a fun set to look forward to, but there are plenty more Deluxe figures in the Generations line still out there to get, as well as some more interesting movie figures.  The hunt continues.

Transformers: Age of Extinction – Voyager Class – Autobot Hound (003) and Galvatron (004)

The third and fourth Voyager class figures for Age of Extinction could not be more different from one another.  Finally we get a bad guy (the first in 14 mainline figures I have so far).  Hound is armed to the teeth, while Galvatron only comes with one weapon.   Hound is pretty tricky to transform, and Galvatron carries the shell of the truck on his back.  Let’s look at these guys a little closer:


Look at that array of weaponry.  We are lucky with some of the figures to get one weapon, and a place to put it when the figure is not holding it.  Here, Hound gets 8 weapons and a place to stash each of them.  He comes with a triple gattling gun, two shotguns, 4 hand guns, and a knife.

When all else fails, put them together into one giant weapon for mass destruction.  Maybe it would have been helpful for Hound to do this while he was fighting the enemy in China.

A place for everything.  One gun on his back, a knife on his chest.  Two shotguns under his arms, two hand guns on his hips, and two handguns on the insides of his legs.  What an awesome array of weapons.

Meanwhile, he also has a body.  He has a bit of a tricky transformation.  His forearms are covered in a rubbery material.  I am not a big fan of the rubber, I worry about how it will hold up over time, but it sure looks neat for now.   He has really good articulation, including hip swivel and movement in his feet.   He folds up really nice to make nearly all of the truck mode disappear.  Hasbro did a great job with Hound.

Turn him into his truck, and all of his robot mode disappears.  He of course has all of his weapons, but fear not, they all go somewhere here too.  Gattling gun on one side, two hand guns and shotguns on the other.  The two boot handguns stay there inside the body.  As for the knife, that was a bit tricky.  It can go under the body in one of the ports down there.


You know Galvatron, the sort-of badguy with the hole in his chest.  No soul in there.  Quite a change from Hound.  He doesn’t have nearly the detail that Hound has.  The paint in minimal, but there are some good details on his body. The single color of his face makes it hard to see the details there.   He comes with a single cannon that shoots a projectile.

Hmmm, that is quite a backpack on Galvatron.  The movie characters are generally so thin, making their vehicle parts all but disappear.  It would be pretty hard in some cases, and this is one of them.  They opted to make a fairly accurate figure and then see what they could do about the truck.  What they did was make a fairly flat backpack (we have had worse with some of the Optimus figures in the past).  Tbis allowed them to make a truck cab that is quite clean and well executed.  The back part of the truck looks like his legs are stuck together, which is what they did.

That is a good looking truck.  Very accurate to the movie.

With the clean front half of the truck, the back half isn’t quite executed so well, but good enough.

I like these two.  Hound is way better than Galvatron, but there is something really cool about the super clean look of Galvatron’s truck mode.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Movie Figures

I had to finally get my hands on some of the Ninja Turtles for the upcoming movie.  After the great showing of figures for the cartoon, I didn’t have high hopes that these would compare.  And in a lot of ways they don’t.  I wanted an array to look at, not willing to get all of them at once, in case they are really terrible.  Thankfully they are not terrible, they are mostly good figures.

April O’Neil:

I grabbed April, knowing it would be harder to find her later.  She absolutely looks like April O’Neil.

April is a fairly straight forward figure. She comes with her camera bag, a nice camera, and two sais, which I am guessing actually belong to Raphael. She cannot hold the sais very well.

She has good motion in her arms, though she doesn’t have any elbows. What is it with TMNT, and having humans with missing articulation?  She has the same motion in her hips, no knees. Her head has a joint, but it doesn’t work well with her long hair.


I had to get Leonardo.  He is my favorite Turtle, so I figured, he would be a good one to look at first.  Leonardo comes with his katana blades. They fit into sheaths on his back that can be removed.

He is fairly back-heavy of course, sporting the big shell. He needs to stand hunched forward. This is only a problem since he looks down at the ground. His neck is only a swivel joint. It would have been so much better if it had a pivot as well.


My third choice was Donatello. He has so much going on. He is covered in tech, from goggles to a backpack that looks like it is out of Ghostbusters.

He is a lot thinner than Leonardo. I really like that they made the figures look so different from one another.

I think the figures could use a lot of touch-up with more paint colors.  There are a lot of unpainted straps and pads, as well as some areas that could just use a wash.  I am inclined to pull out some paints and see if I can get these guys looking even better.

I like the figures.  They are not my favorite, but I think I will have to at the very least get the last two Turtles.  It is not a huge wave of figures, so I won’t have to break the bank getting all of them.  I think they are a good deal at under $10 too.


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