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Watch for price gouging

All of my Transformers collectors, beware! I was at Target on Saturday on a “regular” shopping trip. Of course I have to take a walk down the toy aisles. A little hunt for some Hot Wheels that got me nowhere. Then a trip down the aisle wi Transformers. I was so excited to see the new Prime Starscream. As I reached out to grab him, I flinched like I had been burned. There above the figure was the price. $19.98. THE WHA!?!?! Are you telling me that those horrible higher-ups at Target are trying to get us to pay $20 for a flippin’ Deluxe figure? Um, no! The larger, better Soundwave is only $22. Something is wrong here.
To add insult to injury, I was out the next night for a little dinner. On the way home, we stopped by WalMart. There they had another figure in the Beast Hunters line, and it was only $12.98. Confirmation that Target is out to screw us.

Watch out for Holiday Toy Specials


I went to Walmart today just because. I generally try to avoid Walmart, especially around this time of the year.
I went in to see if they had anything exclusive. I did not hear about anything but I thought I would give it a try.
Down the toy aisle I was looking at the Transformers. I have had my eye on Specialist Ratchet, one of the newest Dark of the Moon repaints. I like it, but I figured I would wait. Then on my way out they had a display of double packs of Transformers. WAIT A SECOND!!!! One Transformer for $9.88, or two Transformers for $9.88? I know my math, and that was a deal too good to pass up.
They had different figures taped together. So of course I had to get Specialist Ratchet. He is teamed with Cyberfire Bumblebee. I need another Bumblebee like I need another Wolverine figure (see last post).

If you are a fan of Transformers, get to Walmart. Just don’t get run over by the crazy moms trying to get gifts for their kids.

If it ain’t here…

It probably hasn’t been released yet.

They set up a special aisle at a local WalMart for all of the Transformers they have in stock. Unfortunately quantity is not quality. They have tons of the same figures. Oh well, I am patient.

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