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Taskmaster and Red Onslaught – Marvel Legends – Red Onslaught Wave

Finally I was able to get my hands on the last figure I needed in the Red Skull Wave. It was a bit difficult. I could not find him in the store after I passed on him to get Mockingbird and Scourge on a weekend getaway back when the wave was first released. So, having seen him in the store and not getting him kind of stung a bit later on. I could see him on Amazon, but he was going for $34, and I was not going to pay that much extra for him. Finally at the end of last week, the price dropped at Amazon to a reasonable $19.99.

Taskmaster is a really nice figure. I was laughing at him initially when I got him out of the package. He stole his shield from Captain America. His mask looks like he copied Skeletor. He took his light saber from Darth Vader. Add in metal limbs stolen from RoboCop, and this guy doesn’t look all that original. But really, he does.

He is very well done indeed. His details are great. From the paint on his torso, to the great details on his limbs. He has fantastic articulation, as we should get from ALL of the Marvel Legends. The overall outfit is the New Taskmaster outfit. Much more tactical and less flashy. He has gun holsters over his shoulders.

His shield is Captain America’s, but painted with Taskmaster’s emblem. That is good because it has the swivel on the back to be a clamp for his arm, or a post for his back. He also comes with an orange sword. I had not seen him using a laser sword before.

Tasky comes with an alternate head that goes along with the New Taskmaster outfit, but he looks less like Taskmaster with the dark hood and more skeletal face plate.

Red Onslaught:

Let Red Skull rise again!

This is not the Red Skull we saw in Captain America: The First Avenger (which we did get a figure of). This is Red Onslaught, and he is bad news. Very powerful and very smart. Something that Red Skull had a problem with before. He was smart, and could hold his own in a fight for a little while, but he could not compete with Cap for the long haul.

This is a perfect example of a Build-a-Figure. He is huge, standing two heads taller than any other figure in the line. He is solid. The pieces fit together well, and he has heft to him to keep him in place. And he is beautiful. Taking into account the horrible red skull face, (which is well done in it’s own right) the rest of Red Skull is a lovely mix of red and purple. And it is so shiny.

Overall this is a fantastic wave. The eight figures are so different and fantastic when placed together. The four main bad guys are well done, with two that look more tactical, and two that are fun and cartoony.  On the other side, the three good guys are well done in their own right. Cap, which we have seen so many times, came with a wolf head this time. The two ladies are different body molds, so they don’t look too similar.  And then there is the great Build a Figure that just completes this set.

Up next, we finally get to move onto the Absorbing Man wave that came out at the same time as this one.  I was able to track down all of those figures a bit faster… so stay tuned.

Whirlwind and Cottonmouth – Marvel Legends – Red Skull Wave

Just a couple of strange units out to make someone’s day pretty terrible.



Whirlwind is quite and interesting dude. He started off his criminal career known as the Human Top. Come on! The Human Top! Really?!?! He went away to prison for a little while and later came out and donned his new outfit as Whirlwind. A great upgrade to costume and name.

With this new Whirlwind, he has the mutant ability to spin around really fast, thus the moniker Whirlwind. As if a guy who can spin around, fly, and create tornados is not bad enough, he attached saw blades to his wrists to up the ante on his level of danger.

The figure is really well done. It looks just like the comic version in color and design. He is one of the lesser known figures in the wave, so he really needed to stand apart for people to get him. The outfit is pretty great, with a really nice mix of the dark green and dark metallic grey to give a more menacing look to a potentially silly looking character.

He has all of the standard movement we love in the Marvel Legends line by Hasbro. It is kind of funny that he is in the wave with Cap, since it was apparent when I set them up to fight, that they have the same legs, and biceps. A few reused parts is something we have seen before, and should not be surprised by now. It is fine since the legs work fantastically for his comic accurate appearance.

His chest is all new, as well as his forearms. The arms have posts attached at the wrists for the saw blades to attach. The blades are removable.

The head is the part that stands out the most. A bullet with fins. He also has a face under that mask. I am really impressed with Hasbro here. If you take off the head, there is a sculpted face under there, and the helmet is attached to the face/head. I would love for someone to take it apart to figure out what they did there, but it sure isn’t going to be me.


Cottonmouth is a lot bigger than he appears at first glance. He is about half a head taller than the other figures in the line.

He is a pretty menacing looking guy, for wearing purple and yellow. He uses a pretty standard buck with a specially sculpted head. He also has big hands with sharp claws. I am not positive, but the hands seem familiar, and I think we have seen them before.

His face is front and center there under his suit. He has a bit of a crazy look in his eyes. It turns out we don’t get to see all of what Cottonmouth is about with this head sculpt. He has a bionic jaw that he can open wide enough to hold a human head.

This is a pretty much unknown trio of bad guys to be put together for the casual comic reader. They dug deep into the depths for these three, but they are all different, and they make a fun team.  Cottonmouth and Whirlwind combine forces with Scourge to try and put the hurt on S.H.I.E.L.D. Cap and the ladies have something to say about that.

And now there is just one missing.  Where oh where are you, Taskmaster?!?  I will find you!

Scourge (listed as Demolition Man) – Marvel Legends Red Skull Series

Sometimes these bad guys have so many names, nobody knows what to call them. On the box, he is listed as Demolition Man. Technically he IS Demolition Man, but he is in the gear of the new moniker he has taken on as the new Scourge. So, I think the packaging is wrong, and he is actually Scourge. Maybe Hasbro wanted to go with a more definitive ID of who was under the mask of Scourge, since another Scourge named Nuke is coming out in the Civil War Wave next. They didn’t want people to poo-poo the idea of having two Scourges in two back-to-back waves. Either way, he will be known as Scourge from here on out.

This guy is bad-@$$. He is everything that is right and perfect with the Marvel Legends line.

Starting off with the body. It is a fairly standard body at first appearance, but looking closer, it is anything but standard. There are so many great details going on all over this guy. He has amazing details in the legs, most notably around the boots. His torso up around his neck has some interesting details too.

His face is the best part. The mask is outstanding. It looks to be both functional and meant to intimidate. A breathing apparatus as well as maybe something going on with the eyes, like night vision or IR.  His costume is added to by the double belt around the waist with the bandolier that goes across his shoulder. He also has a holster on his left leg that matches the belt. It is a really good color of grey. It doesn’t stand out, or break the overall look of the body, but it adds a bit of extra color that really makes him standout.

Of course what makes the best Legends in a lot of people’s eyes are the accessories. Some of the more powerful characters don’t need accessories since they punch and claw their way out of a fight. In Scourge’s case, he brings the firepower with him. He has a tactical shotgun, a hand gun, and when things get really bad, he can pull his knife. And to make things better, the handgun and the knife both have a holster and sheath. Can’t ask for much more than that.

As the first bad guy of the wave, he has a good line of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to go up against. He looks like he is more than ready to bring the fight to the good guys, and lay a little hurt on Cap and his team.

Or maybe he could use a little backup of his own…

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Mockingbird and Agent 13 – Marvel Legends Red Skull Wave

Today we are going to look at the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ladies that share the packaging and name.

Bobbi “Mockingbird” Morse

Bobbi Morse is one of my favorite characters from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so when I saw we were getting a Mockingbird figure in Marvel Legends, I was super excited. And this figure does not disappoint.

She has on her classic black and white color scheme with a newer design for the outfit overall. She has the buttons down the front that give an interesting look. She is wearing glasses with a yellow tint. They are removable, and she looks good without them too. Down on her legs, she has on knee pads and shin guards. Something I am sure she is happy to wear. Nothing like going undercover to a ball and having your legs look like they were in a battle hours before.

She has great articulation overall. I was happy to see that she has some head movement despite having long hair. I would love to see Hasbro give us the double jointed elbows we see on the male figures. The single joint is just a little hindering to get some poses going.

She has nice wide feet with her boots. Something we will see is a problem with Agent 13.

Sharon “Agent 13” Carter – 

Sharon Carter is almost a good figure. They unfortunately went with the tiny female body that hints at being great, but lacks something. We used to get female Marvel figures that were waify and way too skinny. We have seen great examples of females with stronger bodies without taking away the femininity of the figure. Mockingbird is a great example of that.

With Agent 13, she is very skinny, she is a bit limited. Mostly, since she is skinny, she is using the lower limbs I hate. The legs are well designed, and look good, but they are paired with the high-heeled boot that not only looks wrong, it creates a tiny footprint for the figure to stand on, which makes it impossible to get some poses.

She is wearing all white. She does have some detailing paint applied. She has a silver zipper and her belt and holsters are black and silver. She has two guns in her holsters, but they are molded into place, which really stinks. To go along with that, she has a really weird looking gun. They could have given her open holsters and a pair of handguns, and it would have made a ton of difference.

When the two “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” are standing together, it is clear why they went with two different body types.  There is no confusing these two ladies.   They are very different, and look like they have quite different jobs within S.H.I.E.L.D.

This is becoming a formidable team.  Next up are the bad guys.  Cap and the ladies might need a little help going up against this team of foes.

Captain America – Marvel Legends – Red Skull Wave

Of course the first picture I want to post on here is Capwolf! How many Captain America’s have we had? Plus we are getting another one in the next wave of Marvel Legends to go along with Civil War. So, really the only reasons to get Cap is for the BAF part, and/or Capwolf.

Cap is fairly straight forward as figures go. he has all of the articulation in all of the right places. He is strong, muscular, and represents the comic version very well. So far, I have 8 Caps ranging from the Marvel Legends size down to the 3.75 inch figures. Sometimes they are good, and sometimes they are not the best, but overall, Cap has always had a good representation in the figure world.

I guess with this wave being Red Skull, we needed to have Captain America in there. As it stands, there are three good guys and 5 bad guys including the Red Skull BAF, so they needed another good guy in there. Guess they thought people wanted Cap in there to punch out Red Skull yet again. But this time around, they were nice enough to give us Capwolf’s head, so at least we don’t have to have quite so many of the same guy lining the shelf.

He comes with two hands, that we have seen before. He has a pointing hand, and a saluting hand, that could be used as a karate chop hand too, I guess. He also comes with his shield that has a swivel piece on the back that allows it to be worn on Cap’s arm, or it can be turned to reveal a post so Cap can wear it on his back.

There have been others who have already talked about the one last accessory that is a total waste. The shoulder straps. Within seconds of me getting Cap out of the box, the straps fell off. The only way I can see keeping them on would be to add a strap across the back that holds the two straps in tight to his shoulders. I figured I would tinker around with that when I have a free moment.

Speaking of free moments, mine have been quite filled. I have begun work on my next diorama piece that I have to say has started out fantastically. I am working with some new mediums and branching out into other concepts, such as height to my scene. I will be showing the preliminary photos next of some of the work I have done.

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