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Transformers: Robots in Disgise – Autobot Ratchet

Robots in Disguise really ties in well with Prime. Last we saw of Ratchet, he was on Cybertron as it was rebuilding, without a leader, and without a job to do.

Some time later, we find him coming back to Earth. He went from being a moderately boring ambulance, to becoming the world’s most boring panel truck.

In robot mode, we get what looks similar to Prime Ratchet. That is not a big surprise. I forgot to fold in the truck sides in these shots, so it looks like he has wings. He does not in fact have wings, he was just packed this way to fit inside the box.

I remembered to close his back this time!

I remembered to close his back this time!

He comes with a pair of pistols. I love me some dual handguns with the Transformers. These look really good. They are a nice design with a boxy shape that differs from so many round barreled guns.

The pistols can be stored in his back for safe keeping while he is in robot mode. These do not work in vehicle mode. He has a few other post holes around the legs to store the guns too.

When we transform him into the truck, I am getting a Strongarm vibe here. I haven’t gotten the new Strongarm, but I think these are based on the same body. They are going to have to do a lot of retooling for the body parts, but they are both trucks, so that would make sense. We will see.

The truck is SO boring!! No design at all on the entire truck other than a few red parts around the bottom and the roof. It looks like he is a vehicle sitting on a lot at the Ford dealership waiting for a company to buy him and add their company logo. Strange choice. At least the Prime Ratchet had some striped down the sides.

When we turn him over, he is fairly hollow. There are a lot of parts that fold into each other, especially in the legs. That leaves a lot or extra room. It is a good thing since it allows the legs to be left open and the blasters can be stored away.

Overall, the robot mode is really well done. I like having storage for the guns, and it looks like Ratchet. The vehicle mode is well done, other than it being so golly gosh darn boring. It is good to see Ratchet again.

Protectobots 2 and 3 Packs (Evac Squad and Emergency Response)

I got these on Amazon for a super low price.  I am glad is was so low, because most of them are terrible.

Protectobots 3-Pack – Emergency Response

First Aid, Groove and Streetsmart.  These three Protecobots are repaints of Prime Series Figures.


First Aid: A repaint of Ratchet (Prime), he is no where near as dynamic a character as the original.  I was really excited to be getting a first version of Ratchet, as the original has some great transformations.  He looks okay in vehicle mode.  A little bit white.

Here is where things really fall apart for First Aid. Firstly, he is very white. He has the same detail paints as Ratchet, but with them all being blue, he is a very stark white color.

The real problem comes with his legs. For some reason, when they made First Aid, they remade the knees in rubber instead of the hard plastic. What we end up with is a very drunk First Aid. He cannot stand up straight, or he starts to sag under his own weight. Ugh!

Even his knives are wonky. They were shoved in a section of the box that was too small, so the tips are bent.

Nothing beats the original.  He is better in all aspects.


This was the guy I was really after in this set.  I love Smokescreen, and I was so happy when we finally got him under the Beast Hunters subgroup.  And then we got another version of him as Prowl with a new head.

Well, following the police theme, Streetsmart has Prowl’s head.  Just like with First Aid, Streetsmart is awfully white.  He has just a few touches of blue here and there.  Some red really would have helped him out a lot.

Boy is Streetsmart white.  Even compared to the mostly white Smokescreen, it is apparent that even a few touches of color here and there would have helped a lot.  I mean come on! Even the G1(1986) version of Streetsmart had red on him.


The worse of the 3-pack.  A repaint of Arcee, this is basically just Arcee with some white paint here and there.  When “He” is transformed, it is really just Arcee.  The Legion Class figures are the smallest and generally the lightest on detail, but there were parts on this one that were falling off.

The entire cowling of the motorcycle on Groove’s back fell off.  It was missing something to hold it in place.   No wonder I passed on the Legion Arcee the first time around.

There you have it.  Streetsmart is pretty good, if not a little too white, First Aid is a drunk with wobbly knees, and Groove is a lady-bot. Even with all of the problems, you can’t beat the $12 on Amazon for these three.

Protectobots 2-Pack – Evac Squad

Hot Spot and Blades.  These two could not be more different from one another.  Hot Spot (Repaint of Grappel) is a big burly crane truck.  Meanwhile, Blades (ROF Blazemaster) is a skinny little helicopter.   I think the problem with this 2-pack that was better in the 3-pack is that these two are not from the same Transformers lines.  One was from the Generations line, while the other is a movie figure.  It starts to really show a difference when they are in robot modes.

Hot Spot:

I am a huge fan of the Solar Storm Grappel. He sits on my nightstand in my bedroom. The only Transformer with that prestige.

I was excited to get my hands on another version of him, as the Generations blue Hot Spot is still eluding me.

This version of Hot Spot is really close to the original except for the crane instead of a water cannon. I think a guy named Hot Spot should be a fire truck, not a crane, but oh well.


We had a great version of Blades back in the 2008 Universe series. This is not that Blades. This is a horrendous attempt to get a helicopter, and they reused Blazemaster, who was a horrible robot too.

Just look at this guy. Top heavy, with a sunken head, arms with no hands (though he does have thumbs), and chicken legs with little toes. Not even the blades on his arms would decide which direction they should face. This is NOT a quality piece. He is being transformed back into the helicopter where he will probably remain for the rest of his days.

Hot Spot, win.  Blades, lose.  At least this set only cost about $13 on Amazon, and it looks like the price is going down.  So $13 for a Voyager Class Hot Spot is pretty good all things considered.


So, if you see something you need, head over to Amazon.  They are both being sold for less than half the price, and it makes for good deals if there is one you really want in each set.  Just be warned, they are not great sets, and there are some real stinkers in here.

Transformers: Prime – Beast Hunters – Autobot Ratchet

Has our resident Autobot doctor finally gone mad remaking himself for battle in the Beast Hunters story line?

He sure does try hard, and he has taken upon himself to do the best he can with what he has.   Unfortunately with the rest of the team out in the field on assignments, he tends to experiment on himself.  Maybe you remember when he tried to experiment with the synthetic energon?  He went CRAZY!!!  Time will tell, or more likely episodes will tell, and we will see how Ratchet gets to be so different.

A little comparison of BH Ratchet to the original version.  Not so doctor looking any more.   I am bummed they traded in his scalpels for an arm-mounted gun.  It has something to do with firing a numbing agent and nanobots.  Not the best sounding weapon, but something I think we would see on Ratchet.   His body is quite a change in the torso.  He also has a few changes in the shins and feet.  A lot of the change has to do with coloring.

We are back to some of the marbled plastic we saw with the first few figures.  With Ratchet, we see the most changes around the hood, the rear fenders, and the back.   Unfortunately, the rest of the vehicle finally gets the orange coloring that Ratchet has in the show.  Why didn’t we see this in his first version?

The back end has some great detail.   With the pipes and the big engine that really goes deep with detail, this is my favorite part.    As with the other figures that are either Autobot or Decepticon, there is not a lot that is different.  Certain parts have been switched out to make the character new for Beast Hunters.  Hopefully we will get to see this reflected in the show.

New Transformers Prime

The new figures are starting to show up for the Beast Hunters line. I did not know what was coming next, but I was excited when I saw Ratchet. This grumpy doctor is a great character in the series. I couldn’t wait to post a preview pic of him.

What is going on with him. He has that Beast Hunter look, but that face. I am wondering if he is going to go all Hank McCoy and test some stuff on himself. We all know he is working on synthetic energon, which has had unexpected side effects at best. I guess we will see.

There is also a pair coming to Target as an exclusive. I found Skylynx, which is a repaint of Skystalker, who is coming out with Ratchet. <br
The other figure is going to be Darksteel, which is a repaint of Grimwing, who I reviewed last time. I am not terribly excited about Darksteel, since Grimwing was not all that great. When I get Skylynx out, we will have a look at this newest Predacon and see how he stacks up to the rest of the “Beasts”.

Transformers: Prime – Ratchet

For a moment I was extremely sad that Ratchet came with a red and white paint scheme.  In the show, he comes with a metallic orange color that I thought would have been AMAZING to see on the figure.   Alas, it was not meant to be.  Maybe there will need to be a repaint in here someday.

The vehicle is very nice.  It looks like the show vehicle, going for a boxy style ambulance with an off-road flair to it.

As with the other figures in the series, their weapons can be attached to the vehicle on some way.  Ratchet’s blades can be attached to the front bumper.  That would really get the cars out of the way in New York City.  The blades, I was surprised to find, were made of a rubber material.  Guess they were afraid some kid would injure them self with a sharpish plastic piece.

As with Megatron, who I reviewed last time, Ratchet stays in robot mode most of the first season of the show.   He tends to stay in the base and take care of things on that side of the team.  If you were lucky enough to see the episode where Ratchet injected himself with synthetic engergon, he left the base to kick some major a$$, while still running around in robot mode.  (PS Best episode for good one-liners).

When Ratchet is transformed into his robot mode, this is where the figure really comes alive.  All of the squared edges of the vehicle blend into a nicely rounded body from that creates a very accurate representation of the TV show Ratchet.   This is by far my favorite Ratchet figure EVER!   He stands well, he looks good, he has all the right articulation, and all of the little parts are where they are supposed to be.

Worry not my friends, the Doctor is In, and he is ready to kick some butt.  The blades can be held in his hand, or the hands can be folded in and the blades look like they take the place of the hands as they do in the show.  I think this is the first figure in the Prime line to do this very well.  All of the other figures seem to still hold their weapons.

From the inside of the arm, you can see the hand folded in to allow the blade to fit against the arm.

This is now sitting as one of my favorite Prime figures.  And that has been saying a lot.  I think overall, the line is doing things right.  Creating good figures with a few outliers.   He seems to be a little tough to find.   I happened on mine by accident at a Target a few weeks back.  As with most of the figures that are not Optimus, or Bumblebee, I had to be in the right place at the right time.  Keep your eyes out for this one.  You will not be disappointed.

Transformers: Prime Commander Class Part 2: Bulkhead and Starscream

Today we are going to take a look at the rest of the Commander Class wave 2 figures: Bulkhead and Starscream.  Last time we took a look at the two leaders of the teams.  This time we are looking at a couple of the soldiers.  They could not be more different.  Bulkhead is loyal, strong, and straightforward.  While Starscream is skinny (to a fault), more mentally fit, and a backstabber.  He definitely gives a bad name to being a Decepticon.


We will start with a look at that back stabbing Starscream.  In the Commander Class version, he is pretty straight forward as far as tranformations go.  He does not have anything that stands out that makes him fantastic.  His hands are sculpted into the nose of his jet mode, and does detract from the appearance a bit.  I do like how his wings and tail fold up, and out of the way.

It is interesting how, mounting the weapons on his arms, is the storage method of the weapons, as all of the Commander figures have.  The weapons can also be held in the hands, which make quite a menacing weapon to be sure.

Much like his boss, Starscream has a lot of funny bits that hang off of his jet mode that hinder the “disguise” part of the toy.  Most notably are the feet that are right in the middle of the jet’s body.  There is also quite a gap down the middle of the nose.   Overall, he looks quite a bit like his Deluxe class version, an looks like his cartoon version in both modes, but not my favorite.


Speaking of my favorites…  Bulkhead is done just right. He is a well designed robot and vehicle.  I think both are pulled off well.

Starting in robot mode, he is really well done, representing his tough self that we know and love.  The design follows closely with the Animated style, going for the top-heavy, big jaw that has made him a fan favorite.   The sculpt is fantastic, as Hasbro really handles the design and gets it sized down to the Commander Scale.

As per usual, Bulkhead comes with a storage hole for his weapon, a big fat mace for smashing the Cons.  From the back, there are a lot of hopes and gaps in the body, but that is to be expected in the smaller scale… and who wants to look at them from the back anyway?

And then there is the vehicle mode.  I think this is by far the best Commander Class design.  Not only does it look right compared to the show, but the design does a really good job of hiding all the robot parts.  The front end is low, but not necessarily recognizable as body parts, as we saw with the Decepticons from the same series.

Bulkhead and Optimus vs. Megatron and Starscream.   Good pairings to face off in the Commander Series.  I do like this larger scale compared to the much smaller Legion Class.  The figures have much better articulation and transformation.

Drive vs. Flight.  Generally the way the lines are drawn for Transformers.   They do get a bit blurred here in the Prime version.  I am hoping to see some of those driving Decepticons here in the near future.

Big vs. Small.  My only two Legion Class figures to give a comparison in size between them and the Commander Class.  I think Arcee looks okay in that scale compared, but I think Ratchet is too small. He should be much closer to Bulkhead’s size.  I do understand why Bulkhead was chosen though.

Coming up next, it is comparison time.  I have the new versions of Arcee and Bumblebee in hand and photos taken.  I am going to compare them with the premiere versions and see if the new figures are an improvement, or a dud.   I have side by side looks at both.

Transformers: Prime – Legion Class Arcee and Ratchet

A few more of the Transformers: Prime figures have started to trickle out there.  And boy do I mean trickle.  I am not a huge fan of the little Legion class figures, but Dark of the Moon had some really nice figures with good tranformations, and well done vehicle modes.   I figured I would give a few of these a try to see how they are.   Um… disappointed is a word that comes to mind.  Mostly in Arcee.

In robot mode, Arcee is okay.  She has some funny wings hanging off the back that don’t look anything like her TV counterpart. The rest of her is okay, with a pretty good face and the paint is pretty well done.   I am probably jaded a bit by her larger Deluxe figure that came out earlier that looks absolutely spot-on, and has some extremely well done transforming.

I start to loose faith in the figure as we get to the vehicle mode.  There is a place over her back tire where the two parts of her legs are supposed to stick together, and they barely do, some of the time.   The sides of the bike just stay in place, with no post or tab of any sort.   You can also see her back tire is off the ground from the bottom of the bike touching.    In all, this is not a very player friendly toy.

And let’s not forget about the horrible rubber weapon she comes with.  It pulls her over with no chance of her being able to stay up.  These weapons are terrible, both coming out of the packaging bent.

Thankfully, Ratchet does much better.

Ratchet’s robot mode looks really good.   They were able to give him all of this chest and head detail, and it is really well done.   His feet were quite a surprise for me.  Usually figures like this don’t have feet that move, but Ratchet’s do.   That helps to give him a nice stance.

In vehicle mode, Ratchet looks pretty good.  I think the wheels are a bit on the small side for how big of a vehicle he is.    The transformation for Ratchet is really well executed.  There are not very many moving parts, which is to be expected, so everything fits together well.

Just like with the previous Legion figures, they do fit in very well with the 1/64 scale vehicles like Hot Wheels and Matchbox.  This is great for kids who want to integrate the figures in with their other toys.

These figures are running about $6 a pop.  That is a pretty high price tag, but you have to pay to get moving parts these days, and we are always paying more for plastic all the time.  They are keeping pretty constant with the trend.

Luckily I also got a larger Voyager Class Transformer of Optimus Prime.  And he is really cool.   Come back tomorrow and see what the Prime of all Primes has in store.

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