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Combiner Wars – Ultra Magnus

Ultra Magnus is one big dude. Even before the giant shoulder posts, he is quite a figure. He has fantastic articulation, stands solid on two very sturdy legs.
Magnus comes with two guns that can combine to form his hammer.

Little Minimus Ambus has about the same transformation as a Headmaster, or a light Legion Class figure. He is a suitable vehicle as well as a robot.

Well, this is a bit of a surprise.  Guess I need to catch up on my comic reading.

This is what Transformers fans have been waiting for. An Ultra Magnus that is all his own. He is not a redeco or remodel of any previous Optimus.

They did such an amazing job over at Hasbro, where they kept the cab of the truck as a part of the whole vehicle, but they worked it in a way so they the cab can swivel under the trailer. So, even though they are attached together, it isn’t like some horribly long truck that would never be able to turn.

Ultra Magnus fits right in with the Deluxe Class figures.  He can carry two on his trailer, bunk-bed style.  His cab is on the small side when compared to Optimus, and it is noticeable since they are similar styled trucks.

The tailgate drops down to allow for the inside car to slide out. Then the top part can fold down to allow the second car to get off. There are plenty of extra ports to allow Magnus to carry gun and hand/feet accessories for the riders.

This just ups the playability by so much. Well designed and executed.

Now you can really get a good look at how big Magnus is.  Optimus doesn’t even come up to his shoulder, and then Magnus has the giant extra shoulder pieces to boot.   He is really big.   He is such a fantastic example of the Leader Class to go along with Megatron and Jetfire.

Stand him up next to a Combiner, and he is still pretty sizable.  It would take qutie a bit for a Combiner to take down this guy.  Good thing they are on the same team.

This is a must-have for any Transformers fan.  He is so good, you will not be disappointed.

Transformers: Generations – Combiner Wars – Optimius Maximus

Is it just me, or are the waves totally messed up for the Combiner Wars?  Have three parts of the Protectobots to build Defensor, and Cyclonus to build Galvatronus.  I was able to get the last bot to be able to build the original version of Optimus Maximus.  What do I mean by “original?”  When the line began, we got Optimus Prime.  It says to use him to build Ultra Prime… but we didn’t have any of the other bots to do it.   Even the comic started with Optimus as the torso/head of OM.  Since then, Hasbro has revealed Battle Core Optimus Prime, which is a white version with a new head.   Apparently, they wanted us to get the original Optimus, and now they want us to get a new version to make a different Optimus Maximus.  That being said, I will probably end up getting Battle Core OP, since I do so love Optimus.

Well, we have four new bots to look at, here we go!


Sunstreaker is probably my least favorite of the four deluxe figures. He is a bit flat as a vehicle. As a robot, he has some strange hips in order for him to become an arm in Combiner Mode. It is probably one of the few figures I have found that suffers from being able to change into a giant body part.

I do like that the Combiner hand is able to be used as a backpack in the car mode, a nod to the original design.

He is a retool of Breakdown. I do have to say I think I like the body better in yellow than Breakdown’s white.


Prowl is a really well done figure. He looks like Prowl, in both robot and vehicle modes.

He is third in line for this body after Dead End and Streetwise. It is a well done body, and a lot of fun to transform. He makes a very solid leg for Optimus Maximus.


Mirage is my favorite of the wave. He has been a figure I have wanted for an awful long time. I loved him in the G1 show, but never found one in all of my adult collecting time.

I think this one really does the original justice. He has a great transformation, and looks fantastic in both modes. He follows Dragstrip with this body use, but I think Mirage looks a whole lot better than Dragstrip. The colors are better, and the head is better.


Ooh wee, there was a lot of hate out there for Ironhide. I actually like the robot mode design. I think he looks like a young, svelte version of the G1 Ironhide. This is what he would have looked like without the millions of years of fighting under his belt.

He is a retool of Offroad. The red is definitely better than Offroad’s grey. There were some pretty boring colors in Menasor huh?

This is a great looking team.  Lots of color with a pretty good variety of design.   Poor Ironhide will be lagging behind some pretty fast cars.

Time for Optimus Prime to join the team.

A nod to the G1 show.  Look at this lineup of figures. This could be a formidable team.

Together, they form Optimus Maximus… or a retool of Menasor?

Technically Motormaster is a retool of Optimus, but Motormaster was able to build his Menasor Combiner first. And all of the guys from Menasor were retooled to become OM.

Rodimus: But wait, there’s more!!

I ended up with Rodimus before any of the other figures for Optimus Maximus.  Rodimus has shown to be a pretty good right hand man for Optimus over the years. Why not become the chest armor too?

Rodimus is a retool of Blackjack, and once again the Autobots have a way better color scheme going on.

Unfortunately, Rodimus has the same problem as Blackjack and does not stay locked into the chest very well.  He still looks really cool though.


Overall, Optimus Maximus is a really cool Combiner.  Even though he is basically a retool of Menasor, they don’t look that much alike, other than the chest area.  The shield is a bit of a give away.   We will see with Battle Core OP, if we get a little more variation, or if it will be more of the same with a new color.

I am having a lot of fun with the Combiner Wars series.  We are getting some great figures we haven’t seen in a long time, and they are well made.  This series is going strong, and we have a lot of great figures to come.  More fantastic Leader Class figures, including Ultra Magnus, and some other great Voyager Class figures like Sky Lynx.  I can’t wait for what is coming next…

Make sure to click on my Flickr page to the left to see even more pictures of this set and many more.

Protectobots 2 and 3 Packs (Evac Squad and Emergency Response)

I got these on Amazon for a super low price.  I am glad is was so low, because most of them are terrible.

Protectobots 3-Pack – Emergency Response

First Aid, Groove and Streetsmart.  These three Protecobots are repaints of Prime Series Figures.


First Aid: A repaint of Ratchet (Prime), he is no where near as dynamic a character as the original.  I was really excited to be getting a first version of Ratchet, as the original has some great transformations.  He looks okay in vehicle mode.  A little bit white.

Here is where things really fall apart for First Aid. Firstly, he is very white. He has the same detail paints as Ratchet, but with them all being blue, he is a very stark white color.

The real problem comes with his legs. For some reason, when they made First Aid, they remade the knees in rubber instead of the hard plastic. What we end up with is a very drunk First Aid. He cannot stand up straight, or he starts to sag under his own weight. Ugh!

Even his knives are wonky. They were shoved in a section of the box that was too small, so the tips are bent.

Nothing beats the original.  He is better in all aspects.


This was the guy I was really after in this set.  I love Smokescreen, and I was so happy when we finally got him under the Beast Hunters subgroup.  And then we got another version of him as Prowl with a new head.

Well, following the police theme, Streetsmart has Prowl’s head.  Just like with First Aid, Streetsmart is awfully white.  He has just a few touches of blue here and there.  Some red really would have helped him out a lot.

Boy is Streetsmart white.  Even compared to the mostly white Smokescreen, it is apparent that even a few touches of color here and there would have helped a lot.  I mean come on! Even the G1(1986) version of Streetsmart had red on him.


The worse of the 3-pack.  A repaint of Arcee, this is basically just Arcee with some white paint here and there.  When “He” is transformed, it is really just Arcee.  The Legion Class figures are the smallest and generally the lightest on detail, but there were parts on this one that were falling off.

The entire cowling of the motorcycle on Groove’s back fell off.  It was missing something to hold it in place.   No wonder I passed on the Legion Arcee the first time around.

There you have it.  Streetsmart is pretty good, if not a little too white, First Aid is a drunk with wobbly knees, and Groove is a lady-bot. Even with all of the problems, you can’t beat the $12 on Amazon for these three.

Protectobots 2-Pack – Evac Squad

Hot Spot and Blades.  These two could not be more different from one another.  Hot Spot (Repaint of Grappel) is a big burly crane truck.  Meanwhile, Blades (ROF Blazemaster) is a skinny little helicopter.   I think the problem with this 2-pack that was better in the 3-pack is that these two are not from the same Transformers lines.  One was from the Generations line, while the other is a movie figure.  It starts to really show a difference when they are in robot modes.

Hot Spot:

I am a huge fan of the Solar Storm Grappel. He sits on my nightstand in my bedroom. The only Transformer with that prestige.

I was excited to get my hands on another version of him, as the Generations blue Hot Spot is still eluding me.

This version of Hot Spot is really close to the original except for the crane instead of a water cannon. I think a guy named Hot Spot should be a fire truck, not a crane, but oh well.


We had a great version of Blades back in the 2008 Universe series. This is not that Blades. This is a horrendous attempt to get a helicopter, and they reused Blazemaster, who was a horrible robot too.

Just look at this guy. Top heavy, with a sunken head, arms with no hands (though he does have thumbs), and chicken legs with little toes. Not even the blades on his arms would decide which direction they should face. This is NOT a quality piece. He is being transformed back into the helicopter where he will probably remain for the rest of his days.

Hot Spot, win.  Blades, lose.  At least this set only cost about $13 on Amazon, and it looks like the price is going down.  So $13 for a Voyager Class Hot Spot is pretty good all things considered.


So, if you see something you need, head over to Amazon.  They are both being sold for less than half the price, and it makes for good deals if there is one you really want in each set.  Just be warned, they are not great sets, and there are some real stinkers in here.

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – Prowl

Happy New Year!


I am going to kick off the new year, saying good bye.  It has been a lot of fun collecting Transformers over the run of the Prime TV show.   We have had great figures, okay figures, and a few duds, but that is to be expected.  From the beginning, I liked the show, and it make collecting the toys all the sweeter.   As we can to an end for the show, the writing was on the wall, that the toy line would end too.   We will probably see the figures hang out for a little while longer.

I think they did a pretty good job bringing in most of the important characters.  I would really like to have seen a few of the Japanese released Takara figures brought over here for a much more reasonable price.  A few army builders like the Air Vehicons would have probably made a lot of money.  Besides, it would have been better to see a bunch of standard Vehicons rather than a box full of Bumblebees.  Sure, the kids want the Bees, but what are you going to do with the extras?  If there were extras of figures that there are multiples of in the show, collectors would scoop up those leftovers… especially as we are getting to the end of the line, and the figures will become more scarce in the stores.

On to the final review for Prime.  Prowl.

A classic figure from the G1 show, I was really happy to hear we would be getting a new Prowl in the Prime style.

He is a redeco of Smokescreen.  A new paint job, a new head, and police lights, and we have quite a nice Prowl.   He looks fast, he looks mean, and he does not look like a direct copy of Smokescreen.

Standing side by side, they don’t look the same.  They look like they are related in some way, but with the color changes in really good places, they look quite different from one another.  Prowl comes with the same gun that Smokescreen came with, except without all of the Beast Hunters garbage that didn’t look very good.

In his vehicle mode, he looks like one fast police car.  Bad news though.  All you have to do is go over a speed bump, and you have evaded the police.  That is one low car.

He fits in just fine with the other Autobot speedsters.   A good group of fast cars.

And with that, we say goodbye.   Not to Transformers, but to the Prime line.  I could be surprised and have something else sneak up on me, but I won’t hold my breath.  We have more Generations stuff coming down the line, and we will be making our way to Transformers 4.  Dinobots anyone?  That should be fun to look forward to here in the far future.


Walmart Bonus Packs


I am afraid this is the only way we will be able to get our hands on Prowl. The Beast Hunters line is all but dead, and The Mart is trying to get rid of it all. Unfortunately they packed him with the Bulkhead from wave 1. I didn’t really like him all that much, and don’t really need a second, but it is the same price as the single packed figures, so I will probably end up dropping Bulky into a donation bin somewhere. Give a kid a happy Christmas and all that.

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