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Vintage Toys from the Attic, Part 2

We continue looking at toys from the box in the attic.   Boy, I remember these guys well.  I cannot believe what good condition they stayed in.


When I started to pull the vehicles out, I had only two guys, Matt Trakker in the Firecracker, and Cahhoun Burns in the Raven.  I knew I had more somewhere.  I had seen them.  The hunt began after I took pictures of the vehicles.  I found them and reunited the drivers with their vehicles, some umteen years later.


The Firecracker.  A truck with duallies in the back.  You know, back in the day when cars came with real rubber wheels.  It fits two figures, and has a motorcycle on the back.  There is also a spare tire over the fifth-wheel that fires off and has blades that comes out… but you are not supposed to know about that since it is in civilian mode.

When VENOM shows up, it is time for the Firecracker to get into Recon Truck mode.  Slide a lever on the side, and the whole thing pops up and machine guns stick out from the front grille.

From the back, you can see the little motorcycle, the killer wheel, and a backup gun facing out the back.   I am a little bummed that it appears the gun over the wheel on the other side is missing.  Not too bad for a vehicle from 1985.


This was one of my favorite vehicles.  It was a good car, and it turned into a great secondary vehicle.

Pull one of the levers, and the wings pop out.  Then a quick flip of the front end, and the Firefly is ready to attack.   There is a second lever that dropped a bomb.  Unfortunately, the one part of this vehicle to be missing.  Always the bombs and missiles right?


I think the Condor is one of the best examples of how M.A.S.K. vehicles work.  Start with a green motorcycle.

End with a very convincing helicopter.   Thankfully, there were no parts to loose here.   I do know that the tabs that hold down the props in motorcycle mode tended to break, and thankfully mine are in tact and work well.


An ATV.  Nice and neat.  The parts work well, and this one has all of the stickers still in place.

Leave it to Venom to have a vehicle called the Mobile Shredder.  It is like they could not even be creative in their designs.  This was the only Venom vehicle I have left.  More on that in a little bit.


I am pretty sure Bullet was my sister’s MASK vehicle.  You know, if big brother has something, then little sister wants it too.   The Bullet is a street bike, but I would think it was more of a racing bike personally.  The one part missing, the front windshield section.  That would have really been good to have.

The Bullet turns into a hovercraft.  Really fun design.  Add in a gun at the front, and a grappling hook off the back.


Oh yeah, now that is a cool car.  The Corvette in the 80s was quintessential to cool.  Face had one in The A-Team.  Okay, that is only two references, but I am sure there are others.  Reverse gull-wing doors, and a cool paint job make for quite a car. Transform it into the seaplane and you have…

Hey, look at that, Calhoun Burns hiding inside.  I am pretty sure he was the only figure still in his vehicle since he was so hard to get in and out and make sure the seat belt was buckled.  The seaplane was such a great design.  The whole front end of the car flipped over.  The wheel rotated under the car, and this was before Back to the Future II.  I remember folding the wings in and turning the plane into a submarine.

Missing parts?  Not only do I still have the driver WITH his helmet, but I also have the two shooting disks it came with.   Pretty good.


After I took the pictures, I still pondered the other MASK drivers.  I remembered them well, and I thought I must have them somewhere.  The hunt began.  I was thinking there had to be old toys hiding somewhere else.  I guess I must have had two boxes of toys at some point because I found them.  A little research and I found all of their names as well.

If you are doing the math, you are right, 10 drivers but only 6 vehicles.

Thankfully I had all the drivers to go with the vehicles I still had.  I started to do more research to see who the other guys were, and as I found pictures, I remembered the vehicles fondly.

Matt Trakker, driver of a Red Camaro that turned into a plane.  I remember loving that car.  When I saw a picture of the car, I had a flashback to loosing the car in the sand at the park.   Miles Mayhem, drove a helicopter that turned into a plane.  Also an awesome vehicle.  Don’t know what happened to it, but I do remember loving that plane.  Floyd Malloy, driver of a red motorcycle that turned into a jet.   I remember not loving that vehicle, but I do remember playing with it.  Finally our VENOM friend in the mask is Sly Rax.  He had a vehicle in one version, but the set I had had him at a gas station that turned into a tire launcher.  I remember the tires that were launched.  They were very heavy rubber.

There you have it for part 2.  M.A.S.K.  Oh the joy I had with these growing up.  Now the problem is that these are not small vehicles, and I will have a tricky time finding a place to display them.  They do need to be displayed though, no doubt about it.

Hmm, next time…. you will have to wait and see.  Some pretty good stuff still in the box.


Vintage Toys from the Attic, Part 1

Mid- Winter recess is here for me.  A few days off work from the elementary school, and a hail storm.  So, back on Tuesday I went searching through the attic.  I was thinking it was the perfect time to go and see if I could find that box of toys I was given when my parents moved out of their house.  I found it, and boy did the memories come rolling back.

My young years were in the 80s.  You know the years, where toys were so awesome and TV shows were so good, that someone is trying to recreate all of them now?  Yup, those years.  Anyway, the box had some pretty great things in there that I wanted to share with all of you, my toy-loving community.

Today we are going to look at one of my early favorites.  How times come around.  Not only are there tons of toys out now like them, but they are trying to make a comeback.

Battle Beasts:
I did not have the biggest collection of these little guys, but they really stand out in my mind as a great set of toys.

Starting right there in the middle with my favorite, Sly Fox.  Number 2 is to his right, Pirate Lion.   Behind is Bludgeoning Bulldog and Hunchback Camel.

Gruesome Gator, Knight Owl, and Hare Raising Hare round out the left side of the team.  Some look tougher than others.  You would not think an Owl would necessarily be a good fighter, until you give him a bionic eye and some sort of weapon system.

On the other side we have Major Moose, Manic Mandrill, Eager Beaver, and Kickback Kangaroo.  I really liked Kickback since he had one hand that was a metallic boxing glove.  I did not have many of the figures that had one hand replaced.  Blitzkrieg Bat also had one hand missing, with a hook in it’s place.

These figures had 2 points of articulation.  I know, the Marvel Legends and GI Joe collectors would scoff at such a small articulation count, but there are quite a few toys with small counts like that now.  I think Battle Beasts in this form would fit right in with a lot of lines out there.  How about the Action League figures by DC?  We are talking 2 or 3 points on most of those, and in most cases, less detail than these figures.

We did see an Alligator Battle Beast a few years back at San Diego ComiCon in the MiniMates line.  Now they are starting to hit the stores with their first wave of figures.   They are nowhere near as cool as these original guys, even boasting some 12-14 points of articulation.

If you want to see more Battle Beasts, head over to The Redwood Connection for a virtual museum of Battle Beasts as well as other great toys.

Up next is another series that I LOVED from the 80s.  They had a toy line to go along with their cartoon.  Fast cars, guns, and specially designed helmets.  Oh yeah, they could still stand up to some of the best toys of today.  Stay tuned…

Today’s Outing: San Jose Super Toy Comic and Collectible Show

This morning I awoke to a fun day ahead of me.   Time Tunnel Toys has an Bi-Annual Toy show, and outside of ComiCon and WonderCon, this is the best place to go for one stop shopping for all of your toy needs.   Walking around, there are a lot of great vintage toys, as well as lots of modern toys.  There is a little bit of everything.

I am super grateful for the “Early Bird” entrance fee.  A little extra money up front is a price I am willing to pay to get in the door and shop around before the crowds start.  I am not a huge fan of crowds, and even less of a fan of the GIANT line that always forms as the place opens.

The Show is held down at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds, in one of their large buildings.  The fairgrounds are host to many event, usually on the same weekend.  I am never sure what they are going to have going on, but they are never related to the toy show.  This time, it was a Girl Scout jamboree of some sort.  Tons of little girls running around and screaming at one another.   Thankfully it is not a long walk to building and then I was out of the crazy wind too.

Once inside the show, I have to take a few laps around the place.  I would hate to buy something, only to find something better later, and not have the money to buy it.

This time, after a few rounds, I was ready to buy.  I ended up getting a few Marvel MiniMate sets from waaaay back.  2003, you know, when they started.  I could not believe it.   These were in the boxes (if you are a collector, you will remember) where there were no windows to see the contents.  Pictures on the front and that was all.  It was the time of a thousand Wolverines and a million Spider-Men.  Ummm… not much has changes I guess.  We still see a lot of Spider-Man and Wolverine figures pop up.   I guess we would see the most popular figures again and again.

Also in the realm of comics, I bought a Green Lantern figure.  I have not bought a regular comic action figure in a very long time.  There just has not been anything that looked good enough for me to spend the money on.  And with the prices of oil, the prices of action figures has gone through the roof.  Needless to say, this one really tickled my fancy.  Wanna know which figure?  Too bad, you will have to wait for a review. 😉

Finally, as I was almost done, I was at a booth I like to visit every time I go to the show, and they had a Revoltech Evangelion figure.   Not having to buy a Revoltech online?  I could not pass on that opportunity.

With that, I was done and out of there, and happy with a few good purchases.  Still waiting for that one good deal on an original G1 Jetfire, but I am a patient man.

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