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New Wolverine and Phoenix – Marvel Minimates Wave 6 (2004)

Two teammates just hanging out on the street corner.

In the second year of the Marvel Minimates craze that has lasted for 15 years now. It is fun to look back the the beginnings of the line. Not many lines can boast a run like this, but we are 75 waves in, not including all of the exclusives, including 25 special movie waves at Toys R Us, 25 regular exclusive waves at TRU, and 8 waves at Walgreens. And that is just Marvel. There was a short lived DC line that was great and countless other properties that were tried as well.

“Hi Mary Ja-* Sorry, wrong redhead!”

All in all, Diamond Select and Art Asylum have really made a great set of figures, and it has given me one of the best scales (2 inch) to play with when diorama building. Lots more to come!

Warlock Wave (X-Men) – Marvel Legends

Once again I have amassed another wave of  Marvel Legends.   This time around we are building Warlock.  The wave is another lovefest for the X-Men.  We have some mainstays from the team, as well as some outliers.    I have already looked at Colossus back a bit.  Now I have the rest of the team and I am bringing the whole line to you right here, right now!

Old Man Logan:

Wolverine in the future. He is the only figure not to come with a build a figure part for Warlock. And really, that is no problem. Either you want this guy, or you don’t. And in most Legends collectors, this is a guy you want. I am sure Hasbro bet on that, since they did not give him a BAF part. The other could have been the Jim Lee designed Cyclops, That one would have sold too.

We once again get a figure that is in normal street clothes. And that is a GREAT thing. These figures looks fantastic in regular clothes. Logan is sporting a bomber jacket that is unlike what anyone else has so far. He also comes with the newer Wolverine fists that have the removable claws. Best innovation of the last year for the Legends line.



Dazzler is an interesting choice of figures and subject for the Marvel Legends line. There is no doubt that this lady that looks to be pulled right out of the 70s is going to stand out among the other Legends on the shelf. She is actually a product of 1980. I don’t think disco was quite dead yet, but it was on it’s way out. Dazzler can create light using sound and vibrations. This seems to be a power akin to Jubilee. Not the strongest ability, but useful in different settings.

She is also quite a good athlete. She is a martial arts expert as well as a good rollerskater. Speaking of rollerskates, I never thought we would get a figure in rollerskates. This has to be a one off feet design. I can’t imagine that there are other rollerskating superheroes out there. A very nice touch.

She comes with a microphone, since she is a good singer, and she can use the sound of her voice, only after it has gone through a speaker. She also comes with the very common wrist power. This time showing up in a rainbow design.



Shatterstar was created in the (surprise) 1991, by (surprise) Rob Liefeld. Okay, no surprises here. Everything about this guy SCREAMS 1990s comics. From the face and hair, to the shoulder pauldron, to the high boots and long gauntlet gloves. Not only two swords, but a double sword. He has it all. He is a bit of a stretch to make the X-Men team. He has been in X-Factor, and X-Force, but I don’t think he was ever a full-fledged X-Men.



A good guy, a bad guy, a Horseman of the Apocalypse, an X-Men, and a member of Big Hero 6. Shiro Yoshida has done it all. Now he is immortalized in Marvel Legends glory. It didn’t take much to make a standard buck into Sunfire. They made a new head (well detailed), a belt, and gave him flame hands. This seems more like they looked at the parts they had on hand and tried to figure out who they could make with minimum effort. That is okay with me. Let’s get some crazy figures we would have never thought would get made. Less Captain Americas and Iron Men, and more of this kind of figure.



Not only is this Cyclops, but this is probably the most recognizable suit Scott Summers have ever worn. The bright blue and yellow, with the straps around the chest. Jim Lee hit it big time when he created this suit. It was even the suit used in the cartoon on TV. This may be the quintessential Cyclops for all time. We are definitely well on our way to building a full team of 90s X-Men.



Polaris has the powers of Magneto. He used that to his advantage to pretend to be her real dad. Turned out not to be the case, until 2012, when it was revealed that Polaris’ mom had an affair with Magneto. Yup, Magneto had three kids, and only one of them got his powers. Can’t explain the other two. So it is no big surprise that Lorna Dane dresses similarly to her half-sister Scarlet Witch.

Her backstory is a lot more interesting than the figure. Very basic in design, using the female buck, and adding a new head, cape, wrist gauntlets, and effects. Even her face tells us she knows she is boring. Come to think of it, with the exception of Logan and Warlock, nobody has an expression. Strange.



There is no surprise that this strange unit was created by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz back in 1984. Computer technology was new and exciting, and to think that there could be life on other planets that had techo-organic beings was all the rage. It wasn’t long after that Transformers came out, with a whole civilization that is also techno-organic.

This figure is large and imposing. One of the biggest BAFs we have had in a long while. He stands over a head taller than Colossus, and even he is a head taller than the rest of the figures. He is so big, his waist is at shoulder height of the rest of the men.

He has a great face, good articulation (for a big man), one fist and one open hand, and a nice sturdy base of big feet. The colors are well done with a metallic gold wash over black.

This is an interesting team. There is a wide range of X-people from all over the time line from the 80s to now. This set allows you to fill in some gaps in teams, from everything with an X in the title. Logan and Cyclops are the standouts of the wave, with Colossus looking good, and Warlock being a lot of fun. I can’t help but think that Sunfire and Polaris were easy filler figures to just throw in there among the new parts heavy Dazzler and Shatterstar.

Juggernaut – BAF – Juggernaut Series

And we close out this series with a big ol’ bad guy. The one and only Juggernaut, also known as Cain Marko. He is the original unstoppable force, and he is a big guy.

Juggernaut has some pretty good sculpting on his body. Most of it is just muscle, but there are some veins in his arms. His boots are really well done. The most detail went into his face and helmet. You would expect for a guy who goes into battle head-first, he would have a pretty banged up helmet. And he does. The real shining light is the face sculpt that is hidden under the helmet. We get a fair amount of the face, showing through the holes. It is so well done, down to a chipped tooth.

Compared to the rest of the figures, he is a head and shoulders taller, and twice as wide. These are my favorite BAF figures. We get the bigger than life guys that cannot be sold as individual figures. They work so well, and end up being so much fun.  They tend to have a little less articulation than the other figures, but real big guys tend to be a little less flexible than the average guy too. So nothing lost.

This was a mixed bag of a series, with some of the best figures we have seen, and a few that are less than desirable. But once they are put together for the final team picture, there is no doubt that this is a great team.

Wolverine – Marvel Legends – Juggernaut Series

Over the years we have had lots and lots of Wolverines. This guy has always been a mainstay of the Marvel Universe, and he has been a part of every team conceivable. Of course, none of them more so than with the X-Men.

This time around we get Wolverine in his brown and yellow outfit. It has been referred to as his gaijin costume, since he wore it during his time in Japan in the comics. Hasbro really went out of their way this time around to really give the team a unique look. They could have gone with outfits that had them all matching in their yellow and blue, but that would have been a lot of the same. Some people don’t like this outfit and color scheme, but when was initially introduced to Wolverine, he was still running around in this outfit.

The sculpt looks great. He is a bit shorter than the other characters in the line, just he way he should be.

One of the best parts of the sculpt is the change in the shoulders. He has more movement in his shoulders than we find with Spider-Man. That allows for some pretty dynamic posing for him. You can get some fairly accurate comic poses.

Since it is Wolverine, you have to have claws that come out of the hands. In the past, they have used one sculpt pieces with hands and claws together, and what we get are wavy rubbery claws that do not stay straight. What Hasbro did this time was make hands with holes, and then add harder plastic claws later. It works to great effect. Not only that, but you get more posing options for Wolvie, with choices on how many claws he has out.

He comes with “accessories” of an extra set of hands. Unfortunately they are more fists, this time with no claw holes. I think the claw holes are small enough that they did not need to include a second set of fists. I would like to have seen open hands with the claw holes, so you can mix and match for even more dynamics.

I love Wolverine. Always have, always will, so this was a natural choice for me. I would have picked him up, even if it was the extra figure in the wave. He looks great, he is a lot of fun to play with, and he is a quintessential character in the X-Men universe, so he is definitely a must-have.

San Jose Toy Show Haul Final: Shikinami Asuka Langley – Evangelion 2.0

My final piece that I pried out of the San Jose Toy Show.  I almost missed her, but stopped on my way out.  I love the Anime/manga figures.  Especially the likes of Revoltech.  They make some great figures, and they are so well designed with so many points of articulation.  I was happy to find Asuka.

Here you can see her with her stand, two extra faces, a box to hold her stuff, her doll, a phone, mic, and five extra sets of hands.  That is a lot of accessories.  If you can’t make the poses you want, then you are not trying hard enough.

The stand, which I have noticed with other Revoltech figures, cannot touch the ground when they are on their stand.  Strange.   Asuka has some great movement for some dynamic poses.  She is top heavy with all of that hair (which is also articulated).

As you can see, you can get her body into some pretty folded up positions.  One drawback is in her belly area.  They made a rubber type piece to give her a smooth belly instead of the typical break at the waist.  Unfortunately, it wants to bounce back, giving her a bit of a stiff back appearance in her poses.

Hey, what is Asuka looking at?  Haha, she made you look.

She has a full range of motion.  Some of the articulation is a little hard to find.   Her arm moves around on a pivot in the shoulder.  But there is a second twist motion in the arm part of her shoulder too.

“Well, hello there.  Aren’t you a cute little teddy bear.”

“Isn’t he cute?”

“Gah, let me go girl!”

Uh, oh!  Asuka is in trouble now.

She is too much fun to not play with.  With the different faces and the different hands, she can be made to do almost anything.  I guess now I will have to look for the rest of the Evangelion 2.0 team.  I just saw them online.  I knew something like this would happen.  🙂

The San Jose Toy Show was fantastic.  I can’t wait to go back in March, right at my birthday.  The suppliers better be ready.  Here I come.

Up next, a look at some new Transformers.  Transformers Prime anyone?

Today’s Outing: San Jose Super Toy Comic and Collectible Show

This morning I awoke to a fun day ahead of me.   Time Tunnel Toys has an Bi-Annual Toy show, and outside of ComiCon and WonderCon, this is the best place to go for one stop shopping for all of your toy needs.   Walking around, there are a lot of great vintage toys, as well as lots of modern toys.  There is a little bit of everything.

I am super grateful for the “Early Bird” entrance fee.  A little extra money up front is a price I am willing to pay to get in the door and shop around before the crowds start.  I am not a huge fan of crowds, and even less of a fan of the GIANT line that always forms as the place opens.

The Show is held down at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds, in one of their large buildings.  The fairgrounds are host to many event, usually on the same weekend.  I am never sure what they are going to have going on, but they are never related to the toy show.  This time, it was a Girl Scout jamboree of some sort.  Tons of little girls running around and screaming at one another.   Thankfully it is not a long walk to building and then I was out of the crazy wind too.

Once inside the show, I have to take a few laps around the place.  I would hate to buy something, only to find something better later, and not have the money to buy it.

This time, after a few rounds, I was ready to buy.  I ended up getting a few Marvel MiniMate sets from waaaay back.  2003, you know, when they started.  I could not believe it.   These were in the boxes (if you are a collector, you will remember) where there were no windows to see the contents.  Pictures on the front and that was all.  It was the time of a thousand Wolverines and a million Spider-Men.  Ummm… not much has changes I guess.  We still see a lot of Spider-Man and Wolverine figures pop up.   I guess we would see the most popular figures again and again.

Also in the realm of comics, I bought a Green Lantern figure.  I have not bought a regular comic action figure in a very long time.  There just has not been anything that looked good enough for me to spend the money on.  And with the prices of oil, the prices of action figures has gone through the roof.  Needless to say, this one really tickled my fancy.  Wanna know which figure?  Too bad, you will have to wait for a review. 😉

Finally, as I was almost done, I was at a booth I like to visit every time I go to the show, and they had a Revoltech Evangelion figure.   Not having to buy a Revoltech online?  I could not pass on that opportunity.

With that, I was done and out of there, and happy with a few good purchases.  Still waiting for that one good deal on an original G1 Jetfire, but I am a patient man.

Marvel MiniMates: Captain America Movie Wave (Toys R Us)

Captain America is not far off from being here for our viewing pleasure. But of course, we will get a Wave of Marvel MiniMates to go along with this movie.  The figures are outstanding this time around.  The details are top notch.

Frontline Captain America and Bucky

Captain America and Red Skull (Masked)

Captain America and Red Skull (Unmasked)

Gabe Jones and Hydra Flame Trooper

Golden Age Captain America and Dum Dum Dugan

Captain America Movie Wave figures

Lots of great details on these figures.   Three new Caps, but all are different from the plethora of other Captain Americas we have had before.  Don’t believe me?  Well here ya’ go!  My collection of Captain Americas.  From comic versions, to movie versions, to a zombie version.  There are a lot of them out there.

This only leaves me with two things.  One, we have most of the characters for the upcoming Avengers movie in 2012, in their movie versions.  There are a few more that I know of that we will have to wait on.  Hawkeye for one.  We saw him in Thor, but we did not get a figure of him.

The Avengers

The other… Captain America was made in World War 2.  There is another fan favorite that we have seen in WW2 in a movie as of late.   If we don’t see an interaction between Cap and Wolverine, it will be a travesty.

"Did you see any Nazis around here?" "Sorry Bub, I already got them all."

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