Baymax – Big Hero 6

I am impressed with this smaller size figures.  Baymax, the tallest of the lot is right around the size of a GI Joe.   So, what 3.5 inches or so.   He has really good articulation for being a small guy.  And you never know what you are going to get from Bandai and/or Disney.   They can both go the cheap route with their figures.   Thankfully we get a goodly amount of movement in the arms.  The legs have a weird joint at the hips.  He cannot move his feet much.  But if you have seen the movie, then you know he can’t move his feet much there either.

He comes with wings that rotate for flight mode.   They have a tab that pops into two short wings molded into the back of Baymax.  I would like to have seen them be totally removable, but I am not going to complain.   He is a good figure.   I have since grabbed a few others that I have not yet taken out of the packaging.   They look to be fairly well articulated as well, so we will see when they come out.

Yoko Littner – Sega

Sweet, sweet Yoko, how you make me happy on my shelf.  Not that I didn’t already have a plethora of Yokos on my shelf, but what is one more?   A new pose, and some great hair.  Gotta love Yoko.

A full standing pose this in this statue by Sega.  Somewhat simplistic in design, this statue makes up for it in detail.  From her fantastic outfit, to her long flowing hair.  This is a great representation of the sniper wielding beauty.   Though I do miss seeing her with a sniper rifle somewhere nearby.

This is a well designed figure that looks great from any angle.  With her head twisted to the side, and her upper body coming around, this allows for a very simple yet dynamic stance, that is accentuated by her giant ponytail that flows with her movements.

She is not my first Yoko, and truth be told, she will probably not be my last.  There are some statues that have way more fine detail, but this one stands on her own.  She was a great find at the San Jose Toy Show a few months back.  That is a whole lot of red hair stuffed on that shelf.  I am sure I can make room for more.  ;-)

Tankor – Transformers: Generations (Deluxe)

This guy seems to be quite a bit outside of what we have come to expect from the current Generations figures.  He seems way too much like a Go-Bot, and not much like a Transformer at all.  He feels like a remnant of the old Cybertron.

He does have some nice things going for him.  He has spinning saw blades in his forearms.  He also has moving claws that open to reveal more guns in his hands.  The details he has are pretty well done. It looks like he has a missile pack in his chest, and each is painted nicely in red.

I don’t think the baby blue is a very menacing color for him.  Nor are the giant shoulder pads much of a necessity.

Transforming him into tank mode, and my biggest Transformer pet peeve is revealed.  Heads showing in vehicle mode.  We don’t have it too often, but this is pretty blatantly bad.   The front end of the tank is well executed.  Treads from his feet become the front end.    The back end is a bit of a mess.   Where the treads should be is the entirely wrong side of the arm.   You can see the blank internal structure of the figure.   That is a big no-no in my mind.   It is all just a little too weird for me on this guy.

It seems like this is a last ditch effort to throw a figure into a line.  Kind of when they have run through everyone else, and they don’t know what to do next.  We know this is not the case, since they are putting out some of the best Deluxe characters ever in the Generations line right now.  And then this guy comes along… maybe if he had been earlier in the line, it would have been okay, but I expect more now.  Even the comic that comes with the guy only shows him but for a minute, and then we move on.

Next time, we are going a totally different direction.  Pretty lady anyone?

Sky-Byte – Transformers: Generations

Sky-Byte was a bit of a letdown for me. I was expecting a lot since we have had so many great Generations figures in the Voyager Scale.  Along comes this very ugly guy, with poor articulation, and a spinning/firing arm gimmick that is pretty poor.

Can shark mode be better?

Not really. The shark looks good, but it is arched, so playability is limited due to his not being able to swim in a straight line. The spinning arm becomes the tail, and detracts from the overall look too.  He is really hard to transform as well, so kids will have a really tough time with this one.  There are some really weird parts that need to fit together.

I am rather unimpressed with this guy.  I had a lot of hope, from the other figures in the wave, as well as seeing some other people’s pictures.   Don’t waste your energy hunting for this guy.  If you are a fan of Predacons, he may be a good one for you to pick up, but I don’t think he is a must-have for any collection.

Roadbuster – Transformers: Generations (Voyager Class)

Nope, sorry, this is not Roadbuster from Gunsmith Cats.  And if you don’t know Roadbuster, you have got to read the Gunsmith Cats manga, as well as see the movie… and Riding Bean, the back story to Roadbuster.

This Roadbuster is a modern reinterpretation of the 1985 Roadbuster of the same name, color scheme and overall appearance.  I am really happy with how Hasbro is coming out with their Generation figures and continuing their nods to the original figures.

It is funny, he has a clear back to his head to let light shine through his eyes, as most TF do, but then they painted green over the front.  You may notice the lack of affiliation with a team, and that is because he came with a fairly hefty sheet of stickers to apply all over his body.  He comes with an Autobot sticker as well as a sticker for the Wreckers.  A nice little nod to his origin.

As a Wrecker, you can’t just talk the talk.  You have to walk the walk. And what better way to do that walkin’ than to be armed to the teeth with weapons.  Rocket launcher, laser gun, machine gun, hand gun. missile launcer, and a sight.   A pretty good collection overall, and ports all over Roadbuster to make sure they can all be used at once.  Let the wrecking being!

The one problem I have with Roadbuster is the giant clown feet.  They are just so grossly out of proportion with the rest of his body.  Even if they could have been jointed back a little, that would have helped.  They play a part in the transformation into his 4×4 version.

I absolutely LOVE the fact that he fits in so well with two of the other recently released Voyager Class Autobots, Sandstorm and Springer.  They make for quite a formidable team in this larger Voyager scale.

Ninja Turtle Party Wagon anyone?  This is just a few paint strokes away from being one of the greatest TMNT/Transformers crossovers ever!

All of those ports come into good use again as Roadbuster is once again armed in his 4×4 mode.

There are directions for making a super weapon.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.   This time was a fail.  It is so oddly tall and skinny.  He looks way better with the weapons spread out across his body.

Overall, another great Voyager figure.  We have had some really good luck with fantastically designed and built larger scale figures.  They have great articulation, really nice robot AND vehicle modes.  Next up are a few that I don’t think made the cut.  Voyager Fail, and Deluxe Fail.

Slog – Transformers: Age of Extinction

Well, we continue to get some new Dinobots that never made it into the movie.  This time around we get Slog, a larger Voyager Class figure.  He is very large and in charge.  Strong and bulky with a lot of the medieval armor look that we have seen with the other Dinobots.

Take this knights of ole’.  Slog comes with two lances, and he doesn’t even have a horse to ride.  I like how strong he looks.  Big thick legs, and great armor layered all over.  His face/helmet is really cool with lots of details.  There are a lot of rubber parts on him that could pose problems in the future if they are not taken care of properly.  He is the color I think they should all be.  Some of the other Dinobots are outrageously bright. This grey/black combo with touches of red are really well executed.

I found his transformation to be very difficult, and his chest area when turned into the Apatosaurus would not stay in place.   The directions were to change Slog from the dino into a robot.  So, for the initial transformation, you had to reverse the directions, which is a terrible way to present this anyway.  It will be near impossible for kids to make this transformation on their own.   I also don’t like the giant balls that hang out on the sides of the neck where the lances can be attached.  There is a lot for me not to like in this mode.  I am going to keep him in robot mode from now on.

We might as well take a look at him with his lances and side “guns” attached.   One of the guns on mine is loose, so it will not stay up very well.   The lances coming out at head height is a bit weird visually.

I think he is a good fit with the other T4 Dinobots.  It is funny because his coloring is how I think all of the Dinobots should look, but with him in the grey color, he gets lost in the Skittles of Dinbots.  They should have made him yellow, and then we would have had a complete rainbow of Dinobots.

Cammy – Street Fighter Bishoujo Statue

I have been waiting for Cammy since I got my hands on Chun-Li.   I knew this was going to be a great pair to put on the shelf.

We moved from the heavy muscles of Chun-Li, to the tighter military muscle of Cammy.   She is presented in her classic green bathing suit.   Of course, she has to wear it so we get a view of her derrière.  I think for Cammy, since she is not wearing a whole lot of clothing, is the detail in her body.   Her muscles are so slender, and they show so well.

Look at the details around her shoulders.  The muscle masses are so fantastically done, with just the tiniest amount of shading to really help the details pop.

Even though she doesn’t have a whole lot of clothing, what she does have really looks good.   Once again, Koto’s details on areas like wrinkles are the best.   You can see how Cammy is turning and pulling the fabric of her suit.   She also has some great creases in her hat, as well as laces on her boots.  The gauntlets she is wearing is a metallic red color, that really make them stand apart from the softer texture of the rest of her attire.

Of course, the pièce de résistance is the ability to have Cammy fight Chun-Li.  Now THAT is a great feature of a product aimed at a fighting video game.   No more single poses for characters.  This time they get to pose to fight… if you so desire.  They look great on their own as well.

Needless to say, I am really excited to see what comes next.  This could be my favorite Bishoujo line yet.  As always, there are tons more pictures on my flickr page.  Click here, or find the link on the tool bar to the right.  –>


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