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Power Rangers Dino Charge – Ptera Charge Megazord

Lots of bright beautiful art.  He comes with his gold charger (clear #6), his head, 2 cannons, as well as a funny plate that covers the hole in his chest.  A strange addition to be sure, since it is removed and the Pteranodon’s head is attached there.   Of course the box would have been 3 inches deeper if they had put the head on for release, and that would have been ridiculous.

When he is in Pteranodon form, he has quite a wingspan.  Basically the length of the shoulders and double the length of his arms.  The body is a bit on the square bulky side.

The head covers the Dino Charger slot.  The top of the head pivots up, and the jaw drops down.

The charger sliding into place allows double cannons to be flipped forward for extra firepower.

Ptera Charge Megazord’s head is very intricately decorated.  There is mostly gold and silver with touches of blue.  It is quite a good looking helmet.

Standing in robot mode, he has slender legs with sharp toes.  He looks great as a Megazord.

Insert the charger, and the cannons flip forward for firepower in Megazord mode.

The guns that are attached to his shoulders can be removed and used as pistols.
The helmet slides closed from the sides to protect his face when he changes to Pteranodon.

Ptera Charge Megazord stands almost as tall as Megazord all on his own, withouth the addition of extra Zords.  To Dino Charge Megazord’s credit, all of his height is from T-Rex Zord alone.  He needs help from others for arms.

Dino Charge Megazord: Tri-Stego-Ptera Formation:   The formation of the two Megazords is quite a thing to behold.  This new Zord looks to be tough and flight capable.

MegaZord’s hat is taken off, and the Pteranodon’s head is used as a hat instead.

That is quite a backpack.  And the T-Rex tail is definitely needed to keep this guy standing.

Ptera Charge Megazord: Stego-Tricera Formation: Not really a sanctioned formation as of yet, but I wasn’t prepared for the Para-Raptor Formation.  As in, I didn’t know what the actual formation was until I looked it up on RangerWiki.  That and the box back uses the future Zords that have yet to be released.

The playability alone of these is so amazing and fun.   With a second Megazord, there are so many more possibilities.  There are enough arms out now that both Megazords can have a pair, with more on the way.  We are going to be crawling in extra parts in the very near future, with some fun new arms that will be more playable than the pairs out now.  I was just getting to the point of being bored with waiting, and then they came out with the next big thing along with some of the new Power Rangers and a whole slew of bad guys.  This looks like the largest number of bad guys released in any iteration of the show.

Gold Armor Grimlock (RiD) with special Guest Star Gold Ranger (Dino Charge)

“Finally you got here Grimmy.”

Gold Armor Grimlock.  In the same two vehicle repaint wave as Night Ops Bumblebee.

“One sec. I will have you out of here.”

Good use of the Decepticon Hunter Sword, huh?

“Look at your packaging Grimmy. You are supposed to be ‘Gold Armor.'” “You are ‘Orange Armor’ at best.”

“Me not happy Orange!”

Somewhere in the production process, gold became orange.   It is a total mess.  Not even close.  I know this was supposed to pay homage to the G1 Grimlock, but this is not the way to do it.

“Me no silver either.”

Not even the silver color on the back packaging.  We know well that Hasbro has a hard time bringing to light what they have preproduced.  This is yet another example of that.

“Me T-Rex, not Godzilla.”

Love him or hate him, we have Godzilla Grimlock in the Robots in Disguise show.  This is a real stretch to even call a T-Rex.

“Well Grimmy, looks like we both needed a repaint this time.”

Bumblebee got a bit of paint on the terrible yellow wheels.  I don’t think I can leave “Gold Armor” with orange armor.

But wait!  What is this?  A figure that is supposed to be gold, and actually is.  Gold Ranger is the newest release in the upcoming/current wave of Power Rangers Dino Charge.  We are going to get a whole host of bad guys, so we need more good guys to fight on the Ranger team.  Looking like something that belongs on the stage with KISS, this guy has it all.  Two shoulder armor pieces, back spikes, a silver sword, and a gold Dino Com.

Look at that back piece.  A new hero is born, and there are a bunch of Rangers that are going to be jealous.

“Grimlock, I have gold armor, and I can help you. Good guys have to stick together.”

“Me Grimlock want gold too.” “And you shall have it big guy.”

“The answer is Gold Flake from Tamiya. Now to take you apart and get you all fixed up.”

Ah Grimlock.  You always have so much potential.  I think the problem is his being at an unattainable level for so long.  They were fantastic figures for so very long, all the way up to the recent Generations line where we got a Fall of Cybertron version that was amazing, and in this scale.  I love the attempt to nod to the G1 color scheme, that we have had for so long.  Grimlock went green in the RiD series, and we got a close G1 repaint here.  Silver and Gold with red around the waist.  The only way to pay homage to Grimlock is a full repaint… except the waist.  The red is good there.  The rest has to be redone.  I guess I can fix that wonky elbow problem while I am in there.   This will be my first full repaint of a Transformer, but I think this is a great place to start.  Until next time toy fans!

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