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Winter Soldier – Marvel Legends (Civil War) – Walmart Exclusive

Like Falcon, Winter Soldier was SUPER hard for me to find. When I did finally find the two, they had pegs full of them. Crazy!

Well, this is the updated Winter Soldier for the Captain America: Civil War movie. This time he is unmasked, and without black facepaint on his unmasked head.

Right off, there is a bit of a problem with the head. The flesh tone is in the hair. It looks like the paint on the hair just didn’t get far enough to cover all of the hair. That should be a pretty easy touch up with some paint. The face looks pretty good overall. It is a good portrait of Sebastian Stan.

He comes with two weapons, a knife and a handgun. The knife is a bit loose in his hands, since they are both gun firing hands, so the knife wants to fall out all of the time. The handgun fits okay in his hand, but not the greatest. It looks to be a black Desert Eagle. Boy how people love to use a Desert Eagle, except in the real world, where it is oversized and overpowered, but it looks good right? Unfortunately with all of the straps and belt, Bucky does not actually have anyplace to hold either weapon. I thought we were past this fake holster stuff. He has a fake gun on his chest.

Comparing this Bucky to the first Bucky that came out in the Mandroid wave that featured characters from Captain America: Winter Soldier, you can see they are fairly similar. The legs and arms are the same. There is a new chest, and a new head. The arms and legs were really well detailed, so I can see using them again. I would like to have seen at least a modified belt from the first figure, so Bucky could hold his knife on the back of his waist. The head sculpt is a lot better this time around. I did not break out the unmasked head for the first version because I vowed to never use it again after posting pictures. It was ugly, didn’t look anything like Sebastian Stan, and does not have a place in my collection.

At least this version has good weapons. The first version came with such a terrible gun, I had to ditch it and look through a parts box for some usable weapon that he may actually use. This time around was better.

I love that it is Falcon and Winter Soldier that came out together. They are two guys that are fighting amongst themselves for Cap’s #1 friend. One from before the ice nap, and one in modern times. They really did not get along in Civil War, but they were there for Cap, and it is great to get more figures for Team Cap.

Marvel Legends: Captain America and Baron Zemo

How better to show these two figures than with a fight?

Captain America and Baron Zemo face off in a battle. Cap is in his stealth gear. Baron Zemo looks very much the comic version he represents. This time Zemo comes at Cap with a leopard print hand gun. Cap can take on a hand gun.

Once Cap gets the gun away from Zemo, things get medieval. Zemo draws his sword, and it is blade against shield. Zemo doesn’t have a chance.

One final toss of his shield, and Cap has put an end to Baron Zemo.

Both of these figures turned out very well.   Cap is outstanding.  He has such great detail in his outfit.   The dark colors work well to give a bit of a stealth look that he had at the beginning of the movie.  And the articulation?  Let that one speak in a single picture:

It was not long ago that you would never have been able to get Cap to get that small behind his shield.   Taken from the movie, it was a mission of mine to see if the figure could do what he did in the movie.  As it turns out, it would be really hard to shoot him ducked down like this.

As for Baron Zemo, a good comic figure.  He has really nice details.  Two weapons are a nice bonus too.


Now I am only two parts short of a Mandroid.  Here’s to the continued hunt.

Winter Soldier – Mandroid Series

Now that I am pretty much done with the Green Goblin Series, of course we will see some more Captain America (or Mandroid Series) figures coming out.  I think Hasbro really blew this one.  They brought the two waves out on top of one another, and really went for it with Spider-Man first.  Um… did they not realize Captain America came out first this year?  I remember seeing weeks of nothing but WWII Cap in the stores.   And then they went on sale.  Were they wondering at Hasbro, why the toys weren’t selling, or was that Target?   Either way, They did not go about this the right way.   Well, we are back on track now.

Winter Soldier.  There are some good and some bad about this guy.  Mostly the figure is outstanding.  His extra pieces stink.  Here we go:

Winter Soldier’s details are fantastic.  From the head sculpt with the mask, to the outfit and the arm.   He has the really good articulation we have come to expect from the Marvel Legends figures.  The belts on his torso and waist are extra pieces and really give some nice extra detail to the figure.

He is a good foe for this wave’s Captain America.  They both have such great detail and really stand out.

The Gun:  What is this?!?!  It looks like it was made by Nerf.  I somehow doubt that Winter Solder would run around with a bright red sniper rifle.  That just doesn’t work in the real world of the Marvel movie line.   And it is bent.  Did they really need to make the gun out of rubber?   It is a solid block of rubber, but as you get out to the barrel, it becomes a thin block of rubber, that has been deformed in the box.

The face:  We get a bonus head in the box.  Again I think the extras are a bit of a miss.  The head does not look good.  It may have looked better if it didn’t have the black face paint.  I will definitely be sticking with the masked face.

Speaking of extras, where are the alternate hands we have been seeing pop up on so many of the figures in these two waves.   I guess Winter Soldier can only fight with guns.  No punching this time.  I would really liked to have seen at least fists, if not open hands as well.  We don’t really need two trigger finger hands.


Overall a nice figure.  Great details all around.  He is lacking in the accessories, but it doesn’t detract from the main figure.   Now I have to track down the last two figures to finalize Mandroid.  A head, and a torso and we will be ready for a big fight.

Captain America Movie – Winter Soldier (comic series)

Today is a quick look at Winter Soldier from the Captain America movie line of 3 3/4 in. figures.

Coming with a nifty looking jet pack, I decided to go for it and get this figure.  I am not a huge fan of the Cap toy line, though I am a HUGE fan of the recent movie.   The toys are just okay.  They generally feel a little soft, are hard to pose, and their accessories (guns) are usually so soft, they are warped out of shape in the box.

Winter Soldier is pretty bad ass.  I am sure we will be seeing him in at least the next Cap movie if not in the Avengers movie.   As to who’s side he will be on is up in the air.  He has played for both sides in the comics.  As you can see, his sniper rifle has a bit of the box warp in the barrel.   He also has a gun that fits in a holster on his hip.  The plastic of the little gun is REALLY soft, and the holster was squished shut, so it took a long time to get it in there.  I will probably never be able to get it back 0ut again.

On the box he boasts having a “Snap-Open” Jet Pack.  It certainly does not snap.  It is all manual, flipping out the wings and then the two sets of rockets.   It is a pretty nice design. One area that could have been better is when it is on his back.  You can see all of the little parts from the front.   The worse part of the jet pack is that it can barely stay on.  The peg in the pack does not stay in the whole in W. Soldier’s back very well at all.

Unfortunately, the idea behind the Winter Soldier Jet Pack is a little better in the imagination than it is in person.   There is nothing that is horribly wrong with the figure, but as we get up to the $8 range for 3 3/4 figures, I expect a little more.  We are getting double articulation in the knees of nearly all of the figures now, which is really nice.   But we need to get weapons that are straight and don’t look like they were run over by a tank.  And we need accessories that can fit in holsters and hands.  Not a lot to ask… but as long as they (the toy industry) make toys that are weak, I will be very selective in what I buy.

Up next, I will take a look at Bandai’s offering of the 4″ ThunderCats.  We will see if they can pull off something that Hasbro has been struggling with.

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