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Toy People give toys for birthdays

My sister is turning the big 3-0 this year.   So what better to give her than a toy.  Well not just any toy, a toy I made.   We are running through a superhero theme this year.  She gave me some superhero gear, so I returned the favor.

To start with, I needed a platform.   In order to make it something she can still play with, I went with a dicast Shelby Cobra 427.  Of course this one was in the very classic metallic blue with white racing stripes.  There is nothing wrong with that, but not very good for an undercover secret agent.  So I went with metallic blue racing stripes on a metallic black base.

Why so much metallic?  Well, her secret identity is Agent Sparkles (don’t tell anyone else).

Here she is, made from a GI Joe: Rise of Cobra Scarlett figure.  I took her apart and painted her to match the car.  This is the normal mode for the car.  The daily driver, but when there is a mission, we see the Cobra’s fangs.

A gattling gun can be attached to the car.  A platform with the attachment arm is placed over the passenger side of the car.   The gun and platform are painted to match the car.

To give it they playability, I made sure to use pieces that can move, rotate and elevate.  The gattling gun still works, turn the knob on the back, and the gun rotates.

Of course, a secret agent never has just one gun up their sleeve.  A rocket launcher can also be attached, when a bullet just won’t do.

A Shelby Cobra is darn fast, but there are times where a little extra power is needed, so a jet was mounted in the trunk and can slide out when needed.

And the joy of a diecast car is the ability for everything to open.    That was one of my main goals, to keep everything in working order.  It was a fun project.  The paint is always the tricky part.  But everything worked well.  It shipped with ease, and I got a very happy response from my sister.  Apparently she cannot stop playing with it.

Happy Birthday Sis!

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