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Thunder Megazord – Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Legacy Collection

Boy howdy, this guy was NOT cheap.  Probably one of the most expensive toys in my collection to date.   Ummm, yes, definitely the most expensive toy to date.  Is he worth it?  Yes he is.  He is great on his own.  He looks great with other Zords.  And he can combine with other Zords with the Zord Builder tech, so the sky is the limit with this guy.  There are five main Zords to look at, and a few accessories, so let’s get started.

Red Dragon Thunderzord:

Red Dragon Thunderzord is a fantastic figure all his own. In Warrior mode, he is tall, only a head shorter than Dino Megazord. He has very nice articulation with movement at the shoulders, hips, head, and feet.

He transforms into the Dragon mode, and completely changes his look. It is pretty cool that Zord has two modes before even combining, and they both look great.

Lion Thunderzord:


The Lion Thunderzord is not a lot different than it’s predecessor, the Mastodon Dinozord. He is a big guy, and that is about all. He doesn’t really do anything in this mode, and pretty much sits there looking…well pretty. The colors are fantastic with shiny gold and bright metallic green paint all around. He has a lot of heft to him with the front paws being made of metal.

Unicorn and Griffin Thunderzords:

The Unicorn and Griffin Thunderzords are legs, and that is about it. They have moving heads that go back and forth. They are more similar looking than the Triceratops Dinozord and the Sabertooth-Tiger Dinozord, so they really don’t stand out on the shelf when they are in this mode.

Firebird Thunderzord:

The Firebird Thunderzord is a great improvement from it’s predecessor, the Pterodactyl Dinozord. Where the Pterodactyl had tiny arms, and a little pin head, the Firebird is much more regal looking. There are long moving wings, and a long golden tail. The head has good movement on it’s neck.

Thunder Megazord:

The five Zords together form the Thunder Megazord. This guy takes second place to the original Megazord in terms of popularity, but Dino Megazord cannot hold a candle to the height, detail and beauty of Thunder.

This guy is dripping with shiny gold armor. The coloring is very similar to Dino Megazord, with a large area of red on the torso, and black in the arms and shoulders. Funny enough, the Zords were swapped on the legs, with the Sabertooth Tiger and Triceratops switching places when they became the Griffin and Unicorn.

His head being able to turn is probably the best thing going for him, and there is a lot going for him. But unlike nearly every other Megazord ever, the turning of the head is a great asset to posing the Zord.  He comes with some good accessories too. He has a staff that is a combination of the staff of Red Dragon Warrior and the tail of the Firebird.  He also comes with the Thunder Saber, which is a chrome covered blade with a sheath that attaches to the hip of the Megazord in tabs along the wing of the Firebird.

Thunderzord Assault Team:

One of the addition pieces that comes with the set is the base to create the Thunderzord Assault Team. Basically the five Zords stuck together to go into battle as one. A flying version of the Assault tank that Dino Megazord could form. Not really the best mode, but if you have a short shelf to keep Thunder Megazord on, this is a good way to display him.

Mega Tigerzord:

Let’s not forget about the Zordbuilder tech that we have going for us in all of the modern Power Rangers Zords. A little forethought brought us the Mega Tigerzord.

This combination was very powerful, possibly beating the Thunder Megazord with strength until it’s demise. They sure liked to kill off the Zords in the early Power Rangers shows.

He uses the Unicorn and Griffin as legs. The Lion’s paws become additional shoulder pads, and the lion’s body gets added to the back. The Firebird becomes a weapon. There are a few more tweaks here and there, including the morphing of the head, and you have a powerful dude. He can be displayed this way, but there are some leftover pieces, and there are some out there who hate leftovers.

One neat thing is that Red Dragon is left untouched, so he could foreseeable fight alongside Mega Tigerzord.


And as always, more pictures can be seen on my Flickr Account.  The link is down the right side. —->


Power Rangers Mixx N’ Morph 2-Pack – Migthy Morphin White Ranger and TigerZord

They put White Ranger in there almost built, but with enough to show that he comes apart.   TigerZord is in all kinds of pieces, and hidden by the morphed monstrosity on the right edge of the box.

A closer look at the monstrosity. There is a lot going on there. Red Dino Charge Ranger, with Rexy’s head and shoulder, White Ranger’s waist, Claw BattleZord’s claw. It looks to be a mix of the parts from the 2-packs. Not that there is a lot else, out right now, but the colors are from these 2-packs.

Back of the box.  1/2 dedicated to White Ranger/TigerZord, and the other half showing what you can do with all of the sets.  Along the bottom, they have listed single sets 01-05, and 2-packs 09-11.  So far, sets 06-08 are missing.  Can’t wait to see what those will be.

I figured I would pick up the first set, in terms of show order.  White Ranger (Tommy) along with his smaller sidekick TigerZord.  Wasn’t that Zord bigger in the show?


TigerZord doesn’t have a whole lot going on for him in Tiger Mode.  He is a bit stiff, with limited movement in his legs.  Of course in the show, we pretty much just saw him flailing his legs around as if he was running.  I am really saddened by the back legs.  It is as if he should have come with some feet that were left off.

White Ranger:

White Ranger fairs much better in his initial mode.  He comes sporting claws on his hands and feet.  He comes with a truly large version of Saba.   The head sculpt on Saba is quite fantastic.  There is a very light shade of grey added to the blade, but this looks to be a toy that will have limited extra paint additions.   Rough and tumble toys.

The ball and socket joints are about half and half on this guy.  Some are really loose, and others are really tight.  It seems like the molded sockets are a bit more loose than the sockets with inserts, such as the sockets on the the figure’s backs.

There are plenty of ports all over these figures.  Along with the standard ports, they come with two on the back, as well as an extra low on the waist.

TigerZord Warrior Mode:

Combine TigerZord with parts from White Ranger, and you get Warrior Mode. I wish the two matched colors better. White Ranger is a slightly cream color white, while TigerZord is more of a grey. That being said, he makes for a pretty good Warrior.

He has really big feet that help his stance. They are jointed so he can get into some pretty dynamic poses.

He comes with a sword, made from the tail, so you don’t have to reuse Saba in this mode.

This is a pretty dynamic figure.  I like the Warrior mode a lot.   I wasn’t so sure as I was putting him together, but the more I played with him, the better I liked him.  This is going to be a lot of fun for a lot of kids.  There are some problems with the ball joints either being too loose or too tight, and a few that are just right.  Either kids will be going to a parent to pop these together, or they will fall to the wayside.  Hopefully the tight joints will loosen up over time, and not cause kids to give up on them.

Power Rangers did something that Transformers couldn’t.  And that as to buy a mix-em-up toy.  Transformers and Marvel have had theirs out for a while now, but this ball and joint thing seemed a lot more fun.   I don’t know the staying power of the line.  Technically, they two decades of Rangers and Zords to go back through.  They could foreseeably go on with this for as long as people are buying them.  So far, I see a lot of repetition.  The lineup is Red Dino Charge Ranger, and Rexy, both of which can be found in a 2-pack (Clear Red Ranger).  There is a second black version of Rexy (from Kyoryuger toy line).  There is also a black/green version of TigerZord.  Following that is a OctoZord colored Claw BattleZord which can also be found in a 2-pack with Gold Ranger.  So, there is not a lot out there to get started.  I am sure most will pass on the multiple versions of the same figures like two Red Rangers and Rexys, but other colors like the black version of Rexy could be something to look into.    Of course, there is also the missing numbers 06-08.  Can’t wait to find out what those could be.  Hopefully something from another series.  Three down and what, 20 more shows to choose from.  Choose wisely Bandai, and you can just take my money now.

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