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Blastwave – Transformers: Robots in Disguise (Warrior Class)

This guy is an Autobot? He has a skull for a face. How can HE be an Autobot? Oh, he is a bounty hunter. Okay, ya gotta be pretty mean looking when you are after some of the greatest types of villainy in space.

Blastwave is a SUPER retooled version of Megatronus. And I mean major. They share the same basic structure, but everything is different on the outside from the knees up.

The face on his chest is a pretty cool looking effect. It reminds me of the anime, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, with the robots that had faces for chests.

Blastwave comes equipped for battle. He has a sword, as well as a double cannon. The cannon and sword can be stored on his back for when good old fashion fists work best.

In tank mode, he continues to be a force. Double cannons on a tall rotating turret.

The sword can be mounted to the top and is not actually that much of a standout when in place.

From the back it is clear that the arms make up the turret. The fists face upwards. This is more of a trait that we have in the Robots in Disguise line. Not as much attention to detail go into these figures than the Generations line, and we tend to see a bit more greeble. This isn’t too bad.

Blastwave hanging out with a few of the guys that followed him in the following wave. I like the figures overall. It helps that they are pretty fun in their TV show. The figures are pretty basic as they are. Some are definitely better than others. I am a bit surprised at the variety of details put into the figures. Some are really cool with good transformations, while others seem more thrown together. I am definitely not as much of a fan of the RiD line as I am the Generations. And I am really not a fan of the super gimmicky Crash Combiners that came out of the Combiner Force.

There are supposed to be a few more figures coming out in the Warrior Class, Thermidor (Bisk repainted, Twinferno (who we also got as a two-headed dragon in Generations), and Bludgeon (who is a repaint of Blastwave). I bet the skull face makes more sense when you know that the extensive retool of Megatronus was to make Bludgeon and a second repaint for Blastwave. Make the most of your money spent. Not a good deal if they never come out in the stores.

Transformers: Robots in Disgise – Autobot Ratchet

Robots in Disguise really ties in well with Prime. Last we saw of Ratchet, he was on Cybertron as it was rebuilding, without a leader, and without a job to do.

Some time later, we find him coming back to Earth. He went from being a moderately boring ambulance, to becoming the world’s most boring panel truck.

In robot mode, we get what looks similar to Prime Ratchet. That is not a big surprise. I forgot to fold in the truck sides in these shots, so it looks like he has wings. He does not in fact have wings, he was just packed this way to fit inside the box.

I remembered to close his back this time!

I remembered to close his back this time!

He comes with a pair of pistols. I love me some dual handguns with the Transformers. These look really good. They are a nice design with a boxy shape that differs from so many round barreled guns.

The pistols can be stored in his back for safe keeping while he is in robot mode. These do not work in vehicle mode. He has a few other post holes around the legs to store the guns too.

When we transform him into the truck, I am getting a Strongarm vibe here. I haven’t gotten the new Strongarm, but I think these are based on the same body. They are going to have to do a lot of retooling for the body parts, but they are both trucks, so that would make sense. We will see.

The truck is SO boring!! No design at all on the entire truck other than a few red parts around the bottom and the roof. It looks like he is a vehicle sitting on a lot at the Ford dealership waiting for a company to buy him and add their company logo. Strange choice. At least the Prime Ratchet had some striped down the sides.

When we turn him over, he is fairly hollow. There are a lot of parts that fold into each other, especially in the legs. That leaves a lot or extra room. It is a good thing since it allows the legs to be left open and the blasters can be stored away.

Overall, the robot mode is really well done. I like having storage for the guns, and it looks like Ratchet. The vehicle mode is well done, other than it being so golly gosh darn boring. It is good to see Ratchet again.

Windblade – Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Warrior Class


Back in 2013, Windblade was the first fan-created figure. She has since come out with three iterations of that figure. Now she has become a part of the Robots in Disguise line. It was not a big surprise that she would become a part of this show, as she was fan-created, it should draw people in to watch her. In the show, she is a hard@$$, not really in the mood to make friends at the start. Her character was hard to like at first, but you couldn’t complain about her results.

Now in toy form, we get that same lady-bot. The initial impression is that we get a very similar robot with some less detail, as we see in the RiD line. You can check out my original Windblade review here: http://wp.me/pRvoW-t2

The colors of Windblade are well done. She is lighter on top, and darker below, giving her a strong stance. She has some added highlights with the bright knees. The RiD line loves using that baby blue color somewhere on a lot of their figures. It is a bit out of place on Windblade, but it does carry across her chest, and into her eyes.

Windblade comes with three accessories. She has a removable headpiece, that she can use as a fan weapon. She also comes with her sword, the same sword that came with the Generations version, but with no color. It is just a black sword. But, she does get a sheath again. It is different than the last sheath, but this one can be used in jet mode, and works.

Speaking of jet mode. When I first transformed her into jet mode, I kept going back and forth as the wether or not I liked the jet. Overall, I like it. And I like it better than the initial release version. In this release, she has her arms hanging off to the side. In the initial release, her legs were sticking out of the top. So, it is a bit better with the arms tucked under the wings than having major greeble over the top of the jet.

The jet has a very interesting look. It has a shorter nose, but has more of a Harrier look, which works well for a VTOL vehicle.  One of her attributes is being a VTOL jet. She has the turbines that spin, as well as being able to rotate. It does look a bit weird having turbines that are sealed on top. That just doesn’t seem logical, but I am sure there is a good reason for it… No, there really isn’t.

I stated earlier that the sword is able to be used in jet mode. It attaches to the bottom of the jet, and acts as a giant cannon. There is even a tab on the bottom that acts as landing gear.

She is the second flyer to come out in the recent wave of RiD releases. She is great in robot mode, just like Starscream. She looks really good on jet mode too, with both having their arms hang off to the side of the body. At least they are consistent.

Blizzard Strike Drift – Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Warrior Class

I am not a big fan of doing a redeco on an already established character. I can see slapping a new head on there and calling it a new character, but a simple repaint is not great. This time however, was well accomplished. Blizzard Strike Drift is pretty sharp in his two-toned blue paint scheme.

In robot mode he is a good mix of the blues with some silver added in for good measure. He comes with his two swords that can be held on his waist (still one of my favorite features of all of the RiD figures).  He was already a good figure in the original orange release, so there wasn’t anything that I had heard about that would give people troubles in subsequent releases.

Once we get into vehicle mode, things get better. There are a lot of times where these vehicles has molded color plastic, and some paint, and they try to match the body panels, and it is terrible. That did not happen with Drift. The colors are fantastic. One of the best features is the clear wheels he is sporting. I don’t like the general deviation from standard black tires, but in this case, it really works on this car.

The red of his horns in robot mode transfer to the hood ornament and headlights to give a little extra touch there at the front. The body panels of the overall design were fantastic the first time around. He looks like he could easily be a car on the street right now.

He came out in the wave with Quillfire and Thunderhoof. He will not have any trouble keeping ahead of those two. They are not going anywhere fast with vehicle modes like that.

I am really happy overall with this figure. I grabbed him because he was on the peg, and I figured I would give it a shot. And boy did he pay off. What a nice vehicle.

Quillfire – Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Warrior Class Wave 6

I feel like we have finally reached the level of what Robots in Disguise needed to be in the Warrior Class line. The previous figures seemed a little on the cheaper side, with minimal transformation. They were less than dynamic.

Quillfire is a great little figure. He is short, as he should be. He has a great hunched over look with short legs and long arms.

The articulation is really good with this one. Along with the arms and legs, he also has hip swivel, as well as some movement in the head from side to side. That is no small feat since the head comes out of the hood area of the vehicle. The whole brown part behind the head swivels side-to-side.

He comes with two weapons. He has a hand blaster that is flat but well detailed. He also comes with a quill. The quill has a post so Quillfire can hold it in his hand. It can also be stored in amongst smaller quills on the back of his neck.

In vehicle mode, Quillfire becomes an off-road SUV. This is a great disguise since a two-tone brown/tan truck would not really stand out while you are running from the Autobots that want to lock you back up. There are some nice details here and there, The hood goes up and down in this mode. You could foreseeably swing Quillfire’s head out in vehicle mode, though I don’t know why he would want to drive around like that.

This is a great figure to start off the Warrior Class Wave 6. There are two more figures in this wave, and they are great too.

Fracture – Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Fracture is a good figure overall. He looks like his cartoon self, and has a great Decepticon paint scheme. Nothings screams Decepticon like being painted purple.

He comes with his large rifle. On the packaging, he is shown holding it with both hands. It doesn’t really work all that well. This is more of a single handed weapon for Fracture.

He transforms into his Earth version of a chopper. He has a great transformation that is a little more tricky than most of the Robots in Disguise figures, and it pays off with a great motorcycle. The main body is a little more bulky and short than it looks in the show, and an interesting change about since he is a tall skinny robot. The front end sticks out there really far, and looks great.

His rifle folds up and pegs onto the side of the bike like an exhaust pipe.

Overall I am really happy with this guy. I didn’t want the one-step changer version, and I am not really that excited about the Deployer version, so I was really happy that this version finally came out.

Clash of the Transformers – Megatronus and Optimus Prime (Warrior Class)

Megatronus was a figure I did not think we would see here in the US. It seemed like it was going to end up only being released in Asia and Canada. On the packaging that shows another Transformer from the line, none of them said anything about a Warrior Class Megatronus.
Well, either they are going to be coming out very slowly in this small 5 figure line, or one accidentally ended up at my local Toys R Us. Either way, he is a pretty good figure.

In robot mode, he looks like a knight with the face shield and silver paint. He, of course, has the purple that all bad guy leaders should be sporting. He has pretty good movement. It would have been nice to get some wrist movement, but this is about what we are getting with the Robots in Disguise figures.  He has a very sturdy base of two giant legs to stand on. There is good movement in the knees, as well as the hips and waist, that he can get some fairly dynamic poses.

One area that has a bit of a problem is the ball joint under his chest. The balls pop out very easily when he is being positioned.

In vehicle mode, he looks like a tank version of Shockwave. I could see this easily getting a new head sculpt down the line with some new feet, and really making a good Shockwave.
The turret on top rotates. There is not a lot else that he needs to do. He rolls on wheels under the molded in place treads.


Optimus Prime:

If you have seen the first version of the Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime in the Warrior Class, there is nothing new here, but a darker paint scheme. The black sure does make him look like he means business.
In robot mode, he looks like Optimus, and that is about all we can ask for in this figure. He has some good movement in his body. and really compliments Megatronus. He also has the massive legs that allow him to stand very well.

In vehicle mode, he is a really long truck. Good luck turning that thing around the corner. I think it was a bad move to try and incorporate the trailer into the body. We have had a lot of tractors without trailers over the years, but I don’t think making a super long truck with no center movement was the way to go. It also looks terrible from the top, where it looks like Optimus folded up… which I know he is, but he should not be noticeable from the top.

These two play off of each other so well.  This is a great color scheme for Optimus in the Clash of the Transformers sub-line.   Even though they are both in the Warrior Class, they look good facing off.

They are on the small side for playing along with the rest of the Robots in Disguise figures.  Hasbro really needs a slightly larger scale for these to go into, like how they did with Animated, and pretty much every line leading up to this one.

I think Megatronus is the guy to look out for in the Class of the Transformers sub-wave at Toys R Us.  He is a good figure, and he wasn’t in the regular line.  Optimus is the same with a new paint scheme.  If you haven’t gotten the first version, this one is a bit better looking with the dark paint.   Really, with all of the fantastic Combiner Wars figures out there, the Robots in Disguise line really took a back seat for me this time around.  I have more of the line in boxes than are out of the boxes, as opposed to nearly all of the Combiner Wars figures out and displayed.

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