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Sidearm Sideswipe – Not the same as the first version!!!

I know that Hasbro loves to repaint their Transformers and other lines to make them into new characters for collectors to hunt for.   In this case, Sidearm Sideswipe is not the same Sideswipe with a new paint job on the outside.


I was expecting a retool somewhere for his guns, but other than the basic idea of how Sidearm looks, this is a whole new mold.   I think the only thing on the whole robot that is remotely the same is how the back hatch of the Corvette folds up.

Gotta say I love these guns.   With twin shooters, he is more like Sheriff Sidearm, coming out of the wild west.  Great details and crisp designs on the body.   I am not hugely keen on the paint job on the body, but it looks good on his arms.

The cars look really close.   The break lines for the body are really different though.   It is clear that there was a lot done differently this time around.   I think it makes for a better looking car all around.   As I mentioned before, I am not really fond of the red paint, but it seems that a lot of the movie figures are “tattooed” right now.

The guns can either be in or out on Sidearm Sideswipe.  Not too many of the movie line vehicles have the ability to have their weapons deployed in vehicle mode, so a nice change.

I have to say I like Sidearm Sideswipe a lot.  Way better than the first version we got.   I was a little hesitant at first about picking this guy up, but thought I would give it a go.  I was really happily surprised, and I am really glad I did get him.  Taller, better put together, and handguns really make for a great character.  The old Sideswipe will just be living in vehicle mode.

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