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Toy Hunting for Deals

Inspected Sticker

I am a toy hunter, not a box hunter.  I have found a few toys over the years that I had been scouring the stores for, only to find one that has been pretty badly damaged.  I know I probably only scored the figure since someone else was looking for a nice box.   Sometimes, when we go through online retailers, we don’t get a say in what we buy.  The items usually show up in good order.

Recently, as in Monday, I was looking at a Power Ranger from the Super Samurai series on Amazon. $54.99 was a bit much for me at the time, but I noticed that there were some selling for a LOT less.  Generally these are hit with pretty hefty shipping charges that end up not saving any money at all, but I thought I would give it a try.   Clicking on the link, I noticed one that was a lot less, and with free Prime Shipping.  It stated it was an Amazon Warehouse deal.   The box was in bad shape but the items inside were inspected.   A markdown from $55 to $41 just for a bad box?  That is my kind of deal.  Well, it took a couple of extra days to get here, but here is what I ended up with.

Samurai MegaZordSamurai MegaZord in all of his 5-Zord glory.  From the front you can see that the box is a bit tattered on the top left side.   It looks like it had been crushed inward from the edge.  Mind you, there is nothing up there to get damaged.

MegaZord DamageIt is rather superficial, and just what I was hoping.  I get all of the important info off of the back, but with a lower price.   Not to be one to miss a deal, I had seen a second Zord that also was a Wearhouse Deal.  This one going from $14 to $6, I was hoping for a double shot at a great deal.  And here is how it came.

BeetleZordThis one I actually had to laugh at.  There was one plastic tab that had slipped out of the tape, and a crease on the back.  I have found more damage on regular items shipped to me.

So, if you are like me and don’t care about the packaging, make sure to do a little looking around before you click on the Check Out button.  There could be some nice savings in it for you!

Power Rangers – Super Samurai

Power Rangers Super Samurai.   They have been on the shelves for a while.  I picked up one for fun, and then I saw they were on sale at Walgreen’s, so now I have three.   I just wanted to grab something a little different, see how good the figures are, and add a splash of color to my world of small figures.

Survey says:  Winner.   The figures have good articulation, in all the right spots.  They come with accessories that attach to their bodies.  The paint is well done, if not a little too shiny, but they are Power Rangers, so a little flash is an okay thing.    And the girls?  They don’t look like dudes.   More slender body lines are a great plus here.

There are a lot of figures out there to choose from, over a few different series.  Some are regular paint, some are metallic paint.  The figures seem to run about $8, but they have been on sale as of late in many places.  Maybe the end of the run for these kids.

In all, good figures.  I have to actually go and watch the show when I get a chance.  The entire run of the Power Rangers Universe is on Netflix, so maybe I will just have to go back and watch from the beginning.   Become a PR expert or something… maybe not.

They are ever so slightly larger in scale than other comparable figures.  Not too far out of place since they have on big boots and helmets.


As always, don’t forget to check my Flickr account for lots more pictures.

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