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Soundwave – Transformers: Robots in Disguise (Warrior Class)

About 7 years ago to go along with the War for Cybertron game, Hasbro came out with a Generations Soundwave that was an SUV. They moved Soundwave away from the cassette player. Then the Prime TV show made Soundwave into a drone plane. Then a year later, Soundwave once again came out as an SUV, but this time in the Voyager class.

Now he has been brought out once again, this time in the Robots in Disguise line, and once again as an SUV. He looks similar to the War for Cybertron version, expect the head. The head looks like it is from Prime, which is fitting, since RiD is a continuation of that story line.

I like that they gave Soundwave the shoulder-mounted gun, much like the G1 version.

The transformation into the vehicle mode is fairly straightforward. If you are a collector of this line, you know that there are not going to be many amazing transformations involved in this line. Hasbro tended to go with a more simplistic approach with this line than they do with the Generations line.

Though the transformation is fairly simple, the vehicle is solid. It stays together well, and there are not lots of robot parts hanging off the vehicle. The gun sits way too high on the vehicle, but it can rotate up and down, as well as swivel all around. That is a nice touch.

The RiD line is so hit and miss. One time, the robot and vehicle can be right on, and the next time it can be a mess. Thankfully, Soundwave is a solid figure.

Decepticon Rumble – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return (Legends Class)

Here I was, sitting down at the computer (way too early in the morning), and I saw a folder marked “Rumble”. My poor friend Rumble got lost in the shuffle of new pictures, and he was waiting so patiently to be seen by masses in all of his gold, red, and black glory.

Rumble is a repaint of Rewind, that we saw in wave 1 of the Legends Class of Titans Return. As with the rest of the repaints in Titans Return, we get a new head sculpt to go along with the paint, which goes a long way to sell the illusion that this is a different character.

Since we are giving nearly everyone the triple changer love in Titan’s Return, Rumble gets an alternate mode of a tiny little tank. I am sure that this little guy would not do a whole lot of damage against some larger foes. He is decked out in his famous red/gold color scheme, and looks pretty true to the G1 version, though he does not have his big ground pounders that he loved to use to cause earthquakes, thus the name Rumble. Now it is more for the sounds of his treads moving over the earth.

Rumble becomes a tablet that can be used with Leader Class Soundwave.

He shares a body with Rewind. The stickers give Rewind a look of being an old-school recording device with a tape in the deck ready to record. Rumble on the other hand looks to have a working screen. True to his G1 counterpart, he has seismic readings on his screen. A very nice (tiny) touch.

I do like how much a change of paint apps as well as a new head go to change the look of a figure to make two completely different characters.

We have had some amazing Legends Class figures coming out in the Titans Return line. Hasbro has done a great job of making the figures size accurate with smaller figures like these tablets as well as other small figures like Bumblebee and Wheelie being featured in this great smaller scale. Hasbro still gave these little guys some good articulation as well, not like the fairly poor articulation we have seen in the Legion Class (not Titans Return). There are a few more Legends Class figures coming out in this series, and I am looking forward to them.

Soundblaster and Soundwave – Transformers: Generations – Titans Return (Leader Class)

Soundwave, is one of the closest soldiers by Megatron. He is by far the most loyal, and potentially the most important to the Decepticon cause. He is one of the few that commands his own troops, in this case an army of spies that are, in this version, different types of computer tablets. Think of the world being taken over by iPhones, and there is an old school boombox pulling the strings.

When I got Blaster, I knew Soundwave was going to be just as good. Using the same base body, they changed out a bunch of the parts to create a similar, but not too similar robot and boombox. In robot mode, he has his telltale yellow visor and extra silver helmet extensions on the sides of his head. Was it a helmet before? I think not. It sure is this time around.

Looking at his stats, he is not fast, but he is smart, and pretty darn strong to boot.

His chest opens, in much the same way as his G1 counterpart did. He has the same “tablet” that Blaster had, that has a trio of blasters of it’s own to help with some firepower in

another mode.

Blaster and Soundwave are very similar, but the color difference, and the subtle parts changes, especially around the legs, really change the robot mode.

Soundwave gets two birds this time around. Blaster gets none. Poor Blaster.

Soundblaster, not to get confused with Blaster the big robot, is the Titan Master for Soundwave. In the G1 continuity, Soundwave was killed by Blaster, and later reborn into Soundblaster. In the IDW continuity, Soundblaster was a clone of Soundwave. Now we have the two as separate robots, but teaming up together to wreak havoc on the Autobots. He is a remodel of Twin Cast, who was teamed up with Blaster. That is why, if you look closely, most of him looks like Soundwave, but his legs have the speakers of Blaster.

Change Soundwave into his alternate mode, and you have a giant, for the scale, boombox.

Soundwave looks so different than Blaster. The whole front has been redone, including the speakers, cassette door, and the buttons under the door. It is quite amazing how much work Hasbro went to in order to separate these two figures. Great job!

From the back, you can see the shoulder launcher becomes a sort of battery pack, and the gun is an antenna, like it was for Blaster.

But wait, there’s more. Transform him again, and he becomes a battle station. Not a great battle station but one that fits lots of little guys. Now Blaster and Soundwave can have the smallest war ever. From a plethora of Titan Masters with their little vehicles, to the tablets each has, to the other small Legends scale figures.

It is all just too cute. I can hear the little ‘pew pew pew’ from here.

Autobot Blaster – Fall of Cybertron

I thought I was done for the long weekend.  Two posts in two days.  And then I went to a brand new Target I have never been to in search of new shorts.  Yes, September and I am still buying shorts.  Will the weather ever cool down here in California?   Well, as per usual, I had to take a trip down the toy aisle. Looking for the last part to build the Iron Monger BAF, looking for a few more of the newer Generations figures.  What do I find?  Well if it isn’t Blaster.  I had all but given up on finding him.  I had already bought the two two-packs of Autobot Data Discs, getting ready to buy Blaster, but he never appeared.  Sometimes it is best to stop hunting, and then they appear.

Of course it would not be right to sell a figure like Blaster, or Soundwave without at least including one Data Disc figure.   Blaster comes with Steeljaw, a lion looking guy.   This is a redo of Soundwave’s second-best buddy, Ravage.  He also comes with a blaster.  I know, I know, Blaster with a blaster.  Haha!   Since Soundwave comes with his mounted on his shoulder, it is only fair to give Blaster one too.

Amazing what a color change, chest plate, wheel, and head swap can do to really give the figure a new look.   They look so different from one another.   Don’t mistake these two for my last post where Springer and Sandstorm were brothers.  These two do NOT like one another.

Stronger minds prevailed, and we no longer have to live outside of physics.  Instead of these two shrinking down somehow to make music players. they instead go for a vehicle type machine.  Apparently Blaster is a communication truck.  Nothing seems to show that on him, but the box says so, and I will believe them on this one.  I would like to see a satellite dish or something, but I am not going to be picky here.  Nice transformation.  I had lots of practice with Soundwave, so Blaster was really straight forward.

Since I finally found Blaster, I can open the two-packs containing the rest of the Data Discs.   From left to right: Autobot Rewind, Sunder, Eject, Ranhorn.  I have to say I find it so funny that Hasbro has to have the name copyrighted as “Autobot Rewind”, but they were able to get just Eject.  I cannot believe there was never another character named Eject.  Anyway, these are pretty much the same as Soundwave’s Decepticon Discs.  Two animals, and two humanoid figures   The difference is a new figure in Ramhorn that has a body only for the Autobot Discs.   Soundwave had two flyers (Lazerbeak and Ratbat).


With all of his Discs, Blaster has quite a force.

KInda gives me a bit of a Power Rangers feel when I see all the different colors of discs.

Transformers: Prime, Beast Hunters – Bumblebee, Soundwave, and Wheeljack

Ah, Beast Hunters.  Can’t wait to see what the show is going to bring us as we move into this new chapter.  We are definitely moving away from the whole “disguise” aspect of Transformers.  Earlier I posted a review of Lazerback, our first full new character and design for the Beast Hunters line.  Tonight I am going to look at the rest of the Deluxe figures: Bumblebee, Soundwave, and Wheeljack.


What to say about Bumblebee.  It looks like he locked himself in a closet and found every sharp object he could and welded it to his body.  6 missiles and a crossbow to launch them as well as his original blasters.  He has some major firepower going on now.  Add in a variation in his transformation, and and a better overall paint job, and this is not such a bad Bee.  I was really hoping for this Bee to be based off of the First Edition Bumblebee, but no luck there.  Thankfully, the changes they made to this one were really good, and I think the only thing that really bothers me is his head not always sitting down on his shoulders very well.

His crossbow folds up and can be attached to his back, the same hole it fits into when he is in vehicle mode.  I wish the color of the crossbow matched the rest of the yellow, or was an entirely different color all together.

Once in vehicle mode, he is a very dangerous looking variation of his former self.  The black blades all over are quite menacing. I like the bit of red mixed in with the yellow for the body mold.  It gives a unique look.

The added crossbow and blasters are really giving Bumblebee a run for the top Beast Hunter.

The comparison.  There are quite a few parts that are reused between the first version and this new version of Bee.  There are also a lot that have been retooled, or changes all together, especially in the chest area.


Soundwave comes with Ravage this time around.  Aaaaaaaaand that is about the only good thing about this version of Soundwave.  His colors are all over the place.  Yellow paint over blue body parts makes for fairly muddy yellow paint.  His additional “Beast Hunter” parts don’t really do much for him like they did for Bumblebee.  And he has a giant grappling hook that is way too bulky.

Old verses new Soundwave.  I am going to have to stick with the first version of Soundwave.  His uniform colors work so much better.  The extra wing extensions on his arms are way too long.

In vehicle mode, he is all over the place.  I don’t know.  Some of the original blue, some that is way too purple.  Yellows, and gold.  And it doesn’t stay together too well.  The front end of the plane wants to pop apart all the time.


Best figure by far.  I thought the original version was great, but this one is better.

Take Wheeljack, pump him up with armor, blades and a great color scheme related to his original color scheme.  Then give him some wings, and you have one great figure.

They took Wheeljack and changed just about every part of his body, keeping the same basic design, and most of the same transformation, but he is all new and all pumped up.  I would have loved to see the inclusion of his blades like how Bumblebee got to keep his blasters, but we can’t have everything.

Transforming into vehicle mode, and he is him, but different.   A beefed-up, “don’t touch me our you gonna get cut” kinda vibe.  I could see him saying that too.   The back end has been changed to allow for the wings to go back there. I like it.

A little more of the mixed plastic colors to give a bit of a camo look.  Can’t be too white when hunting beasts.

So, there you have it.  The first 4 Deluxe figures.  Lazerback is good, but is lacking in robot mode since he still looks like a beast.   Bumblebee is great looking with all the blades and weapons.  Soundwave is not as good as his first version, but he does have Ravage.  And Wheeljack, Perfection in plastic.

As always, click on any picture to be taken to my Flick page and see more shots of these figures and many others.

Transformers: Generations, Fall of Cybertron – Sideswipe and Ultra Magnus

I cannot seem to find all of the Fall of Cybertron guys at the same time.  Good thing I guess. It keeps me on the hunt.  The first two I found from the newest offering is Sideswipe and Ultra Magnus.  After Bruticus, we needed a few more good guys… until the other two in this set come out.

011 Sideswipe:

What to say about Sideswipe.  A washed up race car, turned freedom fighter.  He is a redeco of Autobot Jazz, but there is a lot of new stuff on Sideswipe to make him REALLY different than Jazz.  Starting with a new color scheme that screams “different.” Add in the whole new hood and roof sections, as well as a new head, and he really only has arms, legs and the torso skeleton in common with Jazz.

Oh yeah, and the GIANT gun he comes with.  This is quite a piece of engineering we get this time around.  No hunk of plastic on this one.   The gun barrel slides in to be reduced in size when it is on his vehicle mode.  The round part at the bottom looks to be some kind of magazine.  It actually spins.

And in case you were wondering, Sideswipe’s gun is WAY bigger than Jazz’s gun.  If you think it looks big in this form, just wait until you see Sideswipe in vehicle mode.

Similar, but not the same.   Standing side by side, you can see the much rougher cut of Jazz’s body, as opposed to the sleek lines of Sideswipe.  We also get a little bit more along the lines of detail paint on Sideswipe.

From about the doors back on the sides, the two cars share some similarities.  Other than the wheels, there is not a lot that is the same.  It is really nice to get some figures like this.  Not just a repaint of a figure.  (You will see that with Ultra Magnus).

And because you demanded it, one more look at Sideswipe’s giant gun.  The barrel slides in really far.  The car is still certainly heavy on one side, I am sure destroying all of the aerodynamics that Sideswipe’s body is known for.  But with firepower like that, who really cares?

012 Ultra Magnus:

Unpacking Ultra Magnus, this is what you get.  Optimus Prime with a new head and a patriotic paint scheme.  There are a few major faults about the directions that came with him.  They show the exhaust ports on his shoulders laying down like you are supposed to do with Prime.   They also don’t say anything about the sword coming apart and being able to form with the gun.  If you look on the back of the box, you can see him holding the super sword.  You will have to kinda piece it together from there.

The super sword.  I don’t know, it does not seem to have a name, since they did not even include it in the directions.  It goes from being a really cool big sword, to this amazing huge thing.  I think this makes up for UM being a repaint of OP.

Prime and Magnus.   I always think of Ultra Magnus being a really large, overly armored figure.  Having him be the same size as Prime is a bit disappointing.  Having him be small compared to the other figures is also a letdown.  I do like his paint scheme.  The only thing that I don’t really care for are the white toes.  It looks like he is wearing sneakers.

His truck mode is good.  Just like Prime, Magnus is nice and tight.  He has some great extra paint apps that were left plain plastic on prime.  The parts that stand out the most are the front grille, the exhaust tips, and the wheels that are a reversed paint scheme from Prime.

Similar, but similar.  No way around this one.  They are the same in truck mode with a different paint scheme and a sword.  Of course this is not the most important mode.

These guys really blend well together, color wise.  Red, white, and blue, with shades of grey.   Magnus and Sideswipe definitely have the better weapons.  Hopefully this is the way things will be from here on out.  Some killer weapons.

Here is the Fall of Cybertron offering so far.  I am missing the other two, new Decepticons, and the Soundwave recolors, but a great line-up so far.  I am really happy with what Hasbro has done with the Fall of Cybertron line, and looking forward to what is coming next.

Fall of Cybertron Soundwave

I have been collecting Transformers for a long time.  Before my last delivery of Dark Energon figures, I was so glad to find this guy, Fall of Cybertron Soundwave from the Generations line.  I posted a few posts back about the other data discs that went along with Soundwave.  Thankfully this figure (#300 in my collection) stands up to the original, looks great, has a good transformation, and actually works with the data discs.

Everything in the right place, that is for sure.  He is a truck/SUV type vehicle, but that is to be expected since it was always so strange in the original show for him to be a big hulking robot and turn into a small tape deck.   I think this one makes much more sense.

Planned or not, it is pretty darn awesome that he can press his own ejection button.

Once his front is open, you can see where the data discs go.   They fit tightly into the compartment.   I was able to get three of them into the compartment.  It was a little difficult to get them back out, but I had to at least try the experiment.

Here is how the holding of data discs works.   Soundwave’s back  moves out to allow the hole in his chest to elongate.   So, when there is one in there, it looks like the picture above.  If you try to fit three in there, it looks like his spine is sticking straight out with his back attached about three inches away from the body.  Kinda silly looking, but great for playability.

Soundwave comes with Laserbeak.  He was what I was thinking we were going to see.  Pretty much the same figure as Ratbat with a different head, and a new color scheme.  Still no legs, but at least Laserbeak can sit on Soundwave’s hand or shoulder.

In vehicle mode he looks a lot like the War for Cybertron vehicle mode.   This time he is WAY bigger and can have his shoulder cannon fitted to his exterior.  The wheels are a great looking clear purple color to match the front windshield.   There are a few other touches of purple around that really stand out.

Let us not forget he is still a transport, and in this mode he can hold his data discs.

It is clear that they are not just trying to throw something together in this Fall of Cybertron line.  They have found that people like it, and we are getting, not only more figures than the War for Cybertron line, but we are also getting better figures.  The first Voyager figure is the best to date in this line.

And we are talking BIG!!!  He is head and shoulders above the other figures.  A great figure you will not be disappointed with in any way that I can see.  I am really looking forward to what they are going to bring us next.

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