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Katana – DC SuperHero Girls (2016 SDCC Exclusive)

It has been a while since I looked at a DC Superhero Girl. I was actually on the Mattel Toy Shop site at the end of last year since I heard they had She-Ra for a super good price. I saw that they had some Katanas left for an awesome price as well, so I pounced on the deal. I got her, took pictures, and then they sat in a folder on my desktop since January. It is June! Time to clean house I guess.

Well, the box art is what this set is all about. The fine people at Mattel did a fantastic job with some amazing art on all sides of the box.

Inside the outer box is a window-box that portrays Katana about to be attacked by some other bad girls.

Slide the box open and there you have the doll. She looks ready for action. She is clad in armor, holding her katana blade. Along with the katana is a bladed staff, 2 sai, a knife, and 4 throwing stars for good measure. That is a lot of accessories for a DCSG. Way more than any of the other girls get. That is to be expected in a SDCC exclusive set.

She has a stand with her name on it. The sheath of the sword attaches to the base to make a really nice display.

She is able to hold all of her weapons, except for the throwing stars. They are a bit on the small side for her grasping hands.

It was a nice touch to include sheaths for the weapons. She is able to wear the knife on her back.

There are a lot of parts that make up Katana. All of the armor comes off, leaving her in a grey/black suit. You can see that her arms are two different colors, so she is limited to wearing one outfit. Similar to Harley Quinn with painted legs.

This is a nice set. I do not like how she is looking off to the side. It makes it hard to pose her for photo shoots with the other girls. I saw she is still available on Amazon, but the price is back up to $90. Fear not, the standard version is out now, and is $21.99. Way better in price. I have not seen her in the wild yet. She was supposed to be coming out with Frost, who I have also not seen the wild. I will keep my eyes peeled for them.

Until then, there are lots of other great girls that have come out that we will be looking at shortly.

My Life in Galactus Scale!

Can you believe it?  The fine people as Hasbro have been working hard to bring us a world in 3 3/4 scale, and now they are producing a GIANT Galactus.    I am talking huge!   A new exclusive for the San Diego Comic-Con was announced, and it was a big announcement.Now, having a 19 inch Galactus is one thing, but these guys put it on a 27 inch blister card.  WHAT?!?!    Yup, a giant blister card for those Mint on Card kind of people.   If you are afraid of having to wonder around Comic-Con with this behemoth, it actually comes in a suit-case type carrying case (as described in the current issue of Wizard).

MLiS: 2009 San Diego Comic-Con Baroness Exclusive 12in. Figure

Unlike this year, last year I was not able to go down to San Diego for Comic-Con. I saw the Baroness at a toy show, but did not get her when I had the chance. Luckily I did find her when I went up to San Francisco for WonderCon a few weeks back.

The only part of her that stands out as something different than any other figure is her head sculpt. The rest of her body is a fairly non-descript female body. If I knew more about the 12in. figures, I could probably tell a few figures who share the body.

She comes in a black snake-skin textured box with the Cobra emblem on top and “Baroness” on the bottom, with silhouettes of her hand guns on either side.

Inside, we get a view of the Baroness in her black-clad glory, sporting her machine gun, flanked by her two hand guns we see in the movie. On the “door” of the box we get a propaganda poster for joining Cobra, dated for Comic-Con. There is a clear plastic molded sheet behind the Baroness to protect her from the red flocking on her background. It can be messy, and there were a few places where her clothes touched the red, and have spots that don’t come off.

This is a very good likeness of Sienna Miller. They made a very good face mold, and they chose a body type that is a very good fit as well.

This picture shows her in her body suit that comes under the trench coat. It is a leather material on the top part, and tights on the bottom. Her shoes are also removable. The outfit is all held together with velcro.

This is a good figure, and will make a great display piece in my hobby room.

More pictures on my Flickr site.

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