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So many Nerds, So little time

This weekend was what I am sure was the largest turnout for the Toy Show that I have ever seen.  The Santa Clara Fairgrounds were hoppin’.   I always go to the Early Bird time, where you pay a little more to get in, but you don’t have to fight the lines or the crowds.   This time was a bit different though.  I actually had to wait in line to get into the event on Saturday.  So, I knew this was not a normal event.

Upon gaining entry, it was already busy with people.   Not so many as it was too crowded, but there was a lot going on.   One wall was especially busy, being set-up for the impending entry by none other than Billy Dee Williams.   You know, Lando Calrissian from Star Wars.   Of course you do.  Why would you be reading a toy blog and not know of Billy Dee Williams.

When I was standing in line in front of a guy waiting to get into the toy show.  He seemed really excited that Billy Dee was going to be at the show.  I asked him if he brought anything to get signed.  He replied that he might pick up something at the show.

He referenced some obscure movie, so I figured he was a big fan.   I commented that he should have brought “a nice Colt, 45.”   The guy gave me a blank stare.  I mean come on.   It is Lando, Harvy Dent from 1989 Batman, and the Colt 45 guy.

In case you are totally lost on my reference, the magic of the internet and YouTube bring to you, the man himself, selling a product in a way that only a traitor to the Alliance can.   Haha, just kidding, I know he was trying to protect all the people of Cloud City.  If Han doesn’t hold a grudge, than neither do I.

I grabbed some good stuff while I was there, with my friend Ann.  It was great having a wingman, or wingwoman in this case.   It was fun walking and talking, poking fun at some silly toys, and drooling over others.

On one trip around the hall, we made it back to the Billy Dee side, and there must have easily been 200 people in line carrying everything you can think of for him to sign.

When we finished three rounds in the hall, we were ready to leave.  Goods in hand, we went out the front door to what must have been the biggest line I have ever seen waiting to get in.  I don’t know if it was the star power draw of Billy Dee, or if the show has grown that much since December, but THAT was some line.

After a little lunch at Five Guys, it was off to home to rest my tired feet and watch a movie.   That was a good Saturday.


San Jose Super Toy Comic and Collectible Show This weekend!!!!

There are the times to get excited. This is one of them. Tri-yearly, Time Tunnel Toys presents the Super Toy Show. http://www.timetunneltoys.com/toyshow.html Can’t wait to get there Saturday morning and see what there is too grab. I have to say, I am a fan of the Early Bird special, and getting in the door two hours early. Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone else. 😉 Look for more as I come home Saturday with arms full of goodies.

San Jose Toy Show Haul Final: Shikinami Asuka Langley – Evangelion 2.0

My final piece that I pried out of the San Jose Toy Show.  I almost missed her, but stopped on my way out.  I love the Anime/manga figures.  Especially the likes of Revoltech.  They make some great figures, and they are so well designed with so many points of articulation.  I was happy to find Asuka.

Here you can see her with her stand, two extra faces, a box to hold her stuff, her doll, a phone, mic, and five extra sets of hands.  That is a lot of accessories.  If you can’t make the poses you want, then you are not trying hard enough.

The stand, which I have noticed with other Revoltech figures, cannot touch the ground when they are on their stand.  Strange.   Asuka has some great movement for some dynamic poses.  She is top heavy with all of that hair (which is also articulated).

As you can see, you can get her body into some pretty folded up positions.  One drawback is in her belly area.  They made a rubber type piece to give her a smooth belly instead of the typical break at the waist.  Unfortunately, it wants to bounce back, giving her a bit of a stiff back appearance in her poses.

Hey, what is Asuka looking at?  Haha, she made you look.

She has a full range of motion.  Some of the articulation is a little hard to find.   Her arm moves around on a pivot in the shoulder.  But there is a second twist motion in the arm part of her shoulder too.

“Well, hello there.  Aren’t you a cute little teddy bear.”

“Isn’t he cute?”

“Gah, let me go girl!”

Uh, oh!  Asuka is in trouble now.

She is too much fun to not play with.  With the different faces and the different hands, she can be made to do almost anything.  I guess now I will have to look for the rest of the Evangelion 2.0 team.  I just saw them online.  I knew something like this would happen.  🙂

The San Jose Toy Show was fantastic.  I can’t wait to go back in March, right at my birthday.  The suppliers better be ready.  Here I come.

Up next, a look at some new Transformers.  Transformers Prime anyone?

San Jose Toy Show Haul Part 2: Green Lantern Stel

Part 2 of my toy haul.  I am going to show you my newest action figure from DC Direct.  It has been a LOOOOOOOONG time since I bought an action figure, since they are getting really expensive, and I have most of the major characters, and generally I am not so deep into the comics to know who the other characters are.  And… it is this with with this figure.  I have no clue who he is, so I had to look him up on Wikipedia.  Ironically, there is not much to know about the guy, but he looked cool, and that is what I like.

Presenting: Green Lantern Stel

A powerhouse of a figure, I was really intrigued by the armor plating and the great contrast between the very vivid green and the dark grey, almost black.   He has the powerful legs that really ground him, and give him quite the powerful stance.

If you are looking for a figure you can play with, then DC Direct is the wrong place.  There was a time when DC and Marvel competed with one another for the best action figures.   Marvel went the route of major articulation giving 20 or more points, while DC kept the articulation to a minimum while focusing instead on the design and detail of the figures.   Stel does not have the best articulation, but he does have great details.  The articulation is basically his neck moving back and forth as well as some up and down movement.   Both shoulders move around, but can also swing out slightly.  Elbow and wrist movement which not all DC figures have.   Finally we end with the bottom half of the body, torso, hips and knees.  Hope you like Stel standing.  No articulation in the ankles what-so-ever.

The only problem I have with the figure are his hands.  He has tiny little hand.  What is up with that?  They are pretty seriously distracting.  I did not notice it in the packaging, but once out… they look weird.

Stel looks giant.  Like he should have been an over-sized figure like Kilowog, but he is pretty standard.  Taller by the tiniest of margins.  I put him next to 2005 Flash, and 2007 Wonder Woman.  I thought they were good choices for comparison, since they have similar articulation.  Note that neither of them have the waist swivel.  Advantage Stel.

He is a great looking figure, and the green really stands out among the other figures.   Maybe I will have to hand Stel and Flash on the Christmas tree.  That red and green really look good together.

Tomorrow is the last part of the San Jose Toy Show haul.  Then I have some new Transformers to look at.  ‘Tis the season.

San Jose Toy Show Haul Part 1: Marvel MiniMates

I was really surprised and happy when I found these older Marvel MiniMates sets from 2003-2005. I have been a collector from pretty early on, probably about 2004 or 2005.  I had a bit of a challenge going back and getting some of the first sets, but this was a gold mine for a collector.  All in one place, and all for a great price.  Just $4.00 a set. That was cheaper than they cost originally.  Priced to sell, and sell they did.   And for your enjoyment, opened and displayed:

Here are the five sets I grabbed.   I will show you the sets in order of appearance.  This was before all of the special packaging that we get now from Art Asylum and Diamond Select.   The Gaijin Wolverine and Dark Phoenix sets are both San Diego Comic-Con exclusives.  But they don’t even say anything about it.

Logan and Storm from 2003 wave 3.   Logan is wearing his street clothes, similar to the Days of Future Past outfit he wore.   Storm… well, Storm is in one funky outfit.  Something with a mix of Khan from Star Trek and a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.  I do like the nice smooth long hair.  She also has a great big pair of boots.

The Leader and Gamma Hulk from 2004 Wave 6.  I think this is my favorite set of the new figures.   Gamma Hulk is pretty cool in his clear green.  In recent years, Hulk has been pumped up in the MiniMate lines.   He has been given feet to make him taller, and extra muscle pieces.  Here in a standard 2 inch size, it still works.  He is still the Hulk.   As for the Leader, that is one BIG head.  I have seen some people online doing some modifications to make big-headed MiniMates, but this is the only one I know of that is a single-piece big head.

Wha?  Another Wolverine?  Of course.  The best selling character Marvel has.  Gotta put him in as many outfits and expressions as they can.   Here with Mariko in this San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive from 2004.  This is a great set.  One, because we do not get to see a lot of Mariko, Logan’s love of his life, but to have her in a figure is extra cool.  Plus, Wolverine is in his Gaijin brown outfit.  Cool only because when I was young in my comic reading life, this was the outfit he was wearing.  An X-Man on the outside of the team.

Dark Phoenix and Cyclops from SDCC 2005.   Give up dude, you are never going to get the girl you want.  Dark Phoenix has great paint here, really looking like she is wearing metal.  She is also very angry.  And then there is Scott Summers, in his classic visor and covered head.   A classic look.

Firestar and Iceman.   Iceman is clear.  Nice!  With the blue paint, he looks great. He also comes with an accessory, an ice ball on his fist.   Standing by Firestar, these two really are opposing forces.  Um… Firestar looks oddly familiar.  I can’t quite put my finger on it.  Hmmmm……  Oh yeah:

Can you say “repaint?”  Down to the hair and flames.  Dark Phoenix just has the addition of her belt.

New X-Men characters, Hulk characters, and Firestar.  I could not figure out how she fit in with Iceman, other than having fought the X-Men at some point.  Might have been better if she were with some Avengers.   Oh well.

Up next, part 2 of my good finds at the San Jose Toy Show.

Today’s Outing: San Jose Super Toy Comic and Collectible Show

This morning I awoke to a fun day ahead of me.   Time Tunnel Toys has an Bi-Annual Toy show, and outside of ComiCon and WonderCon, this is the best place to go for one stop shopping for all of your toy needs.   Walking around, there are a lot of great vintage toys, as well as lots of modern toys.  There is a little bit of everything.

I am super grateful for the “Early Bird” entrance fee.  A little extra money up front is a price I am willing to pay to get in the door and shop around before the crowds start.  I am not a huge fan of crowds, and even less of a fan of the GIANT line that always forms as the place opens.

The Show is held down at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds, in one of their large buildings.  The fairgrounds are host to many event, usually on the same weekend.  I am never sure what they are going to have going on, but they are never related to the toy show.  This time, it was a Girl Scout jamboree of some sort.  Tons of little girls running around and screaming at one another.   Thankfully it is not a long walk to building and then I was out of the crazy wind too.

Once inside the show, I have to take a few laps around the place.  I would hate to buy something, only to find something better later, and not have the money to buy it.

This time, after a few rounds, I was ready to buy.  I ended up getting a few Marvel MiniMate sets from waaaay back.  2003, you know, when they started.  I could not believe it.   These were in the boxes (if you are a collector, you will remember) where there were no windows to see the contents.  Pictures on the front and that was all.  It was the time of a thousand Wolverines and a million Spider-Men.  Ummm… not much has changes I guess.  We still see a lot of Spider-Man and Wolverine figures pop up.   I guess we would see the most popular figures again and again.

Also in the realm of comics, I bought a Green Lantern figure.  I have not bought a regular comic action figure in a very long time.  There just has not been anything that looked good enough for me to spend the money on.  And with the prices of oil, the prices of action figures has gone through the roof.  Needless to say, this one really tickled my fancy.  Wanna know which figure?  Too bad, you will have to wait for a review. 😉

Finally, as I was almost done, I was at a booth I like to visit every time I go to the show, and they had a Revoltech Evangelion figure.   Not having to buy a Revoltech online?  I could not pass on that opportunity.

With that, I was done and out of there, and happy with a few good purchases.  Still waiting for that one good deal on an original G1 Jetfire, but I am a patient man.

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