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Decepticon Hazard and Blitzwing – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return (Voyager Class)

Well, here is the “not a big surprise” of the series. When we got Megatron a ways back, we knew that Blitzwing would not be far behind. And he wasn’t.

He looks great. Tan and purple with a bit of grey, and a bright yellow helmet for good measure. He comes with a cannon and a sword.

It hasn’t been that long (2013) since we saw the last Blitzwing, and that one was pretty good. This one also (and has to I guess) triple change from a robot to a tank and a jet.

He and his predecessor, Megatron look very similar, since Blitzwing is a retool. Not a very extensive one either. Pretty much a new head, chestplate, and non-removable cannon tip on the turret.

Blitzwing comes with the Titan Master Hazard. He is a retool of Doomshot, who was Megatron’s Titan Master. Of course this time coming with a different head attached to his back.

So, here we go with transformations. First up is the tank. This is the same as Megatron. He makes a good tank with a swiveling turret. The colors do not exactly scream “camouflage,” but then most of the Decepticons are not so worried about the “Robots in Disguise” part.

There is a cockpit on top of the turret that allows Hazard to ride up there and control the gun.

The two weapons can be mounted on the tank too. The gun gives extra firepower, while the sword just hangs out on the back. Maybe that helps with shielding.

Next up we have the jet. I love how the tank is more tan, while the jet is more purple. The overall look of the jet is well done.

It has a nice look, and the silver metallic stickers are very reminiscent of a time long past.

The tank turret sits pretty far down off the bottom. It is not very aerodynamic, but I am sure Blitzwing likes to have the extra fire power down under there.


This is another example of a triple changer that works. Many times, something gets bumped and there is a part of the triple change that looks terrible or forced. That did not happen here. I guess since Blitzwing has been a toy since 1985, Hasbro/TOMY has had a lot of time to make sure this works. And it does.

Doomshot and Megatron – Transformers: Generation – Titans Return – Voyager Class

We looked at the Voyager Class Optimus Prime, based on the Laser Optimus from Generation 2. This time we are going to look at the Decepticon side of things, with Megatron and Doomshot.

We got a new Megatron in the last series, Combiner Wars, where we actually got two really nice Megatrons that were Leader Class. This time around, they are going with the triple changer feature, and using the body that we know will end up being Blitzwing with a repaint and a new Titan Master.

Hasbro was able to stick with the same basic shape and design of the robot, from Combiner Wars to Titans Return. There is just a massive size difference. I have to say, it is a bit of a de-evolution, going from the massive and shiny Combiner Wars version, to the smaller, grey Titans Return version.

As with other triple changers, it is clear there is a lot going on here. Like with Optimus, you can see jet parts in a backpack, as well as the tank parts.

Side by side, Optimus and Megatron are fairly evenly matched. Their size and bulk are very similar.

Megatron comes with Doomshot, who looks amazingly like Blitzwing, whom we will see in a future wave. Red and grey, and that is about it for this guy.

Transforming Megatron first takes us to the tank mode. Well, it looks like a tank that is getting ready to fly. I am thinking this is some kind of Nazi World War II attempted invention. A tank that can fly. Wings folded in and ready for takeoff.

From the back, there is a lot going on. A lot of the jet parts hang out back there.

And from the front… the jets. They couldn’t figure out how to build the two modes, so the tank and the jet were facing the same way? I bet Megatron would have loved to have had jet power in tank mode.

The turret has a swivel to it, so that makes for some nice playability. Doomshot gets to sit in the turret and fire the cannon.

Moving on to jet mode. Hey, that actually looks like a jet that could fly. Hasbro took cues from the F-15 Strike Eagle, a boxy plane in it’s own right and perfect for transforming into a tank. That being said, there is a whole lot of tank parts hanging off under there, which really isn’t good for flying, and makes the plane sit off the ground when landed.

The cockpit opens and allows Doomshot to ride in there. Much better than Optimus’ ride where his Titan Master has to ride in the back.

From the top, the F-15 looks good. I am not big on the shiny metallic stickers. It would have worked if he had actually been shiny like the Combiners War version, but this version looks a bit silly.

One of the configurations allows for the smaller cannon to be attached to the top of Megatron’s back. That allows the large cannon to not be quite as long and unwieldy.

Megatron and Optimus together in jet modes. I think Megatron definitely pulls out the win on this one. His jet looks better and actually able to fly.

In vehicle mode, tank vs tanker. Um, well I am going to give it to Megatron again Megatron looks better and has more playability, with the moving turret.

The two are pretty evenly matched in robot mode. They are of similar sizes, though Megatron has half a head on Prime. Megatron pretty much has one massive weapon, while Prime can fight with two. It is hard to say who would win this fight.

Bring in their stats, and again it is pretty even. Megatron is up on strength and firepower, but Optimus is up on speed and smarts. This would be a good match to watch.

Crashbash – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return – Titan Master

Crashbash is renamed from the 1988 Headmaster team of Squeezeplay. As we have seen, they take the body and change the name to the Titan Master, and then have to change it again because of copyright of some sort. Why not just go with the original Headmaster’s name, Lokos. That is a great sounding Decepticon name.

Anyway, Crashbash comes with a vehicle accessory that is a T-Rex. This is one of the most integrated figures we have seen. Most ride the vehicle, or fold up and become an attachment.

For Crashbash, he becomes the lower jaw and arms of the dinosaur. It is quite impressive how they got all of that to work.

From this mode, Crashbash with the T-Rex folds out a handle and becomes a weapon when the tail is stored away. The details on the gun barrels are really well done. I love it when the weapons have rifling. I don’t know that it is necessary in a laser weapon, but it looks cool none the less.

Crashbash becomes quite a gnarly looking head. He looks like he should be the head of Ratbat or Mindwipe, but this head is not being used for the upcoming Mindwipe. I am really surprised about that. It looks very menacing and is definitely a Decepticon.

As with the other Titan Masters, the original Master can be stored in the gun while the alternate head is being used. In this case, Grax is a part of the gun, while Crashbash is controlling Skullsmasher.

Then there is the alternate transformation. As with all of the Titan Master accessory vehicles, they made them into triple changers. This one is a dragon, complete with a little head and wings. The execution of this one is pretty poor after the great opening matchup for the T-Rex mode. Crashbash is just kind of hanging off back there, and the whole thing is back heavy. I am pretty sure I will never use this combination.

I really like this guy. The T-Rex mode is great, and the head looks fantastically terrifying.

One more Titan Master before we move on to something a bit bigger.

Stripes, Rewind, and Wheelie – Transformers: Titans Return – Legends Class

Titans Returns starts with a trio of Legends Class Figures.

Autobot Stripes:

Stripes is a triple changer. He is a jet, a beast, and a spy tablet.  This is one of those figures that has to be squished into a specific size, so you may not get exactly what you want out of a figure of this type. He does his job, and transforms, and has an additional mode that works with Blaster.

In jet mode, he has the front end that looks similar to a Concorde. The back end is the beast’s legs flipped up, so it kind of has a look of a bird. Not the best mode.

In beast mode, I am guessing it is supposed to be a tiger, since he is “Stripes.” It looks a bit like a wolf. Who knows? Anyway, this is a better mode than the plane. He has good movement in the legs that allows for some posing.

Everything folds up to create the tablet that can be used with Blaster. Not a lot going on here, other than everything folding up nice and tight and out of the way.

Overall, not the best figure in the world, but he transforms well, and he will be a lot more fun once Blaster comes into play.

Autobot Rewind:

Rewind is the other triple changer of the trio. He is a robot, a tank, and a spy tablet.

The robot mode is great. He is reminiscent of the original tapes that Baster carried around in the G1 toys.

He has a lot of good movement with knees and elbows, and even a turning head. The Legends Class figures keep getting better at this small scale.

He transforms into a tank. This is quite impressive since he is a rather flat figure, but can twist and turn to create a turret.

His gun becomes the cannon for the tank, and even has movement of it’s own.

Transforming him slightly from the tank, and he becomes the spy tablet. A very nice nod to the G1 figure, where he looks to be more of a tape recorder with a tape inside.

Even his gun has a place to attach to be a part of the tablet. An incredibly nice touch.

Rewind and Stripes are definitely not matching tablets.  It will be interesting to see how the insert into Blaster.

Autobot Wheelie:

Wheelie is the odd man out on this wave. He does not become a tablet, and he is not a triple changer.  What we get is a cute little version of Wheelie in robot mode. It is clear who he is instantly with the bright yellow and orange color scheme. He has his trademark head that has a swivel in the neck.

He becomes a car. It is difficult to stick the pieces together, and falls apart easily. This figure definitely looses points when he is not playable in one of his modes.

There is a cockpit for a Titan Master to ride inside. While the other two figures have posts for a Titan Master to stand on them, Wheelie is the only one who can actually carry one.

This first wave is okay. No real standouts as totally amazing. Rewind is the best overall figure, with a good robot and vehicle mode. Wheelie would have been great if he could hold together in vehicle mode.

Next up we will take a look a the Deluxe Class figures. They are really good figures. Stay tuned!

Blitzwing – Transformers: Generations Triple Changer

The third triple changer, Blitzwing.

This is how Blitzwing came out of the box.   You know, they have to fold them up a little differently to get them to fit inside a box.  Um, I think there is something highly inappropriately about the transformation.  😉

Back to our regularly scheduled review, here his is correctly set with the cannon set up.    He comes with a gun and a sword.  Generally, figures with so much going on are a little weak in a few areas.  With the two other figures, Sandstorm and Springer, there was not much going on there that was not good.   Unfortunately, with Blitzwing, there is a lot going wrong.   He is quite loose in the legs.  The feet look terrible, and they are not great for holding him up.   There is some stuff going on in the other modes as well.

I am liking the look of the jet overall.  Very Macross with the big backpack on the back.  I was able to get my nose closed, but there are some people that were not able to get it under the windshield.  I was a little worried about making the jet mode, as I had to really force the tab under the windshield.  I am afraid over time, the folded up body will destroy the tab.

The rear stabilizers are very loose, and want to flop all over the place.  The back end was kind of thrown together.  The feet are supposed to be the closed up kind that we see coming across from Macross to the Transformers Universe.  Too bad the feet are so thin, they don’t really make a quality engine back there.

Looking down, the wings are a bit on the weak side.  A little skinny.  That is not totally their fault in the design.  The wings fold-up when Blitzwing transforms into tank mode.  Overall, this is a pretty good mode.  There are some strange things going on here, but a decent jet.

My biggest problem in the jet mode, that also transfers the problem to the tank mode is the wrong piece.  It doesn’t happen too often, but I was given a wrong piece on the left stabilizer.  It is a second right wing.   That makes it upside down in jet mode.   In tank mode, it fold up the wrong direction.

Finally, in tank mode, Blitzwing is looking realy good… from the front.   It is really cool, how well he folds up, and doesn’t look like a triple changer… from the front.    In the back, the engine/feet are just hanging out.   There is no good way of posing them to make them look like they are anything but annoying.   Guess we could just rip them off for this mode.  They do pull out of the post fairly easily.

Definitely third in the ranking of the three triple changers.  There are a lot of problems with Blitzwing that makes it hard for me to say “grab him.”   I would not want to steer you wrong on this one.   You need to really want this classic triple changer to make up for all of the negatives here.


More pics as usual: Flickr

Sandstorm – Generations (Triple Changer)

When I got my hands on Springer, he became one of my favorite Transformers to date.  I knew I had to get Sandstorm as well, since they share the same basic body.  Of course, when they share the same body mold, they are generally looked at as brothers.  Of course not so much with Starscream, who seems to enjoy making clones.  These are of course Autotbots, so brothers they are.

With the same basic body, Sandstorm is a great figure, just like Springer.   He has a lot of differences, that make him really stand apart.  The lack of wheels in the legs is a big one.   He has smaller landing gear in the knees.  I like Springer’s longer gear a bit better.  The upper part of the body is very similar with a few exceptions, like the chest plate.  Springer has the yellow hood pieces which are longer over his shoulders.  They are fixed in place on Sandstorm.

And there is of course the VTOL engines.  Sandstorm also has a long piece on his back that is supposed to stick up, but it looked really weird, and tucked in so nicely on his back that I left it down.

The transformation into his VTOL mode is very straight forward.  He transforms almost the same as Springer, with the exception of the arms, which stay long along the side of the vehicle’s body.  Can’t get in the way of the VTOL engines.

Two different vehicles, but the similarities are apparent.  Not the same, but similar.  It is really good to see how differently Hasbro made the two vehicles.

PITB mode. (Pain in the Butt).  The directions were a little vague to get from one step to the next.  The transformation for Sandstorm’s car mode is not as straight forward as Springer’s car mode.  There are a lot more parts to move around, but he is one tough vehicle when he is done.   I like how the VTOL’s tail becomes window covers for the side windows.   The back wheels lock tightly into place, really holding together the back half of the car.

Again, I am amazed, and happy to see how they can take what was going to be a slightly different figure, and make a totally different vehicle.  Sandstorm looks so much larger than Springer.  The back wheels might be a touch on the big side, but oh well. I can live with that.

Overall, a couple of tough guys.  Great robot modes, and very nice vehicle modes.  The vehicle modes are made better by the great differences they have from one another.   This is not just a simple repaint that we tend to see with Transformers, but a very nice retool of a whole mess of the original parts.

Transformers Generations – Autobot Springer (Triple Changer)

Our second Springer in the Generations line.  This time around, Springer is a Triple Changer.  It has been a while, but we are getting triple changers, and not just that, but they are Voyager Class, which means bigger.  And when we are talking triple changers, bigger IS better.

Springer, sporting the green and yellow, is looking good.  He has a whole lot of extra stuff all over him.  In robot mode, you can tell he can change into more than just one vehicle.  He has wheels on his arms and legs, wings on his legs and forearms.  I am really happy with the way all of the parts fold up, but still create a robot more that has amazing articulation.

His first vehicle mode is a helicopter… just as Springer should be.   He is an interesting helicopter.  Kind of futuristic in a way.  This is what I would expect to see in an anime, maybe Appleseed.

From the back.  Very well done.  They did such a good job of trying to hide the wheels.

Vehicle mode 2, off road vehicle.  Again with a bit of a strange design.  Also kind of futuristic.  The front end is really weird with the nose being in three parts, but it has been growing on me.  Those big wheels roll really well.

From the back.    Could those be rockets to boost the speed?

Springer is a very well done figure.  His robot mode is by far the best.  Articulation is key with this guy.

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