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Dino Super Drive Power Rangers (Graphite, Silver and Purple) and Singe

Aaaaaahhhhh! Here I am all happy that I have finally found some of the Dino Super Drive Rangers, and people are already posting about finding the movie figures as well as Ninja Steel figures. Can’t we get one show done before we move along to the next?

Anyway, I found three of the Rangers, Graphite, Silver and Purple. I still think it is silly that they gave us graphite and silver colored rangers, but they look different enough that it works okay. The Dino Super Drive Rangers come with a Dino Super Drive Saber. It is color coordinated to the Ranger, which does not hold true to the show, but it is a nice touch for collectors to get the same saber in a variety of colors. And yes, Graphite comes with a grey saber, while Silver comes with a silver saber.

The armor the Rangers have this time around gets pretty crazy. They are pretty well covered and ready for battle. The figures come with the standard articulation we are used to in this line. The Purple Ranger continues to be hindered by the skirt being tight and unmoving, so she loses all of the movement in the joint at the hips.

There are a few more villains to introduce here at the end of the line. I found Singe for these Rangers to beat on for a bit. Singe has some pretty good paint apps. Typical with the line, the Rangers are pretty spot on for paint, with special colors, bright shiny paint, and details. The villains usually have some paint apps, but they are always missing some extra that will really set them apart.

One issue I have with the villains, and apparently will continue to have is the lack of articulation. While the Rangers usually run around 13 points of articulation, the villains run about 5 POA. That makes posing pretty crappy, and no fun to shoot.

Overall, I like the new Rangers. They are beefed up with all of the armor, and look like good final versions. I am going to be sad with the last few villains as we end this line. Not much I can do about that. Hopefully as the holidays progress, I will find some good figures in the store, and be able to complete this line. There are a lot of colors represented in the Dino Charge franchise, and Bandai has gone to great lengths to give us all of them in every version possible.

Archelon Zord – Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

Bandai America has had a pretty good run of going off the rails and making new toys that are not based on the show, but are based on the Dino Chargers.

This time around the Archelon Zord. A giant sea turtle with a saw blade on his back. Seems legit to me.

As a stand alone Zord it is not all that menacing. It looks about as useful as a sea turtle getting ready to lay some eggs. Upon closer inspection, there is more there than what it seems. We are getting an upscaled version of the small plastic Zord that came with the #21 Dino Slow Charger in the two-pack.  It has an appearance of a flying ship of some sort. I imagine the pods on the front fins are some kind of engines. It would not be out of the realm of possibilities in the world of Power Rangers for this guy to be a flying Zord of some sort.

The Zord has the standard mouth that allows it to be attached as an alternate arm to any of the Megazords. I think with Archelon and Deinosuchus (you know, the orange crocodile), there are some pretty formidable auxiliary Zords to fight with.

When the charger is placed in the mouth, the saw blade slides out into place further down the body of the turtle. As and added bonus, the back legs flip out of the way to give the most possible damage to the enemy.

Titano Charge Megazord – Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

After playing with really well articulated Transformers, it is always a struggle to re-wrap my head around Power Rangers Zords. The bodies generally have four point of articulation, at the two shoulders, and the legs.

Titano Charge Megazord is no different. In robot mode, he looks to be quite formidable. The later Zords of a series are usually a lot bigger, and can form a robot on their own.

Titano Charge Megazord and Dino Charge Megazord stand about the same height at the head. Rexy’s head gives DC Megazord a little extra height.  Titano is a stout figure, standing strong. Being based on a Brachiosaurus should give a sense of how robust this robot is going to be.  Titano Charge Megazord has a axe type weapon. It is slotted into a hole in his hand.

Of course the fun of the Power Rangers Zords is the transformations. Titano becomes a Brachiosaurus. It is a bit flat in appearance along the back.

There are some nice touches though, like the fact that the back looks like a giant mouth.

We will have to wait to see what this combo is called in Dino Super Charge, but parts of Titano can be added to Dino Charge Megazord to make a REALLY tall figure. It helps that Rexy’s tail becomes the top of the head.

They even go so far as to unite the entire team of Red, Blue, Pink, Black, and Green all in one Zord.

Though not accurate for the Super Sentai counterpart, this version of Titano can use other Zords as shoulder mounted weapons, or use them as replacement arms.

With #10 Dino Charger, my collection is one step closer to being complete. I am only missing D and SD to get all of the main Chargers. There are lots of extra chargers out there like MMPR and others, but for my display, I really only wanted the initial set.

Dino Drive Rangers – Power Rangers Dino Super Drive

I was underwhelmed when I first saw the Dino Drive Rangers. It was another set of Rangers with giant chest plates. This time with a giant Charger?!? I would have thought they could have made it look like the Dino Charge head logo. It grew on me, and I really like the double shoulder armor.

From here we only get more armor. We started with standard Dino Charge, with one shoulder armor. Then we went to Dino Steel where we added an arm of armor. After that is Dino Drive where we take away the arm of armor, but add a chest plate and two shoulder armors. Next we are going all in with Dino Super Drive were we get spiky armor all over the place. When will we see DSD on the shelves? Probably around the time that Dino Super Drive returns after the spring hiatus.

For now we have more Rangers than you can shake a stick at. Speaking of so many Rangers. We now have 4 versions of Red Ranger, including the T-Rex Super Charge. Do you think they will go all in and give us the Super Charge formations? He has four of them, so we could get a whole wave of variant Tylers here in the near future.

Anklyo Zord – Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

We are seeing a lot of good use out of the main body of Anklyo Zord. It has already been used for the Tricera Zord, and the Stego Zord. They change the color (of course), the top of the head, and the back piece. It is a really good way of going about reusing some of the zords, but not needing to run new tooling for the entire zord. That will save Bandai America some money in the long run.

It doesn’t feel like a reuse of the same figure over and over again. With the big color change, and the back pieces being so different, they feel like their own zord.

When the charger is placed in it’s mouth, the hammer is dropped. It can fight on it’s own, or it can team up with a Megazord and combine to have a massive punch.

It looks great on the Dino Charge Megazord Stego-Anklyo Formation. Of course if I had been thinking about it when I was making the formation, I should have switched out the Stego Zord, since in the show the Stego and Anklyo switch places for a Tri-Anklyo Formation.

The direction show that the hammer can be used as a weapon similar to the Stego Zord. I don’t think it works as well in execution, and was probably added on as a gimmick since Stego Zord can be wielded that way.

Overall a must have for the Dino Charge Collectors.Unlike the Deinosuchus Zord that I looked at last week, the Anklyo Zord is a part of the show, and not a toy only figure.  It was in the show, so you will want it in your collection.

Deluxe Black T-Rex and Spino Zords

Black T-Rex and Spino Zords came out together, and they are based on the same body, so I thought it would be best to review them together.

The black version of the T-Rex is great looking in black and gold. It looks like we are getting a run of this color through all of the figures released in the Legacy line, and this one is just happening to come during the run of the line.

The Black T-Rex uses the same body and head as the Red Rexy. There is a variation on the tail which is short and stubby. The black T-Rex also comes with the missile launcher backpack that comes with the Spino Zord.  I doubt we will be seeing him like this in the show, but you never know what they could pull out of their sleeves.

Of course, the only reason most would want the black T-Rex would be to make the all black Dino Charge Megazord. And you are in luck. You can now make it, since there was an exclusive color release of Dino Charge Megazord with Rexy in green, but the Stego and Tricera come in the black. It is all a scheme to get you to buy a few extra parts, but it works fine for me. I like the green version as an homage to an earlier show, as well as being able to now make a full black and full green version of Dino Charge Megazord. If we can get a pink Rexy, we will have colors for the whole team with a main Zord.

Spino Zord is a Zord a lot of people were waiting for. Some really don’t like the backpack with missile launcher. I think it is fine.

He also comes with the stubby tail. I can’t figure out the stubby tail, since it looks like it had the long tail in the Japanese version of the show, and had the long tail in the Japanese version of the toy.

The tail can be used as a missile launcher or a gun on Spino’s shoulder. The backpack becomes a handheld gun.

We are getting quite a collection of Megazords now.   Everyone can be formed into a Zord of some sort with lots of combinations.  I will definitely stick with standard Dino Charge Megazord, and Black Dino Charge Megazord.  But the rest will probably change around a lot as I see fit.  I need one more variant color for a Zord to make an all-blue Spino Megazord, and then I need the variant Red Raptor Zord and one more variant colored Zord to make an all-red Zord.  There is still a whole season of Dino Super Charge to go, so we may yet be able to build more full single colors of Zords beyond Black and Green.

Rexy can’t have all of the fun.  Spino can be used to make the Plesio Charge Megazord: Pachy-Spino Formation too.  Not my favorite combination, but there are a lot of fun things you can do with the Zord builder.


Power Rangers Dino Charge Archelon

As we continue into Power Rangers Dino Super Charge, there are a few more chargers that I need to get my hands on. That is the problem with making a display to hold one of each. After a while there are only a few gaps left that need to get filled.

In this case I picked up the DIno Super Charge Series 1 set that came with #21, #6, and the Archelon figure. Really I was after the #21 Dino Slow Charger. I already have 2 of the #6 and I am not really after all of the mini Zords.

Upon opening this one, I was surprised by how much I like the Archelon. It is a Zord version of one of the largest sea turtles ever to live on Earth. Some 13 feet long and 16 feet wide, that is one big turtle. We don’t really have a sense of how big this could be on the show, since it isn’t really a Zord that we will see. I imagine something similar to Tor the Shuttlezord would be pretty awesome.

When the charger is used, it causes everyone to slow down. Of course, Bandai America is taking artistic license with it, and they are going to produce a Zord that can be used with other Zords. It looks like the main shell will have some sort of circular saw blade. I think the transformation will be pretty cool when in use. We have seen this with some of the other toy only Zords, so I think this one will be good too.

I just look at the design on the mini Zord, and I cannot get over the details. It has seams all over, and what look like extra plates of metal to make it stronger. The fins look like wings that can be used to cut through the water. And let’s not forget about the 4 jets in the back. We are getting an arm-sized version, but I could definitely see a riding version of this one.

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