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Play Arts: Street Fighter IV: Cammy

My first video game love was, and always will be Chun-Li.  Later, in the Street Fighter series, we got a scrappy girl named Cammy.  She definitely comes in a close second.  I was so happy to hear she was going to be coming out in the second wave of the Play Arts series.   I reviewed Chun-Li and Ryu a few months back.   We now have Cammy to go with them.

Cammy comes with an alternate head with an open mouth.  She also comes with open hands, and a blast for her foot.   Good extras to come with, and what we expect to see with this series.

Another great deign that Play Arts is known for, allowing for great movement of the figures.  Spinning and ratchet joints galore.  Along with the double joint in the knee, you can capture any position possible.  It would be nice to get a stand to be able to hold all of these great poses.  I will have to see who is making one that will fit with these figures.

For me, one of the best joints in the whole body is the joint at the back of the shoulder.  It allows the arms to move forward like the human body can achieve.  It does not look the best from the back, especially with a figure like Cammy who does not have any clothing back there.   It does however up the power of the dynamic posing of the figure.

Three of the four figures so far.  The last is Akuma.  I have no desire to get him, and as I am not a completest, my collection is complete…for now.  Who will we get next?  I don’t know, but I am ready.   I wonder if we will ever get the really big guys.  Only time will tell.


Up next, the other cutie-patootie from Play Arts.  When it rains it pours.

Play Arts: Street Fighter IV: Chun-Li

Today, I am looking at the fairly large-scale version of Chun-Li, which is the first of two figures to come out by Play Arts.  There are two more slated to come out in the next few months.  But why dwell on what is to come when I have a perfectly good figure right here in my hands.

Here she is in all of her packaged glory.  I thought this was the best way to show her with all of her accessories.   An extra head, flat hands, and the pieces to give her power floating in the air.

She is really well done.  Lots of good paint went into her design, with everything from the dark tights, to the glossy multi-colored outfit, to the worn boots.   Can’t complain there.  As with the other Play Arts figures in this size, Final Fantasy and Halo, she has some really nice articulation.  Good head movement, and upper torso.  Her arms have really neat movement at the shoulders to bring the arms forward across her chest like above.    The hips have a few different joints that allow for different poses.  Unfortunately, the tops of her legs don’t pose too well, making for mostly standing or crouching poses.

The knee is double jointed, but the piece that holds the upper and lower legs together looks really fake compared to the rest of the leg, and is shiny.  The legs do end with a ball socket for the feet, which is really nice, but does not hold her giant body in very dynamic poses.

Chun-Li comes with a great addition of hands as well as the power she throws out.    You can see the not-s0-nice knee joint in the middle of the leg.  The more you move her around, the further the leg parts move away from one another.   With her being so top heavy, and the joints having trouble holding the weight, this is about as dynamic as you can make the display.

For my money, I still liked the NECA version of Chun-Li better.   Bigger is not always better as we can see here.  With over twice the cost, there is not much that makes it seem like twice the worth.

Now that I have thoroughly bashed on poor Chun-Li, I am going to gear up for the Ryu that came out at the same time.  I picked them both up at the same time.   Where I was saying Chun-Li was a heavy figure, Ryu is actually REALLY heavy.   The box seemed to weigh twice as much as Chun-Li.    So, come back next time for a look at the other figure.  Who will win  the first battle?  FIGHT!!!

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