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Scatterspike – Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Warrior Class

“Get me out of here!”

Quillfire has a brother now. Scatterspike is repainted version of Quillfire, and he turned out great. In the RiD line, there are generally straight repaints, as opposed to the Generations line that at least gives a new head sculpt.

Scatterspike is sporting a darker color scheme with burgundy and purple. The bottom of his mouth is colored with a darker shade of grey more like a gunmetal. It is the only place that the color shows up. With Quillfire, his quills were the same color, so the color matches front to back. With Scatterspike, Hasbro focused on the secondary color of purple a lot more. You know purple is the color of Decepticons, so you know he is a bad guy.

From there, things continue to be the same. He has a blaster, which is still really cool, and fits his hand very well. It is the primary color of burgundy. He also has a removable spike that is in the purple color.

Choose your flavor: Raspberry or Mocha.

Side by side in vehicle mode, I think Scatterspike has a much better disguise. He is nearly fully burgundy in vehicle mode. The paint apps are pretty much identical except for a change of color. I do like that Hasbro went so far as to change the color of the band around the wheels.

Overall, Quillfire was a good figure. He is fun to transform, and he is a lot of fun to play with including good articulation, two weapons, and a moving mouth. So to get a second character based on the first was just fine with me. They can be a couple of grumpy Decepticons together forever.


Thunderhoof – Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Warrior Class Wave 6


I could not believe that one of the earliest bad guys from RiD would not be in the first wave of figures. Instead, he was relegated to Wave 6. We have seen him in Legion Class, and 3-step changers (or 2-step, or whatever those terrible figures are called), but really it is the Warrior Class that really matters.

I think it was a good call to wait for him to get made. That way, he was made better. The colors are really well done. He matches blue all the way around. None of that part paint and part color matched plastic they try to get away with. He is all glossy and beautiful. Well, as beautiful as a tractor can be.

Again we see the animal theme going with the Decepticons. This time Thunderhoof represents a deer. So much so, that he has hoofed feet A nice touch there.

It was a nice pairing to put him with Quillfire. They could not be more different. From their overall look to their color schemes.

Quillfire – Transformers: Robots in Disguise – Warrior Class Wave 6

I feel like we have finally reached the level of what Robots in Disguise needed to be in the Warrior Class line. The previous figures seemed a little on the cheaper side, with minimal transformation. They were less than dynamic.

Quillfire is a great little figure. He is short, as he should be. He has a great hunched over look with short legs and long arms.

The articulation is really good with this one. Along with the arms and legs, he also has hip swivel, as well as some movement in the head from side to side. That is no small feat since the head comes out of the hood area of the vehicle. The whole brown part behind the head swivels side-to-side.

He comes with two weapons. He has a hand blaster that is flat but well detailed. He also comes with a quill. The quill has a post so Quillfire can hold it in his hand. It can also be stored in amongst smaller quills on the back of his neck.

In vehicle mode, Quillfire becomes an off-road SUV. This is a great disguise since a two-tone brown/tan truck would not really stand out while you are running from the Autobots that want to lock you back up. There are some nice details here and there, The hood goes up and down in this mode. You could foreseeably swing Quillfire’s head out in vehicle mode, though I don’t know why he would want to drive around like that.

This is a great figure to start off the Warrior Class Wave 6. There are two more figures in this wave, and they are great too.

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