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San Jose Toy Show Haul Part 2: Green Lantern Stel

Part 2 of my toy haul.  I am going to show you my newest action figure from DC Direct.  It has been a LOOOOOOOONG time since I bought an action figure, since they are getting really expensive, and I have most of the major characters, and generally I am not so deep into the comics to know who the other characters are.  And… it is this with with this figure.  I have no clue who he is, so I had to look him up on Wikipedia.  Ironically, there is not much to know about the guy, but he looked cool, and that is what I like.

Presenting: Green Lantern Stel

A powerhouse of a figure, I was really intrigued by the armor plating and the great contrast between the very vivid green and the dark grey, almost black.   He has the powerful legs that really ground him, and give him quite the powerful stance.

If you are looking for a figure you can play with, then DC Direct is the wrong place.  There was a time when DC and Marvel competed with one another for the best action figures.   Marvel went the route of major articulation giving 20 or more points, while DC kept the articulation to a minimum while focusing instead on the design and detail of the figures.   Stel does not have the best articulation, but he does have great details.  The articulation is basically his neck moving back and forth as well as some up and down movement.   Both shoulders move around, but can also swing out slightly.  Elbow and wrist movement which not all DC figures have.   Finally we end with the bottom half of the body, torso, hips and knees.  Hope you like Stel standing.  No articulation in the ankles what-so-ever.

The only problem I have with the figure are his hands.  He has tiny little hand.  What is up with that?  They are pretty seriously distracting.  I did not notice it in the packaging, but once out… they look weird.

Stel looks giant.  Like he should have been an over-sized figure like Kilowog, but he is pretty standard.  Taller by the tiniest of margins.  I put him next to 2005 Flash, and 2007 Wonder Woman.  I thought they were good choices for comparison, since they have similar articulation.  Note that neither of them have the waist swivel.  Advantage Stel.

He is a great looking figure, and the green really stands out among the other figures.   Maybe I will have to hand Stel and Flash on the Christmas tree.  That red and green really look good together.

Tomorrow is the last part of the San Jose Toy Show haul.  Then I have some new Transformers to look at.  ‘Tis the season.

Lookin’ at a Mini Hawkgirl, anime style

Last week I picked up the Ame-Comi Mini Series 3 Hawkgirl.  I was not so interested in the first wave of the figures, as I think the size reduction did not do the figures any favors.   This one was a little different though.

She has a great unique pose where it looks like she is getting ready to pick her mace up off the ground.   This gives her a fun action pose that allows for a different attachment point to the base.

In her smaller version, she has much smaller wings.  Going for a more compact design, but no less detail.  The feathers are outstanding.  She has on the same outfit as her larger version counterpart.

I like the whimsical nature of the one foot being kicked out, like a 40’s era end-of-the-movie kiss.

Her hair is again long in this version, going away from the standard for her comic counterpart.  With the long braid and the flowing cloth, we are able to see much of her movement, as well as in the asymmetry of the wings.

All in all, a good figure.   Well designed with a great pose.  Good sculpt and really nice paint.  It is a little tricky to get her facing the right way since she is attached to the mace and the mace is attached to the ground.  All parts swivel, so you can get her in some really gravity defying poses trying to get her to look right.  But that is some of the fun of the figure.

DC Bishoujo Statues

I caught a glimpse of some of the new DC Bishoujo statues coming out in the VERY near future.  In order of appearance:

Wonder Woman Bishoujo

Supergirl Bishoujo

Ghostbusters Lucy Bishoujo

The DC designs have been high on my list from Batgirl to Catwoman.  I don’t expect anything less with Wonder Woman, being that she is also designed by Shunya Yamashita.

Supergirl is a bit different, so I will have to reserve judgement until I see her.   And of course anyone who has been to a Con in recent years, has more than likely seen the “Sexy Ghostbusters” walking around.  Kotobukiya has taken the idea to an Anime level.   Sure to be a favorite of Anime and Ghostbusters fans.  Sounds like me.  😉

There are also more of the Marvel figures coming out, Ms. Marvel, Jean Grey, and Black Cat.  We will see.

Kotobukiya Bishoujo Catwoman

I was not a fan of the Bishoujo statues that came out before, featuring the ladies of Marvel.   They looked too fake and washed out.  I know, I know, an anime styled figure doesn’t look real anyway.

But, after I saw the Batgirl figure that came out before this current Catwoman, I knew they were on to something.

Amazingly well detailed from the body to the gargoyle of Batman with two cute kitties that can be placed wherever the owner desires.

Aren’t they cute?

But what are we really interested in here?  You know why Batman likes Catwoman…

Whips and latex.   The outfit is REALLY shiny, which is what I expected from the Batgirl outfit.  It shows off every great curve in perfect design, as well as lots of wrinkles and stretches.  The whip is actually metal, so it can be posed however you want.

A little more racy than Batgirl, this statues leaves a little less to the imagination than the previous model.  The paint is applied perfectly.

Don’t forget about that gargoyle of Batman.  Boy is he scary.  The extra size in this gargoyle gives Catwoman a bit of a height advantage over Batgirl.

The first two statues for DC are outstanding.  There is a little art teaser on the box that shows the next one will be Wonder Woman.  Can’t wait to see what they do with her.

If you want to see more pictures of this figure, or any other figures, feel free to click on my Flickr account over on the right side of this site.

Toy Show last Weekend

Got a bit of stuff last weekend at the Toy Show in San Jose.  Not the world’s biggest toy show, but there is some pretty good stuff there.  My goal was to actually buy something. 🙂  Got that one covered.

So the total for the day is one Star Sapphire Wonder Woman, three of the new GI JOE figures, eight Hot Wheels (old and uniquely cool looking), and a Binaltech Grimlock.  Those of you not familiar with the Binaltech line, it is similar to the Alternators line that came out here in the US.  This is one really heavy car with metal car panels.   Opening everything and a finished interior.

So I have lots of fodder for the upcoming week of blogging.   Look for Wonder Woman to come first, followed by Grimlock and then the GI Joe figures.  The GI Joe figures are some of the best I have seen to date.  You will really want to get your hand on them if you have not done so yet.

Not to mention the rest of the weekend where I found another new GI Joe figure as well as the  newest line of Marvel Minimates.   My desk is overflowing with fun stuff.  Can’t wait to share it all.

DC Direct/Kotobukiya Batgirl: So Shiny!

Barbara Gordon.   The best there was and always will be.  There are other Bat ladies out there now, but the Bat with the crimson hair will always be top on my list.

Kotobukiya teamed up with DC Direct this time around and has produced the best statue yet.   I was not a huge fan of the Marvel stuff, but when I saw this one in the store it had to be mine.

Batgirl has beautiful blue eyes that stand apart from the rest of her outfit.  A slight smile on her face shows she is having a good time… as she usually did.

Her cape is just so shiny.  It is amazing what they did with the paints.   There are a few different textures made from the paint.   The cape is like glass, or still has a wet quality.   Her gold accents are like a semi-gloss, but very bright.  Then there is the gunmetal gray color that is a flat paint, but has reflective qualities.

Koyobukiya seems to try and give their women a blowing-in-the-wind look to their hair.  Sometimes I think it has given them some problems with some of the other statues, but this one really works.

There are folds and creases and wrinkles and stretch marks in all of the right places from the areas of her body that are making the material strain in a turn, or the boots on her feet.   This is one of the most detailed statues I own.   I am really hoping this line will continue to be this nice.  I am really looking forward to Catwoman next.

Gonna give DC Direct Statue a Try

I am not a fan of the DC direct DC Cover Girls statues.  I have seen many of them with paint that is garbage.  I am at a total loss.   These are not cheap to buy, but the paint is not even worthy of a $6 GI Joe figure.

With that in mind, they have peaked my interest.  The new Hawkgirl is coming out in August, and she might be the first one I have to break down and buy.   The sculpt looks really good, now if only the paints don’t stink.

Hawkgirl has been a favorite of mine for some time.  She is one of those smart, powerful ladies who get it done at any cost.  She is just an all around great character.   Now if only they can do her justice with a quality statue, I will be all over that.

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