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Tankor – Transformers: Generations (Deluxe)

This guy seems to be quite a bit outside of what we have come to expect from the current Generations figures.  He seems way too much like a Go-Bot, and not much like a Transformer at all.  He feels like a remnant of the old Cybertron.

He does have some nice things going for him.  He has spinning saw blades in his forearms.  He also has moving claws that open to reveal more guns in his hands.  The details he has are pretty well done. It looks like he has a missile pack in his chest, and each is painted nicely in red.

I don’t think the baby blue is a very menacing color for him.  Nor are the giant shoulder pads much of a necessity.

Transforming him into tank mode, and my biggest Transformer pet peeve is revealed.  Heads showing in vehicle mode.  We don’t have it too often, but this is pretty blatantly bad.   The front end of the tank is well executed.  Treads from his feet become the front end.    The back end is a bit of a mess.   Where the treads should be is the entirely wrong side of the arm.   You can see the blank internal structure of the figure.   That is a big no-no in my mind.   It is all just a little too weird for me on this guy.

It seems like this is a last ditch effort to throw a figure into a line.  Kind of when they have run through everyone else, and they don’t know what to do next.  We know this is not the case, since they are putting out some of the best Deluxe characters ever in the Generations line right now.  And then this guy comes along… maybe if he had been earlier in the line, it would have been okay, but I expect more now.  Even the comic that comes with the guy only shows him but for a minute, and then we move on.

Next time, we are going a totally different direction.  Pretty lady anyone?

New Transformers Deluxe waves are a little hit and miss

New pictures are popping up all over the place, and a few of the figures have started to show up.  I did get all of the figures for series 1 except for Bumblebee.  I figure I will get him just because the only other movie version of him I have is the black deco.  (Look for Ironhide coming up.  He is in my “to be photographed” pile.)

Series 2:

I am not very amused.  Another Skids.  REALLY!?!?!?  That is what they are going to give us?  Another Eta-1.  AND another Sideswipe.  Okay, I can be behind Sideswipe.  With the two guns that can be held or mounted in vehicle mode are pretty nice looking, and the paint job is not a total loss.  I will probably pick him up.   The only new figure is Hailstorm.  Not a bad looking figure, and a nice vehicle mode.  I will have to reserve final judgement for when I see him in person.

Series 3:

Here is where we really get a hit and a miss.  Bumblebee again.   Okay, one series separating the same Bumblebee?  They are both listed as Battle Blades Bumblebee.  Come On!   That is LAME to be sure.  At the very least they could have at least repainted him.  Something!  Throw us a bone.  So, now I am sure the pegs will be filling with a million and a half Bumblebees.   Oh well.

Another Jolt.  Not the greatest of vehicles, or characters, and probably should have been left back in 2008 or whenever he first came out.

Then there is the new blood.   Tomahawk and Terradive.  These are two nice looking flying vehicles and robots.  Silver lining and all that.

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