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Misty Knight – Marvel Legends Rhino Series

Misty Knight was my last holdout for the Rhino Series. There was a terrible production flaw with some wonky eyes, and she came with a second torso for Rhino. So it was pretty easy to pass on her, when the other figure was the outstanding Ghost Rider figure.

My local Toys R Us is closing soon, due to the company selling the land for a housing development. The Bay Area needs is another housing development like a hole in the head. Well, they put the entire store on “up to 50% off.” That means they took away all of the good merchandise and left mostly garbage or what they have a huge amount of at other stores.  Luckily for me, what they have a lot of at other stores is Marvel Legends, since they stockpiled the last two waves and really warmed those pegs. A nice 30% off and a huge amount of Misty’s sitting around, and I was able to find one with good eyes, and a discount to take the sting out of having an extra torso that I cannot use.

Misty is a really well done figure. She looks fantastic. Definitely a unique figure for the Marvel shelves. She has on a great looking jumpsuit with just a tough of yellow. She has a shoulder holster where it looks like she holds extra rounds, and a gun holster on her hip. She has her robotic right hand, which should be a right arm, but we will go with the hand. Of course one of the most stand-out parts of her outfit is the huge fro of hair behind her headband, and man does it look great! It does make her head top heavy sticking out back there.

This time period is about the best time for her to be out. She is friends with Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist, all future and current Netflix shows. Might we see her in the flesh? Not to mention she was a part of Heroes for Hire and the Fearless Defenders, so we could see her when Netflix gets around to producing The Defenders after their run of current Marvel shows. Add in that she was in the Fearless Defenders with Valkyrie, who was in the most recent wave of Marvel Legends, and I am surprised that she is still in the stores at all.

Marvel Legends – Rhino Series – Rhino Build a Figure

With Scarlet Spider reviewed last night, we are finally up to the head of the Build a Figure.  And we get two to choose from.  A more stoic looking head, and a crazy face.  I like them both for different reasons, but suffice it to say, if you are a fan of taking posed shots of your figures, you will have a lot of fun with the two heads.  Your world of possibilities opens up so much.

If you piss off the Rhino, you have to face the consequences.

Rhino is a general large scale figure. He has really good articulation that we know and love in the Marvel Legends line.   He is a bit short on articulation in the elbow and knees, but generally the big guys are a bit short there anyway.   He does have great ankle articulation.   The texture on his body is really great.  He has folds and bumps all over, just like real rhino skin should.

The stoic head, or a s some like to call it, the “I just smelled something bad” head.  I really like this face.  He has a great comic quality to him.

Then there is the crazy head.  I love this one too.  His eyes are bulging out of his head.  His eyes are a bit wonky, but that seems to fit in with the totally crazy look.  Seeing Misty Knight from the same wave, also with kooky eyes, I can’t say this was done on purpose, but I like the overall effect.  He has great wrinkles around his face that really sell the anger.

This is a great cast of characters.  They are all so different, and they really bring a lot of fun to a Spider-Man wave that we have had many, many times before. I will probably end up getting Misty Knight at some point, but she is a bit of a peg warmer right now, so I will probably be able to get her for a good deal in the future.   Now, on to the Hulkbuster wave of figures.   They are a bit slow to come out, and that is okay by me.  We have had quite a long summer of Marvel being thrown at us, and it will be good to slow down for a while.  But with figures this good, and a whole slew of new Marvel movies coming out, I hope it is not too long of a while.

Marvel Legends – Rhino Series – White Tiger

I did not expect much from White Tiger. Really, she was a means to an end…and that end was Rhino. I needed the torso, and it was either going to be White Tiger or Misty Knight, and I happened to find White Tiger first.
Well, I was pleasantly surprised by her. She is super well articulated, and she really holds her pose. I was really happy with how photogenic she is, for being a mostly white figure.

She has such great articulation.  The double joint in her knees allows for a great squatting position.  I was a bit worried about her arm movement since she only has one joint in her elbow, but she really has good movement there too.

Of course, what I really like about her is her interaction with the other figures.   I mean, she is not being very nice to Chameleon here, but he did pull the gun first.

This is a scene I made for Articulated Comic Book Art. After I did the shot of White Tiger putting Chameleon in a figure four leglock, I wanted to see how well she would do wrapped around his neck. They actually stood on their own, and the idea of the shot was born.
WIth her great articulation, it was so easy to pose her any way I wanted, and naturally if I was going to have her take down Chameleon, I would imagine Kraven being somewhere near by.

Marvel Legends – Rhino Series – Ghost Rider

Not much going on with extras for Ghost Rider. He comes with Rhino’s leg, and that is it.  But really, what would he have come with?  A plastic chain that looks silly?  Probably.   I think it will be much better to go on a hunt for some real chain in the right scale.  Challenge accepted.

Ghost Rider’s sculpt is one of the best I have ever seen. he is wearing his black leather riding suit. It is hard to make a single color look interesting, but Hasbro has pulled it off here. There is just a bit of white around the chest and neck, but the rest is matte and gloss black.
The creases and folds in the fabric are fantastic. His boots have thicker toes than most feet we see in the MU, but this is totally what Ghost Rider needed.

Along with a phenomenal body, Ghost Rider also has an amazing head sculpt.  His skull is white-ish.  Then he has clear red/orange flames added on top of it.   His eyes have the amazing glow.  It didn’t stop with the head.  His neck has sculpted vertebrae, and there are flames coming up from around his neck.

Then there is the mouth.  He would have looked good with a standard mouth.  But they went the extra mile and gave him a jaw joint.  When was the last time we saw a Marvel Legends figure with a moving mouth? This is a great addition.

This is a fantastically done Ghost Rider.  He looks great, and holds his own against other figures in this series, as well as with figures from other series.  He will be made better and more playable when I find some chain that he can use to take down his foes.


Marvel Legends – Rhino Series – Superior Venom

He is a good looking guy. From far back, the webbing around the face takes away from the overall appearance of Venom. The great thing about the original Venom was the all black design. This gets a little muddled from far back.
He comes with four arms hanging off the back. They go into specific ports on the back. Two shorter arms coming over the top, and two longer arms hanging down.

This is Doc Ock, but not the fat Doc we remember from the past.  He is a much more svelte version of himself.

“What do you say, Kraven? You wanna take a shot at taking down THIS spider?”

Kraven originally wanted a Spider for his wall.  Will he even try to take on this one?

“Maybe I will just choke the life out of you, and then eat you!!!”

Overall I like this Venom.   He looks good in his black wares.  He has extra arms that are creepy.  I am not too big on the webs up top, but they are comic accurate.  And I am not too sure about his feet.   I don’t generally like my heroes, or anti-heroes in bare feet.  It just looks dangerous.

Marvel Legends – Kraven the Hunter (Rhino Series)

I just recently got out the Marvel Masterworks Amazing Spider-Man Volume 2.  And wouldn’t you know it, right there in The Amazing Spider-Man #15 is the first appearance of Kraven the Hunter.  Always one that is up for a good hunt, Kraven heads to New York to take down none other than Spider-Man himself.  Well, since we are some 700 issues later, I am sure it is not a spoiler to say that Spider-Man bested Kraven, and not for the last time.  He also teams up with Chameleon, which is pretty great since they share this wave together.

Since this wave features the Scarlet Spider, rather than a regular Spider-Man, I went to the shelf to get out my First Appearance Spider-Man from way back in 2005, when the Marvel Legends were being made by Toy Biz.   It seemed rather fitting to have Kraven be up against the early costume.

“I’m coming for you little spider.”

Kraven looks amazing in his consistently over-the-top hunting outfit.  He comes with his spear, and he really doesn’t need anything else.  A net would have been nice.

“Where could that Spider-Man have gotten to?”

He has all of the great articulation that we know and love from this line.

“You lookin’ for me, Kraven?”

There are so many details on his clothing that really help him to stand out on the shelf.  The vest is rubber, and didn’t really interfere with any of the articulation.  It helps that it is open in the front.  The skulls on his knees have some of the best details on his entire body, and that is saying a lot.  He is covered in details.

“Watch were you point that thing, Kraven! You will shoot your eye out!”

Where do you think Kraven would have mounted Spider-Man if he had bested him way back in 1964?  Head on the wall?

“Lucky those boxes were there to break your fall.”

You can bring all of the tools you want to a fight, but it will be hard to beat the natural talent of Spider-Man.  Kraven was a fantastic first figure to open in this new Rhino Series of figures.  He is not heavy in the accessories, but he has that great look about him.  All of his lines are crisp and clean.  There was a little bleeding around the forehead from the black hair, but easily overlooked when all else was done so well.

I had to post a second shot of Spider-Man here.  Getting him to balance on that post was some amazing feat.  The post is not wide enough for one foot, and I was able to get him to stand there free-form.  I didn’t want to have to mount him there somehow.

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