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Beast Hunters: Knock Out

Boy am I surprised by this Knock Out.  I have two of the first versions of this guy (regular ver., and Dark Energon ver.), and I was not really expecting a whole lot from this one.   Turns out, I like him better than the first version.   He has great colors going on, with a little nod to his original dark red color.   He still looks like himself, but with a bit of a Beast flair.

He comes with a much better weapon than he did before.   This one is a blaster when it is one way.  The handle comes off to reveal a chain and a biting gimmick that works well.

Seamless integration of the weapon to the figure?  Yup, and it looks good.   It beefs him up a bit on the upper body, and it works.

Transform him into vehicle mode, and you get a much stronger sense of the beast look.  He has some vents on the hood, and a really cool side intake along the door.   Give him a vicious looking face in the front, and some scale/fins in the back.  If you know anything about Knock Out, you know he loves his paint job.   He would not allow just any changes to his car’s body and paint.

I don’t really know if I am going along with this “weapon as a tail” thing, but I am impressed with the seamless design.  It fits back there nice and tight.  Mount it on the roof, or hang if off the back.  A few different choices for this guy.


Overall, this is a great Deluxe figure.   He looks good, transforms well, and fits well into the last style changes of making the main characters into Beast Hunters.


Beast Hunters Dreadwing

I would think he would have come with a new name to go with his new beast look.

He is a great looking figure. His wings expand in the back to create the fins that show above his head, giving him some extra height. I was bummed he come out in the Deluxe scale. He is supposed to be a big guy, going head to head with Optimus on many occasions.

He comes with a gun that fires missiles. He also comes with a chainsaw looking thing that can be attacked to the gun to make a larger weapon.

His jet mode is modified from his original jet mode, but keeps the same basic design. He has a bit of a hook nose like a bird of prey, and he has the big claws hanging off the back.

I am over being bummed every time I see feet hanging out the back of a Decepticon plane. I am just happy when they figure out how to integrate them into the plane instead.

(This is how he is supposed to be transformed. The shoulder pads go over the arms to sort of hide the greeble hanging down that we should not be able to see on a jet.)

(I like having the shoulder pads pulled up into place along the fuselage. It is not as if they are hiding anything by having them back along with the arms.)

Decepticon Rumble – Prime

When I found Rumble, oh so long ago, I was not even looking for him.  I had never seen him in the stores, and he was not on my radar.  Somehow I had missed him.  Well, I grabbed him, since I had all of the other Prime figures, I didn’t think one more could hurt.  Then he sat in his box, waiting for a day to be opened.  Well, that day finally came.

The first thing you may notice is that Rumble is a car.  I know, there were not a whole lot of Decepticon cars in the Prime show, but there were a few, and they tended to be rather important characters in the show.  The blue is obnoxiously bright, but somehow it works.   There are large holes on the sides of the car for the pile drivers.  They look more like rocket launchers to me.

Once in robot mode, he is still small.  But that is a good thing.  His original version was a cassette tape, so he should be small.   I really like his giant shoulders.  They work on this guy.    There are notes of yellow to break up the tons of blue which is a nice touch.   Anyone else see a face in his torso?   He reminds me of Gurren Lagann and that whole world of robots with faces in their torsos.

The pile drivers fit over his hands really well.  There are a lot of weapons that have come across the Prime line that look more like hand held weapons, rather than weapons that transform out of the hands.  Rumble looks like his pile drivers are a part of him, which they should be.  It is nice that he has hands too.

Fear not.  If you don’t want Rumble to hold on to those pile drivers, they can fit on the back of his shoulders.  Nice, out of the way, and not in a place to get lost when you display him without the pile drivers.

Rumble is a great little figure.   He transforms well and he has a great appearance.   With a little change to the chest piece and a new head, we could have seen a great Autobot out of this as well.  If they wanted to go with someone like Steeljaw, he could keep the chest piece that already looks like a lion’s head.  Repaint him a gold color, and we would have been good to go.  Or we could have gone with the main man, Eject. Though Eject was also blue, so that might not have gone over too well.  Give them a new set of blasters, and we would have been able to carry on this little Prime world for a little longer.  I know, I know, we moved on.  Beast Hunters was upon us, so we had to get past the Prime figures.  Did we need to move on so quickly?  Did we need another Bumblebee?  I guess we did.  😉

Abominus – Predacons Rising

You could spend a fortune to buy the 5-pack from Target that allows you to build Abominus. All you would get is this guy with clear pieces. I don’t think he is worth all the money he costs, and after building my own from the single Legion class figures that were released, I am glad I didn’t spend the money.

He was fun to try and build, but once again, when you try to make a figure that can do more than two things (robot, beast) you begin to degrade the quality of one or both forms.

In this case, Windrazor looks great.

Twinstrike fared well.


Hun-Gurrr is a pretty good character.

The two legs, Blight and Cindersaur, were the weakest of the bunch.  Especially Cindersaur.  That beast mode is terrible!!!

Wanna build your own, look here: http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Abominus_(Prime)




Cliffjumper – First Edition

Finally, I have my last First Edition figure.   The Prime figures seem to be such a finicky line.  There were figures we could only get at Toys R Us, only at Target, Some we could never find, and some, like this guy, that I finally found after the show is over.

I was at a Toys R Us last weekend, and there was a shelf full of First Edition Bumblebees.  There must have been 30 or so on the shelf.   I cannot figure out what Toys R Us is doing here.   I doubt they would get that many people coming in to find the one figure that they are holding in abundance.

Thankfully, I was able to find the one.  I had the second version of Cliffjumper as well as Terrorcon Cliffjumper.

I really like both figures, but I knew from Terrorcon that I would really like the First Edition it was based on.

He is a well done figure.  His vehicle mode is a solid muscle car.  He really shines in robot mode.   All of his lines are nice and sharp.  All of his colors match well.   He has the strong shoulders and forearms that he had in the show.

And of course there are the flip-around guns.   The Terrorcon version also had the same guns, but they didn’t really look right on a zombie, so they were a bit pointless.  Here though, they are darn cool.

If you haven’t gotten this version of Cliffjumper, go get him… if you can find him.    Prime is over, and we will see a fade of these figures as we move forward.  I still haven’t heard what is coming next.  Only time will tell.

Transformers Prime: Beast Blade Optimus Prime

New color and a shield.  That is about all that is going on here with Beast Blade Optimus Prime.  But then again, it is enough.  There is something about this version of Optimus that really brings him into the world of Beast Hunters that his red/blue version could not.  While the other figures had changes to their designs, most of them also had some color changes to match.  Finally Optimus is in the mix.

In vehicle mode, he looks like he is ready to tear up the jungle.  I am not sure why the shield opens.  Maybe it is for flight, but I can’t see this brick flying through the air, especially without any engines to do so.   Still, it looks good, gives the appearance of some extra weight to the back, and helps to cover the arms that hang out back there.

An evolution of Optimus.  It is a big jump from the standard version to the Beast Hunter version, but with the not-so-subtle color changes, he looks like he is very different in the three Beast Hunters versions.  I am not totally sold on the bright green windows, as opposed to the darker black and red of the other two versions.  I think he would have looked great with the black.

An army of Optimus Primes.  You better hide Megatron!

Transformers Prime: Dark Energon

Big Bad Toy Store has an exclusive on a line of Transformers titles: Dark Energon.  Anyone who has been watching Prime knows that Dark Energon is some nasty stuff.   So, when six characters are treated with it, they get quite a great look.

I am not one to go and pre-order figures.  I never do it for anything I collect, but the only way to get these six was to order them from the source, so I pulled the trigger and hoped my Christmas money would come through for me.  It did.

There are six figures, including two Voyager figures (Optimus Prime and Megatron), and four Deluxe figures (Bumblebee, Wheeljack, Starscream, and Knock Out).  Each has a unique look and lots of clear parts.  I cannot wait to get the figures open and see them out of their boxes.  When I see them, I will share them with you.  I could not help but to share a quick post with some teaser pics.

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