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Transformers: Robots in Disguise (Mini-Con Weaponizers) – Strongarm and Sideswipe

We are going back in the vault for this set. Today we are looking at the Mini-Con Weaponizers 2-packs of Strongarm and Sawtooth, and Sideswipe and Windstrike.

The idea of the Mini-Cons morphed into their moving beyond the ball and torpedo shapes and becoming weapons. I have collected many of the Mini-Cons, but they became much more fun when they became weapons. One of the problems with the initial line was for them to be viable as toys, they needed to be a certain size. And unfortunately that was bigger than what would fit in with the Warrior Class, were we saw most of the figures. Once we went Weaponizers, the Warrior Class figures could wield the weapons. Well, in comes the 2-packs. The first two waves of the series was a versus wave. The smaller scale figure would battle a Mini-Con from the other side. This time around, they are a team.

Strongarm and Sawtooth:

This is the first Strongarm we have seen in this inbetween size. It is similar in scale to the Legion Class we see in the Generations line. Strongarm is teamed up with Sawtooth, a pretty nasty looking Mini-Con.

Sawtooth becomes a long-handled bladed weapon of some sort. Kind of an axe.

There is the pile of clear plastic parts that can be put on Strongarm to create battle armor. It is much more fitting this time around, since the two figures are teamed up. In the versus line, it is a bit odd that the Transformer can wear the armor of their enemy.

Strongarm can of course transform into her truck mode. This is a more simplistic mode from her Warrior Class, which is pretty simplistic from the Generations line. Nothing to call home about.

Sawtooth can of course wear the armor as well. It looks pretty cool on Sawtooth. It has the feel of an energy field around him.

And Sawtooth is able to transform while wearing the armor to make a very formidable weapon for Strongarm to wield. It is taller than she is.


Sideswipe and Windstrike:

This time around, Sideswipe is in his Alpine Strike color scheme. Funny that they would not have listed that on the box. Seemed like a good selling point to me. But I am not in charge, so I will just report what I see. It is just a new paint scheme on the figure we got back when he was versus Anvil.

He comes with Windstrike, who becomes a sword. And a long sword he is.

Sideswipe can use the armor, and it looks really good. He looks like he has wings. With the white and orange, it looks like he is on fire.

Windstrike can use the armor as well. It looks like it is way more tailored to Sideswipe, and doesn’t really work all that well with Windstrike.

And of course we get a big weapon. Another weapon as tall as the user. That is a pretty nasty looking sword.

This is an okay wave of figures. Overall, I think the Robots in Disguise line uses too many gimmicks to try and sell the toys. They have made much cheaper versions of toys they are not selling for all that much less than the higher quality Generations line. They come up with armor that does not always fit well. Kids will be losing the pieces all over the place, since they do not stay in place well. Hopefully with a new TV show coming, there will be a revamp of the toy line, and we will see some better quality coming out of Hasbro.

Beeside – Combiner Force Bumblebee and Sideswipe (Robots in Disguise)

I took a chance on this set, and boy is it not very good. In the Generations line, we went through the Combiner Wars, so it makes sense that Robots in Disguise would try to follow suit, by bringing us Combiner Force. The execution is not very good robots, not very good cars, and not very good combining.

First off, the cars. We get Bumblebee and Sideswipe. I cannot imagine these two getting along as a Combiner, but we will go with it for now. The vehicles are about the same size as the Legion scale vehicles. They are similar in design, but it is clear that they are NOT going to transform anywhere near as well as the Legion scale.

The most notable change are the large black squares with green arrows. One is on the nose of Sideswipe, and the other is on the tail of Bumblebee.

Let’s look at them transformed into robot mode. Ugh! These are terrible. Bumblebee has a flip up head, feet, and fold out arms. He has no articulation except for the side swing of his shoulder joints, and I don’t think that even counts. Sideswipe has a similar transformation, except that his legs pull apart.

From vehicle mode, you stick the two black boxes together. The spoiler of Bee’s car flips up to make a chest, and the hood separates to show a new head that is somewhere between Bumblebee and Optimus Prime. He gets joints at the elbow this time, with 5mm ports to hold weapons in his hands (though he does not come with any). Bee’s part is spring loaded. Sideswipes body has to be separated manually, by pulling his legs apart. And that is what you get.

He has articulation in his elbows and that is all. I think he is somewhat better looking in this mode, now being more interesting, but he is far from the cool looking art we get on the front of the box, where the red and yellow are combined.

Looking at the different scales of Bumblebees, you can see over at the left, the Legion scale. Next comes the nearly identical scale of the Combiner Force, followed by the Mini-Con (Commander) scale, and finishing off at the Warrior scale.

Overall, this is not a good Transformer. It is totally gimmick based, and not a very good gimmick at that. Only half of Beeside actually pops open. The player still has to manually transform the bottom half. I am a huge fan of Transformers, these two being #654 and #655 of my collection. This is nearly the most disappointed I have been with a Transformer in the whole collection. I was not expecting much, and I have stayed away from the 1-step and 3-step Transformers, but I was expecting a bit more with this set. There are a few more sets coming out in this series, but I am going to skip them.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Mini-Con Battle Pack – Wave 1 – Optimus Prime vs Bludgeon and Sideswipe vs Anvil

As we continue on in the world of Robots in Disguise, we are taken on a long journey of the Mini-Cons.  We are starting to see lots and lots of repaints popping up from Scorch to Blizzard paint jobs.  One of the new stand outs in the Mini-Cons sub line is the Mini-Con Battle Packs.  A Decepticon Mini-Con is packed in with an new scale Autobot, and armor for the Autobot to help catch the Mini-Con.  We are going to take a look at Wave 1, consisting of Optimus and Sideswipe.

Decepticon Hunter Optimus Prime vs Bludgeon

Optimus Prime comes with the transparent armor we have seen the Mini-Cons come with up until now.  They usually have a sprue with the parts attached.   Take them off and power up the Mini-Con.   This time around, the power goes to the Autobot!  Optimus comes with 6 armor pieces, and an axe.  He also comes with Bludgeon, who we see here for the first time.

The new scale for the Mini-Con Battle Packs is similar to the Commander Class scale we saw in the Transformers: Prime line.  This scale is larger, and has better articulation.

Pretty standard for transformation.  Optimus becomes the annoying truck that does not have a bend between the cab and the trailer.  I wish we were still in the days of Optimus being just a cab.  Bludgeon is a “cyclone” mini-con and turns into a ball.  He is a pretty spiky ball to be sure.

Dressed in his armor, Optimus looks pretty good.  It is a good start to this sub-line.  He keeps his articulation, and the parts hold fast.  The only trouble I had was the helmet does not want to click into the chest plate to stay attached very well, but it holds in place when over his face.

When all else fails, hit it with a bigger hammer.  All of the armor plates combine to form a really big axe, or what looks to me to be more of a hammer.  Optimus will really be able to catch some Mini-Cons with this!  This also stays together very well when all of the pieces are attached.

Decepticon Hunter Sideswipe vs Anvil

Sideswipe is the second character for the first wave of the Mini-Con Battle Packs.   He comes with 7 armor plates and a weapon.  It looks like some sort of cub.  Quite a change from his sword.  He comes with Anvil.  This is the first appearance of Anvil in the RiD toy line.

Sideswipe, like Optimus is a part of the new scale of what should be called Commander Class figures.   He is about half way between the Legion and Warrior Classes.   The best part of this new scale, is that he is now in scale with the Warrior Class of the larger characters like Optimus and Grimlock.

It allows the too-small Optimus in the Warrior Class to have a better scale to play with.

The transformation is again straightforward for both Sideswipe and Anvil.   Sideswipe is the same sports car we have seen before.  His transformation is closer to the Warrior Class than the Legion Class.   Anvil, like Bludgeon is a “cyclone”, this becoming a ball.

When Sideswipe dons his armor, it is pretty good.  He has claws on his hands.  The chest and helmet look really good.   On his shins, he has large plates that work well.   Then there is the star on his shoulder.  What a strange piece to include.  If they had two of them to allow for both shoulders, I could see that.  But this one shoulder star is a bit weird to me.

When Sideswipe dons his armor, it is pretty good.  He has claws on his hands.  The chest and helmet look really good.   On his shins, he has large plates that work well.   Then there is the star on his shoulder.  What a strange piece to include.  If they had two of them to allow for both shoulders, I could see that.  But this one shoulder star is a bit weird to me.

Combine the armor pieces together, and Sideswipe has a claw arm for catching Mini-Cons.  You know how yucky Mini-Cons are…  The claw actually does not open at all, so the opening is not large enough for holding a Mini-Con.

How unfortunate.

Together for Wave 1, Optimus and Sideswipe make a good team.   Their armor colors are a little too similar for being in the same wave.  Up next, we will take a look at Wave 2.  I think they got the ball rolling with these two, but the next two figures really are better.

Transformers: Generations, Fall of Cybertron – Sideswipe and Ultra Magnus

I cannot seem to find all of the Fall of Cybertron guys at the same time.  Good thing I guess. It keeps me on the hunt.  The first two I found from the newest offering is Sideswipe and Ultra Magnus.  After Bruticus, we needed a few more good guys… until the other two in this set come out.

011 Sideswipe:

What to say about Sideswipe.  A washed up race car, turned freedom fighter.  He is a redeco of Autobot Jazz, but there is a lot of new stuff on Sideswipe to make him REALLY different than Jazz.  Starting with a new color scheme that screams “different.” Add in the whole new hood and roof sections, as well as a new head, and he really only has arms, legs and the torso skeleton in common with Jazz.

Oh yeah, and the GIANT gun he comes with.  This is quite a piece of engineering we get this time around.  No hunk of plastic on this one.   The gun barrel slides in to be reduced in size when it is on his vehicle mode.  The round part at the bottom looks to be some kind of magazine.  It actually spins.

And in case you were wondering, Sideswipe’s gun is WAY bigger than Jazz’s gun.  If you think it looks big in this form, just wait until you see Sideswipe in vehicle mode.

Similar, but not the same.   Standing side by side, you can see the much rougher cut of Jazz’s body, as opposed to the sleek lines of Sideswipe.  We also get a little bit more along the lines of detail paint on Sideswipe.

From about the doors back on the sides, the two cars share some similarities.  Other than the wheels, there is not a lot that is the same.  It is really nice to get some figures like this.  Not just a repaint of a figure.  (You will see that with Ultra Magnus).

And because you demanded it, one more look at Sideswipe’s giant gun.  The barrel slides in really far.  The car is still certainly heavy on one side, I am sure destroying all of the aerodynamics that Sideswipe’s body is known for.  But with firepower like that, who really cares?

012 Ultra Magnus:

Unpacking Ultra Magnus, this is what you get.  Optimus Prime with a new head and a patriotic paint scheme.  There are a few major faults about the directions that came with him.  They show the exhaust ports on his shoulders laying down like you are supposed to do with Prime.   They also don’t say anything about the sword coming apart and being able to form with the gun.  If you look on the back of the box, you can see him holding the super sword.  You will have to kinda piece it together from there.

The super sword.  I don’t know, it does not seem to have a name, since they did not even include it in the directions.  It goes from being a really cool big sword, to this amazing huge thing.  I think this makes up for UM being a repaint of OP.

Prime and Magnus.   I always think of Ultra Magnus being a really large, overly armored figure.  Having him be the same size as Prime is a bit disappointing.  Having him be small compared to the other figures is also a letdown.  I do like his paint scheme.  The only thing that I don’t really care for are the white toes.  It looks like he is wearing sneakers.

His truck mode is good.  Just like Prime, Magnus is nice and tight.  He has some great extra paint apps that were left plain plastic on prime.  The parts that stand out the most are the front grille, the exhaust tips, and the wheels that are a reversed paint scheme from Prime.

Similar, but similar.  No way around this one.  They are the same in truck mode with a different paint scheme and a sword.  Of course this is not the most important mode.

These guys really blend well together, color wise.  Red, white, and blue, with shades of grey.   Magnus and Sideswipe definitely have the better weapons.  Hopefully this is the way things will be from here on out.  Some killer weapons.

Here is the Fall of Cybertron offering so far.  I am missing the other two, new Decepticons, and the Soundwave recolors, but a great line-up so far.  I am really happy with what Hasbro has done with the Fall of Cybertron line, and looking forward to what is coming next.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Wal-Mart Exclusive)

There are two repaint figures featuring a racing paint scheme.  They are both from previous movie lines, but they are REALLY good with the new paint schemes.

First up, Sideswipe.

Sidearm Sideswipe is one of my favorite movie version figures. Coming with twin handguns, and a Corvette Concept body, it is top notch.  Now add in a fun paint scheme and we have a winner.

The number on the side ’04’ represents the 20th anniversary of the Transformers line.  He also has ‘Sun Bro’ down low in front of the back wheels.  He is the brother of Sunstreaker.  They thought a lot about the addition of deco on this one.  Very nice.

If they were going to give him a radical paint job anyway, they should have gone with the original red.   Oh well.  I really like the big Autobot emblem on the hood.

His robot body is painted to match.  Throwing down with a pair of hand guns, he could easily be thrown into a western… if it weren’t for the whole giant robot thing.   He still has the ’04’ showing on his shoulder.

Here he is with… himself.   Sidearm Sideswipe has the stylized flames across his front, which transfer to his forearms in robot mode.   These are a couple of tough hombres lookin’ for a fight.


Just called Bumblebee in this version, I think both he and Sideswipe could have benefited from a more unique name.  In this racing version of Bumblebee, we are greeted with a giant ’84 on both doors and the roof.  Now if you don’t know what 84 is there for, you need to brush up on your Transformers history (hint: the year it all began).

Bumblebee has some great additional deco on his sides.  Below the windshield is says “Fly Supreme” paying homage to Omega Supreme.  The white symbol behind the door is the symbol of an ancient who talked to Rodimus Prime.  Right on the front fender is an ‘s’ in a pentagon.  That is for Sumdac Systems, the big company in Transformers: Animated.

Stars is for the Secret Transformer Autobot Rescue Squad which is a secret alliance of Humans and Autobots.

Black Rock is a proving grounds, and also was in a story with the Dinobots.  There are a lot of other references for Blackrock, from a guy in the G1 continuity to a race track and more.

Above “Blackrock” is a ‘G’ in an hexagon.   This is the symbol for the Go-Bots, a competitor of the Transformer line until Hasbro bought them.

On the rear bumper is ‘Maccadam’s’.   This is a black market fuel provider on Cybertron.

Bumblebee stands nice and tall in this version.  The door wings are a great addition to this figure, especially with the ’84’ over both shoulders.

This version of Bumblebee is a repaint of the Stealth Bumblebee.   This was a great version of the vehicle to use since they look so different with just a paint change.   Stealth Bumblebee does have a different face, going with the mask down look.

I am sure we are not done with the Bumblebee figures yet, but here are three of the Deluxe figures.  Standard, race deco, and Turbo (review coming soon).  They all have different looks and stances.  But that is a lot of black and yellow.

Along side Sidearm.  I accidentally gave Bumblebee the wrong weapon.  He is actually supposed to be holding a gun that transforms into a blade.  Oops.  🙂

And all the racing figures so far.   Could there be more to come?  I know we are going to be getting some more exclusive figures to Wal-Mart, Target, and K-Mart, so I am sure we will see more racing vehicles.  I would not be surprised to see some racing deco that goes with the stores since both Target and K-Mart sponsor race cars.

Transformers, Dark of the Moon: Sideswipe

Sideswipe must really be into his looks.  He did not make it to his second movie before he needed to change his body style.   Keeping with the Corvette Stingray concept theme, this time he went topless. A fairly dramatic change for this Autotbot, and it paid off.

There are not too many convertibles out there in the Transformers world.  Sideswipe managed to pull it off pretty well.  Of course, there is no floor to the car, but a little thing for us to get a new version of this guy.

You can the hole in the side of the car where the attachable weapon can be mounted.  There is also one on the other side as well as the back.  I don’t know that it is worth having holes all over the car for these weapons, but we have them, so we have to live with them.

And with the weapon attached.  This is another one of the transforming weapons that cannot stay open, so a bit of a waste of transformation here.  Still, it is a pretty cool looking gun in this form, and fits well with the car.

In his robot mode, he still goes with the large wing blades off the shoulders.  They did a good job at Hasbro to keep his body similar to the first version while being able to change the body of the car.  I am still dying over the small feet they put on these guys.  Come on!  It is not that hard to give a guy substantial feet to walk around on.   You gave them to Bumblebee, and he looks all the better for it.

Another solid figure for the upcoming movie.  Lots more of these figures in the pipeline.

Sidearm Sideswipe – Not the same as the first version!!!

I know that Hasbro loves to repaint their Transformers and other lines to make them into new characters for collectors to hunt for.   In this case, Sidearm Sideswipe is not the same Sideswipe with a new paint job on the outside.


I was expecting a retool somewhere for his guns, but other than the basic idea of how Sidearm looks, this is a whole new mold.   I think the only thing on the whole robot that is remotely the same is how the back hatch of the Corvette folds up.

Gotta say I love these guns.   With twin shooters, he is more like Sheriff Sidearm, coming out of the wild west.  Great details and crisp designs on the body.   I am not hugely keen on the paint job on the body, but it looks good on his arms.

The cars look really close.   The break lines for the body are really different though.   It is clear that there was a lot done differently this time around.   I think it makes for a better looking car all around.   As I mentioned before, I am not really fond of the red paint, but it seems that a lot of the movie figures are “tattooed” right now.

The guns can either be in or out on Sidearm Sideswipe.  Not too many of the movie line vehicles have the ability to have their weapons deployed in vehicle mode, so a nice change.

I have to say I like Sidearm Sideswipe a lot.  Way better than the first version we got.   I was a little hesitant at first about picking this guy up, but thought I would give it a go.  I was really happily surprised, and I am really glad I did get him.  Taller, better put together, and handguns really make for a great character.  The old Sideswipe will just be living in vehicle mode.

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