Havok – Marvel Legends – Juggernaut Series

Havok would definitely be a pass for me, if not for the Juggernaut Piece I needed. This guy is just a painted buck with some gloves and powers added.

The buck of course is really well done. The articulation is great, and the body mold is so nice and muscular. Other than that, he is pretty boring. Black and silver all over. He could have been improved if he had his open mask version, where his hair was flowing out the top of his head. That version would have then added more paint apps, where his powers are running along lines to other circles on his shoulders. We would have also seen a nice X-Men belt to go along with that.

For me, this is the lowest bar for the wave. A fairly boring figure, a character I don’t care much about (outside the great Mutant X series), and being out shined by many other great figures in the wave.

Cable – Marvel Legends – Juggernaut Series

Cable is another one of the figures in this wave that I probably would have skipped if not for the need of the Juggernaut piece. That being said, I really like this figure.

The details on the body are very well done. His outfit has great texture with the plastic-like armor. Thankfully, we did not get the Cable of ol’, with the giant shoulder pads. They went with the more modern look, with the chest armor. The wrinkles in the pants. His pants also have pouches attached with straps. These are molded into the leg, but they are well painted. He also has a belt that is double strapped around his middle. The belt has a number of extra patches all around to give extra hiding places for the time-traveler on the move.

He has plenty of the classic cybernetic metal that we saw back in the day. Cable and Colossus are two of the most notable Marvel characters with that lined metal look. It flows down the left side, from his face, down along his entire arm. Of course, it goes all the way down his leg too, but who wants to cut up a perfectly good pair of pants.

He has really good motion for a big guy. Sometimes we see a bit of loss in articulation when the figures are bigger and more muscular. Thankfully, the articulation works just they way it should, including double joints in the elbows and knees. He even has good motion in the feet. I was a bit worried with the shin armor, that it would hinder the movement. It does hinder the forward bend of the foot, but not the movement back, as well as the swivel and roll of the foot.

Cable comes with two guns. Both futuristic in nature. He has a big blaster, and a bigger blaster. The bigger one has a slot in the back for a belt of bullets to be placed in there. It is a bit of a short belt, and I would have liked to see it be a bit longer. At that point, it would have made more sense to have a clip. Both guns are a blue-green metallic color. They seem to be a match pair of weapons. I personally would have liked to see them in different colors. Something I may go back and do in a while. A little detail goes a long way. The longer gun was bent out of shape when I got it out of the box. It was not seated well in the plastic tray, so it was twisted funny. The plastic is pretty soft, so a little heat will probably fix it.

Though not my first choice of figures, Cable is definitely a classic character of the X-Men. He has been around since before my comic reading life. He will continue to be around for a long time to come. The figure is really well done, and will be welcome on my shelf of X-Men.

Iceman – Marvel Legends – Juggernaut Series


Iceman is the second figure I am looking at from the Juggernaut Wave, or the X-Men wave as we might want to call it.

If you are going to have an X-Men wave, you should probably add in one of the original members from the 1963 comic X-Men #1. Back then, Bobby looked more like a snowball, so I am glad they went with a newer version of the figure, though it could have been fun playing with a well articulated snowman.

Iceman is molded in clear and blue parts. He is based off of Spider-Man’s body, so you know you are going to get some extra good movement from him. He has one fist and one open hand. Good for fighting and adding ice effects later.

He does not come with any extra accessories. Pegged in the back is an ice collar. It gives a little something extra to the figure for a nice touch.

Along with the ice on his back, he also has a great head sculpt that looks like his hair is ice. He also has ice effects on his forearms, hands, and lower shins. He is in bare feet, which seem about right, but feels a little funny. We don’t have a lot of super heroes running around in their bare feet. Not that Bobby needs shoes anyway.

Overall this is a pretty decent figure. It is nothing special, though the clear body is something fun. All of the inner workings of the toy are there on display. He would probably be a figure I would have been able to skip, if not for the Juggernaut arm I needed. He will take up residence on the shelf, and probably not come out to play very often. Then again, I may have to play with him just to see what he can do under some special lighting.

Kitty Pryde – Marvel Legends – Juggernaut Series

I was really looking forward to the Juggernaut Wave. This was a killer set of figures, with a few others that were a pass, except you need them to build Juggernaut, so I had to get them all.


First on my list was a long-time love of mine. Going way back to 1989, I picked up my first two comics at a convenience store. One was Excalibur #16. On the cover is a space scene like none I had ever seen before. Kurt Wagner with all of his blue skin showing, along with a trio of women. One of the women was none other than Kitty Pryde, though she was in armor in this picture. In the issue there are some clothing changes, and Kitty showing her shy side while she is given a very scant outfit. Well, that was it for me. She would be forever one of my favorite Marvel characters.

Now we get her in all of her plastic glory. We did see Kitty back in 2006 in the nearly impossible to find Giant-Man Series that was a Walmart Exclusive. Time passed, 10 years in fact, and we get her once again. This one blows the other Kitty away, so waiting was the right call.

Kitty comes with Lockheed, her ever-faithful dragon protector and friend. He is small, cute (but not too cute), and sits on her arm. It isn’t very easy to get him to perch on her arm, nor does he want to stay there long.

Her outfit is based on her current design. It is almost the same as her original design way back when she first joined the X-Men. Her outfit is detailed with a belt that is lose on her waist. She went through a lot of uniform changes over the years. There is a great article about it here: http://13thdimension.com/x-men-week-the-crazy-costumes-of-kitty-pryde/

Kitty looks super cute. Her face is just right. Cute youth with a well done sculpt. She has some bangs added to the front, and a long ponytail in the back.  The only problem I have found with her is that her head sits a bit high on the neck, so there is a pretty big gap between her neck and the back of her head.   Only a problem from the back though, so not a big deal.

She comes with one other accessory in the box. For what I think is the first time, we get an accessory that goes with the previous series. Kitty comes with the helmet of Onslaught.

So now you can turn Red Onslaught into Onslaught with his Magneto helmet. Boy does he look tough with that helmet on. I Hope Kitty can find some friends to help her deal with Onslaught.

This is a great first character to the series. I am looking forward to getting the rest of the series opened so I can play with them. There are a few I would have skipped, but as I said before, I really want the big Juggernaut, so I had to get them. I will look at them with open eyes, and I usually like the Marvel Legends, so I am sure I will not be disappointed.

Pipes – Combiner Wars – Legends Class

I am glad these last few Combiner Wars guys are still floating around. It probably isn’t terribly important for me to get my hands on Pipes, but he is different enough that he seemed worth tracking down.

This is by no means a new mold. We first saw this body in the Generations line back in 2013 with Optimus Prime. Later it made a comeback with a new head and a new paint scheme as Huffer earlier in the Combiner Wars line. Now we see it one more time as Pipes with a whole body repaint.

Just like the original G1 release of Pipes, he was a repaint of Huffer, so this made sense. It also makes sense that they are smaller scale trucks, just as they were back in the G1.

The color scheme is bright, with the blue and silver, and a touch of red. Having the red face gives him a bit of a menacing looks. They took the red on his head a lot further than he had originally.

Ironically, the head of this version has no face plate. In the G1 line, he did, as he did on the show. It was Huffer that also had the face plate on the toy, but not on the show. So, they fixed Huffer by representing him, mask free, but now Pipes is wrong with a showing face. Oh well, whatcha gonna do?

These Legends scale figures are pretty good. They have better articulation than the Legion figures we had before Generations. Even though they are small, they are able to be posed. Some places they have trouble is in the transformation, when parts like the feet stick up in the back. Again, not much we can do about that.

Overall, an okay addition to the team. Must have? No. He is pretty forgettable. He will live on the shelf along with Huffer in Legends scale limbo as we move onto bigger and better figures.

Diorama Building – Road Construction

Today we are going to take a momentary break from the actual toys, to look at the new background stuff I have been making.  I wanted to throw this out there in case there was someone looking to make some scale equipment and wanted to add some more detail to their backgrounds.  You may have seen this in the background of the last two posts about Marvel Legends.  I was using those guys to test the scale.

I wanted something new for a diorama, and while watching an episode of Power Rangers Wild Force, I was loving the background setting of the construction site. I figured I would start with a simple sign.

The sign is made of the picture printed on printer paper. It was sized in Word for the correct sizing, about 2 scale feet top to bottom. It was glued to a flat piece of styrene to keep it nice and flat. I have found tag board starts to warp after a bunch of layers of paint and glue and Mod Podge.  I made the back from smaller pieces of styrene I had laying around. It got a nice coat of paint to dirty it up and I was good to go.

I moved onto the road closed barriers. They are made with popsicle sticks for the cross pieces and the stand at the bottom. The poles are wood dowel. For the light on top, I cut a piece of wood to a rectangle and attached a section of wood dowel for the light. They are held together with a wire that ran through the block of wood, and into the circle piece. The wire was glued with super glue to hold the pieces tight.

Then I had the idea of making the sandbags. I was lucky enough to have some fabric laying around from when my wife and I added some fabric to our bed spread a few years back. I used a piece of PVC pipe (1/2in) to make a tube of fabric. I used fabric glue to glue the seam. That was the hardest part.

I cut the tube every 2 inches to make the length of the sand bag. I glued one end and then let them dry. It was apparent that it was going to become more of a thing if I tried to glue the and stuff them all on the same day.

With 60 little bags, I started the filling process. I made a paper funnel, since I couldn’t find my plastic funnel. I filled the bags up most of the way, leaving about 1/4 inch at the top. Of course I used sand. I glued the seam and then let them dry.

I needed a test area, so I set them on my back walk that is concrete. It doesn’t look much like a road construction site, since it is pretty clean. When I make my actual diorama, I have a few ideas in mind for what to do to give it a worn road look. Next I will try my hand at some other stuff that might be laying around. Concrete pipes, canvas tarps, and maybe even some equipment. The sky is the limit on this one.

Namor – Marvel Legends – Walgreens Exclusive

The newest of the Marvel Legends figures as a Walgreens Exclusive is Namor.

Namor is a solid figure. He has all of the requisite articulation, and a paint job that is top. The pearl blue in his vest is outstanding.

He comes with two accessories. He has his trident that is painted white at the top and blue accents painted down the gold plastic handle. It was nice and straight out of the box. Sometimes when we get accessories as tall as a figure, they can get a bit warped in the packaging. Not this one.

He also comes with a pair of flat hands. We have seen these before with Iron Fist and his chopping hands, and with Speed Demon as his fast running hands. This time they are once again well used as swimming hands.

This figure came with a lot fewer accessories than The Punisher, but I don’t know what all you would want to add to him. A fish maybe? I was not looking forward to Namor as much as I was looking forward to all of the rest of the Walgreens Exclusive figures (Punisher, Ant-Man, Daredevil, and Agent Venom). He is a good looking figure, and a welcome addition to the family, especially since I missed him the first two times he was released a long time ago.

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