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How Dare You Mattel, mixing Hot Wheels and the DC Universe

These figures, I mean cars have been out for a little while now.  The DC Universe series started with Superman, The Joker, The Flash, and Green Lantern.  I saw them, I was not interested in them, they were left to the hooks in the store…and that is where they stayed.  There are still plenty of that initial offering all over the place.   Now we have a new lot.  Batman, Bane, Catwoman, Two-Face, and Wonder Woman.

When I saw Bane, I had to get him.  The flat black with the neon transparent green was too good to pass up.

These cars are designed to be what the character would look like as if they were a car.  We have seen this before with the Disney line of characters.  I am kind of surprised with Disney owning Marvel, we did not see their figures come out first.

It would be fun to see what else they can come up with.   See how creative they can get.  The first wave seemed to be an introduction to the concept.  Four really well known characters.  I was not impressed by them.  The best they had to offer was The Joker, but he looked almost exactly the same as the version of the car that came with the 5-Pack for Gotham this same year.  I was not going out of my way for that one.  Green Lantern was also tempting with the transparent green body, but I never pulled the trigger on that one.

I think we are running around with some serious contenders this time around.   I think they backed off of the idea of the capes and such on the cars like Superman.  There are some good concepts this time around.  The Wonder Woman car looks to have multi-colored clear parts, in part to show her colors, but also to pay homage to her invisible jet.   I can’t wait to see that one in person.  Two-Face has two colors.  Batman is long and sleek.  Catwoman is slick and purple.  There is a good showing.   I have not seen all of them in person, but as always, the hunt continues.

To show the size of Bane, I put it with a standard size Hot Wheels. What else could I use? I had to go with Hal Jordan’s car. Sweet ride.

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