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LEGO Speed Champions Ferrari F40 Competizione 75980

Competizione version.

I absolutely love the Speed Champions line. Engineering in toys is one of my all time favorite aspects of collecting, and seeing how the LEGO designers take their little blocks and turn them into recognizable real cars is always amazing to me.

This particular Speed Champion is the Ferrari F40 Competizione. The Competizione was a special version that only saw 10 having been built based on requests from normal rich people that did not necessarily want to race the cars. The first two were called LM (LeMans), while the rest came with the Competizione name.

F40 Competizione Side

The build of the F40 is pretty straight forward. Since the Competizione was a street car, kind of, they did not come all decked out with sponsors. So this is one of the few Ferraris in my collection that had relatively few stickers. Only about 14 or so. They aren’t too tricky to place either. The stickers are mostly air intakes and badges for the front and back. They could certainly be left off, but you would be missing all of the vents that the F40 is known for.

F40 Competizione Rear

As with most of the Speed Champions single packs there are some variations that can be made. Most have something like a change in the hood or a switch from track to road. Well, this one is no different.

F40 Competizione with parts for standard F40

There are enough parts to change out the Competizione for a standard F40. Smoked headlights, a red spoiler, new exhaust package, and new rims. Not to mention a whole new hood section. Take off the windshield, flip the car, and the Competizione hood falls off and the new hood falls into place. Easy change. The only difference is that the standard F40 had smaller air intakes on the hood. A very minor difference, but LEGO was willing to throw in all of the parts to replace the entire hood section. Very cool.

Standard F40

So, track or street, you take your pick. Two versions in one. This is another great set from the Speed Champions line for LEGO. I have a lot of LEGOs, but I am not a crazy collector. I am very specific about my purchases. In the case of the Speed Champions, I have not come across I have not liked, and most I have loved. This one is no different. Great for all ages to build, and it looks great on display too. The Ferrari collection grows.

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