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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Half Shell Heroes – Leo with Glider Wings

Playmates, going for a younger audience with the toy line, came out with Half Shell Heroes, which fits in their cute lineup of other figures from different licenses. Being the lover I am of all things TMNT, I had to pick one up. Of course I am starting with my favorite Turtle, Leonardo. He comes with Glider Wings that allows him to fly. Play with the wheel on the back, and his wings flap.  The clip that goes around his waist does a great job of holding him in place.  He also has shoulder restraints that flip into place for a little extra protection.

He is a cute little guy with some good articulation for his size. His two legs have a swivel at the hips. They move together. He also has joints at the arms that allow for good rotation.

I think the Half Shell Heroes are a great Evolution figure for the Nickelodeon figure line.  

He is bigger than the little guy, and takes on a younger look of the big guy.  I think he fits perfectly inbetween.   Pre-teen adventures await.

I think he is a great figure.  There is some good value in these little guys.  They are not outrageously expensive since they come with a figure and a vehicle for about $7.  There are also 2-packs with other characters from the show, both good and bad guys.    They also have vehicles of varying sizes, from the small that come with the main characters, to larger vehicles that come with a special version of the figure (wearing helmets and the like), to really large vehicles, like the Turtle Van.  It also looks like there is a giant playset.  I don’t think I will make it all the way to buying the big stuff. but the smaller stuff is pretty fun and won’t take up too much room on the shelves, or in the case of Leo, hanging from the ceiling in his glider.


Battle Shell Leonardo

Here I was, all set to have just another toy with a dumb gimmick.  It isn’t realistic for a Ninja Turtle to have an opening shell with weapons inside.  We have not seen that in the show.  Why would we get one now?   Well, the answer to that is, because they were able to take up the extra space in the body without ruining all of the great articulation of the figure.

The new Leonardo is slightly smaller than the first version.  He has a great look to him, and looks a little bit more like the show’s design, from the shape of the face, to the toes on his feet.  He comes with his standard swords that still attach to his back.  In addition to keeping all of his articulation, he has an extra twist at the wrist.

The back opens to reveal a throwing blade, two throwing stars, and a spike.  They all lay in there, with the knife really holding them all in place.   The shell snaps into place, keeping it from moving around when he is being played with.

Best part of the special shell?  It allows one guy to do a whole lot more damage.  😉  Here I was thinking I was going to just pick up one.  What do I need with another set of four turtles?  I have the first version of the guys, and the Stealth Tech set.  Could this set be worth getting?  Yes it can.   A new head sculpt that looks a lot more like the show, really goes a long way with these guys out of the box.   I have to go hunt down the other three now. C’ya.


Spider Bytez – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

I almost passed on getting Spider Bytez.  He was not that great a character, and the bad guys never seem to be as good as the Turtles when it comes to the toys.   I figures, what the heck, and grabbed him anyway.  I am glad I did.  He is a fun little guy.   He makes for a pretty tall bad guy once all four of his spider arms are installed on his head.

When he came boxed, it was hard to see what we were getting with the extra spider arms.   I could see we were not going to get any leg articulation on the main figure, but it looked like  the rest would give us something good.  And it did.

I have had hours of bendy fun with him.  He has ball joints where his spider legs attach to his head.  Each arm can swivel all the way around to face any way you want.  He does get back heavy when that are all facing backwards.    There is also a joint about halfway up the arm.  I don’t really thing you could want much more in an arm like this.  Pretty good there.   His sculpt is not as basic as I though on first look either.  All of the parts highlighted in red are actually molded on the body.  He has great teeth that fix into a mouth that actually goes back a ways.

Overall, a good figure.   Way better than the people we have been getting that are WAY too small.  I will talk more about this coming up in a new review.  Star Wars anyone?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Vehicle 2 – Dragon Chopper

The Dragon Chopper, the only vehicle for the first wave of the Ninja Turtle line.  It is a good one though.

It’s rider, The Dragon Fang Foot Soldier, Is a recolor of the standard Foot Soldier, with the addition of the helmet and harness.  The helmet is removable, which is one advantage over the Raph figure.  Any Foot soldier could wear the helmet.  It would be a little tight on a Turtle’s fat head.  😉

The detail work is really amazing for this vehicle.  From the amazing dragon head, to the wheels.   There are little details all over this bike.

Make sure to get that harness nice and tight, and your rider will stay in place with no worries.   The bike rolls really well, but it is only a two-wheeler, so it will fall over.  I really like that they added a very nice double kickstand to allow for the bike to stand.

This is a time lapse of the rider being thrown out and over the front of the Chopper and into position to fight:

He is wearing a harness that have an attachment point in the back to allow connection to the arm.
When the button is pushed, a very strong spring propels the rider out of the seat, he does one flip in the air, and lands on his feet.  The flip is so fast that I was unable to capture it in the time lapse photo.  I am going to go back and try to get it on video.

The directions say that you can put a Turtle in the harness and flip him as well.  I have not tried it, but they gave lots of extra room in the harness.

Overall, a great mid-sized vehicle.  We get another soldier for Shredder’s army, and a very well executed design.  I was a little worried about the arm being in the way, and looking strange, but since it is metal, it was made small, and does not interfere with the overall design.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Vehicle 1 – Ninja Stealth Bike

Ah yes, the vehicles.  It is always fun to look at vehicles for larger scale figures.   GI Joe and the like have great vehicles, but these larger scale vehicles tend to have some heft to them.   Today I am sharing the Ninja Stealth Bike.  There are two in this size, which come with drivers.   Both have a bit of a “gimmick” to go with them.  This one has the best features, but the Foot Soldier’s bike is pretty good too.

As you can see, this version comes with Raphael.  This version is called Stealth Ninja Raph.   He looks just like his standard version of Raph, with two major differences.   One, is the helmet.  He comes with a helmet molded into place.  His visor can be raised and lowered, and it is really nice and clear.   The other feature are driving gloves.  Really, they are just the lower hands painted black, but a nice inexpensive addition that helps him stand out.  The only complaint I have is that I would like to have seen a removable helmet so any of the Turtles could ride the bike.

Raph comes with his sais, which go in holders in the back of his belt.   It is really nice that he can ride in the bike with the sais in place.

Raph slides down into the bike without a problem.  A nice touch that will allow kids to easily play with this toy.  The details are outstanding on the bike.  Starting at the front, the wheels have a turtle shell pattern.  Followed by headlights (which would be good in the sewers).   The main body of the bike is green, and actually matches Raph quite well.  I was a little worried about the front end being too flimsy with the arms reaching out so far to the front wheel.  But it is nice and solid.

As we move to the back of the bike, you can see the really nice details on the engine(s), including a pair of jets when he needs a little bit of speed.   As I get back here, I see the stickers.  Thankfully, they are already installed all over the bike.  No one will be complaining about that I am sure.

The top drops down, and the side fold in to encase Raph in a shell of protection.  I was not so sure how I was going to like the bike in this mode, but it looks really good in person.    It was a little tricky getting Raph down into the lowest position he could go in the seat to make sure the shell would be able to stay closed.

Down low, you can see Raph hiding in the shell armor.  If you press on the tab sticking out of the back part of the roof, the shell will spring apart and reveal Raph underneath.

This is a great vehicle.  Well made, well executed design, it comes with a driver, has special features, and it rolls like a champ.   I don’t think there is much that could make this bike any better.  I see some potential improvements in people doing a little detail painting.

Up next, we will look at the Foot Soldier’s idea of a bike, the Dragon Chopper.  It has quite a feature that you will NOT want to miss.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Support Staff

Part 2 of my look at the new Ninja Turtles will focus on the supporting characters of the show.  This includes, Splinter, Shredder, Kraang, and a Foot Soldier.
First we will look at the leader of the Ninja Turtles, Splinter:

Splinter is a great looking rat.  He has a lot of color in his face that really makes him stand out.   He is wearing a robe that is made of a rubber type material.  It has a slit down the back that allows for his tail to hand through.

I was a little disappointed with the articulation of Splinter.  He has good shoulder articulation, both a ball and swivel.  But that is where the majority of the articulation ends.  He has a twist at the end of his sleeves for wrist artic.  His head is also on a swivel.  His legs have joints at the hips to allow his feet to be moved forward and back, but he really cannot stand unless they are in one specific place.  He does have some articulation in his tail where it meets his body.

Unlike the Turtles, and April, Splinter only comes with his staff.   No Ninja Arsenal with this figure.

Now, onto the bad guys.


Second figure into the support staff, and I saw a trend coming.   No knee joints.  This is not going to make for fun playtime when all of the bad guys can only stand there.    Shredder has his trademark bladed armor.  It is a bit bulky on his wrists and around the feet. The rest of it is really nice.  He comes with a small sword and two throwing stars.  The sword is WAY too small.  He cannot even hold it in his hand without it flopping around.  And, he does not have a place to carry it.  Everyone else comes with some sort of sheath for their blades.  Not for Shredder.


Ah, yes.  The alien brain himself.  Kraang is in his robot body, who is equipped with two laser guns.   As you might expect with a super thin figure like the robot, it does not have much along the lines of articulation.  Think of it like a giant-sized Battle Droid from the Star Wars line of figures.  They share a pretty similar stance.  The robot does have a little bit more movement in the shoulders.    It does have one stance it can hold, otherwise it will fall over.

Kraang himself is a rubbery little guy.  Easily removed from the body of the robot, Kraang has a whole bunch of thin tentacles.  I can see these being broken off by kids really easily.

Foot Soldier:

By far, my favorite of the bad guys.   He again, does not have knee joints or elbow joints, but he does come with two swords, and 2 throwing blades.  He has good articulation other than the lack of the joints mentioned.  His coloring is very basic, but that is what you would expect from the soldiers of the bad guys.   We will be looking at a variation of the Foot Soldier next time, when we look at a few of the vehicles.

The thee bad guys so far.  It will be fun, if we get some of the animal based bad guys.  Hopefully they will have the knee and elbow articulation of the Turtles.

All together, that is quite an array of color.  The heights are really well done, leaving the Turtles a little shorter than the humans.  The four Turtles are better figures overall, but the other figures are not terrible.   All of the figures are well made, and well executed.

Up next, we will look at two of the mid-sized vehicles, the Ninja Stealth Bike, and the Dragon Chopper.  Both have some nice features, and both come with a figure.  You will not want to miss these two.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – The rest of the Turtles

A few days back, I looked at Leonardo, from the new toy line featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  A day later, I had to go back and get the rest of the Turtles.   I also bought the support characters, and today I bought two of the vehicles, so stay tuned for that.  The vehicles are pretty cool.

Today though, we are going to look at the rest of the Turtles:


NERD!!!   Haha!!  I love Don.  He always came up with the best gadgets in the original show.  Not that they all worked, but he gave it a try.  He has light skin, and dark wraps.  With the purple mask, it looks good.   He comes with a bo staff, as well as extra weapons that are staff related.   Donatello have the distinct ability to put his arms down to the side.  There are indents in the side of his body to allow for his arms to drop further than all three other Turtles.  It gives him a taller, leaner stance.  Add in the smaller, round head, and you have Donatello.


The jokester, prankster, and all around pizza-lovin’ fool.  This version of Mike reminds me so much of the original toys.  He has his trademark sideways smile, and the color is so bright.  Add in the orangeish weapons, and you have quite a throwback figure.



Ah yes, Raphael.  The Turtle with a chip on his shoulder.  Any reason to get into a fight with this one.  The darkest of all in terms of skin color, as well as moods.  His mask has the ties flying in the wind in that great classic look that goes all the way back to the original comic series.  Outfitted with a pair of sais, he is able to hold one of them in the upside down fashion that he is known to do.  Give him a grimace and a crack in the top of his shell, and he looks like he is ready to brawl.

The Four!  Good to see them all together.   Some reuse of body parts, but enough differences in paint and heads and shells that you really do get to see quite a difference.   You can also see the range in heights.   Leo and Raph are close to the same.  Don is a lot taller, and Mike is shorter.  All of their weapons can be stored in the back of their belts.

Turtles ready for action.   If you are interested in seeing more pictures, including the extra weapons that each figure comes with, click on the Flickr section over on the right side of the blog.   Have fun.  Up next, the support character, Splinter, Shredder, Kraang, and a Foot Soldier to round out the first 9 characters in the new series.

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