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Green Goblin and Spider-Man 2099 – Marvel Legends (Sandman Series)

Just a few waves back we were dealing with Spider-Man, and here we are again. With a movie line coming next. This Sandman wave was the wave before the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 wave, but I was too excited about the Guardians to keep in order. So we will go back in time a series for this one.

We are going to look at this series in sets of two. We will mix in the three Spider-Men with the other 5 characters so we don’t get over saturated with Spider-Men. No Spider-Women this time around, but we do get a Ms. Marvel down the line.

Let’s start with one of Peter’s favorite bad guys, Green Goblin. Probably his most consistent enemy.

If you think he looks familiar, that is because he is. Back in the Space Venom Wave, we got Hobgoblin. This is a repaint of Hobby with a new head sculpt, and no cape.

The colors really pop on this one. The green on the costume has a really cool pearlescence to the paint that really makes the scaling on the arms and legs stand out.

He comes with his bag, thrown over his chest, a flaming pumpkin bomb, and of course the glider. All three of those came with Hobgoblin as well.

Even though we have had lots and lots of Spider-Man waves in the past, there have only been two Green Goblins that have come before. One was WAY back in 2006, and more recently we had the Ultimate Green Goblin BAF in 2014, that is not really Green Goblin. So, it was nice to finally get him for Spider-Man’s Rogue Gallery.

Up next it’s Spider-Man 2099. Wait a minute. Isn’t Spider-Man 2099 supposed to be blue with red accents? I know that because I was alive in the 90s, and I have a Spider-Man 2099 from 2015 that came in the Hobgoblin Wave. Well, this is the All-New All-Different take on the character. Who can keep up with all of the time travel stuff anyway?

Whatever the deal, the figure is great, and the costume is fantastic. The black and white are more matte, while the red is glossy and metallic.

He has all of the articulation that we like to see in our Spider-Men, and you can put him in almost any pose you can imagine or see in a comic book.

These two are a great start to the wave of Spider-Man figures.

Up next we will look at the very strong Spider-Man UK and the new Ms. Marvel complete with giant hands.

Marvel Legends – Hobgoblin Wave

Continuing my biggest photo shoot ever, I bring you the Marvel Legends Hobgoblin Wave.  As you might suspect, this wave is all about Spider-Man and family.  Another seven figures, and two more women.   This one was easy for them, as there are lots of great women in the Spider-verse to choose from.  Since Felicia Hardy is already out there, and looking mighty fine, they went with a few others.  Let’s go!


He looks great in his classic costume.  4 extra hands, a mask up head, and a slice of pizza.  He comes with HG’s leg.

This is as classic as you can get with Spider-Man.  He looks amazing.  This is the perfect body for him.  Thin and very highly articulated.

He can be put into so many great poses.   All of the different hands really lend themselves to allowing Spider-Man to be put into so many different poses and situations.

A smile and a slice.  Nothing makes a New Yorker happier than a skinny slice of pizza.


No accessories with Anti-Venom, but then what would you give him?  He is a one symbiote wrecking crew.  Just HG’s leg.

I didn’t like this style from back when we got Toxin last year, but he was needed for the leg of Hobgoblin.  I do actually like AV better than Toxin, since he has a better head, and looks better overall.

I do love the giant hands.

Spider-Man 2099:

SM2099 doesn’t need anything special to fight with either.  Really, none of the Spider-Family really needs any accessories, but it is a bit sad when they come alone.  HG’s arm and flaming sword.

Spider-Man 2099 looks great.  The paint is fantastic.   There is a bit of glitter in the blue plastic to give him a bit of a shine.

Ending up a little more spider than Spider-Man, this guy looks mean.  He has his clawed fingers.

Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker):

Spider-Girl, the second in two years, looks a lot more like her father in terms of attire. This version is Mayday Parker as opposed to the first version (in the Green Goblin series) that was Anya Corazon.  She comes with HG’s head and wings.

Spider-Girl has some great details on her personage.   She carries the larger web shooters on her hands.  She is not quite as well articulated as her father.  Hasbro seems to still have some issues with making good articulation on the slight build of their women.

That is a great face, reminiscent of her father’s sult.

Spider-Woman (Ultimate):

Ultimate Spider-Woman.  She comes with HG’s Torso.

It’s Jessica Drew, but not really.  In the next wave, we get the real Spider-Woman, but this time around we are going Ultimate, which means taking what we know and turning it on it’s head.  This Jessica is the clone of Peter Parker.  Boy, Peter sure does seem to have a lot of clones.

Spider-Woman has wind-swept hair, which actually pulls her off to that side on her slight body.  The paint on this one is okay, but a little boring.  She kind of gets lost in the crowd of bright reds and blues this time around.


The one everyone has been looking for.   Since the NetFlix show came on, Daredevil’s popularity has continued to rise.  I couldn’t find him in any stores, but I was not going to pay scalper prices online, so I just waited for the time to strike, and finally got him on Amazon on a day when the prices dropped to normal.  He comes with his sticks that can be combined to form a staff.  He also comes with HG’s arm.

The rest of this wave of heroes are fairly slight in build.  They are what you would expect from Spider-People.   Matt is a completely different body type.   Taller and more of a brawler.  I love how his muscles are so well defined under his costume.

He carries his two sticks.  He can hold one in heach hand, or they can be stored in the holster on his left leg.

Put those sticks together, and he has a bit of a longer reach with his staff.


Usually the BAF is THE ONE you are waiting for.  None of these three waves are BAF’s I have been waiting to get my hands on, so getting the figures finished was not that great for me.  Not like when I finished the Sentinel, Groot, or the upcoming Hulkbuster Armor.

We had the Green Goblin last year, so why not Hobgoblin this year?  Quite a different figure from the last.  This one is yet another slight of build Spider-Man figure.  He comes with his flaming sword, a flaming pumpkin bomb, and his wings.  The wings have the hilt of his sword that can be removed.

He is SO ugly.  Just the way he should be.  He has some really strange body design parts that really make him an interesting figure.

If you like Spider-Man, this is the wave for you.   We get the best version of Spider-Man to date, along with some great supporting cast members.   Daredevil of course is a must have for the Marvel Legends collectors.  The rest are give and take.  I really like the design of SM2099 and Spider-Girl.   Anti-Venom is so-so, but better than the earlier Toxin.   I am not a big fan of the Spider-Woman.  She is very slight of build, with a heavy head.  Especially since we get the best version of Spider-Woman in the Thanos Wave coming up next.

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