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Ressha Sentai ToQger – EX Legend Ressha (Full)

One of the fun aspects of ToQger was the crossover specials.  This is a tradition in the Super Sentai shows, where there is a great team-up with a past team, or with a Kamen Rider(s).  In ToQger, there was a team-up with both with ToQger vs. Kyoryuger.  Sadly we will not get to see ToQger in the US, as Saban is going to skip right over it.  There are a lot of aspects of the show I like a lot, and would liked to have seen where it would go in the US, but we don’t have the great train system of Japan, so it would be a really hard sell.  Well, with a little swap of the front engine of Red Ressha, Bandai was able to make a slew of new Ressha dedicated to past Super Sentai Teams.  And though Kyoryuger was the only one that was actually featured on film, the rest make a great collection, and connect to past Power Rangers teams.   Let’s get started…

EX Legend Ressha Shinkenger:

Shinkenger or as it is known in the US, Samurai and Super Samurai.

The Lion Folding Zord Ressha looks great. They did a great job of capturing the face of the lion and adding the top detail as well.

In robot mode, the head opens to reveal Samurai Megazords face, if not a little small. But the details are there.

EX Legend Ressha Gokaiger:

Gokaiger Ressha is related to the US version of Megaforce and Super Megaforce.  This is probably my second favorite of the Legend Ressha.

The front end looks like the Skyship, complete with the shield and everything.

EX Legend Ressha Kyoryuger:

Nobody can mistake the T-Rex Zord from Dino Charge and the upcoming Dino Super Charge. This Ressha version of Rexy looks great.

He has an opening mouth that makes him my favorite of the line.

He can be attached to the body to form ToQ-Oh Kyoryuzin, or it can be placed on the arm to make a mouth claw. Fun little extra.

Ressha Kyoryuger was the only Legend Ressha that was actually featured in the show, when they made ToQger Vs Kyoryuger.

EX Legend Ressha Den-O:

Ressha Den-O is the only Legend Ressha that cannot combine into the main torso of the ToQ-Oh.  In the movie, he was not a part of the body for long before being bumped out of place and forced into being the legs.

So, he was given a pair of twin Ressha that form the two legs.

EX Legend Ressha Go-Buster:

Ah, Go-Buster. One of the few Super Sentai shows that was not made into a Power Rangers show. Though there is talk about Dino Super Charge bringing some aspect of Go-Buster into the show.

The Go-Buster Ressha is based off of CB-01, the Red Buster’s car, that turns into a cheetah. So, we get a Reesha with a cheetah head. Pretty good idea for a bullet train, no?

EX Legend Ressha Go-Onger:

We are going to jump into the way back machine for Go-Onger which was from the US version of RPM.   It has a great engine coming out of the top of the train, with big wheels on the front.   Definitely a toy only Ressha.

EX Legend Ressha Goseiger:

Finally the Ressha of Goseiger, or Megaforce.  The Ressha has Gosei Dragon’s head, and it looks great.

This line is a whole lot of fun.   I am sad to see it end.   I have one last ToQger set to look at before I bid them farewell, as we move on to other series.  I am still holding out for a few other Ressha to eventually fall into my collection, but the prices have gone insane for for some of them, so I will be short just a couple of the Auxiliary Ressha.  Sometimes those are the breaks of toy collecting.

ToQ Buckle – Ressha Sentai ToQger (Shield Ressha)

The ToQ Buckle is probably the least fun live action accessory of the ToQger line. It is a simple buckle that has a center part that clips in and out. The reason I got it was, similar to most anyone who got the ToQ Buckle, for the Shield Ressha.

The ToQ Buckle will make a good display piece that will show off the team buckle and make a nice centerpiece for all of the Ressha, but that is about all.

The Shield Ressha is what this whole set is about.   It can be used in blaster, changer, and as an auxiliary arm for both ToQ-Oh and Diesel-Oh.

The Shield Ressha was used many times in the show, so it is a must have for ToQger collectors.   It splits in half down the middle to the midpoint of the train.

Add a little offense to the defense with a team-up of the Police and Shield Resshas.  The Shield is a powerful defensive weapon for the team.

It has stop lights inside that are the colors of the ToQgers.

Hyper Ressha – Ressha Sentai ToQger

This set is huge. I had to expand my photography background both in width and height in order to fit this monstrosity. I think this is a case where bigger is not always better.

The Terminal looks really good. It has places to hold full trains with room to spare. It is clear this is where we really go off the tracks in the show for realism, since we have a train terminal that can convert into a massive locomotive. I am not saying the rest of the Super Sentai series is real, but with the rest of the Ressha, at least they could travel around Japan on already used tracks, until they use their flying tracks to fight.

It is clear to see just how big Hyper Ressha is with ToQ-Oh standing by it.

With all five trains on board full length with room to spare.  This thing really is a terminal.

It is clear that the smaller Hyper Ressha is meant for great things.  It has quite a formation for later use.

A lot of folding, and the Terminal turns into Hyper Ressha for Hyper ToQ 1gou, late in the series.  The front end looks great.  It is a powerful locomotive, with great colors, and guns to boot.  We get a bit of a problem in the back half, where it is just open air back there.   I do not like that part.

Hyper Ressha has a spot of honor on top of Hyper Ressha.  it just sits there in the groove.   There are lock in ports all over this thing, but this is not one of them.  I really would have liked to see this lock into place.

The front end of Hyper Ressha is fantastic.  There are so many great details here.

A few changes here and there, stand him up, and you have Hyper Ressha Henkei Hyper Ressha TeiOh.  I am not fond of this mode.   he is pretty much a chunk of plastic with stubby moving arms.   This is a display piece more than anything.  The playability here is very low.

This guy is sizable, standing a whole head taller than ToQ-Oh.

One more mode with another transformation similar to standing the Terminal on it’s end and adding lots of Ressha and we get the Hyper Ressha Gattai ToQ Rainbow. This is it. All that the ToQgers can throw at the bad guys. He is the grand master of all Ressha. I still have a few Ressha missing from my collection, so there are some blank spots in his body, but you get the gist of what is going on. The front cars of all of the Ressha help to combine this guy.

He is a little more pleasing to the eye than the Hyper Ressha Henkei Hyper Ressha TeiOh, but he is still blocky. At least he has longer arms, and you can play around with the Ressha on him.

Overall, this is a Ressha you will want to get only if you intend to collect the whole line. If you are after the smaller Ressha alone, you may want to go with the candy version. You will save a lot of money and space. I don’t know where I am going to put this guy. I really like the Terminal conversion the best, but it takes up a lot of real estate. The Hyper Ressha conversion is good too, and I may have to keep him in that mode most of the time to save space.

Applichanger for ToQ 6gou – Ressha Sentai ToQger

This is the Applichanger. The ToQgers use their ToQ Changers to change into ToQgers. For ToQ 6gou, he uses the Applichanger by running the Build Ressha down the track. The Applichanger also has the ability to be used as a communicator with the rest of the ToQgers.

The Applichanger looks really good. It is thick and strong, and well built. It has a lot of pictures on the main screen,but only 4 of them actually work. The sounds are actually quite obnoxious. The Applichanger has similar sounds to the other electronics, but they are incredibly loud.

The track slides out to the side. It has a button part way down the track, so it doesn’t matter which Ressha is slid down the track, it all reads the same, since there is no real electronics there.

Along with the great details on the phone, there is also the grey side bar along the edge of the phone. It has the power button, but more importantly it has some great information.

It says “Applichanger” which is of course what it is. It also says “ToQ-006” and “ToQ6” who is clearly the owner. It also has the time set for “7:30” which is what time the show came on.

Overall, this is a fun display piece. I got it for a good deal on Amazon, so I am not too worried about it. I will probably never use the sounds, since they are so loud. The Ressha is not usable by anything but the electronics. It is what they call a candy Ressha. It is for looks and cosplay only. You cannot use it with the rest of the Ressha in your collection. Of course, what would you want to do with it, if you don’t have the rest of the Build Ressha anyway?

Tank Ressha and Car Carrier Ressha – Ressha Sentai ToQger

The boxes on these Japanese toys continue to amaze me. They squish so much information onto the smallest of packages. The Tank Ressha and the Car Carrier Ressha come in the same size packaging, since they are the same size. On the front, they show the ToQ-Oh Tank and the ToQ-Oh Car Carrier. Not the most original names for the combinations, but it tells what they are.

Tank Ressha:

The Tank Ressha was the second of the support Ressha to be found, after the Car Carrier Ressha.   It carries fuel that can super charge the Ressha.  When used as the ToQ-Oh Tank Ressha combination, it gives ToQ-Oh a lot of extra speed for punching E. Honda style. The two parts of the train separate, and can connect with a flexible middle.  They also have some movement that is not at first apparent in the show, since they do not change when being used by ToQ-Oh, but fear not, the changes will be coming.

The Tank Ressha was the second of the support Ressha to be found, after the Car Carrier Ressha.   It carries fuel that can super charge the Ressha.  When used as the ToQ-Oh Tank Ressha combination, it gives ToQ-Oh a lot of extra speed for punching E. Honda style.

Car Carrier Ressha:

The Car Carrier Ressha was the first of the Support Ressha to be found, though it is number 7 to Tank Ressha’s number 6.

The ToQgers originally used the Car Carrier to launch them into battle using the small cars, and again as a bridge to get across a broken bridge.

When they formed the ToQ-Oh Car Carrier combination, the Car Carrier Ressha gave ToQ-Oh extra arm length to fight, as well as being able to fire the small cars like bullets.

In the movie that this combination appeared in did not show the Tank Ressha giving any extra speed to ToQ-Oh.  It did however create a firing combination of the Tank Ressha launching the Tank Ressha like a missile to destroy the enemy.

Both of these are fantastic Ressha.  They have lots of moving parts that show they are more than just plug-in support Ressha.  Wait until Diesel Ressha shows up. Then the party will really get started.

ToQ Blaster – Ressha Sentai ToQger

Continuing from yesterday, today we are going to take a look at the ToQ Blaster.

The ToQ Blaster comes with the Scope Ressha. This is my first Super Sentai weapon, and I can already feel a difference. It has a much larger grip, which is still small for my hands, but I am pretty big, so I figured it would be a little small. Way better than the Dino Charger that I have from Bandai America.

On the side, there are two rotating boxes, like at the train station. In Blaster Mode, it says Blaster Mode. When the handle is switched around, the signs rotate to say Sword Mode.

The ToQ Blaster comes with the Scope Ressha. It was used really early on in the show, and basically targets the bad guy, leads up with a great sound and then blasts him. The sound the blaster makes when the charger is installed is fantastic.

To get into Sword mode, the handle flips around, and the blade is released and rotated into position. It is not a super long weapon, more like a ToQ knife, but the idea is sound. There is a line that runs from the tip of the blade all the way down the length of the blaster to the handle to show where the blade would be, if it were actually sharp.

The Scope Ressha is a little single car Ressha.  It looks great.   It has crosshairs on the front, like a scope, and it even has the knob on top for focusing.   It can be attached to the arm of ToQ-Oh, presumably to give him better aim with the Fumikiriken.

In case you so desire, I have uploaded a video of the great sounds that ToQ Blaster makes.  I love how fast it can rapid fire, which happens quite often in the show.

Ressha Gatti ToQ-Oh

I am so excited that I finally got my hands on some Super Sentai from Japan.  I love the Power Rangers stuff, but what I really needed was the original for my collection.

ToQ-Oh is the Mecha or Zord in the Japanese show Ressha Sentai ToQger. This is the show that came after Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, the show that became Power Rangers Dino Charge. Since it was announced that Ressha Sentai ToQger was going to be skipped, I figured this would be a great opportunity to get something from the Sentai line-up in Japan. I felt kind of funny spending massive amounts of money for stuff we would eventually get here…though it seems to be lower quality in some cases.

Red Ressha (1) is the main train of the Red Ranger, who in this series is called ToQ 1gou. He drives a steam locomotive that turns into the center body and head of Toq-Oh.

Blue Ressha (2) is the bullet train of ToQ 2gou. He forms the right torso and leg of ToQ-Oh.

Yellow Ressha (3) is a subway car and left arm of ToQ-Oh.

Green Ressha (4) is another bullet train that forms the left torso and leg of ToQ-Oh.

Pink Ressha (5) is the last subway car, and forms the right arm of ToQ-Oh.


The trains can be kept separate, or connected with male/female tabs at the front and back to make a train as long as you want. The five trains linked form a line about 4 feet long. The Ressha front parts can be separated and attached to allow movement side to side and allow the train to turn in a realistic arc.

The trains actually attach to one another very similarly to the show. Blue and Green slide up against Red and lock into place. Yellow and Pink stick out grey arm attachments and connect.

The trains then start to transform in their tasks to allow the formation of ToQ-Oh. When he is standing, the doors open on his face, and ToQ-Oh is ready to fight.

The five trains are different, but similar enough that they look really good when ToQ-Oh is formed, since there is a good sense of balance.

ToQ-Oh comes with a Fumikiriken, which is a crossing arm that can be a sword or a gun.

I absolutely love ToQ-Oh. He looks correct to the show, and has great details. I would still love to see a Zord with an elbow and knee, but I may never see that one.


This is a two-pack set that came with ToQ-Oh and ToQ Changer.

ToQ Changer or (Transformation Brace ToQ Changer) is the device that allows the ToQgers to change into their outfits. This one is pretty unique as the ToQgers can “Change Stations” and switch their Ressha with one another and change their colors and weapons in the fight.

The sound is nice. I wish I speak Japanese to know what it is saying, but between the Power Rangers Wiki and the subtitles on the show, I can figure it out pretty well.

This is a bit of a separation from Dino Charge, where their weapon is their Morpher. These guys have both. And not to worry, I got a great deal on the blaster. It was not supposed to be in my hands for another week, but it got here early. You will not want to miss that one.


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