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Dragonzord – Legacy Collection 2017 Reissue

I went to a Toys R Us a little ways away today. Out and about and looking for some Hot Wheels, or maybe some new 6.5 inch Legacy Power Rangers. And then I came upon this guy, the Dragonzord from Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. The Green Ranger’s angry Godzilla inspired Zord in all of his plastic and mostly diecast glory.

“Where are you Dragonzord?”

I am really excited to be finally getting my hands on this guy. It was issued initially back in 2014, but I could not find one. I was definitely not going to pay scalper prices, and I figured I would be missing out. Not great, since I have the rest of the Legacy Collection (save for Titanus), and Dragonzord would really round out that part of my collection.

“I shall set you free!”

The box art is really well done and fits in with the rest of the Zords we have seen so far.

Inside we see the nice packaging usually reserved for the Japanese Super Sentai Zords with the nice tight packaging and each part wrapped in plastic. We do not need window boxes with these figures. The quality control is really up there and nicely done.

Dragonzord comes with two sets of hands, one straight and one with curved fingers. Generally we saw the curved hands in the show when Dragonzord was fighting hand-to-hand combat, and the flat hands when it was shooting or when transforming.

This is a great looking Zord. It has Godzilla written all over it. The color scheme is so nicely done. Decades later, and it is still a great overall design. The standouts are the gold and green paint apps. So bright and shiny.

There are a lot of details all over the zord. His head is fantastic. The red eyes are great, and the top head spike is so long.

And then there is the 11 inch tail. It is huge!!! And it is articulated. Now, it is not as articulated as the show makes the tail seem, but I am guessing the tail on the show’s Dragonzord was not quite that articulated either.

Dragonzord and Megazord had a few good battles. Usually the MMPR team trying to get Tommy to not beat them up.

They were no match for Dragonzord, and thankfully they were able to help Tommy to kick the bad guy chip on his shoulder and use the Dragonzord for good, not evil.

I was surprised by how much taller Megazord is over Dragonzord. It is nearly half a head.

Finally, once the team was a group of six, Zordon taught Tommy how to use the Dragon Dagger to summon Dragonzord to join with Megazord to form Dragonzord Battle Mode. The transformation is pretty much like it was in the show, using the Mastodon, Sabertooth Tiger and Triceratops to form a bigger, badder Zord. That left the tail and center of Dragonzord’s body to form a really big staff. It is about half again as tall as Dragonzord. Interestingly, the Power Staff on this figure is more accurate than the staff in the show. That staff had only three tail parts and then the drill, as opposed to 5, which Dragonzord’s tail actually had.

When the spike on top of his head is pressed up to full height, it releases the bottom jaw, and allows the face to show. It is a cool face, with a really big red eye mask.

Then there is the secondary transformation. The even more powerful Mega Dragonzord. This uses all of Megazord, except for Mastodon’s head. This mode does not use the parts to form the Power Staff, so Mega Dragonzord could foreseeably use the Power Staff in this mode, though I don’t know if the team would need to since the finishing move is very powerful.

Since Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers ran longer than Zyuranger and went into the footage of Dairanger, they wanted to continue to use the Dragonzord for a bit while Tommy made the transition from Green Ranger to White Ranger. The evil clone of Tommy as the Green Ranger took over the Dragonzord, while Tommy took control of the White TigerZord. Now these two Zords were from different shows, so they were not ever in scenes together. The editing team had to edit a fight together using footage of each Zord. They fought against one another, but never were on screen together.

Seasons 1-3 in Zords. This Dragonzord is really fun to play around with. It is a bit finicky at times, where the parts don’t want to stay together. I guess there really is too much diecast in these guys. Dragonzord is the only Zord of the three to not be destroyed. Maybe we will see it again someday.

Power Rangers Legacy 6.5 inch figures – Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Team Compete (White and Yellow Rangers)

Today we are taking a look at the last and final two figures to complete the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers in the 6.5 inch Legacy line.

This is wave 3, but technically the 4th wave due to the Toys R Us exclusive set of movie figures that came out a little while ago. This wave is again split between two teams. 2 figures are to complete the MMPR team, while the other three figures will complete the Power Rangers In Space team. I grabbed the MMPR figures first since I know there is a whole lot of love for both the White and Yellow Rangers. It is not a big surprise that Bandai would wait until the end of the line to give us these two figures.

First off, let’s look at the White Ranger. Another Tommy Oliver. Haha! This is not the first line to have multiple Tommy’s in it, and we have at least one more on the way, when we get to Zeo.

Tommy comes with Saba, and a sheath for said beautiful sword. The Saba sword really is a work of art. Saba is so nicely painted, with a base of white, and touches of gold, red and silver. This is probably the most expensively colored single piece that Bandai has ever done in terms of paint apps.

Facing off, Tommy vs Evil Tommy. Actually this works and is show accurate. If you remember, Rita had a second Tommy, an evil Tommy made, and they fought. Of course you know a copy is never quite as good as the original.

Next up, let’s look at Trini. The original TigerRanger from Zyuranger was a male, hence the lack of a skirt. It made the transition to MMPR fairly well, and Trini had her helmet off enough that we just went along with it being her.Of course in the Legacy line, they give their ladies a little more going on up top, so this is definitely a woman this time around. She has one of my favorite helmets in the entire series, with the tiger face and teeth coming down over the visor.

Trini comes with the final part of the Dino Megazord, though back in the day it was just Megazord. She comes with the yellow right leg. It is not quite as nice looking as the blue leg. It is a bit flat around the bottom, and the face of the tiger is a bit cartoonish.

The girls are together and they look great. There are some subtle differences in the two, as to not just be a repainted copy from pink to yellow. For one, Trini is shorter than Kimberly. Now that I say that, in season 2, Trini leaves for a peace conference, and Aisha Campbell takes her place as the new Yellow Ranger along with Rocky and Adam who took over as the Red and Black Rangers respectively.

The core 5 members look great together. The colors are so bright, as they were back in 1993. So many different colors that created a genre of action TV all it’s own.

So, you can go with season 1 and 2, when Tommy broke the power of the Green Ranger and became a part of the team.

Or you can go with Season 2 and 3 with the White Ranger. Whatever your favorite team makeup, you certainly can make it here.

The Megazord is complete. As with other Build-a-Figure lines, these are generally very special parts that are going to end up being one-off parts. There are no other Zords that are like the Megazord, so we will only see these used once. Megazord is really well done. It has open hands that makes me think he should have a sword of some sort. It really is too bad it didn’t come with one.

Now we have 2 complete Zords, not including the Astro Megazord that will be done with the rest of the In Space team at the end of this wave.

I am really, really happy with what they are doing with these figures. Bandai America is really doing a great job of giving the Power Rangers fans what they really want and deserve. From fantastic figures, to nice Build-a-Figures.

The rest of In Space will follow with Zeo on the horizon. There is also the whole metallic MMPR figures debacle that is coming soon, but I won’t get into that. I will just hope for a weapons pack so the core 5 can have their individual weapons at some point.

White Tigerzord – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy

I have been watching this guy sit on the shelves of Toys R Us for a very long time. Finally this past week my local TRU put it on clearance. It was as if the stars had aligned just for me. Discounted from $79.99 to $39.99, and I had a $10 off reward, so I got it for $29.99 with tax. What a deal. The amazingly high prices of the past Power Rangers toys has really kept me out of that market, really only going back to Power Rangers Samurai, except for all of the Red Rangers being released a few years back. I have also been able to get my hands on a few of the MMPR Rangers as they have come out in the triangle boxes.

This is a great first foray into the original (U.S.) series. White Tigerzord is so strong and well made. It looks so accurate to the original from the show. I think the feet really win me over on this one. It seems that Super Sentai always gave their mecha robust legs and feet, and they really pulled it off here.

The paint is outstanding. From the great contrast of the white and black, to the touches of gold, silver and metallic red.

The transformation into Tiger Mode is fairly easy and straightforward.  It is clear that they did a great job over at Bandai getting him ready for multiple combinations.  There are unused moving parts all over this guy.

The only thing I don’t really like are the tiny back legs. It is hard to make something strong and robust when it comes out of another part of the body.

Overall, a great Zord. I cannot wait to get my hands on the Dino Megazord that came out before, and the Thunder Megazord that will be coming out some time in 2016. I will probably jump on Thunder Megazord much more quickly since I have something to combine it with now.


Power Rangers Mixx N’ Morph 2-Pack – Migthy Morphin White Ranger and TigerZord

They put White Ranger in there almost built, but with enough to show that he comes apart.   TigerZord is in all kinds of pieces, and hidden by the morphed monstrosity on the right edge of the box.

A closer look at the monstrosity. There is a lot going on there. Red Dino Charge Ranger, with Rexy’s head and shoulder, White Ranger’s waist, Claw BattleZord’s claw. It looks to be a mix of the parts from the 2-packs. Not that there is a lot else, out right now, but the colors are from these 2-packs.

Back of the box.  1/2 dedicated to White Ranger/TigerZord, and the other half showing what you can do with all of the sets.  Along the bottom, they have listed single sets 01-05, and 2-packs 09-11.  So far, sets 06-08 are missing.  Can’t wait to see what those will be.

I figured I would pick up the first set, in terms of show order.  White Ranger (Tommy) along with his smaller sidekick TigerZord.  Wasn’t that Zord bigger in the show?


TigerZord doesn’t have a whole lot going on for him in Tiger Mode.  He is a bit stiff, with limited movement in his legs.  Of course in the show, we pretty much just saw him flailing his legs around as if he was running.  I am really saddened by the back legs.  It is as if he should have come with some feet that were left off.

White Ranger:

White Ranger fairs much better in his initial mode.  He comes sporting claws on his hands and feet.  He comes with a truly large version of Saba.   The head sculpt on Saba is quite fantastic.  There is a very light shade of grey added to the blade, but this looks to be a toy that will have limited extra paint additions.   Rough and tumble toys.

The ball and socket joints are about half and half on this guy.  Some are really loose, and others are really tight.  It seems like the molded sockets are a bit more loose than the sockets with inserts, such as the sockets on the the figure’s backs.

There are plenty of ports all over these figures.  Along with the standard ports, they come with two on the back, as well as an extra low on the waist.

TigerZord Warrior Mode:

Combine TigerZord with parts from White Ranger, and you get Warrior Mode. I wish the two matched colors better. White Ranger is a slightly cream color white, while TigerZord is more of a grey. That being said, he makes for a pretty good Warrior.

He has really big feet that help his stance. They are jointed so he can get into some pretty dynamic poses.

He comes with a sword, made from the tail, so you don’t have to reuse Saba in this mode.

This is a pretty dynamic figure.  I like the Warrior mode a lot.   I wasn’t so sure as I was putting him together, but the more I played with him, the better I liked him.  This is going to be a lot of fun for a lot of kids.  There are some problems with the ball joints either being too loose or too tight, and a few that are just right.  Either kids will be going to a parent to pop these together, or they will fall to the wayside.  Hopefully the tight joints will loosen up over time, and not cause kids to give up on them.

Power Rangers did something that Transformers couldn’t.  And that as to buy a mix-em-up toy.  Transformers and Marvel have had theirs out for a while now, but this ball and joint thing seemed a lot more fun.   I don’t know the staying power of the line.  Technically, they two decades of Rangers and Zords to go back through.  They could foreseeably go on with this for as long as people are buying them.  So far, I see a lot of repetition.  The lineup is Red Dino Charge Ranger, and Rexy, both of which can be found in a 2-pack (Clear Red Ranger).  There is a second black version of Rexy (from Kyoryuger toy line).  There is also a black/green version of TigerZord.  Following that is a OctoZord colored Claw BattleZord which can also be found in a 2-pack with Gold Ranger.  So, there is not a lot out there to get started.  I am sure most will pass on the multiple versions of the same figures like two Red Rangers and Rexys, but other colors like the black version of Rexy could be something to look into.    Of course, there is also the missing numbers 06-08.  Can’t wait to find out what those could be.  Hopefully something from another series.  Three down and what, 20 more shows to choose from.  Choose wisely Bandai, and you can just take my money now.

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