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Wolverine – Marvel Legends – Juggernaut Series

Over the years we have had lots and lots of Wolverines. This guy has always been a mainstay of the Marvel Universe, and he has been a part of every team conceivable. Of course, none of them more so than with the X-Men.

This time around we get Wolverine in his brown and yellow outfit. It has been referred to as his gaijin costume, since he wore it during his time in Japan in the comics. Hasbro really went out of their way this time around to really give the team a unique look. They could have gone with outfits that had them all matching in their yellow and blue, but that would have been a lot of the same. Some people don’t like this outfit and color scheme, but when was initially introduced to Wolverine, he was still running around in this outfit.

The sculpt looks great. He is a bit shorter than the other characters in the line, just he way he should be.

One of the best parts of the sculpt is the change in the shoulders. He has more movement in his shoulders than we find with Spider-Man. That allows for some pretty dynamic posing for him. You can get some fairly accurate comic poses.

Since it is Wolverine, you have to have claws that come out of the hands. In the past, they have used one sculpt pieces with hands and claws together, and what we get are wavy rubbery claws that do not stay straight. What Hasbro did this time was make hands with holes, and then add harder plastic claws later. It works to great effect. Not only that, but you get more posing options for Wolvie, with choices on how many claws he has out.

He comes with “accessories” of an extra set of hands. Unfortunately they are more fists, this time with no claw holes. I think the claw holes are small enough that they did not need to include a second set of fists. I would like to have seen open hands with the claw holes, so you can mix and match for even more dynamics.

I love Wolverine. Always have, always will, so this was a natural choice for me. I would have picked him up, even if it was the extra figure in the wave. He looks great, he is a lot of fun to play with, and he is a quintessential character in the X-Men universe, so he is definitely a must-have.


Phoenix – Marvel Legends – Juggernaut Series

Oof, this figure is rough. I was not expecting her to be good, but she is pretty weak.  The paint is the best thing she has going for her.  The phoenix emblem is well done, and there is a good contrast between the green and gold.  It gets really sloppy around the hair, spilling onto her skin.  It is really clear the hair is just placed on her head, and is not a part of the sculpt.

This funky pose was all I could do to get her to stand on her own.

This funky pose was all I could do to get her to stand on her own.

She is on the terrible skinny woman body. I HATE the skinny body. It has tiny feet, and cannot stand worth a darn. On top of that, they gave Jean a mess of terrible hair that is a giant plastic blob. She is top heavy!! Come on! You can’t make a figure skinny and then make it top heavy. Not Cool!

She comes with no accessories, so other than the Juggernaut piece, I think Phoenix is pretty worthless. I am starting to like the previous figures I said I would skip, more and more. At least with the other figures, they could stand and pose. Not much we can do with this skinny one. Ugh!

Up next, we are moving onto the big guns, and they do NOT disappoint!!!

Havok – Marvel Legends – Juggernaut Series

Havok would definitely be a pass for me, if not for the Juggernaut Piece I needed. This guy is just a painted buck with some gloves and powers added.

The buck of course is really well done. The articulation is great, and the body mold is so nice and muscular. Other than that, he is pretty boring. Black and silver all over. He could have been improved if he had his open mask version, where his hair was flowing out the top of his head. That version would have then added more paint apps, where his powers are running along lines to other circles on his shoulders. We would have also seen a nice X-Men belt to go along with that.

For me, this is the lowest bar for the wave. A fairly boring figure, a character I don’t care much about (outside the great Mutant X series), and being out shined by many other great figures in the wave.

Cable – Marvel Legends – Juggernaut Series

Cable is another one of the figures in this wave that I probably would have skipped if not for the need of the Juggernaut piece. That being said, I really like this figure.

The details on the body are very well done. His outfit has great texture with the plastic-like armor. Thankfully, we did not get the Cable of ol’, with the giant shoulder pads. They went with the more modern look, with the chest armor. The wrinkles in the pants. His pants also have pouches attached with straps. These are molded into the leg, but they are well painted. He also has a belt that is double strapped around his middle. The belt has a number of extra patches all around to give extra hiding places for the time-traveler on the move.

He has plenty of the classic cybernetic metal that we saw back in the day. Cable and Colossus are two of the most notable Marvel characters with that lined metal look. It flows down the left side, from his face, down along his entire arm. Of course, it goes all the way down his leg too, but who wants to cut up a perfectly good pair of pants.

He has really good motion for a big guy. Sometimes we see a bit of loss in articulation when the figures are bigger and more muscular. Thankfully, the articulation works just they way it should, including double joints in the elbows and knees. He even has good motion in the feet. I was a bit worried with the shin armor, that it would hinder the movement. It does hinder the forward bend of the foot, but not the movement back, as well as the swivel and roll of the foot.

Cable comes with two guns. Both futuristic in nature. He has a big blaster, and a bigger blaster. The bigger one has a slot in the back for a belt of bullets to be placed in there. It is a bit of a short belt, and I would have liked to see it be a bit longer. At that point, it would have made more sense to have a clip. Both guns are a blue-green metallic color. They seem to be a match pair of weapons. I personally would have liked to see them in different colors. Something I may go back and do in a while. A little detail goes a long way. The longer gun was bent out of shape when I got it out of the box. It was not seated well in the plastic tray, so it was twisted funny. The plastic is pretty soft, so a little heat will probably fix it.

Though not my first choice of figures, Cable is definitely a classic character of the X-Men. He has been around since before my comic reading life. He will continue to be around for a long time to come. The figure is really well done, and will be welcome on my shelf of X-Men.

Iceman – Marvel Legends – Juggernaut Series


Iceman is the second figure I am looking at from the Juggernaut Wave, or the X-Men wave as we might want to call it.

If you are going to have an X-Men wave, you should probably add in one of the original members from the 1963 comic X-Men #1. Back then, Bobby looked more like a snowball, so I am glad they went with a newer version of the figure, though it could have been fun playing with a well articulated snowman.

Iceman is molded in clear and blue parts. He is based off of Spider-Man’s body, so you know you are going to get some extra good movement from him. He has one fist and one open hand. Good for fighting and adding ice effects later.

He does not come with any extra accessories. Pegged in the back is an ice collar. It gives a little something extra to the figure for a nice touch.

Along with the ice on his back, he also has a great head sculpt that looks like his hair is ice. He also has ice effects on his forearms, hands, and lower shins. He is in bare feet, which seem about right, but feels a little funny. We don’t have a lot of super heroes running around in their bare feet. Not that Bobby needs shoes anyway.

Overall this is a pretty decent figure. It is nothing special, though the clear body is something fun. All of the inner workings of the toy are there on display. He would probably be a figure I would have been able to skip, if not for the Juggernaut arm I needed. He will take up residence on the shelf, and probably not come out to play very often. Then again, I may have to play with him just to see what he can do under some special lighting.

Hope Summers – Marvel Legends Terrax Wave 2012

This is a figure from the Marvel Legends way back machine. She is part of the 2012 Terrax wave. I have no real love for Hope, but I liked the overall look of the figure. She came with a good outfit, and had a big gun. Plus parts to build Terrax, if I ever got around to it at some point in the future.

I ordered her off of Amazon for a really good price. Probably a good 2012 price, and definitely a good 2015 price for the going rate of Legends figures right now.

Upon opening her up, she fell apart. This was during the time period of the crazy poses in the packaging. Well, take thin limbs into account, and her legs were super wonky. So much so, that the left leg fell right off, and couldn’t fit back onto the peg on her hip. Well, I stuck her under a box of stuff, and let those legs straighten out for a few days. Upon removal from the underside of the box, the legs were straight, and the left leg popped right back on.

Now I have a nice looking Hope on my shelf, and an ugly dude’s head and axe that have been united with Terrax’s torso from Constrictor, awaiting the rest of the body parts.

New Statue #3 – Bishoujo Psylocke

The third of my three new statues. Psylocke is a favorite from way back in the day of my comic collecting life.

She comes with dual samurai swords, which makes for a really cool stance. She is much more upright than a lot of the other Bishoujo statues.  She has some great paint, including the wonderful difference between the shiny clothing and the matte of her skin.

Again with the Kotobukiya figures, the clothes are pretty much the same design as the comic versions. The only difference is in the face. WIth Psylocke, she has a bit of an extra anime look to her with the purple hair and swords. She could easily come from any number of anime movies.

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