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Buzzsaw – Transformers: Combiner Wars (Titans Return)

He was a bit of a funny figure. He was released in the Combiner Wars series, even though he was going to be a tablet that worked with Soundwave in the next series, Titans Return. He was looked down upon as being a strange figure, since he didn’t fit in.

Of course, now he fits in fine with a plethora of other tablets coming out on the Autobot and Decepticon side, including his redecoed version and more popular character, Laserbeak. It is funny how often we have seen the alternate versions come out first in the recent times. We had Sentinel Prime come out, and we knew he was going to be remade into Astrotrain. There have been others too.

Well, as a bird, he is pretty great. He has enough going on in the design to give a nice nod to the old birds of G1. He has the high head with a jetpack on the back. Thankfully they found a way to integrate the accessories from G1 into the figure, so we didn’t have leftover parts when they are in tablet mode.

Form the bird, he transforms into a tablet, of course. The screen sticker has some good details. It is a bit broken up by different parts forming the screen, but you get the idea, that he is a Decepticon, and he does not like the Autobots.

As per what we later found to be the norm, this guy had a third mode. Some of the tablets have really great alternate modes. This one is pretty weak. It is some kind of forklift thing. Originally I thought maybe it was some kind of battle tank, but after having both Rewind and Rumble show up with really good tanks, this one has to be some weird forklift.

So now, as with many of the previous series we have had that has featured data robots, I have a pile of them. Blaster is pretty great, and I am looking for Soundwave to allow some of the Decepticon tablets a chance for espionage.

Cyclonus – Transformers – Combiner Wars

Cyclonus is…purple. Guess that means he is a Decepticon. Haha! Why did purple become a bad guy color in the 80s? Decepticons, Magneto, Skeletor. This version of Cyclonus is well done. He is a remodel of Silverbolt, and this is another one of those times that Hasbro did a great job of changing the outside of the figure to really make it feel like a totally new figure.

He comes with the same weapon as Silverbolt, but this time in silver, which works with his color scheme. I am still not a big fan of the smaller secondary weapon, as it seems like it should be a shield, but it is actually a gun. Ah well, it looks fine when the two parts are put together for Superion, or in Cyclonus’ case, forming Galvatronus.

The torso/head of Galvatronus is pretty standard for what we see in this line.   It is really interesting just how purple he is in his final transformation.   Like Superion, Galvatronus does not have any ports for adding extra robots as shields or chest pieces.  And as we have seen from the Optimus/Motormaster debacle, this is a good thing.  It is hard to play with a toy that falls apart so easily.

Cyclonus can take any Combiners he wishes to form Galvatronus. There is a team listed on the box, but I think it is so much sweeter for Cyclonus to take the parts from his mold-mate and use Autobots to destroy their own team.

I like to think of Cyclonus as strong enough mentally to be able to take over the thoughts of any Combiner and bend them to his will. I would think the same of Megatron, if only Megatron were actually a Combiner in this series. But I know how Megatron doesn’t like to be touched, much less have a mind connection with others.

I really like Cyclonus’ jet mode.  It is reminiscent of his last figure in the Reveal the Shield line, but is a lot more sleek, and of course a lot bigger.  There is a lot going on down under, with tucking so much of the robot parts in there, but that is kind of what they have to do with figures like these.  Slender on top, and bulbous on the bottom.

Overall, he is a really well done figure.  He looks good in his standard robot and jet modes, as well as combined.  Since he doesn’t have his own team, he will spend most of his time on his own on the shelf, and that is okay by me.

Combiner Wars – Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus is one big dude. Even before the giant shoulder posts, he is quite a figure. He has fantastic articulation, stands solid on two very sturdy legs.
Magnus comes with two guns that can combine to form his hammer.

Little Minimus Ambus has about the same transformation as a Headmaster, or a light Legion Class figure. He is a suitable vehicle as well as a robot.

Well, this is a bit of a surprise.  Guess I need to catch up on my comic reading.

This is what Transformers fans have been waiting for. An Ultra Magnus that is all his own. He is not a redeco or remodel of any previous Optimus.

They did such an amazing job over at Hasbro, where they kept the cab of the truck as a part of the whole vehicle, but they worked it in a way so they the cab can swivel under the trailer. So, even though they are attached together, it isn’t like some horribly long truck that would never be able to turn.

Ultra Magnus fits right in with the Deluxe Class figures.  He can carry two on his trailer, bunk-bed style.  His cab is on the small side when compared to Optimus, and it is noticeable since they are similar styled trucks.

The tailgate drops down to allow for the inside car to slide out. Then the top part can fold down to allow the second car to get off. There are plenty of extra ports to allow Magnus to carry gun and hand/feet accessories for the riders.

This just ups the playability by so much. Well designed and executed.

Now you can really get a good look at how big Magnus is.  Optimus doesn’t even come up to his shoulder, and then Magnus has the giant extra shoulder pieces to boot.   He is really big.   He is such a fantastic example of the Leader Class to go along with Megatron and Jetfire.

Stand him up next to a Combiner, and he is still pretty sizable.  It would take qutie a bit for a Combiner to take down this guy.  Good thing they are on the same team.

This is a must-have for any Transformers fan.  He is so good, you will not be disappointed.

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