A Superior Superion for the Generations Line

I took a look at Alpha Bravo a while back, just to see if these Combiner Wars figures were going to be any good.  Alpha Bravo made me think, ‘yes they will be quite awesome.’   So, the journey continued to find the other four.   Of course there was the hiccup with Air Raid not being released in Wave 1, and sticking a stinkin’ Con in there instead.   Well, the wait is over.  During a trip last week, I came across Air Raid, and now I can finally put the Aerialbots together and form Superion.

The big guy of the five aerialbots.  Silverbolt is a robust looking robot.  He needs a bit of extra room in there to make way for all of the combiner parts.  They are hidden so well in here.  Bet you couldn’t see there is an extra head hiding in there.


The big guy of the five aerialbots.  Silverbolt is a robust looking robot.  He needs a bit of extra room in there to make way for all of the combiner parts.  They are hidden so well in here.  Bet you couldn’t see there is an extra head hiding in there.

He sets the design for the team.  They have generally boxy heads, and the color scheme of white, red, orange, and black carries through the whole team.

Air Raid:

Finally Air Raid came out with wave 2 of the Deluxe Combiner Wars figures, so I could build Superion. I was NOT about to put him together with Deragstrip there as one of the arms. Just wasn’t going to happen. Couldn’t have a Con hanging out with the rest of the Aerialbots.

I don’t know if he was pushed off to the second wave since he is a retool of Skydive, and they try not to put retools together in the same wave. Probably more likely that you will need to get all of the parts to each of the Combiners over a longer period of time. Just take my money.

Probably one of the characters that gets what it means to be a flier. Have fun. He is a bit reckless at times.


One of the most interesting things about the Aerialbots is how for many of them, their robot colors are quite different from their jet colors.

Firefly is no different. A mostly white and blue bot becomes a mostly red jet.


Skydive does not have that typical Autobot face.  In the original G1 history, Skydive is a bit of a bookworm.  With this face, he looks more ready to attack than anything else.

Alpha Bravo:

My first Combiner Wars figure, Alpha Bravo looks great in his white and orange color scheme.  He fits in so well with the others in robot mode.   Slight and ready to fight.

The five Aerialbots.  Large Silverbolt  with a collection of ready to go bots, just looking for a fight.

Jet Mode:

The four jets are some of the most recognizable jets of the 80s.  Just another nod to the G1 Transformers as we go further into the Generations line.

Air Raid (F-14 Tomcat):

Skydive (F-18 Hornet):

Silverbolt (Concorde):

Firefly (Harrier Jump Jet):

and then there is the helicopter…

Alpha Bravo: 

The non-jet of the group.  I have to assume he is a bit like Airwolf, with some boosters to get him into action more quickly.  I am sure the rest of the Aerialbots would not want to wait around for him to get there before becoming Superion.

This could have very easily become a repeat of planes, but each his unique and they have a great look sitting together.


Of course, the joy of the Combiner Wars line is to have something that combines.   Individually, each of the Transformers are good Deluxe Class figures.  They are taken to the new level this time around by combining to form Superion.

Big, bad, full of fire power, and strong.    He is a great figure with lots of motion.   So much care was put into these figures to allow for good articulation, as well as good stability.  He is not nearly as shaky as the Power Core Combiners we saw back in the day.

I love, love, love the fact that they got elbow articulation on this massive combiner figure.   So cool!

Well, I am hooked on these figures.  I have already found Motormaster, Dragstrip (from wave 1), and Dead End, so I am half a body on my way to build Menasor.  Boy is this going to be a good battle when I get these two forces facing off.   Can’t wait.

Power Rangers Mixx N’ Morph 2-Pack – Migthy Morphin White Ranger and TigerZord

They put White Ranger in there almost built, but with enough to show that he comes apart.   TigerZord is in all kinds of pieces, and hidden by the morphed monstrosity on the right edge of the box.

A closer look at the monstrosity. There is a lot going on there. Red Dino Charge Ranger, with Rexy’s head and shoulder, White Ranger’s waist, Claw BattleZord’s claw. It looks to be a mix of the parts from the 2-packs. Not that there is a lot else, out right now, but the colors are from these 2-packs.

Back of the box.  1/2 dedicated to White Ranger/TigerZord, and the other half showing what you can do with all of the sets.  Along the bottom, they have listed single sets 01-05, and 2-packs 09-11.  So far, sets 06-08 are missing.  Can’t wait to see what those will be.

I figured I would pick up the first set, in terms of show order.  White Ranger (Tommy) along with his smaller sidekick TigerZord.  Wasn’t that Zord bigger in the show?


TigerZord doesn’t have a whole lot going on for him in Tiger Mode.  He is a bit stiff, with limited movement in his legs.  Of course in the show, we pretty much just saw him flailing his legs around as if he was running.  I am really saddened by the back legs.  It is as if he should have come with some feet that were left off.

White Ranger:

White Ranger fairs much better in his initial mode.  He comes sporting claws on his hands and feet.  He comes with a truly large version of Saba.   The head sculpt on Saba is quite fantastic.  There is a very light shade of grey added to the blade, but this looks to be a toy that will have limited extra paint additions.   Rough and tumble toys.

The ball and socket joints are about half and half on this guy.  Some are really loose, and others are really tight.  It seems like the molded sockets are a bit more loose than the sockets with inserts, such as the sockets on the the figure’s backs.

There are plenty of ports all over these figures.  Along with the standard ports, they come with two on the back, as well as an extra low on the waist.

TigerZord Warrior Mode:

Combine TigerZord with parts from White Ranger, and you get Warrior Mode. I wish the two matched colors better. White Ranger is a slightly cream color white, while TigerZord is more of a grey. That being said, he makes for a pretty good Warrior.

He has really big feet that help his stance. They are jointed so he can get into some pretty dynamic poses.

He comes with a sword, made from the tail, so you don’t have to reuse Saba in this mode.

This is a pretty dynamic figure.  I like the Warrior mode a lot.   I wasn’t so sure as I was putting him together, but the more I played with him, the better I liked him.  This is going to be a lot of fun for a lot of kids.  There are some problems with the ball joints either being too loose or too tight, and a few that are just right.  Either kids will be going to a parent to pop these together, or they will fall to the wayside.  Hopefully the tight joints will loosen up over time, and not cause kids to give up on them.

Power Rangers did something that Transformers couldn’t.  And that as to buy a mix-em-up toy.  Transformers and Marvel have had theirs out for a while now, but this ball and joint thing seemed a lot more fun.   I don’t know the staying power of the line.  Technically, they two decades of Rangers and Zords to go back through.  They could foreseeably go on with this for as long as people are buying them.  So far, I see a lot of repetition.  The lineup is Red Dino Charge Ranger, and Rexy, both of which can be found in a 2-pack (Clear Red Ranger).  There is a second black version of Rexy (from Kyoryuger toy line).  There is also a black/green version of TigerZord.  Following that is a OctoZord colored Claw BattleZord which can also be found in a 2-pack with Gold Ranger.  So, there is not a lot out there to get started.  I am sure most will pass on the multiple versions of the same figures like two Red Rangers and Rexys, but other colors like the black version of Rexy could be something to look into.    Of course, there is also the missing numbers 06-08.  Can’t wait to find out what those could be.  Hopefully something from another series.  Three down and what, 20 more shows to choose from.  Choose wisely Bandai, and you can just take my money now.

Power Rangers Dino Chargers Display

I was having some trouble finding a good way to display my Dino Chargers.  A bunch of batteries don’t really make the best display pieces in a shelf, so I needed to find a way to display them on the wall.  First off, how to mount the chargers to something:

dino chagerAfter trying about everything under the sun, I found the easiest thing possible.  1/2 inch pipe holders for the plumbing under a house.  They come with a nail already installed and they do not have to be modified at all.  The hard part was making sure they were nailed down in nice straight rows, spaced apart well.   I know with this many pieces, it could really stand out, if one was out of place.

The next part was to add some firepower.   The Chargers themselves would look okay, but so much better if their weapons were there too.  In came the Deluxe Dino Charge Morpher and Saber:

The hard part was putting these two down and actually get on with my building project.  The sounds are so much fun!

Finally the build is complete:

The board I cut is an elongated version of the Dino Charge emblem background.  Round on the top, with the angular bottom.  I made sure to add plenty of holders for the chargers, including 28.  I am sure that is not enough, but good enough for a start.  We will see what happens as these things really start to roll out.  The Morpher/Saber combination sits on a set of brackets I built from scrap metal.  I had actually mounted the whole thing on the wall, and then went back and remade the brackets a second time once I saw how the gun sat on the wall.

I am happy to have a place to store the Chargers out of the way.  I can take them off easily if I want to play with the gun, or load them into the Zords.


Toy Hunting for Deals

Inspected Sticker

I am a toy hunter, not a box hunter.  I have found a few toys over the years that I had been scouring the stores for, only to find one that has been pretty badly damaged.  I know I probably only scored the figure since someone else was looking for a nice box.   Sometimes, when we go through online retailers, we don’t get a say in what we buy.  The items usually show up in good order.

Recently, as in Monday, I was looking at a Power Ranger from the Super Samurai series on Amazon. $54.99 was a bit much for me at the time, but I noticed that there were some selling for a LOT less.  Generally these are hit with pretty hefty shipping charges that end up not saving any money at all, but I thought I would give it a try.   Clicking on the link, I noticed one that was a lot less, and with free Prime Shipping.  It stated it was an Amazon Warehouse deal.   The box was in bad shape but the items inside were inspected.   A markdown from $55 to $41 just for a bad box?  That is my kind of deal.  Well, it took a couple of extra days to get here, but here is what I ended up with.

Samurai MegaZordSamurai MegaZord in all of his 5-Zord glory.  From the front you can see that the box is a bit tattered on the top left side.   It looks like it had been crushed inward from the edge.  Mind you, there is nothing up there to get damaged.

MegaZord DamageIt is rather superficial, and just what I was hoping.  I get all of the important info off of the back, but with a lower price.   Not to be one to miss a deal, I had seen a second Zord that also was a Wearhouse Deal.  This one going from $14 to $6, I was hoping for a double shot at a great deal.  And here is how it came.

BeetleZordThis one I actually had to laugh at.  There was one plastic tab that had slipped out of the tape, and a crease on the back.  I have found more damage on regular items shipped to me.

So, if you are like me and don’t care about the packaging, make sure to do a little looking around before you click on the Check Out button.  There could be some nice savings in it for you!

Star Wars Black Series: Speeder Bike with Biker Scout

I have a few of the 6in Black Series figures, but there was none that I was more excited about than this one. The Biker Scout is far and away my favorite of the Storm Trooper types, and to get a scale Speeder Bike to boot?  Too much!

The Scout looks absolutely fantastic. He has all of the slimmer armor of the Scout, with some good paint detail to show his time in the environment. No shiny white for him.

He has the great movement we have come to expect from the Black Series 6inch line.

The bike is pretty well done. Pretty much an upscaled version of the original toy, but with greater detail and accuracy. Gone are the little feet that allow the bike to stand, this time going with a stand that has balls to allow posing of the bike in flight.

The stand works pretty well.   There are three balls on the points of the stand to allow for some dynamic poses.  There is one tall leg for flight, and two shorter legs for more of a hovering look.

Let’s not forget that there is an actual figure to go along with the bike.  He looks great!  From the massive points of articulation to the paint apps, he is bound to be a fan favorite.

And of course, when all else fails, there is the tiny holdout blaster in the boot.  And boy is it tiny.  It comes banded to the leg.  Once loose, it is easily lost. Be careful.

And because I know someone will be wondering:

Two scales to show just how impressive the larger scale really is.


Power Rangers Dino Charge – Dino Bikes

Together, they look very similar.  They are exactly the same with the colors changed between the fronts and backs.  They can stand on their own since there are dinosaur legs hanging down by the back wheel. That is a nice touch.

The rider has a really good position on the bike.  It seems a bit big for an off-road bike as is portrayed on the back of the box.  But really, if it is in scale, who is going to complain about getting a good sized vehicle.  Better big than small.

Standing, the bike comes almost to his shoulder, and the seat is chest high.  I guess you DO have to be a Power Ranger to get on this thing.

The bike breaks apart near the middle and becomes two dinosaurs.  Neither is particularly appealing, but the front half dino looks a little better to me.  The bottom half seems to be leaning very far forward.

When we look at the Power Rangers figures vs the Zords, they are very different figures. The figures are 5 inches tall, and a Zord of the proper height would be many, many feet tall, and well outside the buying cost or storing area of a toy.

But this time we do have to look at the two since they are both part of the ZordBuilder where you can change parts to remake the Zords into something else.

This time around, taking off an arm and adding a bike. Does it work?

Well, not really. What is the point of adding an arm, that had been a T-Rex head with and a shield/sword, and changing it to a rather useless motorcycle arm is a bit weird. There is seemingly no reason for it.

And it just makes the scale totally weird too. Now we have a giant Zord that is supposed to be standing 53 meters tall, and add on a motorcycle that is what, 2 meters long? Now it is in a new scale is is somewhere over 15 meters long. Strange to be sure.

I am really liking the Power Rangers figures that have come out so far.  They are well detailed.  I have also liked MegaZord.  He is pretty cool, super heavy, and has fun transformations.

These bikes just don’t hold up as well.  They are sturdy, and they hold together really well when the two dinos are combined.  It will be really fun for kids to play with.  I do like that the Rangers included with the bikes do have some articulation.  In the past, Bandai went the REALLY cheap route and put out figures with no articulation at all, so this is a nice change.

Unless you are a Power Rangers fan and want to get all of this stuff, the bikes are a pass.  I got mine on sale at Target for $10.99, so that is a pretty good deal when the figures are running $10 for the 5in figures on their own.

Power Rangers Dino Charge – Dino Charge Megazord

A few months back, I went onto Netflix to find something to watch.  I clicked on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and I was instantly hooked on the show.  From the guys dressed in suits to the terrible lines, I couldn’t stop watching.  Come three weeks ago, the new series Power Rangers Dino Charge was set to begin.  In pre-emptive enjoyment, I grabbed a few of the figures which I reviewed here.

Since then, I have grabbed the rest of the team, and began my hunt to track down the Red Rangers released at the end of the Super Megaforce run.  That is a completely different problem I will address on a different post.  Today we are going to look at the main guy, the Megazord.

I was not sure what to expect when he first came out.  I had only ever collected a few Power Rangers, and only figures.  So, to get a Zord was a whole new ball game.  Last week he was on sale at Toys R Us, so I figured it was a perfect time to get him.  When I picked up the box, I knew I was making the right decision.  It was very heavy.

He is made up of three Zords.  The T-Rex Zord (red), the Tricera Zord (pink), and the Stego Zord (Blue).  He doesn’t have a good articulation as I was hoping for, but there are always limitations with large figures like this that have to do a lot of things.   They have to come apart to form other parts.  They need to be able to eat their Dino Charger.  And of course they have to transform into a dinosaur.

Watching him form into Megazord for the first time in yesterday’s episode (3), it is clear that his transformation is very similar onscreen as it is in toy form.  His head rotates into place and then his helmet is dropped on top just like this.

The Zords are powered by a Dino Charger.  A battery the Rangers keep in their belts and then throw into the air and powers the Zord.  Megazord came with a T-Rex Charger (#1).  It is a special version with a clear case, instead of a flat silver color that comes in the Dino Charger Power Packs.  Speaking of Power Packs, a Power Pack has two Dino Chargers and a hard rubber Zord. There is a button on the top of the charger that turns the picture inside.

I grabbed this pack to get the #5 Triceratops Charger, which is used by the Pink Ranger and powers the Tricera Zord. It also came with what is being listed as an auxiliary charger #16 Dino Stretch Charger which is supposed to stretch one’s neck to extreme lengths. We will see how this one plays out in the show.

When the Zords are apart, they become their standard dino mode.  They can fight in this mode too, as we saw when they were called at the end of episode 3.  They do not have very much articulation, with just movement in the legs.  Rexy has a little more with a his head being able to swivel, and his little front arms can move up and down.

When the Dino Chargers are inserted into the mouth of the dinosaur, their bodies change a bit.  The Tricera Zord’s tail extends and she uses a drill action to attack.  In her premiere episode (3), she blasted through two Giant Vivix, which look like Godzilla.  The Stego Zord has an extra spike that comes out in his back.   The T-Rex Zord’s feathers/spikes on top of the head spread out when the mouth is closed.   He can close his mouth over his charger.  The other two are left with wide open mouths.

Over all I am happy with this set.  I don’t know if I would have been happy at the original $34.99, but at $24.99 with an additional $5 off at Toys R Us, it made for a much better deal.  I just have to remind myself that these are not Transformers.   They serve a different purpose, and are fun in a different way.

Up next I will be looking at the Dino Cycles.  This week they are on sale at Target for $10.99, $4 off.  They come with “an exclusive Ranger.”  Check back to see what that is all about.  And how do they look when they are combined with Megazord.  You don’t want to miss that one.


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