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The Invisible Woman – Sue Richards – Marvel Legends (Walgreens Exclusive)

Sue Richards, Sue Storm, The Invisible Woman. Whatever you call her, the newest entry in the Walgreens exclusive figures from Marvel Legends is now a trend. First we had Namor, and now The Invisible Woman. The rest of the Fantastic 4 cannot be far behind.

Sue comes with H.E.R.B.I.E. While not an accessory people were dying for, it is a nice accessory none the less. We could very well have gotten Sue with nothing more than her alternate hand. It is nice that they threw something else in there for us. He will help all of the toy photographers her in the future as they build their Fantastic 4 sets.

Sue is well done. She is one of the newer body types that have melded form and function. Gone are the skinny limbs with the high-heeled boots. We get a much more usable pair of feet that not only look more realistic, but help the ladies stand on the shelf.

She has a fantastic head sculpt. She is beautiful. I am hoping this is the current trend, since we have now had a lot of really well done female heads recently that have been far and above some of the heads that have come out before.

I am really happy with this Sue, and I am looking forward to what is coming next with the Fantastic 4. Unlike the likes of Walmart, Walgreens seems serious about getting the figures out to the people. They may not be the fastest at getting the figures on the shelf, but they do get out there eventually. The reasons for me to go to Walgreens keeps growing. Marvel Legends, Transformers, and MiniMates. Keep it up Walgreens.

Fantastic 4 – MiniMate Style… again, but really good.

We get yet another set of MiniMates of the Fnatastic 4 in the new Toys R Us Marvel MiniMates Wave 8.

Confused with all of the different waves and such?  Well, me too.   This time around with the Fantastic 4 we see the usual suspects: Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny.  We also get Namor and Dr. Doom.  Gotta have some baddies right?   Well added to that, Mole Man and an Atlantean Soldier, and we have an even number of good guys and bad.   Hmmm.   That doesn’t happen too often.  Of course MiniMates are the toy line that likes to throw convention out the window and get really wild sometimes.   🙂

Don’t be surprised if you look at this wave and start to see something similar about it.  Every figure has a bunch of re-used parts this time around.   We know that the MiniMates are based on a simple buck that allows Art Asylum to make a LOT of characters while keeping the prices down.  This wave seems to be the wave of “see how many parts we can reuse.”   I don’t think I caught them all, but I have found a plethora of fun parts that have been reused from earlier sets.  Don’t tell the Marvel folks, but some of them are from *whisper* DC MiniMates.

Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Doom:

No better pair to be put in a box together. 😉

The fun does not begin until you open the box to see all of the goodies.

So, the reuses this time.   Mr. F’s twisty body from the last Mr. F.   We do get the 4 in a lighter blue that looks really nice.    Dr. Doom is in a lighter weight suit from the previous versions.  He has a hand gun on his hip, and a messed up face.    The boots are from Ares, and the hood is from Besty Braddock.

Namor and Atlantean Soldier:

I think it is funny how the soldier’s face is blocked by his picture.  🙂

The reuse brothers.   Namor wings from Black Bolt, Trident from Aquaman.  Soldier’s gun from Cable, helmet and chest plate from  Ares, and hair from Lobo (minus the front dred).  He has wrist gantlets that are new to me, and they are pretty cool looking.

Human Torch and Thing:

A Bro-mance like no other.

Lots of repeats here too.   Human Torch is on the same flame as his last design.  He has much darker lines this time, but the hair piece is the same as the two previous HTs as well as on Ghost Rider.  His fist-flames are much smaller this time around, using those of The Beyonder.

Thing has the same big mitts as before.  His feet get a cartoonish make-over with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man’s legs and feet.   Fear not, he comes with regular sized of both hands and feet.   The head-piece is new and smaller.  It does not look like his brains are trying to get out this time.

Mole Man and Sue Storm:

The Toys R Us exclusive pack of the set.  Beauty and the Beast.  Back underground with you Mole Man!!!

Lots of accessories here this time.   Mole Man has the cape worn by both Hellfire ladies.  He has smaller feet to make him shorter, so the cape hits the ground and he falls over.  Boo on that!  He cannot stand there with the cape on.

Sue Storm comes with solid arms and legs.  Her hair is the same as Secret Invasion Phoenix, but this is some of the best styled hair they have done for their women yet.  A happy reuse.   The shield is the same as any number of shield,but in clear.   And the flying base is the Slimer base.

There are quite a few reused parts, but the overall set is really good.   The figures have great paint apps,  and this is one… fantastic team.  They are the best of the previous FF figures we have seen.

Here is my Fantastic Four collection so far.  Hmmm.  There are only two  Namors and Sue Storms.  Maybe the others ran away together.  I always knew she had a thing for Namor.

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