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Quick Pics of the Wolf Hound from the Arctic Assault line of GI Joe

This is a great vehicle with some awesome features.  Big and tough and ready for battle.

*Some assembly required
Wish that track rolled like the new HISS tank
Now THAT is some firepower. On machine guns though. 😦
You can see the plastic molded in two colors for camo
White Out fits inside, even with his hood up. Good Job Hasbro.
Slider launches missiles in sequence. Pretty neat feature.
Wolf Hound with Snow Job in his Arctic gear
Wolf Hound with Ice Dagger and Arctic crew

Another fine vehicle from the guys at Hasbro.  I really like the versatility of this vehicle over the Ice Dagger.  With wheels and treads, it is possible for it to be repainted a new color and be a part of the Jungle crew as well.


Did Hasbro make a BIG oops?!?!

In the Rise of Cobra line, Hasbro made the Rockslide A.T.A.V.  The vehicle is really cool, but they really made a boo boo when they did the box design.

Nowhere on the box do they show that there is a cockpit inside Rockslide.  I think there were a lot of people, including me, who were turned off from the figure since it looks like the figure has to ride on this over-sized snow mobile, and would look pretty silly doing so.

They show all of the other great features on the back, but the biggest oversight is the lack of notification that the top canopy opens so Snow Job can climb inside.

Well, turns out is actually is a cool vehicle.  And the best part?  There are lots of them still at Toys R Us, and they are on clearance, and this past week they were on an additional percentage off on top of the clearance price.   I think with so many left over, it had to be the poor box design that did them in.   All the better for the rest of us.


A high-tech vehicle built for the snow. Riding in comfort while speeding across the arctic.  Of course the back of the cockpit is open, so it is probably not really that comfortable.

Cockpit opens so Snow Job can climb right in.  He fits in just right, and the canopy can even be closed with his hood on.  Too often, canopys do not close because of added head wear.  Thankfully not in this case.

The front skis turn to the left and right.  They have a pretty nice suspension under the body that makes them really solid.

The rear track raises and lowers and makes for a true “all-terrain” vehicle.  The Rockslide would easily be able to climb over some pretty tough terrain.

As you can see, with it parked next to the Wolf Hound, that this is not piddly little snow mobile.  This is a major piece of hardware.  Missiles, machine guns, and more missiles make this a great tool for the Joe forces.

Snow Job – One of GI Joe’s dirtiest names. ;)

He may have one of the dirtiest names on the Joe team, but boy does Snow Job come with a ton of accessories.   He is constructed well in the very articulate style we see now in the Joe line.

Look at the size of those skis and the size of that gun.   You can tell Snow Job is out to hunt down Cobra, and he is not afraid to do it on his own.  With his backpack full of everything from fuel to a camping lantern.  He is geared to go!

You can see his backpack has everything but the kitchen sink.  And it all attaches on there somewhere.  Very well done on the backpack, including an extra long post to connect it to his back, through his big parka.

Everything has it’s place.   Very nice design to be sure.   It makes me want to go out and get the new snow vehicle.

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