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Monster High DIY classroom and desk

About four months ago, my sister had a metal break.  It was sad, but my wife and I brought her across the country to get some help in a hospital.  She was in out patient care, and she would spend the nights and weekends at home with us.   In an effort to get her to be more creative, we went shopping.   I found she had a lot of toys she liked, but not many interested me.    She was looking at the Monster High dolls, and they looked pretty fun.  I knew I would be able to join in on the fun of these dolls.  I am not really proficient with sewing, so I went the other way.  It only seemed natural to me that Monster High dolls would need an actual desk.

The “metal” pats of the desk and chair are made from Evergreen plastic. I have tons of it around from my days of building car models. The metal color is Tamiya aluminum.  The wood top and seat are made from pieces of particle board. I cut and sanded them, and then coated them with a layer of Mod Podge to give them a gloss coat.

I started the building process by measuring and cutting pieces of cardstock. With the long legs of the MH dolls, the chair and table legs are extremely long. A bit out of proportion for a normal classroom desk, but it fit the girls just right.

This was a fun project to get my feet wet.   I really enjoy this scale of figure to work with.  The parts aren’t too small.  Up next, I am going to focus my attention on Robecca Steam and the world of Steampunk.

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