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Swindle – Transformers Generations – Combiner Wars – Bruticus

The return to the Generation 1 designs continues. Currently we are seeing the Combaticons trickle into the stores. It has been pretty quiet out there on the Trasformers aisle since the holidays. Bruticus and Sky Reign are on their way, and the showing so far is good.

The first figure I found was Swindle. He has been around for a good long time, and as any good scoundrel, he comes out of the woodwork when needed and disappears again. We have seen a lot of him over the years in the different continuities, and we see him again in the Combiner Wars line.

If you know anything about this guy, this is usually what we get. Big purple eyes on a black head, with a yellowish body. He is some kind of light military vehicle, similar to his G1 version, but this time he is bigger and has better articulation.

I am not really digging this backpack.  We have had some big backpacks in the past, but this one is crazy.  It sticks out and up.  If it rains, Swindle is going to have his pants full of water.

His articulation is fantastic.  He has all of the good movement we see in the current run of Deluxe figures.   In addition, he also has hinged feet so he can keep both feet planted firmly on the ground, no matter the pose.

He comes with two guns.  His primary gun is a three barreled rifle.  It has good details, and fits well in his hand.   He also comes with the requisite foot/hand gun that all of the Deluxe figures come with. It is a bit too large, as most of these are.

Swindle turns into a light armored, open air vehicle. It is a highly detailed vehicle, but unknown as to what it is. Definitely setup for running in the desert.

The guns can be mounted on the top with a post in the middle and holes on both of the back portions. The black gun actually mounts sideways on the center post. It is a bit weird to have the gun mounted sideways like that, but they needed a post to be able to mount the big gun there too.

A very nice robot, and a good vehicle.  It is hard to imagine that this is a retool of Rook, looking at the vehicle.   The color makes him stand out from the other figures we have seen so far, and we have seen a lot of figures.  There are just minor nit-picks with this figure, and he is done very well overall.  I am looking forward to finding the rest of the Combaticons, and really getting the Combiner War started.


Fugitoid – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Dimension X

Fugitoid is a great little character. From the Dimension X line of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy line. He is different looking from the other figures that have come out, and he really stands out on his own.

This is the standard version that come with white plastic. There is a secondary version that comes with the 4 Turtles, where they are all clad in chrome, including Fugitoid. As I am not a fan of the Turtles wearing all of that miss-fitting gear, I waited until I found the standard version of Fugitoid.

He has good articulation, and the big feet allow him to stand fairly well. He has ball joints on his hips and shoulders to allow for most poses you want. He also has elbow and knee twisting joints to allow for more movement.

Hanging with his new bro, Megatron… seconds before Megatron tries to kill him.

He was a lot of fun to play with and pose.

“So sorry guys. I didn’t mean to knock you all down.”

“I need to find a Cortana of my own.”

“You look strangely familiar, but yet so different.”

“I always wanted a robot like you!”

If you missed it before, here is my review of one of the Dimension X Turtles that I did not like.

Night Ops Bumblebee – Customized

This is just too much:
I think a disservice was given to Bumblebee by giving him yellow wheels.   I had not even had him for a whole weekend before I knew something had to be done with those terrible yellow wheels.

Bee was relieved of his wheels.  One thing about the current way the Transformers are made, they sure do come apart easily.  No tools required to pop off the four wheels.   Then it was onto sticks and a quick spray with a matte black (Tamiya Spray Can), and viola, complete and better than new.

For someone listed as “Night Ops” I think it is a requirement to have black on black .  I went back and forth, trying to decide if I should paint the rims of the wheels.  I ended up not doing it since there really isn’t another color on him in vehicle mode or robot mode that would look good as a rim color.   I did think about silver, but then the wheels would once again stand out, and I would end up having to add more details somewhere else on Bee.

This was a super quick job that I really think paid off.   Hmmm, who else could use a little work?

Transformers: Generations – Combiner Wars – Protectobot Streetwise

Where o’ where can the Protectobots be? Well, they are slowly showing up here and there. My first Protectobot find was Streetwise. Based off of what is supposed to be a retool of Dead End. This is almost all redone for this figure, from the shell of the car to most of the major parts of the robot body. It is funny to think of him as a retool since the two look nothing alike.
He will be/has been reused as both Prowl (which has been released) and Streetwise, soon to be out.

He comes with a triple barrel shot gun, which is a pretty good weapon for a police figure. I always think of Streetwise as more of a Protect and Serve kind of police, as opposed to Prowl, which I think of more a SWAT sort of cop.

I like the look of Streetwise a lot. The vehicle mode is well done. The robot mode has all of the necessary articulation. Overall, a good figure for me to find in the Protectobot kick-off. I am definitely looking to get the rest and form Defensor.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) – Night Ops Bumblebee

Last night I went out for some Star Wars for Force Friday.  The shelves were mostly empty, so in that respect it was a bust.  But I did happen upon the new Night Ops Bumblebee from the Robots in Disguise show.   Now don’t take away my Transformers Fan card, but I have not yet seen the new show, and this is only the second figure I have opened from the main line.   I have almost all of the Warrior Class figures to date, but they got shoved to the back of the line with great Marvel Legends and Combiner Wars figures coming out all summer long.

Vehicle Mode – I didn’t realize, until this black version, that Bumblebee’s car mode looks just like The Batman batmobile.  The lines are quite well done.  There is one giant thing that is bothering me.  Those yellow wheels.  I tend to leave my Transformers the way they were made, but this is something I think I have to take care of.   It looks like something on a Legion Class figure, not the larger Warrior Class figure.

I am thinking all black will be the way to go to give him a meaner look… not to mention the Black Ops aspect he is supposed to have.

I think Bee’s robot mode is really well done.  He looks like the standard newer Bumblebee that we have seen starting with the movie redesign.  In Prime, we had a Bee that was a bit barrel chested, with the front of the car making up most of his chest.  This Bee has been streamlined a lot for the Robots in Disguise line.  He has taller shoulders, and thicker legs for a more sturdy stance.   He looks fast and capable.  And of course you want your scout to be quiet, so give him a sword.

“By the Power of Cybertron… I have the Power!”

Wall-E by Thinkway Toys

There are new toys that have come out by Thinkway Toys. I had to grab Wall-E to start, as he is one guy I always like, but never got around to getting one of the figures.

There are a few sized to these figures. This is one the larger size format figures. He is very posable, with movements at the shoulders, wrists, and opening hands. His arms can also be moved to extra holes at the front edge of his body, down low.

He has movement in his neck, and his eyes can be posed. He can also roll on very nice wheels mounted down low.

He comes with two blocks that fit inside his body, and can be ejected. You can also put play dough in there and eject any color cube you want.

Grabbing this guy was a bit of a gamble.  I have never heard of Thinkway toys, so I didn’t know what to expect.  It is a Disney product, so I was thinking it was fairly safe to go with it.  He turned out to be very nice.  There is a smaller version I saw where he is rusted like he is in the movie. I bought this one at a local Toys R Us.  I haven’t seen any of these figures anywhere else yet, but I am sure they will be popping up sooner or later.  There are some great Pixar products in the lineup.  Finding Nemo and The Incredibles to name two.  Definitely a fun toy, and a great addition to my Disney collection.

The Hunt is On!!!

The new line of Transformers, The Hunt for the Decepticons is starting to hit the stores.   There are three big guys coming out right away.  To see how good these robots are, I picked up the most interesting vehicle mode of the three, Sea Spray.

He is a hover craft transport, and transforms into a scuba diver.


In his robot mode, he can carry the two guns mounted on his arms.  They either go in holes on his arm, where they are located in the vehicle mode, or they can be held in his hands.

There are a few features that really bring out a unique quality in Sea Spray.   First off, that he is a scuba diver.  His head has breathing tubes and a mask.   His head can also tilt up.  Since he uses his fans to propel him through the water, it would be lame if he could only look straight ahead.  So, he was given neck articulation.  Pretty sweet.

Since he is a diver, he also has hidden scuba fins under his feet that flip out when it is time for water activities.

This is a well designed figure that stands well on his own.  He has some great features to set him apart from his Cybertronian brethren.  He is a lot of fun to transform and has a bunch of little fold down panels to give him clean lines as a robot.

Overall, a good first figure for this new wave.  Can’t wait to get more.  Coming up next, the new Generations line is coming out, and hitting stores now.   This could be the best bunch of Transformers ever!

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