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Transformers: Generations – Waspinator

He is bad at being a bad guy or a good guy.  But boy can he switch sides quick.  Waspinator likes to move to the winning side, and he is not afraid to stab a few bots in the back to do so.   Here we have the new Generations version of Waspinator.   He is quite different from everybody else we have seen so far, but very fitting for a line called “Generations.”  He won’t be quite so out there when I finally get my hands on Rhinox.   Then I will have a wasp AND a rhino.

His robot mode is really well done.  His face looks perfect.   A mix of robot and bug parts.  He has his wasp head split down the middle to make his chest area.  You still get a lot of bug parts hanging off here and there, but I don’t think you would want to have it any other way with him.   I like his weapon.  It is a stinger gun.  Definitely his.

It takes quite a bit of work to get him transformed into his wasp mode.  Isn’t is just more fun that way sometimes?   I think so.   He has a gimmick function, when you push the lever on his back, his wings flap.  Pretty fun, and not in the way.  Just the way a good gimmick should work.   His weapon is even hidden.  It attaches to his abdomen and becomes his wasp stinger.   Hasbro really did a good job thinking about this figure.

That is one big bug.  The wasp caught the bee.  Dinner time!

Megatron and Starscream – Generations Legends

We had Optimus Prime and Bumblebee in the small Legends scale, so why not Megatron and Starscream?

Megatron and Starscream are joined by Chop Shop and Waspinator.   I like the theme of the Insecticons as the sidekicks to the two main figures.

Megatron is most similarly designed after the terrible Classics line Megatron which shares a similarity of being a tank.   At less than half the size, the Legends Class Megatron is twice the bot that the other one is, taking too many attempts at gimmicks that wreck the figure.

Along with Chop Shop, Megatron makes for quite an overpowering brute… as we usually find him.   The color scheme is really well done, with the two tones of grey and the black that makes for a darker Megatron than usual.

In robot mode, Chop Shop is nothing more than a pair of scissors for Megatron’s arm (check my Flickr site for more pics).  Where he really stands out is as the new front end for an already daunting tank.   Well done here.

As for Starscream, this is a fantastic version of the flyer.  I would love to see this as a deluxe version.  Guns on the arms, powerful body, and the awesome Macross feet.  Can’t go wrong here.  Instantly recognizable with the red and blue color scheme, and just a few changes to make an updated version of Starscream.   Waspinator is… well, Waspinator.  He is unmistakable as well.   Not much to change him from wasp to robot.  The real fun comes with changing him to gun.

The gun is not the greatest execution, but he is a tiny little guy, so Hasbro gets points for trying, as well as making quite a cool bit of scissor action that you cannot see in robot mode before he flips all apart to make the long gun.  I think it would have been lots better if the gun handle had not been quite so long to start with.

Ah yes, secondary weapons used on jets.  They never work quite right… unless it is on Jetfire.  Waspinator is big and bulky, but I suspect he would create quite a blast.

In all, a couple of great little figures, and a couple of even smaller accessory figures.   These along with the pair of Autobots, make for fun little figures.  They are quick to transform, and fit easily on a shelf… or in a pocket for sneak photography.

Bumblebee took an International trip with me this summer, spending most every day in my pocket as we traveled around Italy.

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