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Watch for price gouging

All of my Transformers collectors, beware! I was at Target on Saturday on a “regular” shopping trip. Of course I have to take a walk down the toy aisles. A little hunt for some Hot Wheels that got me nowhere. Then a trip down the aisle wi Transformers. I was so excited to see the new Prime Starscream. As I reached out to grab him, I flinched like I had been burned. There above the figure was the price. $19.98. THE WHA!?!?! Are you telling me that those horrible higher-ups at Target are trying to get us to pay $20 for a flippin’ Deluxe figure? Um, no! The larger, better Soundwave is only $22. Something is wrong here.
To add insult to injury, I was out the next night for a little dinner. On the way home, we stopped by WalMart. There they had another figure in the Beast Hunters line, and it was only $12.98. Confirmation that Target is out to screw us.

The strangest dream

Last night I had such a weird dream I just had to write about it.  And since it pertained to toy collecting, this was the perfect place.

In my dream I went to Frank Gorshin’s house.    If you don’t know, Frank Gorshin played the Riddler in the orginal Batman TV series.

Apparently, in my dream anyway, Frank was a toy collector.  He had a massively huge collection of toys from every era.  Not to mention movie props and more.   It was quite a feat getting into his house, but it was quite amazing.

Strangely enough, he was having a sale.  A lot of guys were standing around making bids on toys.

I am the type of person who beats around the bush when trying to decide on if I want to buy something or not.   This dream was just that.  There was a special 3-pack of Optimus Primes that was priced right.  Something like $7.99.   I thought about it and thought about it, but did not bid right away.  When I finally did go to buy it, it was sold.

My dream is two fold.  One being that I have a tendency to miss out on toys from not getting them when I see them, and then later going back.  The other is my unease about talking to strangers.   32 years old, you would think I could talk to a stranger.   Well, I can.   It is dealing with people when talking about money that really makes me uneasy.

Well, when I woke up, the dream was so vivid in my mind.  Unfortunately I still don’t have that mythical 3-pack of Primes.  🙂

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