Mini-Con 4-Pack Wave 1 – Transfomers: Robots in Disguise


I just got done saying in the last post that I didn’t like straight repaints of figures…and here I am looking at a wave of mini-cons that are all repaints, except for one that came out before his initial release.

This 4-pack consists of 2 Autobots and 2 Decepticons. The Autobots are Scorch Strike themed, looking like something you would find in the desert, while the Decepticons are Blizzard Strike, with 2-tone blue paint to look like ice… if you squint and imagine it is white like the arctic.

We have Backtrack, all in blue this time as a repaint of his initial release that came with Deployer Overload. Next to him is the ever angry Swelter. Funny to have an ice themed character named “Swelter.” The irony is not lost on me. This is a repaint of Wave 3 Swelter, which I have still not been able to find. Backtrack comes with a clear-red sprue for armor, while Swelter comes with none.

On the other side, we have Beastbox. Still one of my favorite designs for the Mini-Cons. He is a repaint of the Wave 2 figure. Fighting alongside in the tan desert theme is Undertone. Undertone is in his initial release in this 4-pack before getting his standard deco release in Wave 2 of the 4-pack. He is not going to be released as a single figure. He comes with clear orange armor.

Having the armor on the sprue does help the overall look of the figures. It seems like they should have released all 4 with sprues, since now some will not have armor. They can share with their repainted selves, but they cannot transfer to other figures.

These are a lot of fun to collect. They have a wide variety of figures that can be loaded onto the Deployers to fire. I still have not gotten around to getting any of the Deployers yet. I still think the Warrior Class figures should have been pre-fitted with ports to hold the Mini-Cons like they do in the show.

Blizzard Strike Drift – Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Warrior Class

I am not a big fan of doing a redeco on an already established character. I can see slapping a new head on there and calling it a new character, but a simple repaint is not great. This time however, was well accomplished. Blizzard Strike Drift is pretty sharp in his two-toned blue paint scheme.

In robot mode he is a good mix of the blues with some silver added in for good measure. He comes with his two swords that can be held on his waist (still one of my favorite features of all of the RiD figures).  He was already a good figure in the original orange release, so there wasn’t anything that I had heard about that would give people troubles in subsequent releases.

Once we get into vehicle mode, things get better. There are a lot of times where these vehicles has molded color plastic, and some paint, and they try to match the body panels, and it is terrible. That did not happen with Drift. The colors are fantastic. One of the best features is the clear wheels he is sporting. I don’t like the general deviation from standard black tires, but in this case, it really works on this car.

The red of his horns in robot mode transfer to the hood ornament and headlights to give a little extra touch there at the front. The body panels of the overall design were fantastic the first time around. He looks like he could easily be a car on the street right now.

He came out in the wave with Quillfire and Thunderhoof. He will not have any trouble keeping ahead of those two. They are not going anywhere fast with vehicle modes like that.

I am really happy overall with this figure. I grabbed him because he was on the peg, and I figured I would give it a shot. And boy did he pay off. What a nice vehicle.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Mini-Cons waves 3/4 sighting

It looks like retailers have shipped waves 3 and 4 of the Mini-Cons off to the secondary market.  Funny since the Transformers shelves are daily bare near me at ALL of the Tatgets.   

Today at Marshalls I found Hammer from Wave 3 as well as Glacius and Ransack from Wave 4.  I had not seen them at regular stores, and with new seasons of shows quickly approaching, it is not a big surprise that retailers would want to skip to Waves 5 and 6, where we will see the Mini-Cons take on rolls of Wraponizers, so instead of Buzzsaws and Torpedos, we will see the Mini-Cons transform into actual hand-held weapons.  

Archelon Zord – Power Rangers Dino Super Charge

Bandai America has had a pretty good run of going off the rails and making new toys that are not based on the show, but are based on the Dino Chargers.

This time around the Archelon Zord. A giant sea turtle with a saw blade on his back. Seems legit to me.

As a stand alone Zord it is not all that menacing. It looks about as useful as a sea turtle getting ready to lay some eggs. Upon closer inspection, there is more there than what it seems. We are getting an upscaled version of the small plastic Zord that came with the #21 Dino Slow Charger in the two-pack.  It has an appearance of a flying ship of some sort. I imagine the pods on the front fins are some kind of engines. It would not be out of the realm of possibilities in the world of Power Rangers for this guy to be a flying Zord of some sort.

The Zord has the standard mouth that allows it to be attached as an alternate arm to any of the Megazords. I think with Archelon and Deinosuchus (you know, the orange crocodile), there are some pretty formidable auxiliary Zords to fight with.

When the charger is placed in the mouth, the saw blade slides out into place further down the body of the turtle. As and added bonus, the back legs flip out of the way to give the most possible damage to the enemy.

Infinitus and Sentinel Prime – Transfomers: Titans Return – Voyager Class Wave 1


Hey, isn’t Sentinel that jerk from the Animated series? Not riding round as a truck in this version.

As the first Voyager Class figure in the Titans Return line, he is a big boy, and we still have Leader Class figures to look forward to.

Sentinel is over the top bright, like an evening sunset. Orange, red, and yellow, he would really be bad to have on the battle field. It is probably his biggest weakness as a figure overall. The color really makes it hard to distinguish a lot of the really cool aspects of the figure.

He comes with Infinitus, the little Titan Master that becomes his head. It is a bit strange to see a big guy with the same size head as the Deluxe figures. This could start to be a problem when we get around to the Leader Class, if they are still running with the same head. They tried to improve the overall look by having parts that pop-up on either side of his head, to give some added bulk to the tiny head.

Sentinel’s first transformation is into a shuttle. It has some good firepower along the sides with two sets of cannons. There are ports for Sentinel’s guns to be mounted along the sides too. Too bad the two guns don’t match.

As with the rest of the line, the two guns can combine to create a ridable seat for Infinitus. It can be ported along the sides to give extra firepower when Infinitus doesn’t want to drive in the top cockpit.

Of course this line is in love with the idea of triple changers, and Sentinel is no different. I am told this secondary transformation is a tank. A really skinny tank. I am not sold on that. It looks like a powerful train to me. It is clear that this figure was totally meant to be Astrotrain, which we will get in Wave 2. Nobody is surprised about that one.

Based on his two vehicle modes, it seems that Sentinel should be gigantic. The shuttle, and tank/train seem to be out of scale and should be big enough for others to ride in. Of course he can’t be that big, so the Voyager Class will be it for him. He is usually pretty formidable, and large compared to other characters, and for now he is the big-boy on the block. I think he is going to feel a bit small here in the future when the Leader Class figures finally show up.

I am all out of Titans Return figures for a little while, but I have such a giant backlog of figures, we will not be slowing down any time soon.

Thunderhoof – Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Warrior Class Wave 6


I could not believe that one of the earliest bad guys from RiD would not be in the first wave of figures. Instead, he was relegated to Wave 6. We have seen him in Legion Class, and 3-step changers (or 2-step, or whatever those terrible figures are called), but really it is the Warrior Class that really matters.

I think it was a good call to wait for him to get made. That way, he was made better. The colors are really well done. He matches blue all the way around. None of that part paint and part color matched plastic they try to get away with. He is all glossy and beautiful. Well, as beautiful as a tractor can be.

Again we see the animal theme going with the Decepticons. This time Thunderhoof represents a deer. So much so, that he has hoofed feet A nice touch there.

It was a nice pairing to put him with Quillfire. They could not be more different. From their overall look to their color schemes.

Quillfire – Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Warrior Class Wave 6

I feel like we have finally reached the level of what Robots in Disguise needed to be in the Warrior Class line. The previous figures seemed a little on the cheaper side, with minimal transformation. They were less than dynamic.

Quillfire is a great little figure. He is short, as he should be. He has a great hunched over look with short legs and long arms.

The articulation is really good with this one. Along with the arms and legs, he also has hip swivel, as well as some movement in the head from side to side. That is no small feat since the head comes out of the hood area of the vehicle. The whole brown part behind the head swivels side-to-side.

He comes with two weapons. He has a hand blaster that is flat but well detailed. He also comes with a quill. The quill has a post so Quillfire can hold it in his hand. It can also be stored in amongst smaller quills on the back of his neck.

In vehicle mode, Quillfire becomes an off-road SUV. This is a great disguise since a two-tone brown/tan truck would not really stand out while you are running from the Autobots that want to lock you back up. There are some nice details here and there, The hood goes up and down in this mode. You could foreseeably swing Quillfire’s head out in vehicle mode, though I don’t know why he would want to drive around like that.

This is a great figure to start off the Warrior Class Wave 6. There are two more figures in this wave, and they are great too.


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