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Rippersnapper – Prime Beast Hunters Legion Class

The final figure I needed for the Legion Class.  I was not in a terrible hurry for him, as I already had Cindersaur, whom I got in a Target Exclusive two-pack.  I do have to say, I like the colors a lot better with Rippersnapper.  I hate his name, but it is to be expected from time to time.    He comes with yet another bow-blaster, this one being called the Electrocharge Bow.  It is still the same bow, with another name.  We saw this one early on, so not a huge surprise that we would see the same weapons used all the way to the end of the line.

One last little guy for the small scale figures.   He is about half the size of the larger Commander Class figures.  Here with Predaking, you can see how small he is.   I realize as I am writing this that I was so rather disinterested in him that I totally forgot to transform him for a picture.  I am going to tell you now that this is not a bad thing.  Of all of the figures, I think the beast mode of Rippersnapper is one of the worse ever.  And I mean EVER!  Just to make my point, here is Cindersaur:

What in the world where they thinking?  Horrible.  Thankfully his robot mode is better.  He actually has a really cool face mold, and his body is well designed.  Too bad he can’t change into something cool as well.


Well, that is it for the Legion Class figures of Prime.   I have one last Deluxe Class figure and then it looks like Prime is over and done with.  Thankfully, we still have the second part of the current Generations wave to look forward to, coming up here hopefully soon.

Transformers: Prime – Beast Hunters – Megatron

Finally we get the big-man himself.  Megatron in all of his Beast Hunters glory.  I have seen it posted around that he is Sharkticon Megatron.  Not too far off with that gaping mouth on his chest.   I am really liking this design.  I started thinking at first that there was not a lot that was changed about Megatron from the first Prime version.  But on closer look, almost everything is different.   There are very few reused parts that were not tweaked in some way.   Very basic things like feet, upper arms, and thighs were kept the same, but not anything that matters.

Goodbye arm cannon, hello Tartarex Warp Sword.   Keeping the theme of having weapons that look like animals too, this one has that sharky face with a bit of a tail at the back.   The nice thing that we are trending toward now are weapons that transform, but they are not loaded with a spring, so they keep whatever mode you put them in.

Held in his hand… I know, I know, but Megatron does not hold anything in his hands other than the scrawny necks of his in-subordinates (read: Starscream).  He cannot really have an arm cannon this time around since he has the fins on his arm.   And in case you were worrying about the fact that the first Megatron had a sword along with his cannon, this one does too… and it is bigger.

Giant slicing blade on top, serrated at the bottom.  Kinda like a Swiss Army Knife from hell.   This is big, and definitely worthy of Megtron’s attention.

I was never a huge fan of Megatron’s spaceship mode, but this one is pretty good.  That ugly shark face forms the front which works great.  He also now has a head cover that looks way better than seeing his face peeking over the top edge of the ship.

Megatron is sporting a new Decepticon symbol.  It is as if the symbol itself has taken on a new animalistic look.

Overall, I am happy with Megatron.  Good look, different enough from the original to warrant buying him, and a little nod to the old days with a bit of Sharkticon in the design.

Transformers: Prime – Predacons Rising – Target Exclusive 2-Pack

There have been a few special decos showing up at Target stores as of late.  The newest is a special 2-pack featuring Optimus Prime and Predaking with new colors.  The box features “Predacons Rising”, the movie that is coming up soon.  Will we see yet another change in Optimus before this series is over?

The two figures are the same as in the Beast Hunters line, featuring the same weapons and body styles.   The change is in the paint.   I don’t know if I would have gone for this pack other than the fact that Optimus is sporting quite a good paint job that looks like he is a part of the Elite Guard.   There has not been a mention of the Elite Guard in this series so far, but we did hear quite a bit about it in Transformers: Animated.

Predaking is sporting more purple.  Ah, purple.  The go-to color for Transformers bad guys.  What is up with all of the purple Decepticons (and now Predacons)?  Anyway, he looks good with the purple.  These are the Commander Class figures, so a little bigger than the tiny Legion Class guys.  It is a nice scale since you get the small size, but you also get a lot more articulation.

These two are nearly the same size in robot mode.  Pretty close to the show’s proportions.

In beast mode, almost all of the orange Predaking sports all but disappears.  That is a nice touch.   I am not a huge fan of this mode for Predaking.  He has tiny back legs which makes him look like a bodybuilder that only works on his upper body.    His cannon also becomes his tail, so it just sticks out back there.

I like Optimus’ alternate mode a lot more.  This is one mean looking truck.  In this color scheme, it looks even better.

All in all, a couple of good figures.  Nothing too special here that would make you need to go on the hunt for them, unless you are a collector that is trying to get them all.  Target can really be hit or miss.  Finding some of the exclusive items can be quite difficult at times.  A little bit frustrating at times, but that is the fun of the hunt.

Transformers: Prime, Beast Hunters, Commander Class Optimus Prime, Predaking and Bulkhead. Extra visit by Smokescreen

A quick look at the smaller side of Transformers. We have one Legion Class figure, and three of the new Commander Class figures. Not only do we get to get away from the rubber weapons from the earlier waves, but we get firing weapons for the Commander Class figures. Not necessarily a good thing though. Read on and enjoy.



Isn’t he cute. I did not like the Legion Class figures originally, but they have grown on me. There are some more intricate transformations as we go along, and they are finally done with those horrible rubber weapons.

I can’t help but think they were planning on a Smokescreen since he was in the last season of Prime, and then there was the push toward Beast Hunters. So, we get a standard looking Smoke to go along with a BH version of Bumblebee. Who knows, maybe Smokescreen gets left behind. You know, the most junior in ranking has to watch the base.

Optimus Prime:

I am digging this new Optimus. Big and bulky, and quite different than the first two seasons of the show. This just gets me REALLY excited for the larger scale version I hope to find some time… anytime… hopefully.

What do you do when you catch your “beast?” I guess you turn into a truck that doubles as a jail. At least that is the way it looks. Those big wheels are going to make driving anywhere a breeze.


As with Lazerback, Predaking still holds onto his beast heritage, but he does a lot better job of hiding it in robot mode. He does have his head sticking out of his back end like a reverse tail. There are a lot of similarities between Predaking and Megatron, especially in the chest area.

You should not be surprised that there is a lack of articulation in this scale. The front legs do have a knee, but the back legs do not. He is pretty rigid when in beast mode overall. His cannon becomes his tail. I am wondering if this is a theme with all of the Predacons. Lazerback’s gun also became a part of his body in beast mode.


Ah, my boy Bulkhead. The big lug stays big, and gets a bit of a color upgrade. We have seen him dark green, we have seen him dark blue, and now bright green, orange, and brown. I am not going to say this is the best color scheme, but I have seen worse. I am liking his new head with the horns. He has the addition of spikes all over.

And gone are the transforming hands. Well, I guess they are still there, but we get a new weapon for him. I was pretty excited about this “Nova Hammer,” but once I played with it, I was a bit less impressed. We are getting these firing missiles with Bulk, Optimus, and Predaking (Click on any photo to go to my Flickr site and see more). Optimus and Predaking make sense. With Bulkhead, the missile is the handle of the hammer. It makes the hammer head spin freely around up there. Boo!

Turning to vehicle mode, he does not look a whole lot different than he did before. He has the giant spikes in the front that could do some major damage. They also help to hide all of the robot parts tucked up under there.

This is a good start to the Commander Class. I am really looking forward to Optimus in the larger Voyager Class. I am not so sure about Predaking right now, but I will probably get there.

Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters – Lazerback

Is it just me, or is it harder to figure out what we are going to call this show now?  We are still in the Prime Universe, but we are going to go hunting for beasts now.  That Shockwave can really put a damper on a Universe.  Anywho, we are not even up to the new season of Prime yet, and already we are seeing the toys hit the shelves.  Sporadically of course, but that is to be expected after the stores are once again shell shocked from a little holiday called “Christmas.”   As the toy aisles sit more empty than a Nevada ghost town, we wait with anticipation for the return of the toys.

In this all new line of Beast Hunters, the Autobots are going to have to hunt down some dastardly beasts that have been created by the crazy Shockwave, whom we get a little taste of in the later part of Prime Season 2.   I was a little hesitant to get on board with this concept, because that means dinosaur/dragon type figures.  And as far as I am concerned, when you try and take animals and transform them into robots, you get robots with a lot of animal parts hanging off.  And then you get animals with robot parts showing.

In the first wave of Beast Hunter figures, there is only one “Beast,” Lazerback.  He falls prey to the not really an animal or a robot problem, but I had to get him to see for sure.


We get our first look at Lazerback in his beast mode.  In order for him to fit in the packaging, they had to bend him in a bunch of ways that his beast mode should not be able to take, so be prepared to take a few minutes to have to try and figure out what on earth they did to get him transformed in all the wrong ways.

Here at the front, you can see him in all his technicolor glory.  Boy does he have a whole lot of color going on.  More than anything, I would have liked to see his head color match his feet color.  Tie those together, and he would have looked so much better.

Lazerback is a pretty tough looking guy, with all the armor plating all over.  He is quite posable with all of the leg joints he has.  The poses are a little off since his head is in a perpetual downward angle.  He looks like he is always bowing down.

Generally with figures like this, we get some sort of weapon that we either have to leave off in animal mode, or attaches to an appendage somewhere and looks silly.  This is a really great design.  The cannon is actually part of Lazerback’s back.  Guess that is where we get the name.  I like that it can not only be able to be raised into a firing position in beast mode, but it can also handle having the missile loaded and ready to go in that mode as well.

There are a few rubberized parts on him.  The back of the gun opens, I guess to make it look less like he is holding his back when in robot mode.  His tail is also rubberized for the last 2/3.  I don;t know why they did that, but oh well.

Once in robot mode… he looks like he is just an upright version of his beast mode with a robot head. Gah!  No real feet, and his beast hands are tucked in behind his robot hands.  How annoying would that be if you were trying to do something with your little hands and your big hands were always in the way?  I do like how his beast head becomes his chest, and the torso wraps around it, making it virtually unrecognizable.  Too bad there is so much that is still there from his beast mode.

Weapons.  Long and short range, like every good soldier should be prepared for.  The laser cannon mounts to his back or it can go into his hand.  He can also use his tail as a weapon.

I was able to attach his tail to his back in one of the many ports back there.

In all, not a bad figure.  He has some good points.  I am a little biased since I went in knowing that transforming from beast to robot would leave something out.  This ain’t no Dinobot.  By the way, how cool would a Prime version of a Dinobot be?  The rest of the wave is going to be heavily retooled versions of characters we already know, Bumblebee, Wheeljack, and Soundwave.  I am pretty excited to see what those guys are going to bring.  I am sure we will get some pretty interesting designs there, especially since we are going to be loosing the whole “in disguise” thing.

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