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Diac and Optimus Prime – Transformers Generations – Titans Return (Voyager Class)

So, we already got a really good looking Leader Class Optimus Prime in the Titans Return line, so why did we get a second one? Well, that is probably because Hasbro decided to make Megatron a Voyager Class figure this time around. It is not very Autobot-like to be the bigger guy and pick a fight. So, they gave us Optimus in the smaller scale so he can fight Megatron with Doomshot.

Optimus is a triple changer this time around. Robot, fuel tanker truck, and jet. This is a case where a triple changer cannot work well three times. You can get one good mode, or maybe two good modes, but you are going to be hard pressed to get all three modes that work really well. Especially when the modes are distinct, and not a battle station of some sort like we have found with a lot of the Leader Class figures. Just like how Megatron was made using what will become Blitzwing, They used Octane to make Optimus Prime. It makes a lot more sense if you look at who is coming second in this line to understand that Hasbro is trying to cut costs by using the same base body a couple of times. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Optimus Prime starts in his robot mode. He has some mighty big shoulders. He is feeling his inner Ultra Magnus on this one. This design is based on the Laser Optimus Prime from the 1995 Generation 2 line, where he also had some big shoulders.

He comes with a blaster (that can of course hold a Titan Master) as well as a neon green sword.

It is hard to not compare this version of Optimus to the Powermaster version, since they are coming out in the same series, and they came out pretty close together. Even with the big shoulders, this version of Prime is a LOT shorter than the Powermaster, and a whole lot less robust to boot.

This Optimus comes with Diac. Diac is named for the Diaclone, which were the predecessors to the Transformers. I love that Hasbro is paying homage to the pre-Transformers line that eventually created the world of Transformers we know today. Back then there were some mish-mashed figures that were out of scale from one another since they were from different lines, brought together. But here we are so many years later under one umbrella of greatness.

Looking at Optimus’ back, it is clear this is no robot to truck transformation we are going to see. There is something more going on, and it looks like it is going to be a plane.

Yup, it was a plane. Not a great plane, but a plane nonetheless. What we end up with is a strange concoction of parts that do form a plane of some sort. Is it supposed to be a fighter jet, a passenger jet, or something inbetween? It is hard to tell.

The wings are extremely short on this plane. That is where we start to get into the trouble areas of having triple changers. The wings have to fold away in another mode, so they have to stay within a certain size, causing some visual troubles. On top of that, there is a ton of greeble on the back half of the plane, making it look extremely heavy back there, and not very aerodynamic.

Moving to the back of the plane, it is powered by just one little jet. It would be hard to move a brick like this, much less with such a small engine. Oh well, can’t win them all.

There is a cockpit way back there that allows Diac to fly the plane. It is too bad the cockpit at the front doesn’t work for that purpose, but with the way the nose is made, there is no room.

There are two ways the weapons can be attached, First is near the nose of the plane. The gun fits in one side, and the sword on the other. Yet more ways to kill the aerodynamics of the plane.

The other option is to mount the two weapons together on the top of the plane and allow Diac to get a little air as well. This looks a bit better, than the side mounting alternative.

Onto the truck. Optimus has been a lot of trucks in his time. Back in 1995, Laser Optimus Prime was reimagined as a tanker truck, and this became one of the fan favorite designs of all time. In that version, the robot and the trailer were detachable, so Optimus could be a robot and have a battle station. This time around, it is all one unit. Unfortunately that means there is no bending between the truck and the trailer, so he is one solid unit.

The truck features a chrome tanker, a very nice nod to the Laser version. No flame throwing Prime on the side though. Fear not, if you want the flaming Prime version, it is coming out in a Toys R Us Exclusive 5-pack with Optimus being black and listed as Laser Optimus Prime. Once again, Diac rides in the same cockpit, this time flipping around in the seat to face the other direction.

The weapons mount on the sides in this mode as well.


Overall, not the greatest triple changer we have. When we look at Megatron, you will see a triple changer that works well, and looks right. There were just too many differences shoved into this guy to work properly. They were making Megatron a triple changer, and they wanted to do the same for Optimus. They found a figure they could use (Octane) to create Laser Optimus as well as Octane, and have at least 3 versions of the figure being used (Optimus, Laser Optimus, and Octane), to help cut costs. This is not my favorite Optimus, and he will probably live life on the shelf as a robot. Powermaster Optimus Prime will be my main Titans Return guy.

Kickback – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return – Legends Class

FINALLY the Insecticon team is complete!!! Skrapnel came out first, way back in the Generations: Thrilling 30 line back in 2013-14. From there, we got Bombshell in the very first wave of Combiner Wars in 2015. Now with Titans Return we have completed the team with Kickback. Three team members spread over a little more than three years. That is a long time to wait. Was it worth it?

It was. Kickback looks great. And even though these are three figures from three different sub-lines, they work so well together, and they all have that great G1 look to them, but with the articulation of a modern figure.

Kickback comes out of the package in his robot mode. That is not a surprise. Not a lot of kids are going to yell to mom and dad that they want a grasshopper toy. He is folded flat in the box, but with a few twists, his wings prominently stick up and help give him a little extra height.

He does not come with a gun like he did with his G1 toy. This time around, he has to rely on his name sake, and kick the Autobot back to wherever he came from.

His robot mode is great, but what makes these three even better is their unique transformation into giant bugs. Kickback is fairly well folded up in robot mode, and you cannot really tell what kind of bug he is, though you can definitely tell he is a bug. The transformation is pretty fun to get him transformed into a giant grasshopper. His wings are once again the main focus here. They have good movement to allow for playability in this mode. His back legs also have good articulation to allow for some super Kickback kicks.

This, being a part of the Titan’s Return line, has a cockpit of sorts to allow a Titan Master to ride on his back. The little Titan Master does not go in very far.

Together, the team looks great. For being over the course of three years, it is amazing how well these three match. The purple and yellow match well.

I am really happy with this guy. Again a great figure to make in the Legends scale.

Autobot Apex and Powermaster Optimus Prime – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return

Here is another interesting figure for Hasbro to tackle. This version of Optimus Prime pays homage to the 1988 gimmick of Powermasters. This is very similar to the Headmasters, where a smaller bot powers up the bigger bot. Originally it was an engine that plugged into Prime’s chest to give him more power. Of course we are in the midst of the Titans Return line, so Hasbro went with a Titan Master and made the big chest engine a part of the transformation. This is a pretty good execution of bringing forth a new version of the one-off figure from 1988. It also allows Hasbro to come out with two different Optimus Primes in this Series.

He comes with a card that shows Optimus’ power, and then the addition of Apex to the team.

Apex looks a lot like Orion Pax when Optimus’ helmet is pulled back. It is a good face when you think of it being similar to what we have seen given to Pax figures. The helmet can be stored in the back of the body.

Apex is a cute little guy. He looks like a very close approximation of Hi-Q, who was Prime’s original Powermaster partner.

Transforming Optimus into the truck seems very familiar. So familiar. Like Ultra familiar. Oh yeah, this is a heavy retool of Ultra Magnus from the Combiner War line. The cab looks similar, and the basic design of the overall cab/trailer combo looks familiar, but there are so many differences. The base body is the same, with many parts being reused. But there are also so many new parts.

Hasbro had to figure out how to close in the trailer, since Prime is technically a cargo hauler, not a car hauler like Magnus… though you know he mostly takes cars around. The back end opens with a ramp to allow smaller cars to fit inside, like Bumblebee, who we will be looking at in the near future.

When Optimus got a new model in 1988, they went over the top. Giant cannons mounted at the front of the trailer, check. Guns mounted on the roof, check. The telltale blue and white stripe down the side of the trailer, check. It is all here.

Comparing Prime to Magnus, it is clear to see the similarities and differences.

In truck mode, they look so close in the cab. You know the cabs have to be different, because Magnus has a driver’s seat in his cab for robot mode, and then it is taken up with a head in vehicle mode. Prime has a way to hold Apex in the cab as well as the helmet. The backs are clearly different, though they use the same basic body.

In robot mode, you can see where they used Magnus’ chest plate with a new plate to give Prime his Powermaster capabilities. They look a lot more similar in their robot modes.

One of the gimmicks of the original Powermaster Optimus, was the ability for the trailer to turn into a battle station. Since the cab and trailer are attached as one in this set, all of Prime turns into a battle station. Really the trailer turns into the station, and the cab just hangs out back there facing the wrong way.

It is a funny thing to see Ultra Magnus come first and then be remodeled into Optimus. But it has been done with some other figures more recently. They bring out the remodel figure first, and then the original. Can’t complain with that, since I will probably end up getting both version anyway. This is a good version of Optimus Prime. The Powermaster parts give him a nice unique look, and he is a welcome part of my ever growing Optimus Prime army.

Power Surge Optimus Prime – Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Clash of the Transformers Warrior Class

If you say Power Surge Optimus Prime, you could be talking about three different figures out at the same time. That sounds unprecedented to me. You have the standard release, with Optimus in his red/blue paint scheme in the Warrior Class. Then you have the Clash of the Transformers version that has a lot of white with red/blue added. Finally there is the giant scale, similar to the Legends class with lights and sounds.

We are looking at the second of the Primes, the white version that is a Toys R Us exclusive.

I have not been a huge fan of the Robots in Disguise Optimus Primes. I do not like the idea of the cab and trailer being attached to one another in vehicle mode, since it takes away from the playability of the truck. However, it does help the robot mode, by allowing Optimus to be tall and slender and look pretty good.

So, with this iteration of Optimus Prime, he is a major retool of the original RiD release. There are lots changes, and one really good improvement. The best thing they did with this mold is to change the way the arms and shoulders connect to form the truck cab. They gave more of the truck part to the shoulders, and took away a lot of the truck from the forearm. What that did was free up the hands, so you can actually see the hands and not have them mostly hidden by the cab.

The rest of the changes are mostly cosmetic to allow for the new Power Surge parts. This includes shoulder mounted blasters, which give him a really tough look. He also comes with two swords that can be placed on his back as wings. All three of the parts are clear-blue plastic, which is nice for the Power Surge effect, and better than the painted blue accessories for the standard release figure.

One of the other changes to the figure was around the legs. On the first release figure, he had two sets of wheels on the trailer, which gave him 8 wheels going back with 4 on each side. I don’t know if Hasbro has ever seen a semi-trailer, but they do not have wheels going all the way along the body of the trailer. This time around, they made the legs skinnier with only one set of wheels on each side. In the extra area, they added a hook on each leg that I presume is to hold the axe they threw in as an extra. The guy is running around with a pair of energy swords, why would he need an axe too? Who cares? Now he has a backup weapon on his thigh.

I think this is an improvement over the first RiD figure. There are some cosmetic upgrades, as well as physical upgrades to the character. This is what you want to see when a figure is being amped up with new powers. I don’t think we needed two versions of the figure, and I have not bought the standard version yet. I think it is a bit redundant to have a recolored version that is not as good looking in the regular release. And the giant figure? It seems a bit over the top to have such a large version. It does come with a Mini-Con, so that is an advantage, but for $45 it is a pretty expensive choice when you can have this guy for $14.

Clash of the Transformers: Wave 3

Clash of the Transformers: Wave 3

Pipes – Combiner Wars – Legends Class

I am glad these last few Combiner Wars guys are still floating around. It probably isn’t terribly important for me to get my hands on Pipes, but he is different enough that he seemed worth tracking down.

This is by no means a new mold. We first saw this body in the Generations line back in 2013 with Optimus Prime. Later it made a comeback with a new head and a new paint scheme as Huffer earlier in the Combiner Wars line. Now we see it one more time as Pipes with a whole body repaint.

Just like the original G1 release of Pipes, he was a repaint of Huffer, so this made sense. It also makes sense that they are smaller scale trucks, just as they were back in the G1.

The color scheme is bright, with the blue and silver, and a touch of red. Having the red face gives him a bit of a menacing looks. They took the red on his head a lot further than he had originally.

Ironically, the head of this version has no face plate. In the G1 line, he did, as he did on the show. It was Huffer that also had the face plate on the toy, but not on the show. So, they fixed Huffer by representing him, mask free, but now Pipes is wrong with a showing face. Oh well, whatcha gonna do?

These Legends scale figures are pretty good. They have better articulation than the Legion figures we had before Generations. Even though they are small, they are able to be posed. Some places they have trouble is in the transformation, when parts like the feet stick up in the back. Again, not much we can do about that.

Overall, an okay addition to the team. Must have? No. He is pretty forgettable. He will live on the shelf along with Huffer in Legends scale limbo as we move onto bigger and better figures.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Mini-Con Battle Pack – Wave 1 – Optimus Prime vs Bludgeon and Sideswipe vs Anvil

As we continue on in the world of Robots in Disguise, we are taken on a long journey of the Mini-Cons.  We are starting to see lots and lots of repaints popping up from Scorch to Blizzard paint jobs.  One of the new stand outs in the Mini-Cons sub line is the Mini-Con Battle Packs.  A Decepticon Mini-Con is packed in with an new scale Autobot, and armor for the Autobot to help catch the Mini-Con.  We are going to take a look at Wave 1, consisting of Optimus and Sideswipe.

Decepticon Hunter Optimus Prime vs Bludgeon

Optimus Prime comes with the transparent armor we have seen the Mini-Cons come with up until now.  They usually have a sprue with the parts attached.   Take them off and power up the Mini-Con.   This time around, the power goes to the Autobot!  Optimus comes with 6 armor pieces, and an axe.  He also comes with Bludgeon, who we see here for the first time.

The new scale for the Mini-Con Battle Packs is similar to the Commander Class scale we saw in the Transformers: Prime line.  This scale is larger, and has better articulation.

Pretty standard for transformation.  Optimus becomes the annoying truck that does not have a bend between the cab and the trailer.  I wish we were still in the days of Optimus being just a cab.  Bludgeon is a “cyclone” mini-con and turns into a ball.  He is a pretty spiky ball to be sure.

Dressed in his armor, Optimus looks pretty good.  It is a good start to this sub-line.  He keeps his articulation, and the parts hold fast.  The only trouble I had was the helmet does not want to click into the chest plate to stay attached very well, but it holds in place when over his face.

When all else fails, hit it with a bigger hammer.  All of the armor plates combine to form a really big axe, or what looks to me to be more of a hammer.  Optimus will really be able to catch some Mini-Cons with this!  This also stays together very well when all of the pieces are attached.

Decepticon Hunter Sideswipe vs Anvil

Sideswipe is the second character for the first wave of the Mini-Con Battle Packs.   He comes with 7 armor plates and a weapon.  It looks like some sort of cub.  Quite a change from his sword.  He comes with Anvil.  This is the first appearance of Anvil in the RiD toy line.

Sideswipe, like Optimus is a part of the new scale of what should be called Commander Class figures.   He is about half way between the Legion and Warrior Classes.   The best part of this new scale, is that he is now in scale with the Warrior Class of the larger characters like Optimus and Grimlock.

It allows the too-small Optimus in the Warrior Class to have a better scale to play with.

The transformation is again straightforward for both Sideswipe and Anvil.   Sideswipe is the same sports car we have seen before.  His transformation is closer to the Warrior Class than the Legion Class.   Anvil, like Bludgeon is a “cyclone”, this becoming a ball.

When Sideswipe dons his armor, it is pretty good.  He has claws on his hands.  The chest and helmet look really good.   On his shins, he has large plates that work well.   Then there is the star on his shoulder.  What a strange piece to include.  If they had two of them to allow for both shoulders, I could see that.  But this one shoulder star is a bit weird to me.

When Sideswipe dons his armor, it is pretty good.  He has claws on his hands.  The chest and helmet look really good.   On his shins, he has large plates that work well.   Then there is the star on his shoulder.  What a strange piece to include.  If they had two of them to allow for both shoulders, I could see that.  But this one shoulder star is a bit weird to me.

Combine the armor pieces together, and Sideswipe has a claw arm for catching Mini-Cons.  You know how yucky Mini-Cons are…  The claw actually does not open at all, so the opening is not large enough for holding a Mini-Con.

How unfortunate.

Together for Wave 1, Optimus and Sideswipe make a good team.   Their armor colors are a little too similar for being in the same wave.  Up next, we will take a look at Wave 2.  I think they got the ball rolling with these two, but the next two figures really are better.

Combiner Wars – Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus is one big dude. Even before the giant shoulder posts, he is quite a figure. He has fantastic articulation, stands solid on two very sturdy legs.
Magnus comes with two guns that can combine to form his hammer.

Little Minimus Ambus has about the same transformation as a Headmaster, or a light Legion Class figure. He is a suitable vehicle as well as a robot.

Well, this is a bit of a surprise.  Guess I need to catch up on my comic reading.

This is what Transformers fans have been waiting for. An Ultra Magnus that is all his own. He is not a redeco or remodel of any previous Optimus.

They did such an amazing job over at Hasbro, where they kept the cab of the truck as a part of the whole vehicle, but they worked it in a way so they the cab can swivel under the trailer. So, even though they are attached together, it isn’t like some horribly long truck that would never be able to turn.

Ultra Magnus fits right in with the Deluxe Class figures.  He can carry two on his trailer, bunk-bed style.  His cab is on the small side when compared to Optimus, and it is noticeable since they are similar styled trucks.

The tailgate drops down to allow for the inside car to slide out. Then the top part can fold down to allow the second car to get off. There are plenty of extra ports to allow Magnus to carry gun and hand/feet accessories for the riders.

This just ups the playability by so much. Well designed and executed.

Now you can really get a good look at how big Magnus is.  Optimus doesn’t even come up to his shoulder, and then Magnus has the giant extra shoulder pieces to boot.   He is really big.   He is such a fantastic example of the Leader Class to go along with Megatron and Jetfire.

Stand him up next to a Combiner, and he is still pretty sizable.  It would take qutie a bit for a Combiner to take down this guy.  Good thing they are on the same team.

This is a must-have for any Transformers fan.  He is so good, you will not be disappointed.

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