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Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – Prowl

Happy New Year!


I am going to kick off the new year, saying good bye.  It has been a lot of fun collecting Transformers over the run of the Prime TV show.   We have had great figures, okay figures, and a few duds, but that is to be expected.  From the beginning, I liked the show, and it make collecting the toys all the sweeter.   As we can to an end for the show, the writing was on the wall, that the toy line would end too.   We will probably see the figures hang out for a little while longer.

I think they did a pretty good job bringing in most of the important characters.  I would really like to have seen a few of the Japanese released Takara figures brought over here for a much more reasonable price.  A few army builders like the Air Vehicons would have probably made a lot of money.  Besides, it would have been better to see a bunch of standard Vehicons rather than a box full of Bumblebees.  Sure, the kids want the Bees, but what are you going to do with the extras?  If there were extras of figures that there are multiples of in the show, collectors would scoop up those leftovers… especially as we are getting to the end of the line, and the figures will become more scarce in the stores.

On to the final review for Prime.  Prowl.

A classic figure from the G1 show, I was really happy to hear we would be getting a new Prowl in the Prime style.

He is a redeco of Smokescreen.  A new paint job, a new head, and police lights, and we have quite a nice Prowl.   He looks fast, he looks mean, and he does not look like a direct copy of Smokescreen.

Standing side by side, they don’t look the same.  They look like they are related in some way, but with the color changes in really good places, they look quite different from one another.  Prowl comes with the same gun that Smokescreen came with, except without all of the Beast Hunters garbage that didn’t look very good.

In his vehicle mode, he looks like one fast police car.  Bad news though.  All you have to do is go over a speed bump, and you have evaded the police.  That is one low car.

He fits in just fine with the other Autobot speedsters.   A good group of fast cars.

And with that, we say goodbye.   Not to Transformers, but to the Prime line.  I could be surprised and have something else sneak up on me, but I won’t hold my breath.  We have more Generations stuff coming down the line, and we will be making our way to Transformers 4.  Dinobots anyone?  That should be fun to look forward to here in the far future.


Rippersnapper – Prime Beast Hunters Legion Class

The final figure I needed for the Legion Class.  I was not in a terrible hurry for him, as I already had Cindersaur, whom I got in a Target Exclusive two-pack.  I do have to say, I like the colors a lot better with Rippersnapper.  I hate his name, but it is to be expected from time to time.    He comes with yet another bow-blaster, this one being called the Electrocharge Bow.  It is still the same bow, with another name.  We saw this one early on, so not a huge surprise that we would see the same weapons used all the way to the end of the line.

One last little guy for the small scale figures.   He is about half the size of the larger Commander Class figures.  Here with Predaking, you can see how small he is.   I realize as I am writing this that I was so rather disinterested in him that I totally forgot to transform him for a picture.  I am going to tell you now that this is not a bad thing.  Of all of the figures, I think the beast mode of Rippersnapper is one of the worse ever.  And I mean EVER!  Just to make my point, here is Cindersaur:

What in the world where they thinking?  Horrible.  Thankfully his robot mode is better.  He actually has a really cool face mold, and his body is well designed.  Too bad he can’t change into something cool as well.


Well, that is it for the Legion Class figures of Prime.   I have one last Deluxe Class figure and then it looks like Prime is over and done with.  Thankfully, we still have the second part of the current Generations wave to look forward to, coming up here hopefully soon.

Beast Hunters: Arcee

I think it got down to making a “Beast” Figure out of everyone, and the last few were stretching it.  I think they should have gone more with the “Hunter” theme and less “Beast.”  We had a great Optimus, who looked like he was ready to go hunting.  Bumblebee and Smokescreen where weaponed up, and looking for a fight.  Even Bulkhead (albeit a bit on the small side in the Deluxe line) had armor.   Then we had a the few that were a little more “Beast.”   Arcee here is one of those.

They gave her bat wings all over the place.   I think they could have done with a little less of that and we would have been just fine.

The double bow was a  good idea, it was just executed a little too big for my taste.  It is bigger than her, and probably weighs about as much.

Ah well, at least we have everyone from the show in a beast deco now.  One more Beast Hunter to go. And this one is not even a Beast Hunter.  At least we got him. 😉

Beast Hunters: Night Shadow Bumblebee

As with Vertebreak that we looked at last time, Night Shadow Bumblebee is a direct repaint of the first version that came out in the Beast Hunters line.   I have to say, again, the repaint is really well done.   I think the gold and black play so well together.   The blue/silver color works well too.   Bee definitely looks like he is going to do some night hunting for Predacons.

You can’t load a vehicle up with much more weaponry than Bee is carrying.   That is a whole mess of stuff on there.


In all, a good figure for the collectors of all things Bumblebee.  He has a great different look, but he is still Bee.   You will probably be able to skip him if you already have the yellow version.  This is a direct repaint.   I am happy to say that my Bee has a little better transformation around the head.  My previous Bee’s head would not fold back to lay on his shoulders, and he had a bit of a floating head thing going on.   I think the one of the gears was one tooth off, and did not let the head fold all the way back.  This one worked much better.


I am starting to run out of Transformers here.  Hopefully we will get the next wave of the new Generations figures soon.  Come on Hasbro!!

Beast Hunters: Vertebreak

Vertebreak is a repaint of the earlier released Lazerback.  This is one of the cases where a repaint is better than the original.  The tiger stripes and color scheme are right on!  I love the silver accents on his beak and tail.

He is lookin’ hard core with his stripes.  I have to say, his name is a little more hard core too.  Vertebreak.   As is breaking your vertebra, as in break your back!  Come on, what Decepticon does not want to have a name that sounds like inflicting painful, permanent harm on an Autobot?

It is guys like this that make me wish there were more Beasts in the work.  There were quite a few that were pretty bad, but this guy is GOOD!

These two look like a couple of Hell Hounds ready to do anything that Predaking asks of them.

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