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Play Arts: Street Fighter IV: Cammy

My first video game love was, and always will be Chun-Li.  Later, in the Street Fighter series, we got a scrappy girl named Cammy.  She definitely comes in a close second.  I was so happy to hear she was going to be coming out in the second wave of the Play Arts series.   I reviewed Chun-Li and Ryu a few months back.   We now have Cammy to go with them.

Cammy comes with an alternate head with an open mouth.  She also comes with open hands, and a blast for her foot.   Good extras to come with, and what we expect to see with this series.

Another great deign that Play Arts is known for, allowing for great movement of the figures.  Spinning and ratchet joints galore.  Along with the double joint in the knee, you can capture any position possible.  It would be nice to get a stand to be able to hold all of these great poses.  I will have to see who is making one that will fit with these figures.

For me, one of the best joints in the whole body is the joint at the back of the shoulder.  It allows the arms to move forward like the human body can achieve.  It does not look the best from the back, especially with a figure like Cammy who does not have any clothing back there.   It does however up the power of the dynamic posing of the figure.

Three of the four figures so far.  The last is Akuma.  I have no desire to get him, and as I am not a completest, my collection is complete…for now.  Who will we get next?  I don’t know, but I am ready.   I wonder if we will ever get the really big guys.  Only time will tell.


Up next, the other cutie-patootie from Play Arts.  When it rains it pours.

Play Arts: Kai, Batman: Arkham Asylum – Batman and The Joker

Play Arts has come out with their next version of their giant action figures.  This time around, Batman is joined by The Joker from the Arkham Asylum video game.   These two figures are about as different as they possibly could be.   Strength, design, color.  Anything you can think of, and they are nothing alike…. other than being freaking awesome.  That is a technical term if you already did not know.

I have not been totally happy with the past Play Arts characters that have come out, with some minor flaws.  Generally to be expected, but with a $60 price tag, these are more than your ordinary action figures.  They need to be as near to perfect as they can be.  This time, I think they raised the bar.  Two great figures.

Batman comes with an extra piece to his cape. The left side of his cape can be removed to create an open wind blown look, as opposed to the curling in cape.  The cape is in two parts, and does pivot on the really nice ball joints that we get with all of the Play Arts figures.   His cape would be hugely heavy, so it is great that it goes all the way to the ground to keep Bats upright.

If you have ever read one of my other Play Arts posts, you would know that I am not a huge fan of the knee joints on the figures.  This time though, they actually put a bit of a design on the joint to show the knee pad stretching around the knee.  Nice touch!  Look at that great boot detail.  The legs have all of the normal pivots and swivels we have come to expect: Hip, double knee, top of boot, and ankle swivel and pivot.

We get an alternate pair of hands.  One is open, and the other is a gripping hand for the grappling gun.  The hand also works for the Baterang.  The other hand is a little too open to hold anything, so don’t plan on having Batman holding both the gun and rang.

Arkham Batman does not take anything for granted.  What is better than one grappling claw?  Three of course.  The gun is at a bit of a weird angle, but the design is top notch and has some really amazing detail.

Let us not forget the arm articulation.  The great design of the shoulders being able to move forward and back allow for some dynamic poses.    Batman is one of the most solid Play Arts figures I have had the notion to play with.

In contrast to Batman, The Joker is a different kind of scary.  He comes with the same number of accessories, minus the extra cape piece.  He is vastly different from Batman in every other way.   Skinny, long body parts, and a creepy face.

I noticed when I was looking at the boxes of Jokers, their faces tended to each be slightly different.  Some had more dark paint, while others just seemed to have it in different places.  If you are buying one in person, you may want to look through the boxes to find the one that looks the best to you.  They all looked good, but the color variations made for a slightly different appearance.

While Batman runs around with “toys”, Joker runs around with…well, actual toys.   He comes with a set of wind-up teeth.  They have a hinge so they can be posed open or closed.

Eat your heart out Jack Nickolson Joker, this is the gun the real Joker carries.  None of this hogwash of giant barrels, or fist-guns.   When The Joker is done with someone, he is really done with them.  The gun has great detail, and a nice metallic paint job.   You can also see the knee joint on his right knee has texture to match his pants, while his left knee does not have texture to match his patch.

He does not have the best articulation.  Mostly in his feet, where his pants cover his ankle joint.  He does still have the swivel in the feet though.  He also has a bit less movement in his wrists since he has the long sleeves that cover over his hands.   All of this is minor to the great overall appearance The Joker has.  Many times the skinny characters (mostly women) have exposed joints that do detract from the aesthetics of the character.  Good cover this time.

"Where are you Batsy?"

"Right here, Joker!" "BAMPH"

And where else can you get a whole bunch of characters from different genera all in one place?

Oh, yeah.  In MiniMate form.  But the Minimates don’t have nearly the articulation or the details.

Not knocking my collection of 542 MiniMates. I have nightmares they will come alive like in Small Soldiers and try to kill me in my sleep.  🙂

If you are looking to drop a few bucks, these are the figures to do it on.  Batman and The Joker are great, giant, and will look good in any collection.  Chances are, they will become focal points OF your collection.  They have both come out in the last two weeks, so you still have time to get them before they are gone.

Play Arts: Street Fighter IV: Ryu

Now we take a look at the male side of this first wave of Play Arts, Street Fighter Characters, Ryu.  One of my favorite figures after Chun-Li, Ryu was always the strong silent type compared to Ken.  Much more reserved, but with a great attack.

Shown here, he comes with all his 26+ points of articulation plus an extra face, alternate hands, and his energy blast.

Ryu has really nice articulation.  It can be a little tricky to get his hands to bend since he has the wrist covers that make it hard to reach the ball joint inside.   He has really nice head movement, as well as the great shoulder movement to allow the arms to come over the chest.  He has the same knee joints as Chun-Li, but they are able to be so much larger on Ryu, and fill in so much better on the male figures.   He has movement on his chest, on the waist, and hips.  The feet can swivel and bend as well.

His first face is pretty standard.  An unhappy look on his face.  Not that there would be much more you can ask from Ryu as he gets ready for a fight.  You can see on his right arm, the articulation ball at the elbow.  It is a tan color that does not match the rest of his body, but for the most part is well covered by the muscles of his arm.  They are not straight cuts, but follow flows of the muscle.  A really nice touch there.  You can also see that his body is slightly glossy.  I am guessing that is supposed to simulate sweat.  his clothing does not have this.

If you thought that grimace was rough, wait til you get a load of his angry face.  Now THAT is a guy I would not want to go up against.   Here he is with his alternate hands as well.   They make for such a dynamic difference in the figure.  His face changes quite differently from Chun-Li’s.  For Ryu, you pull out on his chin, and his face slides down.  An easy switch without having to take off the head.

And of course he would not be complete without a bit of power.  Play Arts made the stand so short, it gets tricky trying to drop the figure low enough to show them using the power.  I would almost rather there have been a way to attach it to their hands instead.

All-in-all, two very nice figures.  It takes some work to get them into poses, with some of the joints making multiple pivots.   They are really fun to play with, and they look really nice displayed with my other Anime figures.  These are two very large action figures, and they are really well detailed.   One thing I would have liked, would have been some kind of support for them to make air maneuvers.  You know, the Shoryuken! or the Hyakuretsukyaku.

Looks like we will see Cammy and Akuma next.  Going with the one male and one female for the next round.  Cammy is another great character, and who would not want a figure with posable pony tails?  As for Akuma, he is ugly as he**.  I think he may be another great addition.  He is not a favorite of mine, but the figure has some really great looking sculpting.


Until next time…

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