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Infinitus and Sentinel Prime – Transfomers: Titans Return – Voyager Class Wave 1


Hey, isn’t Sentinel that jerk from the Animated series? Not riding round as a truck in this version.

As the first Voyager Class figure in the Titans Return line, he is a big boy, and we still have Leader Class figures to look forward to.

Sentinel is over the top bright, like an evening sunset. Orange, red, and yellow, he would really be bad to have on the battle field. It is probably his biggest weakness as a figure overall. The color really makes it hard to distinguish a lot of the really cool aspects of the figure.

He comes with Infinitus, the little Titan Master that becomes his head. It is a bit strange to see a big guy with the same size head as the Deluxe figures. This could start to be a problem when we get around to the Leader Class, if they are still running with the same head. They tried to improve the overall look by having parts that pop-up on either side of his head, to give some added bulk to the tiny head.

Sentinel’s first transformation is into a shuttle. It has some good firepower along the sides with two sets of cannons. There are ports for Sentinel’s guns to be mounted along the sides too. Too bad the two guns don’t match.

As with the rest of the line, the two guns can combine to create a ridable seat for Infinitus. It can be ported along the sides to give extra firepower when Infinitus doesn’t want to drive in the top cockpit.

Of course this line is in love with the idea of triple changers, and Sentinel is no different. I am told this secondary transformation is a tank. A really skinny tank. I am not sold on that. It looks like a powerful train to me. It is clear that this figure was totally meant to be Astrotrain, which we will get in Wave 2. Nobody is surprised about that one.

Based on his two vehicle modes, it seems that Sentinel should be gigantic. The shuttle, and tank/train seem to be out of scale and should be big enough for others to ride in. Of course he can’t be that big, so the Voyager Class will be it for him. He is usually pretty formidable, and large compared to other characters, and for now he is the big-boy on the block. I think he is going to feel a bit small here in the future when the Leader Class figures finally show up.

I am all out of Titans Return figures for a little while, but I have such a giant backlog of figures, we will not be slowing down any time soon.


Transformers: Generations – Combiner Wars – Megatron and Armada Megatron

These new Leader Class figures are big… and expensive.  Are they worth the cost?  Let’s take a look at the first pair.  Megatron and Armada Megatron are basically the same figure with a different head and a different paint scheme.  They are basically identical.   Is it worth picking them both up?  Well, yes and no.   Here is the rundown:

The color alone really sets the two apart.  Megatron looks so much like his G1 counterpart.  Even his legs look like they could be triggers or handles to a big gun.  Armada Megatron has a whole lot of purple added in, and other than with G1 Megatron, really says they are a Decepticon.

If the big difference between the two is going to be in the face, then it sure is a good thing they nailed the face.  It is about as perfect as you would want.  There is not a lot of emotion there, but you can tell it is not a boring robot face with no movement.

Of course Armada Megatron has to have the beetle head.  He has such great details with so many colors in his face and head.  He has an awesome scowl.

There is definitely a backpack going on back there.  You can’t get away from the giant working treads, so you have to put them somewhere.  They fold back and then slide down on those red arms.  It is quite a smooth and amazing part of the transformation.

Megatron looks like an unpainted version of the other tank that just rolled off the factory floor.  With Megatron, there is a cleanliness to the nearly all silver theme.  The juxtaposition is Armada Megatron with the green paint and the grey details all over.  There is still a lot of purple showing in A. Megatron to show who he is.

And to confirm, yes.  Real rubber treads that really work.  There are four separate treads.  Two on the front and two on the back.  They roll really easily.

Holy Shmoly!  There is a BIG size difference between the Voyager Class and Leader Class.  Megatron is half again as tall as Optimus.  That does not bode well for our Autobot leader.

And just when you thought, “That’s okay.  This is the Combiner Wars.  Surely Superion can take on Megatron.”  Well take a look at that.  Superion is only about a head taller than Megatron.   That is not nearly enough size, especially when you are talking about all of those Autobot brains having to control one robot body.   Where is Ultra Magnus when you need him?

“Go ahead Superion. Say that again!”

With Megatron, there is a set of stickers in with his art card.  There are two Autobot and two Decepticon emblems, a grate, and some art for his chest.   I guess I will have to hurry up and read the Combiner Wars story to see what stickers I may want to put on him.  Don’t worry.  Megatron comes with regular Decepticon tamops on his body to begin with, so you don’t have to put on stickers if you don’t want to.

The directions show transforming Armada Megatron the same way as Megatron.  The art work at the end of the transformation shows Armada Megatron with his treads separated and slightly elevated.  That really gives AM a different look.

Overall, I only found Armada Megatron at first.   I knew I needed at least one of these guys.  Much later I found the silver version, and I just had to have him.  He is so clean and great looking.   Do you need both?  Probably not.  If I were to choose, I would definitely go with the Silver version over the Armada version.  I do like them both a lot, and they look different enough that I am not disappointed to have both.   I will probably display Armada Megatron in vehicle mode since that is just as well made as the robot mode.   Megatron will remain in robot mode as the best resemblance to G1 Megatron EVER!

Transformers: Generations – Combiner Wars – Optimus Prime (Ultra Prime)

Optimus looks great in the Combiner Wars design.  He is big as a Voyager Class figure.  He looks very G1 with a bit of a modern twist to him.

He has a bit of a backpack on his back.  It isn’t too bad.  We have to hide the giant Ultra Prime head somewhere.   Luckily this is the only part of Optimus that lets you know that he is a triple changer of sorts, to become the main torso of Ultra Prime.

He comes with two guns.  One is luckily very reminiscent of his G1 gun with the big stock on the back.  The other is a bit of a smaller version.  The two can combine end to end to make a long rifle.  They both also have ports on the top.  I am guessing we have a few more options for combination with other guns when he becomes Ultra Prime.

He is a really good looking truck.  His transformation is pretty fun to do.  There are some fun little flips and folds.  He has a bit of the cab over look of the original.   I guess they wanted to get away from the long nose movie and Prime versions that we have had over the past few years.  Go Generations, and go back in design.  I like it.

The two guns can attach in ports on the truck’s back end.  They sit together and look like an engine with really long exhaust coming out the back.

Ultra Prime.  It is hard to see what he will look like as a finished giant figure, but this is a start.  His arms fold up to become larger shoulders.  His legs are the upper thigh of longer legs.  and he is reversed in direction so his back opens up to reveal his giant head and the backpack stays open.

So, now I have a mere two parts to build Ultra Prime.  I am not too happy with the slow rollout, or lack of rollout of the Combiner Wars figures.  I will be really bummed if I will only ever have two of the figures to build one of these big guys.  I am holding out hope that it is just a matter of time.  I have seen them online, but as I love the hobby of toy collecting as much for the chase as for the toys, I will NOT be buying any of these guys for scalper prices.

I am really happy with the overall design of Optimus Prime, and Alpha Bravo (last post).  They both look really good in their standard versions, unlike the not so well done Power Core Combiners that had blue boxes hanging off their bodies all over the place.  I am definitely looking forward to getting my hands on more of these guys.  I wanna build a big guy!

Slog – Transformers: Age of Extinction

Well, we continue to get some new Dinobots that never made it into the movie.  This time around we get Slog, a larger Voyager Class figure.  He is very large and in charge.  Strong and bulky with a lot of the medieval armor look that we have seen with the other Dinobots.

Take this knights of ole’.  Slog comes with two lances, and he doesn’t even have a horse to ride.  I like how strong he looks.  Big thick legs, and great armor layered all over.  His face/helmet is really cool with lots of details.  There are a lot of rubber parts on him that could pose problems in the future if they are not taken care of properly.  He is the color I think they should all be.  Some of the other Dinobots are outrageously bright. This grey/black combo with touches of red are really well executed.

I found his transformation to be very difficult, and his chest area when turned into the Apatosaurus would not stay in place.   The directions were to change Slog from the dino into a robot.  So, for the initial transformation, you had to reverse the directions, which is a terrible way to present this anyway.  It will be near impossible for kids to make this transformation on their own.   I also don’t like the giant balls that hang out on the sides of the neck where the lances can be attached.  There is a lot for me not to like in this mode.  I am going to keep him in robot mode from now on.

We might as well take a look at him with his lances and side “guns” attached.   One of the guns on mine is loose, so it will not stay up very well.   The lances coming out at head height is a bit weird visually.

I think he is a good fit with the other T4 Dinobots.  It is funny because his coloring is how I think all of the Dinobots should look, but with him in the grey color, he gets lost in the Skittles of Dinbots.  They should have made him yellow, and then we would have had a complete rainbow of Dinobots.

Autobot Drift – Voyager Class (Age of Extinction)

A Voyager class of a Transformer car?   Ummmmmm, nope.  This time around, we go way off the tracks and create an all new Autobot Drift.   We cross the color scheme and the head of the Age of Extinction Drift, and then mount it to Skyhammer’s body.  “A helicopter?” you ask.  Yup, a helicopter.

At least he got some big swords to still look like a samurai.   I think he is actually a really cool version.  In fact, it would have been really cool to see him in the movie.   Maybe there wouldn’t have been so much death on the Autobot’s side.

The Voyager Class version is a lot larger than the Deluxe version we got the first time around.  Their colors match perfectly.  The new Drift is on the body of Skyhammer, who I thought was really well done the first time around back in 2011.   That version was for Dark of the Moon, in which the character also didn’t appear.  Funny that this body would make two toy releases for figures that weren’t in the movies.  Ah, well.  They could do their own thing, and it is still a great figure.

These two make good bookends to one another.   They look different enough, but they still have a lot of similarities.   I really like them together.  They are almost like twins as opposed to two versions of the same figure.

Turn them both into vehicle mode, and you have every rich man’s dream of a matching car and helicopter.   They fit so well together.

I really do like this redo of Drift.   I think it would have been better if they had done the same as they did back with Skyhammer and just make up a new figure.   They don’t really have a lot of figures to go with for this movie, so making an expanded universe would have been a little better.  We are also getting a new Dinobot, and he is coming up soon.

Transformers Generations: Doubledealer

A repaint and rehead of Blitzwing, I am sure Doubledealer is WAY less crazy with only one face, and probably only one psychotic personality.

There is a lot to repaint on this guy from the drab tan color we got a while back with Blitzwing.   I was not really on the lookout for Doubledealer, since I was not terribly impressed with Blitzwing in the first place.  There were so many great triple changers that came out before:  Sandstorm, and Springer.

His robot mode is pretty good.  I am not crazy about those terribly flat feet he has, but a small part compared to an overall good robot.  He came from the box with his gun tucked down his back.  I liked it that way, and decided to leave it to change his appearance from Blitzwing.

These boys are both taking the Decepticon purple to heart, thought Blitzwing went a little further with his.   The two still look very similar to one another.  The paint doesn’t do a whole lot to make the bodies stand apart, and there are a few parts on both figures that have a little more detail than the other. It is nice to see a repaint that is not less painted than the original version.  You may want to note that the name Doubledealer refers to his being a double agent of sorts.  He is more of a mercenary than anything, working for the side that pays the best.

The jet.   I really like the colors in jet mode.  We get to see a lot more of the purple in the wings.   The shark mouth on the front nose is a great touch that really adds a little something extra to this mode.  In his jet mode, you can see his Decepticon emblem right in front of the cockpit, high on the nose.   Don’t get any ideas, he doesn’t play fair…

From the front, the tank mode looks pretty good.  It is pretty tight and  well designed.  It falls apart in the back part, where you can see the nose of the jet as well as the engine nozzles that just hang off back there.  Right at the front of the tank, under the cannon, he has an Autobot emblem.   Hmmm, who will pay the best.

Doubledealer is okay.  Unless you love you some triple changer action, or you like your mercenaries best served evil, this is not one you will need to track down.   Of course, there are not many Transformers who sport both an Autobot and Decepticon emblem, so there is that.

Transformers: Age of Extinction – Evasion Mode Optimus Prime (Voyager)

T4 Optimus with the G1 counterpart.   It is neat to see how Hasbro actually look color cues from the original Optimus for this Evasion mode version.

Evasion Mode Optimus comes with a gun that has a spring powered projectile.  Pretty nice since we seem to keep ending up with flick fire missiles, or guns that transform. This one is nice and simple.

He is definitely the movie version of Optimus.   He seems to be a thinned down version with out the giant front hood of the regular version of Optimus we have seen through the previous three movies… and later in this one.   I don’t see why they couldn’t use this design from the start.  it works well.

The gun sits a little tall when he is holding it.  It looks like they made a gun with a handle, and then realized the handle has to be round to be held in the hand, so they added an extra piece to the bottom.

The back stock gets in the way of it being held any lower as well.  A few things wrong with a gun is not a huge deal for me.  I like the overall appearance of it.

This guy can pose.  He has a lot of good movement all over his body that allows for very dynamic poses.

I think it really does have a lot to do with a slimmer design.  They didn’t have to try and hide the giant truck hood somewhere, and Hasbro was able to work on better articulation.

Here it is… truck mode.  A G1 homage to the original design of Optimus.  Why couldn’t we have had this all along?  This is great.  The colors are right on too.  Speaking of colors, it is funny, since they painted him up just right, but it is wrong for the movie.  Guess they didn’t want to go with the busted-up look we will see.

How is that for a comparison?  Pretty nice look to the new version.  It is funny how close they are in scale, when in robot mode, the T4 version of Optimus is a head and a half taller.

And the problem.  Transforming Optimus for the first time, this part broke off.  I didn’t even given any pressure, and the pieces snapped at the smallest section.  It is partially the nose of the truck, and the rest is part of the hood.   It  looked to be a clear piece that was painted, to allow for clear windows in the front.  Again with problem clear parts.  Any major problems I have had with brittle parts have come from clear pieces.

I have since glued it back together.  Hopefully it will be all right.


Overall, I am happy with the design.  I am not very happy that the front end broke off the guy, but hopefully the glue will set it right.   Up next… more Dinobots.

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