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Starscream – Transformers: Generations – Power of the Primes – Voyager Class

Well, hmmm. I think I was expecting more from a big Voyager Class Starscream. What we ended up with was a guy that looks like he is standing on his tiptoes. He has giant Popeye forearms, and a tiny head.

I am not sure what version of Starscream they were trying to go for here. He looks a bit like the small Legends Class figure from the Thrilling 30 line.

Well, as a Power of the Primes Voyager Class figure, Starscream comes with a pair of feet for the eventual transformation into a Combiner that for some reason has no name. It should be made up of all jets. Starscream is the body, while Blackwing and Dreadwind can make up two of the 4 limbs. They only need 2 more jets and we are good to go. I am sure we can pilfer some from the Combiner Wars line if we need to.

Transforming him into jet mode is not a big deal. Pretty straight forward. I am bummed that such a big figure has the arms handing off the sides like it does, and the feel stick down off the engines. This whole thing feels a bit lazy to me. We have seen some great transformations with these combiner type figures, but this is not one of them.

The profile of the jet is really weird. The landing gear at the front is REALLY far forward. And then back end is really fat.

The top profile of the jet is nice. It looks like a European fighter with the extra winglets near the cockpit.

Then there are the feet. What to do with the giant feet. They are supposed to hang off of the wing. Yuck! That looks horrible. But if he ever wants to combine, he needs to bring some feet with him.

As a combiner, he transforms into the torso. The cockpit opens and allows the Seeker Enigma to be placed in his…stomach. The new head that flips out is better suited for the larger figure, and way better than the pinhead he comes with in his regular robot mode. People seem to always be on opposite sides of the argument when it comes to Starscream having a crown.

I think it is much better that Grimlock has the feet than Starscream. For Grimlock, they work pretty well. They are too bulky for Starscream. I think the pieces made to be either hands or feet worked better for the Combiner Wars line, where a figure was either given a hand or a foot. This time around, they are able to color coordinate the hands to the figures, but to what end? Is it better this way with giant armor?

The journey continues. I have been getting some of the bigger figures, and a few smaller figures. We will see what is what, and finally put together a combiner in this crazy Power of the Primes line.

Dreadwing – Transformers: Generations – Power of the Primes (Deluxe Class Wave 1)


This is probably my least favorite figure of the wave… on first inspection. There is not a lot that is really exciting. A heavy retool of Skydive from the Combiner Wars line, so you know the drill. He can become an arm or a leg for any Combiner. Other than that, just another brightly colored Decepticon?

Well, yes and no. The teal and purple and two-toned greys are really reminiscent of the Powermaster figure from 1988 who was named Dreadwind. He looks like he has a wrestling mask on. Guess what? He did back in 1988 too. But this time around, his head is front and center and not placed over his back. So, yay for that.

He comes with a single teal blaster. Back in 1988 he came with two, which is SO much better for a jet, as he could have one gun on each side. Instead of a Powermaster Unit, he comes with Prime Armor. This is the first Prime Armor we have seen that is colored to match the wielder. It is purple with teal insert that covers the Prime Master port, but can also be used as a gun.

Now if you are bot in a perpetual bad mood, it is good to be able to combine with Nexus and spread gloom to all of the bots you are combined with. Well, is it really? I don’t know about that. I can see making everyone as angry as you are, but spreading gloom? Seems like you would want to be able to spread gloom to the enemy. But whatever. I am sure Dreadwing has it covered.

Onto the jet mode. He fits right in with the other small jets we saw back in Combiner Wars. He has some added firepower along the sides just like he has back in G1.

He looks fairly F-16 Falcon like in his overall appearance, as he did back in G1. Nice choice. The thing besides being a Powermaster that Dreadwind could do was combine with Darkwing to become Dreadwing, a really powerful jet. Apparently that will be able to happen again this time but with Darkwing being renamed to Blackwing.

So, since Dreadwind took the name Dreadwing, we will have to come up with a new combined name. Blackdread. Ooh, that sounds menacing.

And the directions show him transforming into a leg. Imagine him becoming a Combiner with the likes of Starscream. That could be quite something.

So, I didn’t love the figure right of, but after some time I liked him fine. Then finding out that he will be able to make a super jet, I am really excited to see what these two can do together.

Voltron Legendary Defenders

When the first season of Voltron came on Netflix, I knew my subscription rate was worth it. The show took me back to the days of eating bowls of cereal with Saturday morning cartoons. There was just something so special about the Japanese cartoons that made it over to the US. At the time, I was too young to know of Anime and Manga. There was not the culture in the US that there is today.

After the first few episodes, I was thinking that someone HAD to make some toys for this show. And then they did. Playmates was tasked with making the most anticipated toy of 2016. Unfortunately, Playmates was not in on the excitement of how much fans wanted the toys. Now there were two sets of lions that came out. A basic and a Legendary. The basic figures were just that. Basic. They had some gimmick that moved legs or shot a missile. But that was not what the fans wanted. What they wanted were the Legendary Lions. Five lions that combined into the 16 inch tall Voltron.

I initially found the Black, Yellow and Blue Lions. That was not enough to build Voltron, so I hung in there waiting for the rest They were under produced, so of course the secondary market exploded with price increases. Each lion going for double or triple the original price. Now I know Playmates. They are the makers of some popular brands like TMNT. They do listen to what is going on. So I was sure they were going to step up and release more lions. And they did. Phew!

The lions are fantastic. They look like they were pulled from the show. Black Lion is of course the biggest. It has articulated wings, opening mouth, and jointed legs. This is also the brains of the operation. The electronics and lights are in the body to allow all of the phrases and sound effects. It is amazing tech. It knows which Lion is being plugged in.

There is a hatch on the bottom that allows the driver (in a little ship), to come out. Each lion has a little ship that hides in the belly. All 5 are differently designed.

The rest of the lions have an attachable weapon system that is seen in the show. Green, Blue, and Red fire a missile, while Yellow fires a trio of discs.

Green and Red each came with a part of Voltron’s sword, which makes sense since they are the two arms, thus would be able to wield said sword. Both lions have spring mouths, with gaps in the sides of the mouth for them to hold the sword in both Lion and Voltron modes.

Voltron stands an impressive 16 inches tall, That is a very big robot, especially for being built from 5 figures. We do know of some other mechas that are multi-member teams too. We will look at them in a little bit. The Lions were so well engineered that they transform much the same way as they do in the show. In fact, I did not need to look at the directions, since after watching two seasons of the show, I pretty much have their transformations memorized.

The paint work on Voltron is amazing. His face is right on. He wears a great scowl, and looks ready for battle.

There is a lot of good articulation in Voltron. Now he is a combiner, and does have some limitations. When they get to be this big, we cannot pull off the same poses as we can with smaller figures. He does a good job holding his own.

Compared to some of the other brands multi-member teams, he is standing tall. Next to Devastator, Voltron is not that much smaller. And of course he has taken on entire armadas of enemies, so that would probably be an easy battle for Voltron to win. And next to the Legacy Megazord, he is WAY bigger. It is fun to have Voltron next to Megazord, since it was said that Megazord’s design was taken from Voltron.


I am so happy with this guy. It has been years in waiting for me to get this guy, from the initial hope that one will get made, to the Playmates mistake of under producing them. He looks great, and Voltron is a welcome addition to my ever growing robot collection.

Cyclonus – Transformers – Combiner Wars

Cyclonus is…purple. Guess that means he is a Decepticon. Haha! Why did purple become a bad guy color in the 80s? Decepticons, Magneto, Skeletor. This version of Cyclonus is well done. He is a remodel of Silverbolt, and this is another one of those times that Hasbro did a great job of changing the outside of the figure to really make it feel like a totally new figure.

He comes with the same weapon as Silverbolt, but this time in silver, which works with his color scheme. I am still not a big fan of the smaller secondary weapon, as it seems like it should be a shield, but it is actually a gun. Ah well, it looks fine when the two parts are put together for Superion, or in Cyclonus’ case, forming Galvatronus.

The torso/head of Galvatronus is pretty standard for what we see in this line.   It is really interesting just how purple he is in his final transformation.   Like Superion, Galvatronus does not have any ports for adding extra robots as shields or chest pieces.  And as we have seen from the Optimus/Motormaster debacle, this is a good thing.  It is hard to play with a toy that falls apart so easily.

Cyclonus can take any Combiners he wishes to form Galvatronus. There is a team listed on the box, but I think it is so much sweeter for Cyclonus to take the parts from his mold-mate and use Autobots to destroy their own team.

I like to think of Cyclonus as strong enough mentally to be able to take over the thoughts of any Combiner and bend them to his will. I would think the same of Megatron, if only Megatron were actually a Combiner in this series. But I know how Megatron doesn’t like to be touched, much less have a mind connection with others.

I really like Cyclonus’ jet mode.  It is reminiscent of his last figure in the Reveal the Shield line, but is a lot more sleek, and of course a lot bigger.  There is a lot going on down under, with tucking so much of the robot parts in there, but that is kind of what they have to do with figures like these.  Slender on top, and bulbous on the bottom.

Overall, he is a really well done figure.  He looks good in his standard robot and jet modes, as well as combined.  Since he doesn’t have his own team, he will spend most of his time on his own on the shelf, and that is okay by me.

Transformers: Generations – Rook, Hot Spot, Defensor

In my last review I looked at the first part of the Defensor team, Blades and First Aid (with Streetwise being previously reviewed).  Today we are going to take a look at the rest of the team, Rook and Hot Spot, as well as the final form of the Combiner, Defensor.


Rook just looks like a police officer, from his head to his articulated toes.  He is built like his vehicle mode, very square. He is a new character to take the place of Groove.   It was weird having one of Defensor’s legs be formed by a giant motorcycle.  This works out much better.He has a very interesting face.  It looks like he has bars across his face similar to a football helmet.   That would go along with the type of vehicle he turns into, that would be sent into mobs and try to break them up.

He has a 5mm hole in each fist.  This acts like a place to stick a weapon, but it is also textured inside, and it looks like a weapon all it’s own.  Either way, it is a change from the usual 5mm hands most everyone has.

In vehicle mode, Rook is an armored SWAT vehicle.  It looks like he is ready for any situation with 6 wheels, armor all over, and ports on top to hold lots of weaponry.

Hot Spot:

Hot Spot is a good looking bot. in his standard light blue, he is hard to miss and hard to mistake for someone else. He also comes with his standard big shoulders that we have begun to know these truck bots for.

He has a really nice stance when just standing there. It is apparent that he is the powerful one, and the right choice for building the body of Defensor.
He comes with two guns that can be combined into one long gun. They look to have tubes on the sides, which look more like water cannons when they are on the fire truck.

He has a lot of backpack, with the extending ladder, as well as the bucket that becomes Defensor’s head. It is a long backpack that goes down nearly to the ground. A departure from what we saw in the big fat backpack of Optimus Prime.

In vehicle mode, Hot Spot becomes a very long and low ladder fire truck.  He is weighted down with all of the newest tech for fighting fires and saving people.

There is a lot of articulation and movement in the ladder.

Building Defensor:

The 5 figures together make for an interesting team, with a wide range of duties.  Police, medical, fire, SWAT, and rescue.  That pretty much fills any need that the team would run into.

As Defensor, he makes for a solid Combiner.   As usual, the helicopter sticks out there a bit weird, creating a strange arm.   I think one of the best parts is the transformation of Hot Shot.  He has quite a bit of special moves, like the ladder tucking all the way down and under between his legs to eventually climb up his chest to form the head.

Another great big guy to battle it out in the Combiner War.  Of course, with Defensor, he is more focused on the preservation of life, and would spend most of his time protecting the people around him.

Transformers: Generations – Combiner Wars – Protectobot Streetwise

Where o’ where can the Protectobots be? Well, they are slowly showing up here and there. My first Protectobot find was Streetwise. Based off of what is supposed to be a retool of Dead End. This is almost all redone for this figure, from the shell of the car to most of the major parts of the robot body. It is funny to think of him as a retool since the two look nothing alike.
He will be/has been reused as both Prowl (which has been released) and Streetwise, soon to be out.

He comes with a triple barrel shot gun, which is a pretty good weapon for a police figure. I always think of Streetwise as more of a Protect and Serve kind of police, as opposed to Prowl, which I think of more a SWAT sort of cop.

I like the look of Streetwise a lot. The vehicle mode is well done. The robot mode has all of the necessary articulation. Overall, a good figure for me to find in the Protectobot kick-off. I am definitely looking to get the rest and form Defensor.

Transformers: Generations – Combiner Wars: Devastator

Today, two big packages arrived from Amazon.  Waiting and waiting to find them in the wild, I bit the bullet and got…

Devastator and Ultra Magnus.  Waiting for so long for Devastator, I knew I would have to open him first and see how good he really was.   Ultra Magnus will have to wait for this weekend… though he looks AMAZING still in the packaging.  Anyway, onto Devastator and the six Constructicons in all of their Voyager Class Glory.

Scrapper, Mixmaster, Bonecrusher, Long Haul, Scavenger, and Hook  That is quite the team… especially considering they are all Voyager Class Figures.  They came packaged in vehicle mode, all in their own cardboard liner inside the massive box.  Their Devastator accessories were packaged together in a baggie.

Constructicon Scrapper:

In robot mode, he fits the bill. Purple in the middle and neon green all around. Not much to say about this guy. He looks good.
In vehicle mode, he has a moving bucket with a few points of articulation, and that gives him one of the better playabilities in the vehicle mode.

In the G1 continuity, Scrapper was the brains of the operation. The team leader. Funny for a leg to lead the team. One would think the guy with the giant head in his chest would run the show, but it was not meant to be.
Scrapper looks so much like his G1 version… with the exception of looking less skinny, and having way better articulation.

Constructicon Mixmaster:

Mixmaster is yet another robot that looks so much like his G1 counterpart. In vehicle mode, not so much.

He has transitioned to a front load cement truck.
He is a good fit for the other leg, along with Scrapper. Strong footing is required with this big guy.Who would have guessed Mixmaster would be hiding such a handsome face under there.  The Constructicons are not known for their good looks.  Most are mostly visor, and many have no mouth showing.  Not so with this guy.Mixmaster does carry a bit of junk in the trunk.  I think it is a bit of a letdown in robot mode.  He looks like he should be transforming into Waspinator.

Constructicon Bonecrusher:

Um, isn’t there supposed to be purple on this guy?  Nope.  He has only had the bit on his hands, and a tiny bit other places, but he does not play well with others.  Okay, I don’t know that for sure, and Long Haul doesn’t have much purple either, but it seems like they should have more.   If you look at Scavenger, he only has purple on his treads, and you don’t want two guys on the same team with purple treads.  

Constructicon Long Haul:

The big boy of the team. This guy is wide front to back, and side to side, in robot mode and vehicle mode. This is one massive teammate.
He is known to not really want to be a Constructicon. He wants to be a fighter alongside his fellow Decepticons. He has been known as Devastator’s crotch.

Not to mention he has been put to work with the dump truck too. It is hard being Long Haul. Well this time around he has gotten a size increase. he is now the crotch and most of the torso. He is pivotal to keeping this team together.

Constructicon Scavenger:
Scavenger is one of the figures that received the best upgrade when moving to his new Voyager Class body.   He is not such a square-chested guy any more.  I do really like the G1 nod with the semi-circular silver plate on his chest.   In G1 it was how his vehicle mode rotated, on a metal plate.  This time around it is how he hides his head.  He gets some pretty good articulation, especially in the knees where the treads break apart.  No more stiff legs for Scavenger.He gets two points of articulation in the digger arm, and that allows for some good play.

Constructicon Hook:

Short name for an important guy. Hook is the head and shoulders of Devastator. I should have a head and shoulders above the rest in there somewhere….
I like that similar to Grappel on the Autobot side, Hook is also an artist. Those cranes need to stick together.

This time around Hook does not have an extending boom, which is a bit sad. It seemed like Hasbro went to a lot of trouble to make the others very similar to their G1 counterparts.

The glory that is 18 inches of Decepticon destruction. This guy is huge, and this guy is amazing!!!
Individually, I like the Constructicons. They are fun, look like their G1 counterparts, and have good robot and vehicle modes.
Add them together, and we have something special. It is like all of the other Combiners have been leading to this moment and figure. He his huge, color coordinated, and stands impressively over the others.
He has two great hands with articulation. He comes with a chest plate that makes sure the two body pieces, as well as the two arms stay in place. He also has a mighty gun. The muzzle opening is larger than many of the heads of the Deluxe figures.

This is definitely a robot that will be on bucket lists in the years to come.  He is so impressive and good looking, and he towers over everyone just as he should.  This is the first time we actually have a Devastator that is similar to the original show in terms of height and bulk.

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