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Cyclonus – Transformers – Combiner Wars

Cyclonus is…purple. Guess that means he is a Decepticon. Haha! Why did purple become a bad guy color in the 80s? Decepticons, Magneto, Skeletor. This version of Cyclonus is well done. He is a remodel of Silverbolt, and this is another one of those times that Hasbro did a great job of changing the outside of the figure to really make it feel like a totally new figure.

He comes with the same weapon as Silverbolt, but this time in silver, which works with his color scheme. I am still not a big fan of the smaller secondary weapon, as it seems like it should be a shield, but it is actually a gun. Ah well, it looks fine when the two parts are put together for Superion, or in Cyclonus’ case, forming Galvatronus.

The torso/head of Galvatronus is pretty standard for what we see in this line.   It is really interesting just how purple he is in his final transformation.   Like Superion, Galvatronus does not have any ports for adding extra robots as shields or chest pieces.  And as we have seen from the Optimus/Motormaster debacle, this is a good thing.  It is hard to play with a toy that falls apart so easily.

Cyclonus can take any Combiners he wishes to form Galvatronus. There is a team listed on the box, but I think it is so much sweeter for Cyclonus to take the parts from his mold-mate and use Autobots to destroy their own team.

I like to think of Cyclonus as strong enough mentally to be able to take over the thoughts of any Combiner and bend them to his will. I would think the same of Megatron, if only Megatron were actually a Combiner in this series. But I know how Megatron doesn’t like to be touched, much less have a mind connection with others.

I really like Cyclonus’ jet mode.  It is reminiscent of his last figure in the Reveal the Shield line, but is a lot more sleek, and of course a lot bigger.  There is a lot going on down under, with tucking so much of the robot parts in there, but that is kind of what they have to do with figures like these.  Slender on top, and bulbous on the bottom.

Overall, he is a really well done figure.  He looks good in his standard robot and jet modes, as well as combined.  Since he doesn’t have his own team, he will spend most of his time on his own on the shelf, and that is okay by me.


Transformers: Generations – Combiner Wars – Megatron and Armada Megatron

These new Leader Class figures are big… and expensive.  Are they worth the cost?  Let’s take a look at the first pair.  Megatron and Armada Megatron are basically the same figure with a different head and a different paint scheme.  They are basically identical.   Is it worth picking them both up?  Well, yes and no.   Here is the rundown:

The color alone really sets the two apart.  Megatron looks so much like his G1 counterpart.  Even his legs look like they could be triggers or handles to a big gun.  Armada Megatron has a whole lot of purple added in, and other than with G1 Megatron, really says they are a Decepticon.

If the big difference between the two is going to be in the face, then it sure is a good thing they nailed the face.  It is about as perfect as you would want.  There is not a lot of emotion there, but you can tell it is not a boring robot face with no movement.

Of course Armada Megatron has to have the beetle head.  He has such great details with so many colors in his face and head.  He has an awesome scowl.

There is definitely a backpack going on back there.  You can’t get away from the giant working treads, so you have to put them somewhere.  They fold back and then slide down on those red arms.  It is quite a smooth and amazing part of the transformation.

Megatron looks like an unpainted version of the other tank that just rolled off the factory floor.  With Megatron, there is a cleanliness to the nearly all silver theme.  The juxtaposition is Armada Megatron with the green paint and the grey details all over.  There is still a lot of purple showing in A. Megatron to show who he is.

And to confirm, yes.  Real rubber treads that really work.  There are four separate treads.  Two on the front and two on the back.  They roll really easily.

Holy Shmoly!  There is a BIG size difference between the Voyager Class and Leader Class.  Megatron is half again as tall as Optimus.  That does not bode well for our Autobot leader.

And just when you thought, “That’s okay.  This is the Combiner Wars.  Surely Superion can take on Megatron.”  Well take a look at that.  Superion is only about a head taller than Megatron.   That is not nearly enough size, especially when you are talking about all of those Autobot brains having to control one robot body.   Where is Ultra Magnus when you need him?

“Go ahead Superion. Say that again!”

With Megatron, there is a set of stickers in with his art card.  There are two Autobot and two Decepticon emblems, a grate, and some art for his chest.   I guess I will have to hurry up and read the Combiner Wars story to see what stickers I may want to put on him.  Don’t worry.  Megatron comes with regular Decepticon tamops on his body to begin with, so you don’t have to put on stickers if you don’t want to.

The directions show transforming Armada Megatron the same way as Megatron.  The art work at the end of the transformation shows Armada Megatron with his treads separated and slightly elevated.  That really gives AM a different look.

Overall, I only found Armada Megatron at first.   I knew I needed at least one of these guys.  Much later I found the silver version, and I just had to have him.  He is so clean and great looking.   Do you need both?  Probably not.  If I were to choose, I would definitely go with the Silver version over the Armada version.  I do like them both a lot, and they look different enough that I am not disappointed to have both.   I will probably display Armada Megatron in vehicle mode since that is just as well made as the robot mode.   Megatron will remain in robot mode as the best resemblance to G1 Megatron EVER!

A Superior Superion for the Generations Line

I took a look at Alpha Bravo a while back, just to see if these Combiner Wars figures were going to be any good.  Alpha Bravo made me think, ‘yes they will be quite awesome.’   So, the journey continued to find the other four.   Of course there was the hiccup with Air Raid not being released in Wave 1, and sticking a stinkin’ Con in there instead.   Well, the wait is over.  During a trip last week, I came across Air Raid, and now I can finally put the Aerialbots together and form Superion.

The big guy of the five aerialbots.  Silverbolt is a robust looking robot.  He needs a bit of extra room in there to make way for all of the combiner parts.  They are hidden so well in here.  Bet you couldn’t see there is an extra head hiding in there.


The big guy of the five aerialbots.  Silverbolt is a robust looking robot.  He needs a bit of extra room in there to make way for all of the combiner parts.  They are hidden so well in here.  Bet you couldn’t see there is an extra head hiding in there.

He sets the design for the team.  They have generally boxy heads, and the color scheme of white, red, orange, and black carries through the whole team.

Air Raid:

Finally Air Raid came out with wave 2 of the Deluxe Combiner Wars figures, so I could build Superion. I was NOT about to put him together with Deragstrip there as one of the arms. Just wasn’t going to happen. Couldn’t have a Con hanging out with the rest of the Aerialbots.

I don’t know if he was pushed off to the second wave since he is a retool of Skydive, and they try not to put retools together in the same wave. Probably more likely that you will need to get all of the parts to each of the Combiners over a longer period of time. Just take my money.

Probably one of the characters that gets what it means to be a flier. Have fun. He is a bit reckless at times.


One of the most interesting things about the Aerialbots is how for many of them, their robot colors are quite different from their jet colors.

Firefly is no different. A mostly white and blue bot becomes a mostly red jet.


Skydive does not have that typical Autobot face.  In the original G1 history, Skydive is a bit of a bookworm.  With this face, he looks more ready to attack than anything else.

Alpha Bravo:

My first Combiner Wars figure, Alpha Bravo looks great in his white and orange color scheme.  He fits in so well with the others in robot mode.   Slight and ready to fight.

The five Aerialbots.  Large Silverbolt  with a collection of ready to go bots, just looking for a fight.

Jet Mode:

The four jets are some of the most recognizable jets of the 80s.  Just another nod to the G1 Transformers as we go further into the Generations line.

Air Raid (F-14 Tomcat):

Skydive (F-18 Hornet):

Silverbolt (Concorde):

Firefly (Harrier Jump Jet):

and then there is the helicopter…

Alpha Bravo: 

The non-jet of the group.  I have to assume he is a bit like Airwolf, with some boosters to get him into action more quickly.  I am sure the rest of the Aerialbots would not want to wait around for him to get there before becoming Superion.

This could have very easily become a repeat of planes, but each his unique and they have a great look sitting together.


Of course, the joy of the Combiner Wars line is to have something that combines.   Individually, each of the Transformers are good Deluxe Class figures.  They are taken to the new level this time around by combining to form Superion.

Big, bad, full of fire power, and strong.    He is a great figure with lots of motion.   So much care was put into these figures to allow for good articulation, as well as good stability.  He is not nearly as shaky as the Power Core Combiners we saw back in the day.

I love, love, love the fact that they got elbow articulation on this massive combiner figure.   So cool!

Well, I am hooked on these figures.  I have already found Motormaster, Dragstrip (from wave 1), and Dead End, so I am half a body on my way to build Menasor.  Boy is this going to be a good battle when I get these two forces facing off.   Can’t wait.

Alpha Bravo – Combiner Wars (Generations)

Can we get a little more confusing here with toy lines.  Not only do we have 4 Transformers lines going right now, but with the Combiner Wars line, it is a part of the Generations line.  Add in that some of the characters can combine in different ways.  Take Alpha Bravo here.  He can combine with Silver Bolt and become the leg of Superion.  Or, he can team up with Optimus Prime, and become the arm of Ultra Prime.

I was shopping for something on Amazon and saw this guy, and figured, since I haven’t seen them in the wild yet, I would take a chance and grab one to see if the line was going to be any good.  Well, I have him, I like him, and I am really hoping more will be coming into the stores soon.

AB comes with two guns.  One is his own gun that is just his size.  The other is what will ultimately become the hand of Ultra Prime.  I like that it is something that AB can actually use, and is not just some extra piece that sits around waiting to be used on a bigger guy.

The head.  What a great sculpt.  He has that classic G1 boxy head look that looks fantastic.

One issue I was waiting to have was with his articulation.  Generally, when you take a figure and try to make it a triple changer, there is something that gets messed up.   Especially when they are to become a part of a larger figure.  Not this time.  AB has amazing articulation, and looks like his own figure.  He doesn’t look like he is waiting to become something more.

n helicopter mode, he has a really sleek design. It looks like his front end was inspired by the Space Shuttle.

I love the back story of Alpha Bravo. He wanted to become an Aerial Bot so bad, but he was just a helicopter, while the other members were all jets. He was much slower to get to places. I think this design really shows how he can be much faster.

As a part of Superion, he will make up a leg.   But when he is with Optimus Prime, he will combine to become an arm of Ultra Prime.

Here AB is as Ultra Prime’s arm.  The hand is really cool looking, with the thumb moving independently.  The other four fingers all move together.  AB’s gun can fit in a hole in the top of the hand.

His attachment point is very similar looking to the terrible blue connectors from the Power Core Combiners.  Two things make this much better.  One is that the connectors are much bigger and stronger.  Two is that they don’t have to be pressed into place, but rather side into place, making them stay in place.

Well, there you have it.   Alpha Bravo exceeded my expectations as a figure with many transformations.   I am looking forward to finding the rest.  It would probably be no surprise to know that I will be looking at Optimus Prime next.  As a super fan of the big guy, you know I will be taking a very close look at him.  And all I see are good things.  Until next time…

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