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Optimus Prime (wait, there’s more to the Prime line?)


Happy 4 years of this blog.  It has been so fun.  Lots of great stuff coming up.  Today, let’s look at The Man!

I thought we were all done here with Transformers: Prime.   We are on the gear-up to Transformers 4.   Well, there are at least two more figures coming out for all you Prime fans.  A new version of the big Optimus, and a new Predaking.  I picked up the Optimus, and he is HUGE compared to the last version of Optimus.

As you can see, he is a head and shoulders taller than the last new designed Optimus.   He comes with the sword and a shield, and a rocket launcher.   I am not super excited about any of the accessories.  The sword is the same as the last version, but with less paint app.  Actually, no paint app.  The last version has a silver hilt.  This one is all green plastic.  It looks pretty small in Optimus’ hand.


A Little Hollow:

This version of Optimus is a little hollow compared to the last version, and really hollow compared to Version 1.  The biggest place for the space is in his back.  There just isn’t anything back there.   This looks like a design cue directly from the Commander Class Optimus.  With that version, it is okay.  He is small, and we don’t expect as much from that scale.   This looks like a cop-out.   Not only that, but it takes away from what should be a hefty figure.

Speaking of heft.  Did you see the size of his legs?  They are giant, which is a good thing.  But, they are giant toward the inside, so they bump together.  In this case they should have taken the cue from the Commander Class figure, and put the wheel wells on a different part of the body, so they legs wouldn’t get snagged on one another.

The truck mode is pretty good.  It is again, just like the Commander class truck, but bigger.  The wheels are pretty cool on it.   They are black and silver, and the design is really nice.   The back part looks to be a cage. Once again, it is not big enough to carry anyone in.  That would have been a great design detail, if Optimus could catch and transport a Predacon.

My other hollow area problem.  Really?  Right there on the cab, you are going to leave it wide open?  What a detraction from the great overall look of the truck.  Ah, well.

I am thinking that Hasbro had to cut a few corners on the design of the figure to give us a figure that is SO large, and still at the $20 price point that the rest of the Voyager Class figures have been sitting at in this line.

Overall, I like this figure.   We have some issues with the hollow body parts.  It makes a LOT of noise transforming (clicking joints).  The overall look is great, and his size is amazing.  After taking him out of the box, I couldn’t believe he fit in the same size box as the rest of the Voyager Class figures.

Up next… maybe some Marvel, or maybe some Turtles.  We will see what I am in the mood for.  Either way, I am happy with my recent finds.

Lookin’ at a Mini Hawkgirl, anime style

Last week I picked up the Ame-Comi Mini Series 3 Hawkgirl.  I was not so interested in the first wave of the figures, as I think the size reduction did not do the figures any favors.   This one was a little different though.

She has a great unique pose where it looks like she is getting ready to pick her mace up off the ground.   This gives her a fun action pose that allows for a different attachment point to the base.

In her smaller version, she has much smaller wings.  Going for a more compact design, but no less detail.  The feathers are outstanding.  She has on the same outfit as her larger version counterpart.

I like the whimsical nature of the one foot being kicked out, like a 40’s era end-of-the-movie kiss.

Her hair is again long in this version, going away from the standard for her comic counterpart.  With the long braid and the flowing cloth, we are able to see much of her movement, as well as in the asymmetry of the wings.

All in all, a good figure.   Well designed with a great pose.  Good sculpt and really nice paint.  It is a little tricky to get her facing the right way since she is attached to the mace and the mace is attached to the ground.  All parts swivel, so you can get her in some really gravity defying poses trying to get her to look right.  But that is some of the fun of the figure.

New Transformers Deluxe waves are a little hit and miss

New pictures are popping up all over the place, and a few of the figures have started to show up.  I did get all of the figures for series 1 except for Bumblebee.  I figure I will get him just because the only other movie version of him I have is the black deco.  (Look for Ironhide coming up.  He is in my “to be photographed” pile.)

Series 2:

I am not very amused.  Another Skids.  REALLY!?!?!?  That is what they are going to give us?  Another Eta-1.  AND another Sideswipe.  Okay, I can be behind Sideswipe.  With the two guns that can be held or mounted in vehicle mode are pretty nice looking, and the paint job is not a total loss.  I will probably pick him up.   The only new figure is Hailstorm.  Not a bad looking figure, and a nice vehicle mode.  I will have to reserve final judgement for when I see him in person.

Series 3:

Here is where we really get a hit and a miss.  Bumblebee again.   Okay, one series separating the same Bumblebee?  They are both listed as Battle Blades Bumblebee.  Come On!   That is LAME to be sure.  At the very least they could have at least repainted him.  Something!  Throw us a bone.  So, now I am sure the pegs will be filling with a million and a half Bumblebees.   Oh well.

Another Jolt.  Not the greatest of vehicles, or characters, and probably should have been left back in 2008 or whenever he first came out.

Then there is the new blood.   Tomahawk and Terradive.  These are two nice looking flying vehicles and robots.  Silver lining and all that.

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