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Thor Movie MiniMates

Thankfully the MiniMates are much better this time around than just a few weeks back when I reviewed the Marvel MiniMates TRU Wave 9.  I was a little worried after that last wave that we were going to be getting worse and worse figures, and possibly killing off one of my favorite toy lines.

But it looks like they just cheaped-out with the last Marvel line.  Not that this is in any way a good thing, but at least we have an improvement.  The figures can hold stuff again, and the paint looks fantastic.

Thor and Destroyer.  I was wondering how Destroyer will look on the big screen, and from the sighting of him I saw in a commercial, he looks pretty bad ass.   His figure here is pretty basic.  Lots of little details over a silver body.  I would have expected him to be taller.  Some of those fancy waist lentheners they sometimes use on the figures.  Bigger boots.  Something.

Thor is looking good in a bit more of a muted version of his comic costume.  It plays well in the real world, and I am sure it will look really good in the movie.  I am really fond of his helmet.  Taking away the feather wings for metal wings gives more of a realistic interpretation.

Loki and Odin.   Short names and BIG horns.  Previously we have had two Loki figures.  One with piddly little horns and Lady Loki with some pretty big horns.  This Loki blows the others out of the water.  Odin on the other hand goes for power over height, and has some pretty tough looking horns of his own.

Both figures have really nice details on their armor, Odin with more molding on his chest plate.

Civilian Thor and Asgardian Guard.  Really, this is the Donald Blake figure, but I think they want to actually sell this figure and since nobody would know who Donald Blake is, they went with Civilian Thor.    Very plain as figures go.  Some nice details in the jeans, but otherwise, not a lot going on there.   He does come with the hammer stuck in stone (it is removable).

The Asgardian Guard comes with a sword and spear.  His armor is really well done and his pants are well detailed too.

This is one of the two Toys R Us exclusive sets.

The other TRU exclusive set is Lady Sif and Volstagg.  Lady Sif is a nice looking female figure.   The does not have a lot of extra add-on details but the paint is fantastic.    Volstagg is a big boy.   He needed some extra armor for his big tummy.  My figure has a problem where the post under the hair was shaped funny, so his hair does not sit on his head very well, leaving a gap at the top of his head and his mouth does not show.   I am going to have to do a little surgery on that one.  All will be well though.

Lady Sif comes with a very nice sword.  Unique and held well in her had.   Volstagg has a battle axe that does not look like it could cut warm butter.   It will however smash it into a greasy mess.   I watched the trailer to see if he showed up at all, but I could not pick him out.

So, this is the TRU Wave of figures.  There are a plethora of other MiniMate figures I am going to have to track down.   These are really nice figures, and I KNOW I am going to like this movie.  So alas, the hunt begins.

There are five single packs: Frost Giant 1, Frost Giant 2, Asgardian Guard, Laufey, and Selvig.

There are also four 2-packs for Marvel Wave 39.  They are Thor and Destroyer (same), Loki and Odin (same), Agent Coulson and Frost Giant (same as Frost Giant 1), and Jane Foster and Frost Giant (again same as Frost Giant 1).

Now, I might pass on the other two sets, but come on, it is Agent Coulson, who is very much a part of getting the Avenger Initiative off the ground, and Jane Foster… who doesn’t want a MiniMate of Natalie Portman?

Ah, the life of a toy collector.  You find something you like and then you have to go out there and find more.  🙂  Until next time.   Happy hunting.

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